Pet Poems

< Dr Light & his Friend Radar

by  Denise Gajus
you came along
at just the right time
to save my soul
and give peace of mind
you are my shadow
wherever i go
i don't want to lose you
i love you so.
the love in your eyes
is plain to see
is it really true
and all for me/
just to be
with you by my side
makes me happy
and feel good inside.
"Death of a Friend"     by  Denise Gajus
I hear your breathing
Across the Room.
Is death going to take you?
It's way too soon.
I see the pain
In your beautiful eyes
If I could ease it
I would surely try.
I see the slowness
In your once Strong Step
Please Lay down
And try to rest.
I see the pleading
In your tired, tired face
Can you go to
A safer Place
I feel the confusion
That you must feel
Oh Dear God
Is this pain really real?
If you could lay down
And just go to sleep
The pain would be gone
And you could have final peace