StarGates, Vortexes and other Interstellar Etheric Alignments.
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What is a Stargate?
Stargates are Portals
from one grid program/ realm/ dimension to another.  Another view of it is as an etheric inter-dimensional energy alignment between twopoints in interstellar space which allows high vibrational energies to passthrough long distances of space along the space-time continuum.  Thesealignments are particularly crucial at this time as the vibration of the Earth is speeding up as we enter the Photon Belt.
allow highvibrational interstellar energies to permeate the etheric grids of theEarth, with ease and grace, thus allowing the energies to integrate fullyinto the forming etheric grid structures of the Earth.  These Sacred Site entry vortexes are opened once every 3 months on the equinoxes and solstices, and other times ofsacred significance and astrological alignment in Earth's current history.

How do these Energies work?
Using the connections of group consciousness, and performing the Stargate
meditation at these times (and others as called for), allows a coordinated
group consciousness to connect singly and individually. This consciousness
then acts as thousands of points of light on the planetary surface of the
physical earth. By each individual, making their own connection in the way
which is perfect for them, they are creating the linkages to the Great
Consciousness which is formed by everyone performing this at the same
moment.  This consciousness linkage allows this intense subatomic etheric
energy of the Stargate to enter the etheric earth's "atmosphere", connect
through the multiple layers of the Earth's etheric energy field, flow into
the Christ Consciousness grid, through the consciousness of the individual
participants, and into the etheric crystalline Core of the Earth herself. In
this way, the intense beam of etheric photon energies is dissipated,
allowing the Earth to harmonize and balance this shift with ease and grace.
This allows us, inhabitants of the physical Earth plane, to assist in
shifting the "reality" of the "doom and gloom " predictions of catastrophic
physical earth changes. The shift in reality occurs when the group
consciousness facilitates the dispersing the high intense energies which
might have caused the Earth to "rock and roll". This "rock and roll" effect
could have been due, in part, to incompatible absorption of these energies
into the physical layers of the Earth herself. This is not to say, that all
of these effects are to be shifted. These shifts can only occur when they
are in total and complete harmonious alignment with the Greater Ascension
Plan of Source as transmitted to us by Source and those beings whose mission
it is to assist Earth through this process. These shifts are, actually, only
a shift to realign an imbalance in he Earth which already existed. We are
asked only to realign things back to the original balance point of
perfection, no matter if it is the planet, a human , or an incident on the
surface of the Earth. It is the BALANCE POINT , the point of Zero Polarity,
the Null Zone, that we seek to restore. And it is the connection, to Source,
in perfection that we seek. For we are all messengers of the light, vehicles
of Source's plan, and intimately connected, to each other, as ONE....

Higher levels of Consciousness Connections
In bringing in these energies to the physical Earth plane and anchoring them
into the etheric Earth grid systems, we are raising the vibrational
frequencies of these physical and etheric structures of the Earth. By doing
so, those who are sensitive to these energies are able to raise their
personal vibrations and remember these higher frequencies within their own
energy fields, and that of the Earth as well. This remembrance allows the
human energy field to reactivate and move us along to the next level of
consciousness connection, thus advancing our path of spiritual remembrance.
By realigning these human fields to the perfect field ratios of the human
energy field and the Mer-Ka-Bah field, we will come closer and closer to
achieving our own person Balance Point, and Zero Polarity, and Null Zone.
Byholding this field in perfection constantly in both our physical and enteric
bodies, we remember the Light Bodies which we truly have. Our remembrance
will allow us to open and access newer energies and shift the etheric
structures of our physical bodies...bringing us closer and closer to the
Galactic Bodies of Light which we truly are. These alignments help torebalance
and accelerate not only the Earth and her healing process, but ourown.

They allow us to connect on very high frequency levels to the perfection of
the Earth and Ourselves... as ONE consciousness, bound in infinite time and
space to the Source of All.

Dimensional Doorway in Peru (that Jan and Keth visited) article and picture..  Other Stargate Information.

We also have our own physical geometric copper StarGate doorway structure here
in the House of Grace.  It i large enough for 4 people to meditate in.  Keth has done
several StarGate workshops and a three week StarGate intensive in Durango CO, 1996.
It's traveled with us to CA, Sedona AZ, Birmingham MI, Maui HI, an now Tampa Bay FL.

So here is some relevant Stargate info for those who work with them.... 
The Stargates of 2005: Gifts to the Planet
Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn
Dearest Ones, at this time we seek to bring you information about the flows of energy that will be affecting your planet in the first half of this year.

The energies that you are feeling now began to enter your planet at the 12:12 Stargate in December of 2004. At that time there was a powerful stelium of planets in Sagittarius, clustered around the Galactic center in relation to the Earth. The most powerful of these planets was Pluto, the bringer of transformation. But, even more important, was the increase in energetic impulses emanating from the Galactic Center or Great Central Sun. These new transmissions we have termed the "Paradise" frequency, for the purpose of these incoming transmissions is to activate the Paradise Matrix on the planet. This matrix is part of the original Elohim blueprint for planet Earth, and has not been activated since the Lemurian continent sank beneath the waves.
The Energies for December 2004:
The Dance of Transformation and the
Return of the Lemurian Paradise Frequency
A Special Message from Archangel Michael on the 12:12 Stargate
Dearest Ones,
As the year draws to a close we bring you a special message of Joy and Hope. There are Miracles unfolding in your reality, and it gives us great pleasure to share the momentous events of December 2004 with you.
You have created this reality, because you are ready for it! It is the wonderful climax to your planet's ascension journey.

At the 12:12 Stargate, on the 12th of December, the Lemurian Paradise Frequency will be released back into the Earth's frequency range. This means that you, as a planetary people, have completed your Atlantean integrations of duality and darkness, and are ready to return to the Oneness of Heart and Spirit that was the defining energy of Lemurian civilization and culture.
...This cluster of planets around the energies from the Great Central Sun is powered by Pluto, the engine of Transformation in the Ascension process. At this time, the planets will focus and magnetize the energy of the Lemurian Paradise Frequency which is part of the Aquamarine Color Ray. This energy will be focused at the 12:12 Stargate and will reach its peak on the 18th of December when the Sun aligns with the Galactic Center at 26 degrees of Sagittarius. At this point, the Aquamarine Ray and its Lemurian energies will be fully integrated into the Crystalline Grids of the earth, and of all beings who have developed their own Crystalline Bodies.

On the 18th of December, Venus will enter Sagittarius at 2 degrees, bringing the Planet of Love into the Dance of Transformation. Isis and Ra will celebrate the final rewards of the 2004 Venus Transit, and the Sirius Stargate on the 8th of August.
From this point onwards,
It will be possible to create Paradise once again on the Planet.
At the Solstice on the 21st/22nd December, the Sun will move to 29 degrees of Sagittarius, as it moves towards Capricorn. But it will still be close enough to the Great Central Sun to keep transmitting the pulsating Aquamarine waves of light that carry the Lemurian Paradise Frequency. What a blessing and a miracle this is for your planet. Paradise is reborn on Earth!
We ask you to celebrate with us!

The Lemurian vibration will find its natural home initially in Hawaii, which is all that remains of ancient Lemuria on your planet. Increasingly, Hawaii will become a great spiritual center for your planet and its people.
The Dolphins and Whales who swim your oceans will also assist in holding the new vibration and transmitting it into the planet's Crystalline Energy Grids. Work with them - they are your helpers in this new phase of Light Work!

And so we leave you with great Joy and Expectation for the New Year, and the
exciting adventure of Transformation that lies ahead for Each One of You.
The First Stargate: 5th March 2005
The first major Stargate of 2005 will be the 3:5 gate which climaxes on the 5th of March. This date will represent the climactic moment when this incoming energy transmission will be grounded into the planetary matrix and grids. This event will be focused on Hawaii as the closest land mass to what was ancient Lemuria. But, as the energy vortex spirals down into the Earth, it will also be simultaneously grounded and activated at other points on the planet.

There are Lightworkers who are already taking up their responsibilities to ensure that the Crystal Grids are activated in their area. The Cetaceans of the planet are also working with humans to assist in grounding the energy into the Oceanic Grids of the Planet.

Beloved Ones, we invite you to join with us on the 5th of March in welcoming and grounding t his joyous and beautiful energy. It will make such a difference to your planet, as we will outline later in this message.

The Second Stargate: 5th and 11th May 2005
The second major star gate activation's will be the 5:5 and 5:11 gates on the 5th of May and the 11th May respectively. By this time, the energy of the 3:5 gate will have been anchored and activated on the planet.

The focus in this period will be on meditation, ceremonies and rituals to ground the energy into the planet.
In this period there will be two major spiritual festivals celebrated on the planet, Easter and Wesak. These are key festivals in the Christian and Buddhist spiritual years. Both celebrate the death and rebirth of the Master Consciousness incarnated in Christ and Buddha respectively.

This year these festivals will have special meaning and intense energies as humanity rebirths it self to Higher Consciousness along with the Planet.

If you celebrate these festivals, we encourage you to do so with an awareness of the powerful rebirth that is happening on your planet.

The gift of the 5:5 and 5:11 gates will be the key to reactivating the Sacred Spaces of the planet and to inviting the Devas and Nature Spirits to return to the plane t in increasingly significant numbers.
The spiritual guardians of nature, the nymphs, faeries and sylphs who once tended the forests and woodlands and rivers of your planet have long since retreated into the Earth, leaving only a few to maintain the planetary balance as best they could. From the time of these gates, they will begin returning to selected sites on the planet to begin working with humans again.
There will be many new communities that will arise in different selected places on the planet to begin the human/devic partnership once again. The miracles achieved at Findhorn will be replicated again and again on your planet, as the devas once again join the planetary family on the surface of the planet.
They too are your "family", and they will work with you
to create the New Earth.

The Third Stargate : The Sirius Stargate 26th July to 8th August
In this period the Earth will once again feel the powerful energies of the 8:8 Sirian Harmonic as the Lion Gate Portal of Sirius aligns with the planet and is reflected in the helical rising of Sirius in the Northern Hemisphere.

At this point, the new energies of the Lemurian Paradise Matrix will be fully grounded and active. The Higher Consciousness that floods through the Lion Gate will be the trigger to begin the work of manifesting Paradise into 5th Dimensional manifest reality.

This will be a gradual process. Small areas of the planet will be "reclaimed" for the Paradise vibration.
Vibrakey 26 Paradise Frequency/ 19.5 Big Island
And we ask you to understand that while many of these will indeed be rural areas of mountain, woodland and ocean side, many will also be in cities and towns.

Yes, dearest ones, cities are a part of your present and your future! The Paradise vibration of Oneness, Love, Joy and Abundance, will l enter into your cities and towns and gradually transform them.

Lightworkers whose mission it is will invite the devas and the nature spirits to bring their special magic into cities. You will find an increase in parks, gardens, quiet spaces, and an increasing emphasis on beauty and order in your cities. It will come gradually, but celebrate it when it comes for it will bring increasing peace and abundance to the Planet.

How these Stargates will Affect the Earth:
The purpose of these star gates is to infuse and ground a powerful new creative matrix into the Planet. How this will affect you will be generally in a very positive way, if you are able to hold your consciousness at the Fifth Dimensional level.

You will find:
Increased energy and direction to focus on your creative passions. You will feel increasingly supported by this new energy as you explore your potential as a 5th Dimensional creator.

Relationships: These will become deeper and more meaningful as you explore the blessed energies of the new Soulmate unions. Many of you will have to release old relationships to make way for new and more balanced relationships.

Work: Many of you will experience sudden changes in job or career direction, as the new energy gives you new direction. You will increasingly feel the need to take risks in order to follow your passions and explore your dreams.

The Return of Excitement and Joy: As the energies settle you will increasingly find that sense of anticipation and excitement that you used to feel. Gradually, the joy will begin to return into your lives as you settle into the new Fifth-Dimensional way of life.