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Messages from DrLight: an Animal Representative to Humanity

DrLight on Love and Magic

"I want people to understand there is no difference between Love and Magic.   Magic is what makes the World Go Around.    Love is All There Is and Love is what creates the Magic.   What you consider Synchronicities,  Coincidences,  the Beauty that you See in Everything..." 

DrLight, Higher Service Dog, Animal Healer, Animal Communicator
"There is no time to talk about differences.   The time is to share your similarities
.    Focus on what connects and celebrate your differences    I want you to understand how beautiful you each are all and how I see your through the eyes of unconditional Love   I see you as GOD (Dog) sees you    I am here to teach you to See  as I See.   I do this with Messages,  Sending Energy  doing Healing work with you,  Clearing your Aura.      As do all your house plants,  the Insects and Bugs you so detest,  are all a part of a Greater Whole...  I am here to Shine the Light on the Divine in You...   That is why my name is so appropriate."   

"May we All come from a place Deep in our Hearts of Joy,   connected to Spirit, to All of Life, as we walk through our day  this day and all days to come...   Recognizing that there is Life and Love in all we See and Touch and Experience.   There is no Beginning or End to Love.   Yours, Mine and Ours,  may we remember this Deeply in our Hearts and every Cell of our Body  always..."   Woof - Namaste"       (The above a message from DrLight)   


Animal Healer:Dr LIGHT - Quite an animal himself Dr Light is a Reiki Master Healer, AHS Facilitator, Heart Specialist, Surfi, Therapeutic dog and gentle powerful Light.  He assists Jan, Keth and Team in their Healing work and is a very proficient and powerful Healer himself.  He helps transmute density and ground the energy & grid work onto the physical plane.  His Unconditional Love and open Heart is the foundation for All Healing and he represents the Animal Kingdom and Spirit Guides in our Healing Sessions.  DrLight as 9/6/2005 passed his Snake Initiation and now holds the Snake Energy and brings it to our Healing Sessions...  He was bitten by a rattle snake, became unable to move and was healed through Keth and the Divine Tune-Up Team.


   DrLight2 Puppy, Higher Service Dog, Animal Healing

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< Sri DrLight2 Puppy after the 2011 Chasco Festival, New Port Richey FL.



DrLight and Keth's Story


DrLight 1, Higher Service Dog, SC beach 1975
Light 1
in his first life with Keth on a South Carolina Beach in 1975, soon after thet first joined. 


DrLight and Keth have worked together through many lifetimes. Together 30 years in just this current life of Keth's, Dr Light has had three different bodies.  They met in 1975 in Tallahassee FL while Keth was touring  with the California Professional Artist Society exhibiting his Art Photography across the country.  They have developed a powerful deep working Partnership of Love, Respect, Loyalty and Sharing.  He is and has been a friendly, loving, playful black, water loving, Labrador mix through all three lives, now with a 9 year old, 90+lb, powerful, sturdy, gentle body. 

He has also had Human lifetimes but prefers the Dog ones for his Bodhisattva Service without the extra human drama.  He Jan and Keth all had human Spiritual Healer lives working together in ancient Egypt.  In other incarnational dramas Jan and Keth had lives as some of the first African's brought to this country.  Dr Light came with them as one of the few dogs to make the crossing and survive, an early pioneer sailor.  Dr Light has also been a small town country Doctor in Wyoming.

Light 2 & Keth, Big Sur CA
<Keth with Light 2  in Big Sur California  1994

A Pet is a nonjudgmental Best Friend, always there for you and accepting of your faults.  If you’ve ever had a cat or dog  who waits for your return at the front door, you understand just how special this Love is.  Do you realize that your Relationship with your Pet could be a pivotal catalyst for your Spiritual Awakening?

How Can this Be?


Ø     In order to progress substantially on a Spiritual Path, a person must develop enough Self-Love to support the needed self-inquiry.  To know that some other being Loves you without condition is positive fuel for your development of self-Love. As your self-Love grows, so will your capacity to look honestly and deeply within, unraveling the Truths of existence.

Ø     One of the gifts people receive from their Pets is Unconditional Love.  You can step on their tail, or forget to feed them, and they will still Love you.  Not only can you learn to Love yourself more by having a Pet, but you can learn to Receive more fully.  Giving Joy comes naturally to Pets, and when you’re on the receiving end of that Joy, you can learn to Open up to even more receiving.  When you learn to Receive from others, your Spiritual growth can accelerate greatly.   This is because the conditional human life focuses on output and busy “doing,” rather than a balanced flow of input and output.   A person must be able to “Hear” or otherwise Know what Spirit is communicating in order to have clarity in Life’s complex situations.  Being able to receive input from Spirit, therefore, is a needed element in the enlightenment journey.    



DrLight2 Puppy, Higher Service Dog
Animal Portraits  By PhotoGrapher Keth Luke

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DrLight2, puppy, New Port Richey, FL 2011

Dr Light (Light 3) working on his new book and in his new body (left).

Dr Light 3 working on his new book.



DrLight Spirit Dog, Asbury UK, Higher Service Dog
< DrLight's spirit accompanies us through Avebury England on our European 2001 Sacred Site Tour.

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Animal Stories, Animal Communication, Information

Messages from the Animal Kingdom  by Toraya Ayres 

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Dolphin Crop Circles and Whale Stories  Thomas, James & our Ocean friend Joan  

RECONNECTING with SIRIUS   An Exercise to Share Energy between Humans,
Dolphins, and Sirius, 
 Sasha & Atun through Lyssa Royal

 www.ETfriends.com Dolphin Connection- Joan Ocean, 808-323-8000, E-mail:dolphco@aloha.net,  Keth did workshops with Joan in Hawaii, and we work with them now in Florida.
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DrLight, Higher Service Dog

Excerpt from:

Message from Matthew,   

December 11, 2005


S:  You know these next questions really touch me!  What are our responsibilities toward the evolution of our pets?  Can they interact with us in spiritual exercises such as meditation or energy therapy?


MATTHEW:  Oh yes, my dear mother, and I knew you would include this even though we are nearing the end of this message with many questions still on your list.


Let me first say, at one time all animals lived peaceably on Earth.  Because the energy of the force field we commonly refer to as the dark forces cannot abide areas of brilliant light, which Earth was then, they managed to instill ferocity in some animals, which led to a change in their diet as well as temperament, and the predator/prey chain was established.   A parallel to the nature of humans, who also were influenced by those forces, is it not?  And into the human capacity for brutality to each other fell the same regarding the treatment of animals.  This no longer can be tolerated, so your responsibilities extend throughout the animal kingdom, not only loving attentiveness to all the care needed by pets.   Although some improvements in the treatment of animals have been made, such as rescue shelters and large preserves and efforts to stop whale slaughter, much more awareness is needed, and it is coming. 


As consciousness-raising continues, people will learn that the Souls of Animals, not only human Souls, evolve, and they deserve the same care and respect as humans Some Animals—usually those who are pets—are aspects of human Souls who chose to experience in an animal body, and even when this isn’t the case,  they have emotional and characteristic ranges similar to humans’,  lacking only acquired traits such as tact, deception and wiliness.  The higher orders of animals need to give and receive Love as much as humans—in many cases, they do so more readily and loyally—and even those in the lower orders form bonds with people who tend to their needs.    


Indeed, including your pets in meditations and energy therapy is uplifting to them in their awareness of your recognizing their true selves.  When we tell you that every Soul is a part of God and all Souls are One, this includes Animals! 



DrLight, Higher Service Dog, Animal Healer


Animals in the NOW:much Animal Information

Through the eyes of the Animals you can learn the NOW. An animal is in the NOW with every footstep. It’s not fretting about where its next meal is coming from, or whether it’s going to be cold, dry, wet, warm, or hot.  It’s totally involved in the moment, in that next footstep, what is around it, what it senses, hears and feels. It determines its existence at and by the moment and at that time.  Its choices are reflected totally by the impressions that are all around them.   

Humans are so involved with the future and the past; that the present is most often times a sliver of the actual event.   What takes place in your NOW is multi-dimensional, is multi-folded time, and you create it more so by emphasizing and dwelling on the past and preparing for the future.  You would do well to be more like the animal and exist moment to moment, step by step in the NOW.  It would shatter and bust open most truths that you are living under, the falseness, expectations and judgments you are living under, that you are determining your existence by.   

The animal determines that if it is hungry-it eats, if it is thirsty-it drinks, if it is tired-it sleeps.  Not by what it will be a day, week, or month later.   Its physical body may not even be in existence at that time.  It totally exists in THIS moment.     


Exist in this moment: what do you feel, sense, and hear at this moment?  What needs to be accomplished at this moment!  All will unfold for itself as it should and as is appropriate.  If you exist at this moment in divine right order for your highest best good, which would be everyone’s and everything’s highest and best good, then the future and the past will take care of itself.   

You must have a real, not the illusive, past, or untruth; you must have a real assessment of what the NOW is, and what you need in the NOW.  It is all very simple, but manymake it all so complicated.  You have lived in the illusion and the untruths for so long that even living in the NOW diverts you to an uncomfortable difficult path (not being responsible/accepting responsibility, or being able to manage time). .          Roger

Beloved Friends,
I am utterly amazed at the news I just received. Joan Ocean, a renowned teacher who has worked extensively with the  dolphins and whales
, (We did workshops with her in Hawaii ~ Keth) forwarded me a link to a web-site on crop circles today. I couldn't believe my eyes.  On August 14th, at the same time Thomas, the Psychic Child from Bulgaria, was sending us his warning about the low frequency sonar that is beginningto destroy ocean mammals all over the world, a crop circle of dolphins surrounding the Earth appeared in England.  It clearly shows two dolphins surrounding a small sphere, with three circles around that sphere.  As I looked at the picture, it seemed that the sphere is our planet, and the three surrounding circles are the Grid the Children have been speaking about.  Here is a link so you can see it for yourself:


 Without missing a beat, I felt the influence of Thomas' mind upon my own.  He has been speaking about the fate of the Whales and Dolphins for so long,and how important it is for us to receive the Gifts they are offering beforeit's too late.  Now it seems that this same message is being delivered bysome extraterrestrial source. All indications are that it is authentic, andit is dramatic. Thomas is asking that we forward this link and e-mail to asmany people as we can.  He feels that the crop circle hasan imbedded code that will be revealed by simply looking at the picture.

 Whatever you believe about this subject, the signs are becoming moreinsistent. We must pay attention and respond. The world of compassion andpeace we have been trying to create is in the balance. This is the moment wehave all been waiting for.  In Peace,  James Twyman

DrLight, Senior Higher Service Dog, Animal Healer

Message from Thomas:
the Psychic Child from Bulgaria

Are you surprised that this information is being presented to you in this
new way?  These crop circles are communicating with your inner mind, and the
message is clear
.  The Psychic Children have been telling you that we stand
at the brink of an incredible awakening, and that the Dolphins and Whales
play a critical role
.  Why, then, are we trying to destroy them, so that we
won't have to hear their message or receive their Gift?  The deployment of
the low frequency sonar is how you have chosen to close your ears to their
Gift, and to their cries for help.  Why else would you seek to destroy their
hearing, causing them to beach themselves and die?  This is a wake up call,
and it is not just from the Children, or even the Dolphins and Whales.  Now
it is coming from your brothers and sisters from other dimensions and
planets.  That is why this Dolphin crop circle was revealed at exactly the
same time these messages are being distributed.  What will you do? Will you
open your heart and become part of the creative solution? Or will you turn
the other way, eventhough there are so many who are trying to snare your attention?

 This is the moment you must decide?  The Children are pulling humanity to
the next level in its evolution, but only if you allow it.  There is a code
in this crop circle that only your super-conscious mind will comprehend
.  It
may reveal your own role, how you can contribute to the world of peace and
compassion.  It is so important that people all over the world see this crop
circle, for it will activate you in ways your mind cannot understand.  Please
send this e-mail to everyone you can so others will be activated as well.  It
is so important. This is the time you must respond.  

 We love you,



Message from the Angel  of the Cicadae (Insects)   We are not in spirit in your world all the time.   We bring our angelic energy only here once in a while as we visit many dimensions.   Our message is to Lighten Up,  Be Authentic..   Know that there is goodness in each of you and you too are special!    We Love to remind you of this.   Remember this once, in a moment experience,  appreciate everything,   all your moments,  because no two moments are ever repeated.   They are here and gone forever...  "Every 17 years, a dozen states from Delaware to Illinois are treated to a springtime emergence of theBrood X (Magicicada septendecim) periodical Cicadas.   The inch-and-one-half, red-eyed, winged, noisy but harmless insects arrive in astronomical numbers.   Year 2004 CE is the first since 797 CE that the two great periodical phenomena, a Brood X emergence and a transit of Venus, have occurred simultaneously.   As there were no telescopes around in 797 CE, this photograph taken June 8, 2004 in Baltimore's Druid Hill Park by astronomer Herman M. Heyn, shows THE WORLD'S FIRST Brood X cicada ever to watch a transit of Venus."

The following interesting information is from page 9 of this site where you can seelots of beautiful photos from around the world of the June 8, 2004 Venus Transit.   Click here: The 2004 Transit of Venus: Page 9  http://science.nasa.gov/spaceweather/venustransit/gallery_08jun04_page9.htm


Life is rich with vibrant colors, textures, flavors, fragrances and millions of ways to experience it.  This season, and the coming years, take more time to Deeply step into your moments, and inhale and experience much more of what is there. Time will seem to slow down and the ordinary moments will gain a magic you never recognized before, hidden right before your eyes.  The peace of living in the moment will create more of the things you are searching for. Stop, breathe and inhale the true richness of life. “  the Bimmini Dolphins


Front page story of the SF Chronicle
-- Thu, Dec 15, 2005

A female humpback whale who had become entangled in a spider web of crab traps and lines.  She was weighted down by 100s of pounds of traps that caused her to struggle to stay afloat.

She had 100s of yards of line (rope) wrapped around her body - her tail, her torso, a line tugging in her mouth.

A fisherman spotted her just east of the Farralone Islands (outside the Golden Gate) and radioed an environmental group for help.   Within a few hours the rescue team arrived and determined that she was so bad off, the only way to save her was to dive in and untangled her - a very dangerous proposition;  One slap of the tail could kill a few rescuers.  They worked for hours with curved knives and eventually freed her.

When she was free, the divers say she swam in what seemed like joyous circles. She then came back to each and every diver, one at a time, and nudged them, pushed them gently around - she thanked them... some say it was the most incredibly beautiful experience of their lives.  The guy who cut the rope out of her mouth says her eye was following him the whole time, and he will never be the same.

 http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2005/12/14/MNGNKG7Q0V1.DTL   Story Link


* "Three things cannot be long hidden: the Sun, the Moon, and the Truth." "It is man's sympathy with all Creatures that first makes him truly a man." ( Nietzche )

      New young DrLight2 (right) near the House of Grace in Florida 7/2011, below.

Young DrLight2 big lively puppy

Quotes on Nature and Creatures.

Don't let the Navy blast Whales and other marine mammals with dangerous sonar
The Bush administration has granted the Navy a permit to harm whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals while using its Low Frequency Active sonar system in as much as 80 percent of the world's oceans. Tell the Navy not to deploy this dangerous new system. Click above to send a letter through the NRDC's Earth Action Centerhttp://www.nrdc.org/action/



Today's Story:  Just an Old Golden Retriever   

I grew up in your average middle-class Jewish home where pets were not available. I never had a pet. There was a lot of plastic on the furniture. Basically, pets were considered dirty, unwanted things. Animals were not part of my experience, so I had not conscience about them.

I got married in 1968, and in 1970 I had a baby. When he was 18 months old, we were living in a bungalow colony in upstate New York while waiting for our home to be built.  An elderly woman and her old golden retriever lived next door.  I used to see them together when the woman was outside gardening.
  My son liked the dog, and she was a friendly animal, but that was all as far as I was concerned.

When the woman died, her relatives came up, and they emptied her house of her treasures, her clothing, anything they thought of value.  They contacted a real estate agent who put out a " For Sale" sign on her property. Then they locked the dog out and drove away.

Because I’d grown up with no conscience about animals, it didn’t even cross my mind to say, "Wait a minute. Someone should be taking care of this dog" or "who is going to be responsible for her? " It just didn’t. I was not responsible for the dog.

Some of the neighbors mentioned that they’d feed her occasionally, but the dog mostly stayed near the house where she’d lived, where her owner had died.   When the dog would come over to play with my son, Adam, he would feed her cookies; once in a while I would give her some leftovers.

One afternoon I went to get Adam, who’d been outside playing in our yard - a safe, level grassy area - and he was gone.  Just gone.  I was frantic.  I looked for him, and then neighbors helped me look for him.  We called the police.  For three hours the police looked for him, then they called the state police.

The state police brought in helicopters.  My husband rushed home form the city.  I was hysterical.  We could not find Adam.  We didn’t know if he’d been abducted.   We didn’t know if he were alive.  We could not find him.   The search had been going on for six hours when a neighbor, who’d just returned home, said,

 "Where’s Brandy?"

Brandy?  The dog?  Why was he asking about the dog?   Someone else said,


"Maybe he’s with Adam."

What did I know about animals?  I said, "Why would she be with Adam?  What does that mean?"

One of the troopers recalled that he’d heard a dog barking deep in the woods when they were doing the foot search.   And suddenly everybody started to yell "Brandy!" including me.

We heard faint barking and followed the sound.

We found my 18-month-old son, standing up, fast asleep, pressed against the trunk of a tree.   Brandy was holding him there with one shoulder.   One of her legs was hanging over a 35-foot drop to a stream below.

Brandy must have followed Adam when he wandered off, just as a dog will with a child, and she saw danger. She was a better mother than I; she’d pushed him out of harm’s way – and held him there.   This was an old dog.   Adam was an 18-month-old child.   He struggled, I’m sure , but she’d held him there for all those hours. When I picked him up, she collapsed.

As the trooper carried my son back home, I, sobbing with relief, carried Brandy.   I knew in that instant that she was coming home with me, too.   Brandy spent the rest of her life with us, and I loved her completely; she lived to be 17 years old.

From then on, I made it a point to learn everything I could about animals. My focus at the time was old golden retrievers. Obviously, I thought they were the smartest, the best, and there was nothing like them. I started the first golden retriever rescue and have had as many as 35 of them in the house at a time, and it mushroomed from there.

Because of Brandy, I have a calling. I have a reason to get up in the morning. Because of Brandy, thousands of unwanted animals have been given safe lives.


I can’t save them all, but I can make a difference.


We now have 300 animals. All kinds, including birds and pot-bellied pigs and are a well-recognized humane animal sanctuary. We take the animals that other shelters won’t take. The ones my mother would have said were dirty; the old ones who are incontinent, the blind, the ugly ones; they’re all beautiful to me.


So many organizations feel it’s easier to euthanize these animals. I don’t agree. How could I? If someone had put an abandoned 11-year-old golden retriever to sleep 29 years ago, I would not have a child. I wouldn’t have a son who is the light of my life.

    ~ The author is Sara Whalen © 2003 who established the animal shelter "Pets Alive" Middletown, New York. For her website, please click  http://www.petsalive.com/ where her animal friends can be visited and donations can be made

from Click here for 52Best Website