Sacred Art Works  by Jan & Keth

Goddess Ceres   Sculpture by Jan Carter




PhotoArt Galleries of Keth Luke's PhotoGraphy
Keth has been a Professional Photographer and Photo-Artist for 20 years.  Working for many major Corporations and Businesses he also exhibited his Creative PhotoArt work at Art Shows all across the Country.  Keth is available for Creative Promotional, Natural and Sensual Portraiture.  Keth can also do exchanges of Model or promotional Portfolio PhotoGraphy for Art Modeling.

Art PhotoGraphic Gallery 
Examples of Keth's Art Photography.  He Exhibited in Art Shows and Galleries for more than 20 years.



US Sacred Site PhotoGraphy by Keth

PhotoGraphs of beautiful Sacred Places around the United States 1991-1999.



PhotoGraphy of  Egypt Gallery I in 2000 by Keth

Dialog and PhotoGraphy from our Sacred Site ASAR Tour in Oct-Nov 2000.

Sacred Sights of Peru in 2001 by Keth

Photography from our Peruvian/Bolivian  ASAR/RASA Tour  May-June 2000



EnglandSacred Site Photo Gallery I - Aug/Sept 2001 

Scotland Sacred Site Photo Gallery -  Aug/Sept 2001

Sacred Site Photo Gallery -  Sept 2001


Sacred Sites of Hawaii & Lemuria      (to be added soon)

Hawaii information



Celebrity Portraits and Photos by Keth     1972-2002

Spiritual Teachers & Channels of Keth's and photographed by Keth





 Informal Portrait and Model Photo Gallery  by Keth Luke

 Natural Art, Nude and Essence 1  Art & Portraits by Keth 

 Natural Art, Nude and Essence 2


Mayan Sacred Sites  by Keth        soon
Photography from Keth's Mayan Journey to Guatemala, Belize and Mexico in Jan 1988


Jan's Modeling Portfolio Gallery I 2002  Tampa Bay Area by Keth.  Jan was a professional Fashion Model in Denver CO and Chicago IL more many years doing runway and advertising for  newspapers, magazines and on TV. 

Jan's Black & White Photo Gallery II  Everyday pictures of Jan by Keth.  Jan is the Art.

Jan's past Modeling and Photo Gallery 
Starting in 1985 on Oprah's TV show and includes newer photos of her with Celebrities and friends. 


Dr Light & his friends  PhotoGraphed by Keth & Jan

Jan and Keth  'In the News'  Promo & History Gallery  Newspaper and Magazine Articles, Photography, History, Political Experiance, Radio and  TV Shows.



Brochure, Business Card, Book Cover and Web Site Designs   Our Spiritual Artist Friend   Aaron Pyne, Cincinnati OH  "The Invisible One is Protecting you and Loves you. You are in His Wonderful Loving Presence. May you find that - which Gives Love and Peace. That - which Is Love and Peace."  Art, Inexpressionalism and Wisdom.