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We may not always be nice, we are  going through our stuff too.

Rev Keth is
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Etheric Surgeon, Knights of the Solar Cross recognized and honored through out the Galactic Federation, but not by backward Medical Systems such as our own.

Jan is a US Licensed Health Care Professional.  MT(ASCP)


We Are Ordained Ministers   GOD / Goddess is our SOURCE and does the Activations & Healing...


DrLight is Officially Licensed #10-46317 to practice in Pasco County Florida and is a Registered Senior Higher Service Dog.
do not perform procedures considered dangerous, such as cutting, puncturing the skin or prescribing or recommending the non-use of prescription drugs.  We do not do anything which could cause an imminent risk of significant harm. We do Not do massage.

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GOD does it All.



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Air Oasis  Air Purifiers ~  Ionizers  

  An Air Oasis Air Purifier will not only Reduce Indoor Air Pollution, but Germs on surfaces such as countertops, tables etc. as well.  The Germs that cause colds, flu, pneumonia and other respiratory infections may be dramatically reduced using an Air Oasis Air Purifier.  This is due to the breakthrough science of Nano-technology utilized in our air cleaners.

An Air Oasis Air Purifier is Purifying Perfection made Simple.  With a whisper quiet fan, compact size, and stylish brushed aluminum, our air purifier is a nice compliment for any room.  An Air Oasis air cleaner is simple to operate, with no remotes or multiple settings to figure out, no maintenance for three years, and a three year warranty to protect your investment.


xtreme air purifier exploded



Key Benefits of Air Oasis Air Purifiers:


  • An Air Oasis air purifier reduces airborne and surface contaminants minimizing the spread of bacteria, viruses, and mold.

  • Air purifier contains a whisper quiet fan with optional silent setting.

  • Air purifier is maintenance free for three years with no filters to replace or grids to clean.

  • No confusing multiple settings or remotes on the air purifier.  Simply place the switch on high or low and enjoy clean air.

  • Air purifier reduces most odors by half in as little as four hours.

  • Air purifier quickly reduces mold, bacteria, viruses, VOCs and allergy causing pollutants.
  • Green: Uses less electricity than an average light bulb.
  • Air purifier utilizes latest patent-pending Nanotechnology.

  • Air purifier is backed by years of Research.

  • Every AO air purifier is Made in the USA with a metal housing and metal internal brackets instead of cheap plastics.

  • Every AO air purifier comes with a three year warranty on the entire air purifier.

  • Our prices are hundreds or thousands of dollars less than the other most popular brands of air purifiers.  We keep our prices low by fabricating most parts in our own shop in the USA.

$ave Money: It takes up to $3000.00+ with the most popular brands of air purifiers to equal one Air Oasis 3000 air purifier at only $349.00.  You could waste your time and money searching for other air purifier products, but first take a look at our comparisons.  We can save you tons of time and money.


ozone decomposition



Air Purification this natural way. 
       How does it work?

7 Most Advanced Technologies Fused Into One
Click to read about them all

Air Oasis products Purify your Air using a combination of advanced technologies.

The first Redundant Oxidation uses UV light and a rare metal hydrophylic (water absorbing) coating to produce hydroxyls (combined water and oxygen particles) and disperse them to "scrub" the air.  The result is similar to spraying an ultra-fine mist of hydrogen peroxide (a safe, effective, and commonly used household disinfectant) into the air.

The Ionization process duplicates the ionization (electrically charged particles generated in a thunderstorm) and oxygenation (the oxygen saturation of air to purify contaminants) that occurs in nature, and uses them to clean indoor air. The result -the same fresh air that you experience after a thunderstom.

Special Sale:  Discounted Demo Unit's 

                Air Oasis  Air Purifier  Pricing 

xtreme air purifier

3000 Xtreme

$ 549


Replacement Cell



3000 air purifier


$ 499


Replacement Cell


1000 air purifier


$ 399

Replacement Cell



Mini Air Purifier


$ 299


Replacement Cell


Induct ACT
Whole house Induct Air Purifier

$ 599 - $ 1,499  

 ACT Order Carts below


Replace the inner AHPCO Cells every three years in all units.


Fixing in progress


  Call for our Specials
    Free Shipping on Orders
   For  Price Adjustments,  Special Shipping  or  Discounts





Air Oasia Air purifier AO3000



Air Oasis™ 3000 Xtreme Air Purifier   Whole House

The Air Oasis 3000 Xtreme UV Air Purifier is perfect for large living areas with higher levels of known contaminants such as pet odors, mold, cooking odors, and more. The AO 3000 Xtreme UV Air Purifier is also great for small commercial applications such as hair salons and doctor’s offices to protect patients and staff members from spreading illness while visiting the establishment.
  120 VAC 40 watts,   5 lbs.   4" w x 4" d x 17" t,   Replacement Cell,  AHPCO-6,  $89.00  Replace every 3 yrs.







Air Oasis Air purifier AO3000


Air Oasis™ 3000 Air Purifier    Whole House

The Air Oasis 3000 UV Air Purifier is perfect for cleaning the air in large living areas to protect you and your family from harmful contaminants invading your home. The AO 3000 UV air purifier is also recommended for smaller areas where higher contaminants are known to be present such as pet odors, mold, cooking odors, and much more.  120 VAC 40 watts,   5 lbs.    4" w x 4" d x 15.5" t,   Replacement Cell,  AHPCO-5,   $79.00  Replace every 3 yrs.







Air Oasis AO1000 Air Purifier


Air Oasis™ 1000 Air Purifier   for Apartments
The Air Oasis 1000 UV Air Purifier is ideal for combating harmful contaminants in smaller living areas and are great for personal office spaces to protect you from being exposed to illnesses while away from home.  The AO 1000 UV Air Purifier will kill bacteria and viruses on contact, giving you peace of mind during the cold and flu season.
120 VAC 40 watts,   5 lbs.  4" w x 4" d x 13.5" t,   Replacement Cell,  AHPCO-4,  $69.00   Replace every 3 yrs.






Air Oasis Mini Air PurifierAir Oasis™ Mini  Air Purifier   for Rooms,    Newly Redesigned  
The Air Oasis mini UV Air Purifier is designed to keep odors and other harmful contaminants at bay in small areas such as bedrooms, bathrooms, utility rooms and small office spaces.  The AO mini UV Air Purifier also provides a convenient solution to purifying your air while traveling.  This compact unit fits easily into baggage so you don't have to worry about the air in your hotel room while away from home.   120 VAC 39 watts, 4 lbs,  3" w x 3" d x 12" t   Replacement Cell  AHPCO-4M , $69.00 
Replace every 3 yrs.





The Air Oasis Induct ACT 9” UV Air PurifierAir Oasis In-Duct ACT  Whole House or Building A/C Ducts

The Air Oasis Induct ACT 9” UV Air Purifier is a whole house air purifier for average sized homes. This UV air purifier installs in your HVAC system easily to ensure the duct work in your house stays free of harmful contaminants such as mold. This UV air purifier also allows your home to be covered more evenly due to ions being forced throughout the duct work and into each room with an air outlet. The HVAC Blower output should be less than 6500 CFM for this unit.  $499  120 VAC 34 watts,  3 lbs. 11" w x 8" d x 3" t,    Replacement Cell,  AHPCO-9,  $149.00  Replace every 3 yrs. 

9" ACT Induct Unit  $499
  Act 9" Induct Replacement Cell,  AHPCO-9,  >$149  Replace every 3 years.    




The Air Oasis InDuct ACT 14” UV Air Purifier is a whole house air purifier for large homes and small commercial applications where the HVAC Blower is more than 6500 CFM. This UV air purifier will provide extensive coverage throughout the structure and will ensure that odors, VOC’s, and other contaminants are eliminated quickly.  $699.   120 VAC 30 watts,  4 lbs.   11" w x 8" d x 3" t,   Replacement Cell,  AHPCO-14,  $249  Replace every 3 years.    

ACT Single 14" In Duct Unit  $699.99

 Act 14" Induct Replacement Cell,  AHPCO-14,  $249  Replace every 3 years.    




14 inch dual induct air purifier


Air Oasis Dual 14" InDuct ACT UV Air Purifier is designed for large commercial applications where higher contaminants are known to exist and need to be reduced continuously. HVAC blowers should be over 6500 CFM.  $1,299.  120 VAC 60 watts,  5 lbs.  11" w x 8" d x 3" t,   Replacement Cell,  2AHPCO-14D,  $449  Replace every 3 years.

ACT  Dual 14" Induct Unit
Dual Induct Act 14" Replacement Cell,  AHPCO-14D,  $249   Replace every 3 years.    



The Induct ACT installs into the plenum of your HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) unit within minutes.  It only requires using a 2.25 inch hole saw and can be mounted utilizing aluminum foil insulation tape or the five predrilled holes and sheet metal screws.


Air Oasis™ Induct ACT™  actual mounted in duct pictures.


Have Clean Air Now
Purchase an Air Oasis Air Purifier Today  Call Us 727-842-6788
We take Cash, Checks, M.O. Debit/Credit Cards, Pay Pal and Western Union.
Air Purification Primer

Air Purifier  Testimonials

before and after test

Air Purifier Testimony

This picture is a great testimony to your air purifier product. I had no idea how bad my air was until I did the test....
Bob D.

View more Air Purifier Testimonies.


Air Purifier Technology Breakthrough!

Have you ever wanted to receive all the benefits of an ozone generating air purifier without the high levels of ozone and  side effects? Our team at Air Oasis has spent countless hours researching the solution and it's now available to you! All Air Oasis air purifier products now contain our new patent-pending Quad-Nano Xtreme™ catalyst coating.
air purifier lab tests

Air Purifier Lab Test Results

The air purifier device reduced VOC’s by as much as 98% in only four hours.

The air purifier device cut odors in half in only four hours.  The air purifier device reduced mold, yeast, and bacteria by up to 98% throughout the home in only four days.

More Air Purifier Test Results




Made In USA  

All Air Oasis products are made in the USA.  We own the shop, the equipment and pay hard working Americans US dollars for a job well done.  Almost every vendor used by Air Oasis for raw material is an American company.     God Bless America!


Money Back Guarantee

Air Oasis™ Air Purifiers are covered by our 30 day Money Back 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason simply contact us.

All returned air purifiers must first undergo an inspection upon return.   If the air purifier is found to be in good working order and without physical defects your money, less shipping costs, will be promptly refunded.  All air purifiers must be returned in good working condition with no physical defects or additional restocking fees up to $150.00 will be applied.

All packages without a valid Return Authorization (RMA) number on the box will be refused upon delivery.



Test your own Air Quality Today

ozone test kit
Ozone Test Kit       

Test the ozone levels in your home to ensure they are at safe levels.  Each kit contains 4 testing badges.  If your not using an Air Oasis air purifier this test could be crucial to ensure your family's health.


air quality test kitAir Quality Test Kit      $13.95

Test your air to ensure your family's health. The kit will test for mold, bacteria, and yeast.  There are two tests per kit.  Conduct your own before and after test when using an Air Oasis air purifier.  



Air Purifiers made in the USA               Better Business Bureau        
Made in the USA!

we ship air purifiers with FedEx
Most orders ship in 24 hrs

Get your's today, it will be one of your best Investments in good Health!

Air Oasis Air Purification Technology Page

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