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Warning Disclaimer:
This information is under-stated.  Major stuff will Happen in Your Life!

Get a Session Now and Save Your Body, Mind & Soul much pain, time, work and money. 

We are very Gentle and low key but we carry a Big Light Saber with lots of Light.  ~ 
edi we are.
We may not always be nice, we are  going through our stuff too.

Rev Keth is
not a Florida licensed health care practitioner. He is an
Etheric Surgeon, Knights of the Solar Cross recognized and honored through out the Galactic Federation, but not by backward Medical Systems such as our own.

Jan is a US Licensed Health Care Professional.  MT(ASCP)


We Are Ordained Ministers   GOD / Goddess is our SOURCE and does the Activations & Healing...


DrLight is Officially Licensed #10-46317 to practice in Pasco County Florida and is a Registered Senior Higher Service Dog.
do not perform procedures considered dangerous, such as cutting, puncturing the skin or prescribing or recommending the non-use of prescription drugs.  We do not do anything which could cause an imminent risk of significant harm. We do Not do massage.

We don't do it,
GOD does it All.



I'm Ready ~ for my  Divine Tune-Up

Wake my butt up Now

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Divine Tune-Up Testimonials     What Healing Tools do you use for a Tune-Up?     You Don't have to Die or be Sick     

Spiritual Healing Team
Spiritual Healing
 Twenty+ Years Experience

Expert Remote & Distant Healing by Phone   Advanced Light, Subtle Energy
and Vibrational Healing

Wellness for the Whole Family  Worldwide

Get a  Divine Tune-Up 

Call  1-727-842-6788  or  1-213-DrLight  to Set up your Session Now.  Sessions can often be scheduled right away.

Energy Medicine: God's Grace & Love   Non Invasive, No toxic side effects, all good stuff.

We offer GOD's Gift of Awakening - Healing through us to you.

Our Mission is to:
Bring Heaven on Earth Now in Your Life and Enhance your Mastery...
'GOD / Goddess' Love and Grace does the Healing we are the Vehicle.

Bring out your true Potential.  Support and Ease the changes in your Life and Body!  Have a Healthy Happy Body.
  This work assists you in being Healthy, having Clarity,  ReMembering, Knowing your Truth, Health, Inner Sight and Purpose.   The Actual Causes of your dis-ease are dealt with not just covered up.  Your body and Systems are brought into a healthful and vital state of Being.  Your own Inner Knowing and Connections to God are Sparked.  It can help with major Mental, Emotional, Physical Challenges like Combat Wounds, PTSD and BiPolar problems 

We help Align you with the Crystalline and Peace Grid, New Earth Overlay Energy and the New Christ Energy of Pi...

Life Wonderful?  Accelerate your Spiritual Emergence.  Go deeper into yourSelf, uncover latent talents and abilities!  This Cutting Edge work clears density, blocks, spells and old patterns, if you are willing?   Experience clarity, knowing, movement and flow in your life.   Allow this Giant step on your path of Awakening, Healing, EnLightenment and Ascension.   Schedule several Sessions and see for your self.  You Receive maximum value with several  Divine Tune-Ups: through three Master Healers, their Divine Team and the most amazing, complete and effective Array of amazing Healing Modalities... (see them all below) Our Etheric Surgical Staff is the Best.


A Divine Tune-Up will Enhance and Further your Awakening-Healing Process

If you are reading this you have been guided here because You have been asking who could help aid in your process...

Free Initial Consultation    Session Pricing     Six Easy steps to My Divine Tune-Up



Keth, DrLight, Jan Master Healers
Who are my Healing Partners ? 

The Divine Tune-Up  Mastery Team

Keth Luke D.D.: Etheric Surgeon, Master of Light, Reiki Master, Adamantine Master, Certified Spiritual Healer,    Dr Light 2: Higher Service Dog, Therapy Dog, Animal Healer and Reiki Master,      Jan Carter MT(ASCP): Nationally Certified Health Professional, Reiki Master & Spiritual Angelic Astrology Guidance Counselor and our   Sacred  Divine Tune-Up Team:  work on many levels and offer Healing, Transformation and Guidance... for twenty years   All in the Service of the Divine...

We Co-create the Healing with you, God/Goddess and the Divine Tune-Up Team.  Gently linking /Anointing / Clearing /Attuning your Chakras (Energy Centers), Meridians (the bodies energy wiring) and Light/SoulBody using powerful etheric energies, knowing, sound, clear and liquid light, prayer, symbols, crystals and loving touch.  We work to assist you with Activation, Emotional / Karmic Clearing, Healing Relationships, Healing your Body, PTSD, DNA Activation, LightBody Work and Recoding.  Our unique approach empowers you to Remember who you are, what you came here for  and how to achieve it.   You can be anywhere for a remote Tune-Up or a Reading by Phone.  We also offer Healing for Pets.
  We have a Medical Intuitive Mark who can be included as one of the Sessions.   Our Etheric Surgery Team is the best.  Our Prayers are for You...


A major part of Jesus' Ministry was Healing
and He said 
"Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me,  the works that I do  shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do" John 14:12;    Jesus encouraged his apostles to perform Healing and miracles. "Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils…," Jesus said  (Matt. 10: 8)    

Your Christ ~Full Potential Self is called forth and you are more deeply aligned with your own HigherSelf and SOURCE.  Relax and allow ~ simply put GOD Goddess's  LOVE
(God's Grace, the Holy Spirit, however you view it) does the Healing,    It is a Gift from God!    Be Born Again into a higher consciousness...



What are the Benefits of my Divine Tune-Up Sessions?

Movement toward your Intensions and what your Higher Self wants for You...  The most Profound Results from these Sessions often show up several weeks to months after the Sessions!  It is hard for most people to associate results past a few days to a week with an event.  *Just as with an ocean liner leaving NYC going toward Europe, a very  small rudder change  can have a very Massive effect by the time it crosses the Atlantic.  Deep Inner Shifts can occur, subtle and later not so subtle.  You set the Intensions (your Santa Claus list) for your Session...

We also include You in our Group Healing  and other Healing Sessions for at least the full week following your Session.  So you receive a week plus of Healing included in your Divine Tune-Up!

Attunement with Higher Self † Soul
Happy Healthy Body

Attunement with Higher Self Soul  (Your Christ Self)
Your Chakras, Meridians, LightBody, Aura, Higher Centers, Blood and DNA are Activated, Purified, Balanced and Attuned. 
Some of the healing modalities we use are covered below we use many others as well (see our Healing Tool Box).

Our Certifications  Awakening-Healing Team   Glossary of Terms / Index  Testimonials & Results   Health Affirmations Declarations   Healthy  Products we Recommend, The Principles of Energy HealingAnimal Healing,  Jan/Keth's Brochure (pdf file) to View or Print out. 

Our Etheric Surgery can deactivate and removes energetic and physical Implants, old wiring and Karmic debris.  We can void spells and energy blockages.  It expresses God's healing and empowers your body to heal itself, lessening the need for physical invasive surgery.

Overweight?  The fat cells are protection and every person on the planet, and I mean every person on the planet who is above their body's natural weight, is protecting themselves from somebody or something.   Kuthumi article. Our Divine Tune-Ups can help with these issues and letting go of smoking as well.  Set you Dive Tune-Up Session Intension to Lighten Up.



To Maximize your Healing benefits get a BEMER Medical Device (talk to us) and drink Alkaline Water !  See our Water Alkalizers, the Best Value available.



What are the Healing Tools used in a Divine Tune-Up?


Jan & Keth doing a Divine Tune-Up in person at Mystikal Scents Book Store, Tampa Bay, FL.


Our Healing Tools 
Modalities of your Tune-Up
Divine Healing Tool Box   the many
Forms of Healing we use

Divine Tune-Up's are of a High Level and Include a Refined, Effective, Cutting Edge, Multi-Dimensional blend of Advanced Healing Modalities, Frequencies, Energies and Beings.

Get Your Expert Healing by Phone  
We have done Effective Remote Healing for almost 20 years.

Call: 1-727-842-6788  Set up your Session  Today   Skype: DrLight  Worldwide






What can I Expect from my Divine Tune-Up?  

Movement in the things you Ask (Set your Intensions) for,  

Firsts and Subtle Shifts  to:

Heal old wounds, pain and dysfunctional patterns, PTSD.
and heal inner child-like behavior.
, remember, and deepen your acceptance insight, trust, divinity, spiritual and healing skills.

Purify, clear karmic, emotional issues, actual causes, fears, addictions, implants, control, un-worthiness and lack.   Give up a dis-ease as your identity.
Self Heal dis-ease, physical and mental illness, teeth, allergies, aches, pain, suffering, stress and tension.
Greater sense of clarity, peace
, security, love, joy, health, harmony, freedom, power, and purpose.
Forward Movement from victim to Creator, live from your Heart!  Remember, Sense Guidance.

Some things shift quickly but some of the most Profound Effects start very subtlety and show up powerfully weeks even months later.

We help Align you with the Crystalline Grid, New Earth Overlay Energy and the New Christ Energy of Pi...






Divine Tune-Up  Session $  Recommended Donations 
Call  1-727-842-6788  to Set up your Session Now

Jan gets a Divine Tune-Up from KethDivine Tune-Up  Sessions  Our Light, Energy, Vibrational, Spiritual Awakening Sessions. 
 Free Initial Consultation.   State your Intensions,  Specials below.
 Sessions can often be done right away for you
DrLight2, higher Servive Dog, Animal Healer

$ 25 15 minutes, Oneness Deeksha Blessing and a short Tune-Up Session.

$ 50  30 minuteAnimal & Pet Healing or short Tune-Up.

$ 90  1 hour , Tune-Up Session by Phone or In Person,     Whole Family / Couple Session $125,   $ 140  1 -2 hour, Special Activation, Emergency or Intensive Healing, by Phone

Session Packages  include Healings, Oneness Blessings, Deepening Source Connection, Healing for your Physical Body, Alignment with your Purpose/ Power and Free you of your Past/DensityAlso included are multiple Mini Healings every few days in-between the regular Sessions.

$155.  Two Full  Healing Sessions   

$ 300.  5 Full Healing Sessions  Most Powerful!   For Activations and /or Health problems and to stay "In Tune" and at peace during these changeful times.  

$400. Daily Oneness Deeksha Blessing  and  mini Divine Tune-Up Sessions  every day for one month.  A whole month of daily Awakening and Healing. Very Intensive, Transformative and Healing.  Keeps you Peaceful and In-Tune.  Helps with chronic conditions.

* We Work by Donation. Discounted fees:  (Rates based on US DOLLAR$): You are entitled to a 10% discount if you are a Student, Senior Citizen (65+ yrs), in the Military, Single Parent with children under 18 years old living at home, or this week is your birthday.

Divine Tune-Up Sessions  include Seven Days of on-going Healing work !  
included are multiple Mini Healings every few days in-between the regular Sessions. 
Get the highest possible return on your Investment and you can take it with you!  Go deeper into your Self.  Get: Chakra Tune, Aura Balance, Meridian Balance, Adamantine Healing System, DNA Advancement, Healthy happy Body.  Experience a Deeper connection with your Mission, Self, Soul and Source.  Also available is psychic Dentistry, toxicity neutralization and TMJ work.  Very beneficial for Kids, Animals and You. We pray for and work with you for a week after your session, including you in our Healing Circles and Prayer Sessions.  Continuous Subtle Healing after and in between multiple Sessions...very powerful...  * Much Added Value !   Anyone can do healing, but not everyone can do Etheric Surgery, work Remotely or be a Master Healer.    Pay through the Donation Buttons at the bottom of most of our web pages.


DNA / LightBody Activation Special    6~LightBody or 6~DNA Activation Sessions Subtle Energy Vibrational Awakening Packages      $ 444.

Ascension/Transformative Special  22~Divine Tune-Ups and Much work in between, very Transformational!   For Activations, Life Transformation, Chronic Health or deep rooted problems and to help stay "In Tune" and at Peace during these changing times $ 1000. 

Emergency or Special  Intensive Package  Special twice daily Divine Tune-Up Sessions for three weeks and a Reading and multiple Mini Healings in-between, very Powerful!   For major Activation, Chronic Health and Emergency problems and to stay "In Tune" and at Peace.  $ 2000 

Business, Group or Whole Family Intensive Sessions, Custom Package    $5 ,000.

Pay Here for Your Sessions


If not listed here use Donation button below.


Guidance, Counsel and Coaching

Spiritual Angelic Astrology Guidance,  
Intuitive Star Readings with Angelic Astrologer  Jan Carter.. $90  or  $ 140  for a Relationship Reading.

State your Intentions and give us your Birth: Day, Time and Place.  Know yourSelf better.  Enhance your Relationships today.



I'm Ready ~ Six Easy Steps to My Divine Tune-Up
      Call 727-842-6788 Set up your Session Now,   Worldwide

                       You can email Keth at:  Keth @ Awakening-Healing .com      Via Skype: drlight


Pay through the Donation Buttons at the bottom of most of our web pages.

For your Donations and Love Offerings in Exchange for your Sessions: Call us for Credit Cards, use the Pay Pal (Make a Donation) button at the bottom of most pages, for Credit Card donations, International and bank transfers, or make checks/mo payable to  and mail to:
   Keth Luke
   5438 Tennessee Ave
   New Port Richey, FL 34652


Divine Tune-Up Gift Certificate

Gift Certificates are available for all our work.
Make great personalized gifts. 

We also offer many kinds of personal and relationship Astrology and Tarot Reports







Keth Maverick Healer

The Suncoast News front page story about "Maverick Healer" Keth and DrLight. March 21, 2007  Spring Solstice, Tampa Bay area FL.  pdf version to read or printWith Keth's  "Light House" PhotoGraphic Art as a background.

"Maverick Healer  Keth"
"Local man brings God and science together through Energy Healing.  KETH LUKE and his canine partner DrLight work as Energy Healers in there New Port Richey home. 
DrLight reminds him to smell the flowers, Luke says".

Maverick Healer Keth

"Maverick Healer
Using Energy to restore Health Balance
< inside facing front page






Rx   Energy Medicine for You Now


   Read our 
Comments and Testimonials See our Testimonial Page a few samples are below
What Movement, like these people experienced, would look like in Your life ?

My Session brought a Deep Inner Peace and Joy. Keth's presence is truly remarkable." Marion Pastor, Ph.D. Psychotherapist, Berkeley, CA

"I have never experienced a healing so profoundly transforming! Keth is able to reach down into the subtlest realms of the physiology and gently clear the obstacles to Spiritual Awakening. He is a phenomenally gifted healer."  J.T.C.   Big Sur, California

Thank you for your gift of healing. I was in such pain physically, mentally & emotionally.
I have used many forms of healing and in my past many worked well, but I believe the healing that you mediated has been the most powerful because the pain has not recurred. I had severe neck and shoulder pain which I struggled with through the years. Three sessions with you has relieved me of this constant pain. I also experienced the memory of a former life that revealed an injury that was the root cause of my neck pain, and answered many other questions. I have never experienced healings such as yours. I will be forever thankful. I highly recommend you to those needing answers to pain and/ or restless mental energy.
Carla Diana,   New Port Richey, FL

"Keth truly has the master connection. He is one who has experienced the ineffable power of the Christ Light, for he is able to set aside his persona and become a total instrument for the light. His work is unusual, it focuses on the initiatory opening of the Crown, Third Eye and Mouth of God to permit the light to travel down from above and move through and into the Heart. It felt like a galaxy of stars marching, bringing a memory of something long lost and now found, a miracle of reunion and communion. His is a most precious offering of the light."   Mary S.   Carmel, California

"I can't tell you in words how much you have helped me. This healing helped me more than 20 years of psychiatry put together. It was very freeing. You have been a great blessing in my life. Thank you so much, your friend"    Bill Green   Albany, New York

"It was a pleasure working with your energies.  I've experienced many different energy currents & waves going throughout my body.  I also noticed the beautiful color of violet, but most I had the feeling of pure joy - Thank you.  I must say you and your team do splendid work!  You are indeed a Lightworker.  With Love & Light"   Angie Buker,  WI    (remote healing)

"I want to express my sincerest thanks for honoring me with the Remote Reiki Attunement.  It was truly amazing!  I saw delightful colors, a huge dark blue eye staring back at me, then just a pink glow surrounded me.  All of a sudden I felt lifted up into someone's arms and rocked like a baby.  All the while my palm chakras were tingling and whirling on both sides with tremendous energy!  When it was all over, I felt relaxed, exhausted, and elated!
I can't thank you enough for the Reiki Master attunement.  You will always be a treasured teacher and friend and have a special place in my heart. Love to DR. LIGHT.  I attuned my (cat) Black Jack last night who is doing better by the way after his healing from you.  His diabetes has completely disappeared -- my vet was puzzled to say the least.  I, however, am not!"   Peace and Blessings,  Yours in Healing,   Love,  Pat  Winsett,  Louisville, KY



I'm Ready ~ Six Easy Steps to My Divine Tune-Up   Now



If you want Healing find a Healthy Healer!  I don't have any miraculous stories of healing myself from some major dis-ease, to become a healing facilitator.   I have followed my heart's desire and my life's path.  I had Not been to a Doctor or had any prescription Drugs, Antibiotics or Medical Insurance for over 30 years. (I was required to have two medical check-ups at a clinic, to do and assist at a "6 Day" intensive Training over ten years ago, but that is all.)  This is possible for everyone, if you choose, we are here to help Empower your Awakening and Healing process...    Blessings in Service,    Keth Luke,  House of Grace

Many more Testimonials on our Testimonial page..



Mother Mary Apperition Healing Image
<Famous "Mary" Goddess a
pparition, on a building near us in Clearwater FL

Re-Member Your Light !  Surrender to your Divinity
Relax and allow ~ simply put GOD Goddess's  LOVE does all the work!

Multi-Dimensional Self-Connection and Healing
With three Master Healers and their Divine Team for the price of One...
and a whole week of Healing Sessions for the price of One Session!




Check out our recommended   Healthy Products     Computer Healing






Pet Healing Sessions $ 50 for your Pet and You, recommended love offering.

Call 727-842-6788  or  1-213-DrLight  vm  to Set up your Sessions




I'm Ready ~ Six Easy Steps to My or My Pets Divine Tune-Up
Download Jan/Keth's Brochure
as an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file, that you can view, save, print out and share.




Vegetarian Eating will benefit your Health, Awakening and holding a higher vibration and for the Earth's Wellbeing. In our Country (USA) alone we kill 75 million beings every day (40 million fish and 35 million animals and birds).  We carry this slaughter and torture in our energy systems. We don't like to talk about it or acknowledge it, but own Spiritual grow calls it out to us.  For True Peace on our Planet this must change.  Eating is a Sacred act and we need to be conscious of what we are doing in it.  Check out the many site links, many have much free information and great recipes:   
Free starter Guide    Recipes           Recipes        Recipes      Recipes     Recipes  
Compassion over Killing 
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Free vegan food tasting, open to everyone, non-vegetarians, vegetarians, vegans, raw foodist, and anyone interested in learning more about eating healthier.  Bring friends and family.  Hudson Library, Hudson, Pasco Co FL. on-line resource guide to find local vegetarian friendly restaurants and health food stores, news, 6,000 recipes, frequently asked questions, and more.   "The World Peace Diet" Eating for Spiritual Health and Social Harmony,  Enlightening book .

 Being Vegetarian is one of the simplest and most effective ways to Raise your Frequency and improve your Health.

Overweight?  The fat cells are protection and every person on the planet, and I mean every person on the planet who is above their body's natural weight, is protecting themselves from somebody or something.   Kuthumi article. Our Divine Tune-Ups can help with these issues and letting go of smoking as well.



Healing in Mt Shasta's EnergyHealing Modalities we Use  What all is Included?
Our Divine Tool Box  see the many Forms and Modalities

Six Easy steps to My Divine Tune-Up

< Healing in Mt Shasta's Energy, Black Butte in the background. 



You can email Keth at:  Keth @ Awakening-Healing .com



Listen to your Body:  Your Symptoms are your Body Speaking to You.
Divine Tune-Up Work will Empower and Allow your Body to Heal Itself.


Healthy Eating and Empowering Your Healing
The wonderful Article below is from the Raw Family  Green Smoothies Blog

Moving Water
To Maximize your Healing benefits drink Alkaline Water !  
See our Water Alkalizers, the Highest Value available.



Wouldn’t it be nice if every time your car broke down, it would fix itself?

This sounds like a fantasy, however, this is just what your beautiful body can do!  When you have a cut, the blood washes the dirt out and seals the wound, the skin begins to grow faster and within a matter of days you cannot find a trace of injury.  If you ingest poison, your body will create diarrhea or vomiting to purge the unwanted substance as soon as possible. In the case of any injury, our body knows exactly to repair itself in the most efficient way.

Every living thing is dedicated to survival, to prolonging its life to the maximum. Each organism will do its best to adjust to any change in the environment in order to survive. This miracle is called the universal law of vital adjustment. This law has always existed and it always will. We can see as many proofs of this law as we want, in every blade of grass striving through the concrete, in every rabbit changing the color of its fur with the seasons, and in every human being surviving in today’s challenging and constantly changing world. It continues to amaze me how this universal law of adjustment applies to every one of us in many ways. When we understand this important law, we lose the fear that for some mysterious reason, our bodies could become ill and could kill us. Our bodies are dedicated to our survival, not our death. The disease-like conditions that our bodies create, such as coughing, sneezing, fever, pain of different kinds, high blood pressure, etc. are nothing but the body’s effort to survive. Ironically, when the body heals after taking pills, it most likely heals not because of, but in spite of the medicine. I feel sad that such a great misunderstanding exists even among many health professionals. I wish science would do more research on how to help the body heal itself instead of treating the symptoms. By suppressing symptoms, we counteract the wise efforts of the intelligent human body.

According to the law of vital adjustment, our bodies adjust to the changes in our environment, including the harmful changes, such as pollution, radiation, noise, lack of sunlight, etc. Similarly, the body adjusts to the consumption of harmful substances. It develops a new pattern that is actually the best way of coping with the situation. This pattern can quickly become a habit. That doesn’t mean that your super-intelligent body is craving harmful substances, but that it has adjusted to the poison. Unfortunately, our poor bodies have been forced to adjust to so many thousands of harmful circumstances, that they can scarcely distinguish the healthy from the harmful. I find it amazing, even amusing that the human body continues to survive in spite of so many damaging factors, like smoking, taking drugs, overeating harmful foods saturated with chemicals, spending lifetimes indoors without fresh air or sunlight, nearly motionless, surrounded by high voltage electromagnetic fields and radiation, breathing in all kinds of pollution, showering with fluoridated and chlorinated water, experiencing constant stress, etc; and on top of that we adopt numerous smaller ills that seem so innocent, like wearing high heels and makeup, sleeping in soft beds, wearing dark glasses, drinking coffee, eating candy and many more. It took many years for me to discover that many habits I was lovingly taught to acquire for myself, were actually harmful. In fact, I have changed so many commonly accepted habits that I don’t even want to risk putting them into this article. Yet those changes have made my body healthier and my life more joyous.

There is so much confusion in our lives today that we pay top money for workshops and seminars to learn how to do the simplest things that every animal knows naturally. The most popular classes today are not “Is there Life on Mars?” or “How to Become a Millionaire” but those that teach the most fundamental behaviors, like how to eat, how to sleep, how to run properly, how to relax, how to stand straight, how to sit correctly, how to see without glasses, how to exercise, how to spontaneously express emotions, how much water to drink, how to breathe, even how to go to the bathroom. There was a time that we knew all these things naturally. I try to imagine what a natural human being looks like and I cannot.

Every one of us is living with thousands of adjustments that our body has succumbed to in order for us to survive. We pay for each one of them with our health and life span. The way to better health lies in the unburdening of our organisms from having to adjust. However small, every effort towards natural living makes a difference. For example, eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, sleeping with an open window at night, wearing clothes made from natural fibers, drinking pure water, exercising, getting sunlight regularly, not suppressing sneezing, yawning and stretching, reducing stress, turning off electrical devices when not using them to rest from harmful electric fields, reducing use of soap and chemicals, buying organic produce, and thousands more, including giving your microwave to your enemy.

However, never introduce new changes into your lifestyle just because some authority recommended it. Always observe the reactions your body has to those changes. If you feel better, continue. For example, I used to have a habit of eating before bedtime. When I tried to eat just two hours earlier, I immediately began to sleep more soundly. My body showed me that this was a good change, and I adopted this new habit. I realize that these little changes add a great deal of health and enjoyment to my life.

Sometimes our body has adjusted to harmful habits so deeply, that it takes longer periods of time for the health benefits to surface. For example, I used to like to sleep on a soft mattress. Once, I read an article describing how healthy it is to sleep on a hard surface. I tried sleeping on the floor, but had such an achy back the next morning, that I immediately quit. Many years later, I went hiking in the Cascadian Mountains and slept on the ground for one month. In the beginning, I had an achy back for a week. Then my sleep became so sweet, as never before in all my life. Since then I have always slept on a hard surface simply because soft beds make my back achy.

I encourage you to follow your own intuition, your own feeling, and your own experience. I do not want you to do anything because I, or somebody else who is considered an expert, say so. We are each unique individuals with different body needs.  We need to be our own best expert.

Let’s do an experiment. If you went to an organic fruit stand right now and picked out one fruit, what would it be?  A pear, apple, orange, fig, papaya, banana, grape, avocado, mango or cherry?   Is everyone reading this article picking the same fruit?   Probably not.  We are all individuals.  Your body knows what you need. Whatever fruit you choose, that is what your body is ordering from you today. Your job is to get your organism what it needs. Tomorrow your body may want the same fruit or something new. Let your body lead.

Let’s imagine that a piece of dust is falling into your right eye. Which eye will blink? Your right eye, of course. Your left eye won’t blink by mistake, because your body never makes mistakes. We have been created perfectly. When we underestimate the wisdom of nature, and stop listening to the messages our bodies give us, we get into trouble. For example, what is the standard response to fever in our culture? Aspirin. I trust that if my body has created a fever, than I need a fever. When the body creates diarrhea, then I’m glad to be saving money on a colonic irrigation. As I write these lines, I become fascinated with the fact that I used to have these, and other symptoms regularly, but since I adopted a more natural lifestyle, I haven’t been sick for many years now. Taking medication to stop fever, diarrhea, or other symptoms would work against the wisdom of the body. Our body never makes mistakes. If we listen carefully to our bodies, we can all know what we need to do to feel better.

I would like to share with you a story that illustrates how I first began to listen to my body. Ten years ago, when my family had only been on raw food for two months, my children began craving different fruits. Sergei asked for mangoes and blueberries and Valya asked for olives, grapefruits and figs. If I gave Sergei a mango, he would eat it right away and immediately want another. Once, I bought him a whole flat of mangoes thinking that would last him a week. He sat down and ate the entire flat in one day, peals and all. He then said, “I wish there were more mangoes!”  The same thing happened with blueberries. I bought him a two-pound bag of blueberries and he ate it in one sitting. Valya liked figs. She’d ask for fresh figs, dry figs, black figs or green figs. She could never have enough figs; she also liked eating olives and grapefruits.

That summer, we visited Dr. Bernard Jenson, a world famous clinical nutritionist. I asked Dr. Jensen what Sergei needed to eat to help him recover from diabetes. Dr. Jensen looked in his books and told me that the best thing for Sergei to eat would be more mangoes and blueberries. I was shocked. I then asked him what Valya needed to eat to help her asthma. He said, “figs, olives, and grapefruits.” I couldn’t believe his words. I said, “that’s exactly what my children have been asking for!”   Dr. Jensen then asked me what my cravings were. I told him that I didn’t know because I always ate what was on sale.

Dr. Jensen helped me to understand that our bodies naturally crave foods that aid healing. My children’s bodies communicated with them sooner than did my poor confused adult body. My husband and I started to pay more attention to what our bodies were telling us, and within several weeks, we became aware of our own cravings.

Today, everyone in my family eats slightly differently. I know that when we develop an appetite for certain healthy things, (not coffee and doughnuts) it is our body asking for particular nutrients.  The human body is more beautiful and wise than we can comprehend. Just remember, your body never makes mistakes.


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