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This information is under-stated.  Major stuff will Happen in Your Life!

Get a Session Now and Save Your Body, Mind & Soul much pain, time, work and money. 

We are very Gentle and low key but we carry a Big Light Saber with lots of Light.  ~ 
edi we are.
We may not always be nice, we are  going through our stuff too.

Rev Keth is
not a Florida licensed health care practitioner. He is an
Etheric Surgeon, Knights of the Solar Cross recognized and honored through out the Galactic Federation, but not by backward Medical Systems such as our own.

Jan is a US Licensed Health Care Professional.  MT(ASCP)


We Are Ordained Ministers   GOD / Goddess is our SOURCE and does the Activations & Healing...


DrLight is Officially Licensed #10-46317 to practice in Pasco County Florida and is a Registered Senior Higher Service Dog.
do not perform procedures considered dangerous, such as cutting, puncturing the skin or prescribing or recommending the non-use of prescription drugs.  We do not do anything which could cause an imminent risk of significant harm. We do Not do massage.

We don't do it,
GOD does it All.



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Keth Divine Tune_Up Session in PersonThese are Real Results 'people just like you'  Created in their Lives working with us , God/Goddess and our Team  mostly remotely by Phone.
What would Movement like this, look like in Your Life?  
What Intensions can we Empower you to  Manifest in your Life?   Let us Assist You in your Awakening / Healing and bring more 'Heaven on Earth' in Your Life Now...  Call us for your Session!    727-842-6788  by Donation...


"My Session brought a Deep Inner Peace and Joy.  Keth's presence is truly remarkable."  Marion Pastor, Ph.D. Psychotherapist, Berkeley, CA

Thank You So much, I feel like me again!   Hugs    Joanne   St Pete  FL   5/13/10

Tony and Partner
I originally stumbled upon Keth's website in 2005 and soon purchased a 4 Divine Tune-Up and Reading package.  The Tune-ups were powerful to say the least.  I quickly had several profound and life changing releases of negative programming, and moved into a newly found state of wholeness, peace and power.  My life soon moved into high gear, with a new and exciting life unfolding before me in both my personal and professional life.  On top of the amazing healing work, Keth and Jan were so lovely to speak with on the phone.  My astrology reading with Jan was evocative, thorough, and wonderfully insightful.  
I then began working with Keth as a Teacher and Mentor to expand my metaphysical education.  Keth has facilitated my journey through all levels of the Adamantine System, and has most recently assisted me in completing my Reiki Training, bringing me to the level Reiki Master.  It has been my great blessing to have worked with Keth Luke, Jan Carter, and Dr. Light over the past 6 years.  They are true Beacons of the Light of Unconditional Love, and offer that Love generously.  I highly recommend their unique and wonderful services to anyone seeking to connect with the healing energies of the Universe.  
With Love and Light,  Tony Mansker, New York City, NY
(Wonderful 'On Broadway' Choreographer, Teacher

From Keth's Facebook pages..

Keth...I wanted you and Jan and DrLight to know that because of your healing abilities and my own, I am completely healed of all the ailments I spoke to you about.  The Asthma & Allergies gone, no med's for the last 3 days! (I was using my inhaler 10 times a day!)   The RA, Migraines, Pernicious anemia (just got tested, normal! with no shot in 4 months!), the Cholesterol, all of it, except some mild Fibromyalgia Symptoms, and it's been raining all week, so that in itself is a testament, cause usually when it rains the pain is unbearable!  All is well...KUDOS my dear friends, well worth the $90 bucks donation!!    • Ari Nuk Na    CA    4/2/2011    from Facebook


Nicole Link, Facebook client, lightworkerI hope you remember me.   I came to the House of Grace and received a Divine Tune Up from you at the end of Feb.   I had the most amazing spiritual experience during our healing session.  It didn't hit me until 5 days afterward because I guess at the time it felt like a dream.   There was a point when I felt totally relaxed and it was like I came out of my body a bit.   My head lifted up and I was looking down towards my feet.  I saw white light wrapped all around me like I was in a cocoon.   It was moving light energy that looked like it sparkled.  I saw you standing beside me and It felt like your hand was on the left side of my abdomen.   Then I felt this sharp pain leave my body at that spot on my abdomen.   It brought me back to awareness where I was still lying down with my eyes closed and you were still near the top of my head.   It was amazing!!   I have never seen light energy before or since then.   I definitely feel so much better since my Divine Tune Up!     Thank You from the bottom of my heart!!    
Sure, You can absolutely post it.   It was truly an amazing experience.   Before the healing I was having really bad ups and downs.  And since then I feel so much more balanced and just plain happier.       Nicole Link    FL    4/28/2010  from Facebook



Alex Pierre Landry, FL Lightworker

Keth is a dynamic energy healer! 
The night after a divine tune up of his i literally had an astral projection experience with a ufo & angels”

Alex Landry   FL  on  Aug 7, 2011    from Facebook










Benny  dog,  Indiana




Hi Keth, A couple of weeks ago, you did a session for my dog, Benny. He was having a terrible problem with his ears and because of his disposition, he wouldn't let me help him. After his session, the results were immediate. I would say his ears are 98% better. Thank you so much for giving my little guy relief!

I also want to thank you for the very reasonable price you charge for sessions. I, like many people, have been hit by job loss, and I am unable to pay the fee for some healers.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!      Christie Schanlaub        IN   8/2/11





Since beginning Sessions with Keth, I have seen my life leap forward.  I was stuck in many unwanted patterns and fears.  After a few sessions I was back in school and dating.  I have also seen the opening of greater financial opportunities.  My personality has begun to be revived and my consciousness elevated. My sense of peace and faith increase with every session. I am also most grateful for his wise council.  I thank God for connecting me with his energies.  Vanessa  TX   3/23/10


Wanted to thank for your prayers and tell you that dad is doing well. He has been shifted out of icu. Has no tubes attached to him!  Such a relief. They removed the oxygen support as well and he is coping fine. Minor irritants remain but compared to his condition 2 weeks ago, they are indeed that - minor :)  The way he has emerged out of this whole critical period is nothing short of a miracle and I cannot thank you enough for thinking of him and taking care of all of us during this difficult phase.
 :) Bless you for being there for so many of us...really really appreciated. 

many many thanks and here's wishing you happiness and peace always.    take care,   dhanashri     New Delhi  India   9/3/10


I have had the good fortune of working with Keth Luke for almost two years. Keth's amazing remote healing sessions continue to go beyond the realms of possibility for me. I must be honest and let you know there were times I did not feel a benefit or felt angered by not feeling this change until the transformation did occur and I had egg on face. Thanks to Keth's compassionate nature and his super big heart he continued to be supportive.  I highly recommend Keth and would be willing to speak with anyone who wants to confirm his incredible gifted way and wonderful sweet nature of healing. 
Blessings,     G. G.    2/8/11

I recently called a man named Mark Blair, who lives in Florida (near Keth).  My friend Jan Carter told me that he might be helpful in tuning into some minor health issues.  I called Mark who was very friendly, helpful and respectful. He gave me feedback on body/health issues and was SO helpful in more than health concerns.  He took the time to tune into what he picked up about my body and spirit as he guided me through healing visualizations and exercises. He guided me through a deep healing. Truly I had tears as I worked through his helping ministrations. He brought me back my empowerment.

It was very lovely and amazing. He confirmed not only areas of my body that were in need of healing but he, at a distance, could pick up to what degree it was being healed in the moment, in real time. In addition to the healing and information, Mark also channeled my dad's communication from the spirit world.

Wonderful, so wonderful, Mark how you've helped me today. Thanks again!   Thomas Freese      4/27/2011   Louisville KY   
Mark in one of our Healing Partners

The work Keth did to me goes off the scale of Healing.  I have been having seizures in my brain for a long time now and I feel very clear for the first time in many years.  I also had a spiritually open wound that negative energy was entering and Keth not only healed the wound, but sealed it.

I've been to other healers before, but Keth has proved to be by far the best.  His knowledge of problem solving is beyond anything I've ever experienced.
 Keth gets to the root/source of any issue, and removes it with light and love.  This man is an amazing person with so many gifts to offer.  
   Eric Something   Tampa Bay Area, FL   9/6/09

Keth, of all the healings I’ve had in my introduction to spirit, your channeling/healing was the most powerful.  My folks were wonderful at times and horribly frightening at times; the inability to reconcile that inconsistency and curious genetics brought on the bipolar stuff in myself and my two sisters is my belief). BTW I am feeling a lot more stable emotionally since the healing. THANK YOU!  Fran  NY   9/08


Dear Jan, Namaste :) I want to thank you for our Astrology Session yesterday. You gave me a lot of insight with my life path and also some great 'a-ha' moments as to what brought me to where I am at this time.  I feel like I went through an internal 'spring cleaning' after our conversation. Your gentle voice and kind spirit really soothed me and made me feel very comfortable with speaking with you.  You are truly a healing angel.  Thank you.  Ashwini R.   San Jose CA  Therapist  3/23/09



I wanted to take a moment from my busy schedule to Truly Thank and Bless You and Dr Light for your profound healing work and the Love you emanate while doing your energy medicine work.  I have the good fortune to work with many fantastic healers around the world and in all honesty the two of you provide a service which I have yet to experience anywhere else.
I would like to put a link on my websites to yours. I really believe my clients would truly benefit from the Love and joy you and Dr Light provide.  Thanks again for performing such astounding and amazing work.
Gary E Gilman     Rochester, NY    09


Dear Keth,
The healing was wonderful.  I'll share with you as much as I can remember of my remote Light Body Session.  The first thing I heard was a ship.  At least that's what I have come to believe.  It's been years since I've heard one and to me they sound like a crystal bowl toning.  Or perhaps you were toning and I picked up on it.  Either way it's a sound I love.  The lower part of my legs began to tingle as soon as you told me DrLight says, Hi!  

That changed to energies being felt in different spots of my body.  A lot of work was done on my crown and feet, some at my high heart chakras lots of energies moving around. I felt sort of a light slicing around my left shoulder blade too.  I was open to visions and got the impression that it was best for me to not see a lot at this time.   That way I would not dwell or be unnecessarily bound to other lives.  

I did however have what looked like a film reel moving very fast in front of my minds eye. It was images and scenes I suppose from other lives.  I caught a blurry glimpse of one that was sky blue and either the sky or a billowy flowing dress I was wearing.  At one point there was a rope around my neck being pulled from each side.  I sort of watched myself try and pull it away.  (later on as I revisited that, I may have been a slave and refused to turn my father in for something  that was not in my eyes wrong or bad.  He was a kind man.)   At the risk of making you uncomfortable I will share what occurred next.  

Shortly after that I felt intense red heat move up and over my clitoris sort of just under the hood.  And then 2 connecting threads or really thin wires ran up like antennas stopping just in between my breast.  Those were hot too.  That stayed for a long while compared to any other energies.  I found that interesting.  Then I felt my body become heavy and from the neck down tingling energies which then moved around my head like a hood.  That felt so nice and relaxing. I could have basked in that for a long time.  Then just like you said I knew when I was done.  My eyes popped open and I did a check to see if I was finished.  A little more was going on in my throat so I waited a  bit, and when I got up I was wobbly!!!   For the next 2 hours I was a  little wobbly and very calm and detached.  It was as if I was looking at things from a new perspective.  The next day was relaxing and still detached.  I still have more of an inner calm with me.  I noticed my aura feels very clear and light.  I think I may have felt Dr. Light's presence a couple of times while I was resting. 

Thank you thank you thank you so much!!!     Looking forward to a Divine Tune up next or whatever is best for me!!!

PS  I forgot to tell you about the mental calm.  That's some of the detached feeling.  It's a mental calm that I have not experienced very often and seems to be ever present now.  That is so enjoyable.

PS PS,    You are the first healer I've ever known that I'll come back to.  The calming effect remains (Very meditative in feel).  Do you know your energies are so high and pure in frequency that it boosts me just to read your words.  I am ultra sensitive and have had to at times, drop out of spiritual sights due to unbalanced energies. 9/7

 With love,   Amy Knox                 MN   9/1/09



Angelic Healing Team
   (Day after Divine Tune-Up Session: for lightening up, fear and anxiety)

Today was the best day of my life
...(and that's hard to pull off because I was a little fatigued from a starvation diet.)

On my way home from work, I had the music up, I was driving soo freely and easily without any anxiety. I didn't care if people passed me or slowed me down. I had a big stupid smile on my face!  lol   I loved driving home in traffic today.

When I drove into my apartment complex, I left the windows down and left the music up, (usually I'll roll the windows up and turn the music down because I don't want to draw any attention to myself). Actually, it seemed like people were afraid of me than what usually happens. I wasn't trying to make people afraid. I guess most people are afraid and today I was able to see that.

When I pulled up to my apartment, there were two guys talking by their car and when they saw me, you could see the fear in their eyes (is she going to be mean? should we run from her?) lol. I just smiled and said hello and walked up to my apartment without wanting to sprint, like I usually do. Most times I would say hi to somebody, a fake hi, then scurry up to my apartment like a scared mouse as fast I as could, then scowl at them as I closed the was SOO DIFFERENT.  I felt so at ease.

I just wanted to thank you. I feel like a new person and I know that with a few more treatments, I'll be the ME I've always planned on being. I won't have to PLAN to be myself anymore, I'll be able to live without fear and be able to enjoy my existence with peace.

Thank you soo much. Your healing session was more powerful than any I've had.   Jacqueline      10/20/08


Hi, i feel that your Session is really making a difference.  i have been to some other healers, few of them were good, but your session results are remarkable.  I'm feeling so much calm, controlled and balanced, my anger has gone and depression level is low.  Blessings,    A N (India)    8/19/02

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greetings from Laura in the land of snow today!!!!  Thank you and Bless you!!   I have experienced many healings. This was by far the most incredible work I've ever received. I have never experienced such clear light in all my years.  Bless you and Dr Light. This is phenomenal work..... I am about ready to go spend some time in nature  as you recommended.  I hope to see you locally in May in CO.   Praise the LORD!!!!!!  love and  many many  blessings,  4/10/08  Laura,   Boulder CO


Client PictureI absolutely rank you as one of the most profound and gifted healers I know, trust and respect on this planet. This goes ditto for Dr Light and Jan too. 

Your work and friendship has made such a positive impression on my life. I am happy to do all I can do to thank you for your generosity and support. You are a man that puts the Aloha in Aloha and brings the true meaning of being " of service" to this planet. 

Thank you for allowing me to trust other healers again and to regain my enthusiasm for living on this beautiful planet.  Also for rekindling my desire to be of service again.  Please let me know if you would like me to write a testimonial of your life changing work. If you ever have a perspective client that wants to speak to someone before hiring you, please feel free to give my phone number or e-mail address as I'd do almost anything to promote your work.    Love and blessings,    Gary Gilman,   Rochester, NY     Nov 11, 2008



Keth Healing SessionI just wanted to send a thank you to you and to your "people" (the Light Beings who assist you) for last night's Divine Tune-Up.  I believe its always a good thing to let energy workers know what occurred during their sessions - most significantly during long distance sessions, so thats what my e-mail is about.
To better allow what the Universe needed to accomplish, I went into a deep meditation while the tune-up was initiated.  What was really amazing is that as I was doing a quick clearing of my auric layer all of the sudden I saw a thick, greenish-yellowish, cocoon like substance around me.  It was yucky looking.  Then I saw and felt myself rising out of the cocoon and my aura was surrounded in beautiful and colorful luminessence.  No thickness, no heaviness, just a free and light feeling inside the light.  Next I felt my feet and hands chakra begin to tingle, then I had a sick feeling in my stomach and a splitting headache which only lasted a few minutes.  Then my third eye started to tingle and kind of tickle.  Then I felt a tingling all over my gums (asked for teeth healing).  At that point I felt myself getting sleepy, and very, very, warm and relaxed, so I lay down and allowed myself to fall asleep.  My whole body seemed to be enveloped in peace.  I awoke about one hour and twenty minutes later, so completely relaxed and at peace that at first I could not move. I waited for about five minutes until my body was able to catch up to my mind.
That heavy feeling (& depression) I told you about was and still is, totally gone.  I also found my hand chakras activating intermittently last night and this morning, like they used to when I performed healing work on others.  Also, this morning while I was spending time "debriefing" last nights session with my guides (my people -  ;o)  )  I got some great insights on the root to some deep seeded emotional issues pertaining to my perceived siblings dislike of me.  It was an issue that I had never noticed and/or thought of before, but there it was!  Blazing in neon lights for me to deal with.  I did some EFT tapping and eliminated the perceived issue on the spot. 
I can't really explain it right now, but something beautiful and wonderful is occurring inside me right now.  I can feel it, and I am open to fully receive it. Thanks again to all of you,   Love, Many blessings and Namaste.  Dar Umemoto    Lk Elsinore, CA   5/13/08
I just wanted to follow up with you one more time.  The last ten days have been really awesome.  I have not felt this energetically clear in a long time.  I am quite amazed that since my tune-up that two important things that I have been asking Source for and had been  affirming, have come to pass - one after the other!  The most amazing thing of all is that my heart re-opened and I once again feel connected to Divinity.  How sweet is that?       Blessings . . .    Dar    5/28/08


Energy Healing SymbolAfter you did the work I had my fears come up.  It was like I was being asked to face my fear and false ideas.  It always amazes me because each healing is so different and it never is what I expected.  My dreaming is so much clearer.   I find myself communicating with people more and more on a soul level.   My intuition has also gotten clearer.   I am more balanced than I have ever been and I am also calmer.  Thank you for all the healings you have done for me, my husband and dog and cat.   9/22/06    With Love   Ann H,   GA




OH  MY............. GODD..................................!  
        I AM JUST SPEECHLESS-----------I LAUGHED  and tears of joy -run down on my cheeks...............
YOUR HEALING ME TONIGHT  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  >>>----YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW GRATEFUL I AM TO YOU         ---------------------  you are GOD SENT or my Father sent------------those roses and this grace and THOSE STARS>>>>>>
          wow ---10 0000000000000000000000000 billion thanx to you -DIRECTLY into YOUR HEART>>>>>>from mine............
Really Keth  - THANK and PEACE.      k.   Canada  11/08



Your work is excellent and I thank you for everything.  I have not taken an Ibuprofen since the day after our last Session and I have flow on both sides although I have still been releasing stuff.  I started a menses - first one in about 6 months - and had heavy flow which I am taking as getting rid of stuff.   Also some periods of wanting to cry, and I have not been able to cry in years.   

Have had great dreams - turkey came to me last night - turkey means a time of harvest.  Actually it was bunches of turkeys along with an answer I have been looking for.  Also I hear my guides better and am seeing better.  3/7/06   Michele Spell,   Fayetteville, NC


Helios, wonderful dog client
Pet Healing:
,  At 10:45PM last night (just after the Remote Healing) Helios sat up and started breathing better.  His appetite is much better today after spending several hours sleeping OUTSIDE,  overcoming his "sleeping in the woods" issues.  I saw Dr. Light in our bedroom next to Helios last night, tell him thanks for checking on him.  Helios's eyes are back to normal
(for him) and he is much happier.  You three (and the rest) are a powerful team.  Whatever he chooses, his today was blessed.   Thanks and love from all of us who love Helios and the big guy himself,   Joerdie   10/11/04    Lima,  OH


Thanks so much for the work you did on me.  My blood pressure is down, I don't crave sweets as much and I have more energy and self-confidence.  This is so wonderful, I can hardly tell you.  Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!!   My neck and shoulder still hurt quite a bit, but not as much, and not as much stiffness and not as much pain in shoulder or down my arm.  It's a real relief.  Also, I've been able to cut my anti-depressant in half - which is a really big deal in and of itself.  So, Thank you so much for that, too.  Also, my brain is working better!!!       I tried the Shegoi lotion - really really nice.  I could feel my skin drink it in right away, and within 30 seconds or so, I could taste it in my mouth!  It has a WONDERFUL feel to it, and a really really nice energy (but not the best smell or taste, which is not a problem).  12/15/04,   Ann   Cincinnati  OH  (series of results)


Distant Healing Hands
It seems I am no longer lactose intolerant !!!   I am just amazed.
  Wasn't expecting it at all.  And, it's all due to that healing you gave me.   Thanks so much!  I continue to discover little things here and there that have improved since you worked on me.  I'm so grateful!  You are the best !!!   Ann



I have discovered that I am very much improved in my ability to handle cold temperatures
.  I used to be extremely sensitive to cold, wearing extra layers everywhere - bundled up when others were very comfortable, getting so chilled that I just wanted to crawl under covers - sometimes it was debilitating -- my hands and feet would get so cold the only way I could warm them was to sit in a very hot bath for a long time.    But now, with these single digit temperatures, I am able to go outside with just a light jacket and be perfectly fine.  Some times I don't even turn on the heat in the car !!!    12/23/04  Ann
I'm just amazed, and I know it's because of the healing you did.  I'm continuing to find out little things like this that you helped me with.  Thank you Thank you Thank you so very much.  I'm so amazed and so  grateful !!!    Ann,   Cincinnati,  OH   12/26/04



...the work you did with me has opened me up to the energy of the Dolphins and Whales and I want to thank you so much for that !    Love,  Loria   8/10/05


I want to thank-you (& Dr. Light) so much for my last session.  It has really helped me to turn a corner & have the experience of some wonderful synchronicities.   My best & love to you...  Cindy Lamb,   Santa Fe, NM   11/7/05



Jan & Keth in Peru
Thank you for your site.  I check it daily for updates and it is very helpful.  I trust the blessings will return to you.   LightNews has become my "spiritual" CNN.    Ron    11/10/05
 < Picture: Jan & Keth on Machupicchu, Peru Sacred Site Tour 6/2001

Hi!  It's Jessica from the coast.  I just wanted to give you a follow-up.  Well, Kitty is doing fantastic right now, almost all her hair has grown back.  My dad says Bailey is like a new dog- she plays a lot more and has more energy.  As for me?   My scar is getting much flatter, and I've been really doing those castor oil heat packs, and putting the Shegoi on at night and taking the capsules too.  My Mom & have improved our communication,  And, well, remember how we added a new relationship to my wish list?   Well, I met someone!   His name's Dave, he's an Aquarius.  We've only been out a couple times, but I really like him.   We've had a great time so far.  Well, thank you for everything! - Jessica C,  MA   2/28/05


The Higher Light Integration was very powerful.  I felt it immediately.  I felt so light and then very heavy.  I saw a few images and geometric figures.  The feeling totally knocked me to a deep sleep. Today I truly felt in a cocoon.  I felt very peaceful and yet all of a sudden I felt a spasm here and there.  I did the unified chakra meditation as you recommended and when I did I experienced the weirdest feeling ever.  I felt electricity inside my body.  For about 5 minutes straight, my entire arms and hands were immersed in some kind of electric energy. It was such a weird feeling I had never ever experienced.  Overall I have felt very good and very protected and peaceful in this higher light. Thank you so much, I am very impressed with what I have experienced!!!   Zoya Barron,  Chula Vista, CA  6/1/04

Dear Keth & Jan, I have been free of pain and disease of arthritis & fibromyalgia since the healing!!  Thanks for helping me and Kelly in Milwaukee.  Much love & peace   Kathy Swire  8/7/02


Healing Light Hands
Thank you for your gift of healing. I was in such pain physically, mentally & emotionally.

I have used many forms of healing and in my past many worked well, but I believe the healing that you mediated has been the most powerful because the pain has not recurred. I had severe neck and shoulder pain which I struggled with through the years. Three sessions with you has relieved me of this constant pain. I also experienced the memory of a former life that revealed an injury that was the root cause of my neck pain, and answered many other questions. I have never experienced healings such as yours. I will be forever thankful.  I highly recommend you to those needing answers to pain and/ or restless mental energy. 2001, Carla Diana,   Clearwater FL, CA and Colorado



I have never experienced so much growth and wonder in such a short period since we had our (phone) session.   Physically, bleeding has stopped, stomach issues are 1000% better, back has improved a lot!  Vision still needs some work but we'll have another session soon.  Spiritually, I have reached a new level.  My heart has never been so open or so aware.  Thank you for your loving help!   Gary S.     NJ,  4/27/02


"I have never experienced a healing so profoundly transforming! Keth is able to reach down into the subtlest realms of the physiology and gently clear the obstacles to Spiritual Awakening. He is a phenomenally gifted healer."  J.T.C.   Big Sur, California

Shambala Healing Symbol
I am so grateful for your gift of healing. When I returned to the Physical Therapist, he was amazed that all of my swelling had disappeared. You are a "Master". Lois Toland, Belleau Beach, FL


"Thanks Jan for the Astrology Session - it really helped me.  So much began to shift afterward.  Thank you both for the support -it's incredible on how much of a transformation takes place after I receive a healing from you guys -It's Great!"   Ellen Koeppen,  Wixom, MI


I would like to take a minute to thank you once again for the exposure ( you've given my work.  A friend just forwarded me yet another "re-print" that you've posted of my articles from a couple of years ago.  It does my heart, mission, and soul so much good to know that what I have to offer is appreciated.  4/24/05     May your journey be truly blessed,  Lauren Zimmerman,  OTHER WORLDS: The Series,


Keth and Jan,  I wanted to tell you that I am feeling so much better.  I started to feel better the next day after my session with you, and I am progressively improving every day.  My depression is gone, and I feel alive again.  I'm seeing things and understanding things better now.  Thank you so much.  I have met someone new.   I wanted to let you know that I appreciate you and everything you have done.  Hope you have a wonderful day.   Peace,     2002


Back to work now, I can still feel the energy running through me.  It was so strong.  I see a wonderful (local) healer for my general health the last five years. I have never felt this "flooding of buzz", so to speak, before.  It's just wonderful!  Not to say that she doesn't do wonders too, because she does.  This is just so different. I hope the Cats: Scrapper, Minnie, Daisy, & Phoebe (Black 3yr Lab girl)) are enjoying it as much as me! Love...  D.G. & Family  AZ   10/4/02


Energy Healing Gridwork
"Keth Luke is one of the few valid Healers from whom I have received treatment.  His work goes very deeply into the human condition, though it feels gentle, soothing and safe.  Keth has helped me clear much unnecessary energy with ease and comfort."   Diane K. Kasunic, PhD, Troy, MI




"Keth truly has the master connection. He is one who has experienced the ineffable power of the Christ Light, for he is able to set aside his persona and become a total instrument for the light. His work is unusual, it focuses on the initiatory opening of the Crown, Third Eye and Mouth of God to permit the light to travel down from above and move through and into the Heart. It felt like a galaxy of stars marching, bringing a memory of something long lost and now found, a miracle of reunion and communion. His is a most precious offering of the light."   Mary S.   Carmel, California


"I can't tell you in words how much you have helped me. This healing helped me more than 20 years of psychiatry put together. It was very freeing. You have been a great blessing in my life. Thank you so much, your friend"    Bill Green   Albany, New York

"Thank you so very much for all of the wonderful work you did on me when you were in town.  Afterwards, I felt so different!  I was so much more peaceful, and over the next couple of days, I noticed how much less painful life was and how much clearer my thinking had become."  Sherri Snyder, Cincinnati, OH

Healing Hands of LightBlessings of love and light to you both.  I had an interesting experience waking up yesterday morning.  I saw the "All Seeing Eye of God"  looking at me, and blinking as though it is very real. Wow, did not have words, just felt the Presence.  May the Universe bless you abundantly with all the Good you give to the world. Love, Melody 
Blessings to you beautiful beings. Thanks beyond words. I am in deed, in deep gratitude for all the work you did for me, and know that I support your work. much much love, Melody  8/29/02

"It was a pleasure working with your energies.  I've experienced many different energy currents & waves going throughout my body.  I also noticed the beautiful color of violet, but most I had the feeling of pure joy - Thank you.  I must say you and your team do splendid work!  You are indeed a Lightworker.  With Love & Light"   Angie Buker,  WI   (remote healing)


"The work you did on my back was incredible.  It truly healed where I had trouble for years.  It's a mystery to me, but I am very grateful."   Robyn Dawson, Artist & designer   Mt. Shasta, CA


"I want to express my sincerest thanks for honoring me with the (Remote) ReikiAttunement. 
It was truly amazing!
  I saw delightful colors, a huge dark blueeye staring back at me, then just a pink glow surrounded me.  All of a sudden Ifelt lifted up into someone's arms and rocked like a baby.  All the while mypalm chakras were tingling and whirling on both sides with tremendous energy! When it was all over, I felt relaxed, exhausted, and elated! I can't thank you enough for the Master attunement.  You will always be atreasured teacher and friend and have a special place in my heart.Love to DR. LIGHT.  I attuned my (cat) Black Jack last night who is doing better bythe way after his healing from you.  His diabetes has completelydisappeared--my vet is puzzled to saythe least.  I, however, am not!"   Peace and Blessings,  Yours in Healing,   Love,  Pat  Winsett,  Louisville, KY


"Thank you, thank you, thank you!  My gratitude for the healing I received from you on Monday.  I feel a deep peacefulness and know that my greater good is manifesting now.  Misty, Sandra's cat is doing better also."    Love and Blessings,  Pratricia,  St. Petersburg, FL  4/21/03


"During our first transformative session together, I broke through some stubborn patterning that had controlled me for years.  A tremendous "Keth-arsis" occurred.  If you are ready to Awaken and to dissolve your illusory boundaries, I recommend a session with this enigmatic man of vibrant radiations.  You're sure to shift & rise to the next level of your spiraling Soul evolution."   Wende Sharma, financial planner,  Canton, MI


"I, the Lord of Sirius and Saint Grace hereby provide this referral for Master Keth Luke.  His sovereignty has been known on many planets in this galaxy and beyond.  His power and His Love are known fully by both of us. He creates gallant healing wisdom and technology beyond the scope of Earth.  In creation, there is no one person who knows fully the extent of our devotion in spirit to His vast contribution to uplift mankind."  channeled by Leslie H., San Francisco, CA

Budda eyesI had a session with you and Jan (July 5th, 2002) and it was wonderful.  I continue to become more aware of many new ways of being - many more possibilities -- the fog seems to be lifting at quite a rate.  My "boundaries" are melting away and I am feeling the (almost immediate) power of redefining them, of redefining me, of allowing a life of light and love in each miraculous moment.  A week after my session with you, I was in a healing weekend with Drunvalo Melchizedek and with the help of many (including St. Michael) I released what felt like lifetimes of "gunk" - old stuck patterns, old beliefs, old body vibrations, old connections to was wonderful and horrific at the same time -- the whole range was there. It was like I re-experienced whole lifetimes of "gunk" in a few days, but all in an extraordinary way.  This was not the first of such experiences, but this one was a whopper -- an extraordinary whopper!
I know that the work with you was instrumental in all this, and as part of my path you helped prepare the way for the giant release -- I hold each step along the way just as important, just as necessary, just as wonderful as any other.  I was guided to you when I called you July 5th, not knowing anything about you (on the mental level anyhow) and was thrilled with our sessions.  Speaking to Jan was terrific and I have enjoyed listening to the cassette copy of our session.  So the purpose of this email is to extend my gratitude to you, again, in writing, and send my love to you for all your work.  I am looking forward to working with you again and am also very interested in your new healing teaching.    Have a wonderful day!    Love and Blessings,   Maureen Fitzgerald,  VA


"I'm very much enjoying the new clarity and colorfulness that started coming through after the Tune-Up.  My inner TV has been upgraded with color picture and an antenna to improve reception."   Christiane VanHerck, Hawaiian Flower Essence Healer,   Pahoa, Maui, Hawaii


"To Two Shining Lights - I want to thank you so, so much for the awesome time period of nurturance you both have given me.  Your healing kindness and love have inspired me and rebalanced my energies.  Thank you both.  Love & Light,  Angelica   Maui, Hawaii Hi


I'm already finding improvements with my bleeding and my digestion

If I treat my back gently it improves as well.  I will make an appointment foranother session in a few weeks.  Thanks so much for your healing!   Gary,   NJ



I want to let you know that I find myself in a wonderful place.  As you suggested might happen, I am experiencing very pleasant shifts in unexpected places.  Since a couple of days after your session with me, it is as though I am fueled from inside by a river of power and peace and joy
I find that I do not feel rushed in anything I am doing; that I more quickly & easily shift my perceptions of people and situations to a positive loving, rather than a tendency to be critical or pessimistic;  I feel a good deal more physical energy; my feet have not bothered me at all this week;  I frequently experience a bubbling up of joy without any ostensible cause...
I continue to observe myself.  For now, I find a very definite and enjoyable aftermath of the session from you.  Thank you very much for adding your energy to my life experience!  Love, Pat Palmer,  Minister, Center for Conscious Living,   Largo FL, 4/01

Thank you so much for your gentle energetic healings!   Just to let you know,  Synchronicity has reappeared in my life over the last week and a lot of the internal dialogue has been redirected toward self truth.   I received the tape recording of my reading and listening to it  I was again amazed by how much it reflected my life and validated for me the paths that I have chosen,  reminding me that this unique journey is the divine plan of the Great Mystery.     Donna Love     8/31/02





 Mahalo as they say here in Hawaii. The healing was really good, Keth, thank u and Jan doc light big time. The darker energies of fear, etc. seem to have been losing their power and am finding peace again in a new and higher wayYour energy work is really helpful and a powerful positive influence. It became obvious today why my mother has been focusing that negativity toward me and so it lost it's power.  I also got in touch more with a deeper hidden part of me that has been connected to her and the terror of my early life.  Thanks so very much again, will speak with u soon.  luv 'n light    Angella S    Maui HI   6/23/02   



Hi Jan and Keth,  Thank you for yesterday's session.  I really enjoyed it, felt a lot of sacredness around it.     When I first went to lie down, besides receiving a multitude of kisses from my dog, Singer, I was aware of a wonderful canopy of light radiating out above me and to me.  It all felt very deep, loving and illuminating.  I know I am well supported.  Working with you gave me the feeling of touching base with 'home', very enjoyable and centering.  You give and share so much. Thank you again.  Love, Blessings and Radiance. Sally,  Scotland UK, 6/6/02


"Here's one of my own:  If you want to be Healthy find a Healthy Healer...  I don't have any miraculous stories of healing myself from some major life threatening Dis-ease, to become a healing facilitator.   I have followed my Heart's Desire and my Life's Path.   I have Not been to a Doctor or taken Any Prescription Drugs, Antibiotics or had any Medical Insurance for over 30 Years (since 1976). (I was required to have two quick medical check-ups at a clinic, to do and assist at a "6 Day" intensive Training over fifteen years ago, and one injection for going out of the country to Guatemala in 198but that has been all)  
This is possible for everyone, if you choose, we are here to help your Awakening and Healing...and Bring Heaven on Earth for you Now..."   Keth Luke,  New Port Richey, FL       Please call us for a Divine Tune-Up Session Now.


Keth and DrLight




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