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Help Pass Amendment 4 on the Florida November 4 Ballot.

Amendment 4, the Conservation Amendment, will be on the November, 4 ballot Florida statewide. The amendment accomplishes two very worthwhile goals:

* Landowners who put their environmentally significant lands into perpetual conservation protection, by a conservation easement or other mechanism, will be exempted from property taxes.

The land that is set aside will be saved forever, no matter who the owner is in the future. No houses or malls, just fish and wildlife habitat and water recharge - FOREVER.

* Amendment 4 also allows those who use their lands for conservation purposes to be taxed at essentially the same rate as those who have agricultural lands. While not perpetual in nature, the lessening of the tax burden on these landowners will keep desirable lands green that otherwise might have been lost to development.

To learn more about Amendment 4 go to:


Please use the following text to compose a letter to the editor of your local paper or one of the newspapers listed below and endorse Amendment 4:

Dear Editor:


Amendment 4, The Conservation Amendment, is a win-win for Floridians and should be supported this November on Election Day. If you choose to protect your property for land and water conservation, you will receive a tax break. Please vote yes on Amendment 4.