You can learn more from watching the Animals than you can from a Guru or a minister or, from reading my book.     (A favorite quote of Keth's)

Animals and our Creaturehood

SETH     from "Seth Speaks"  by Jane Roberts

.....balances within the body itself, as well as serving as a communication system with others.  When his system has had enough, our friend may then indeed react with violent behavior. He might suddenly find himself in a fight — initiating one — and the smallest incident may serve as a trigger. He could' seriously hurt himself or someone else.

As a rule the Animals have better sense. Your mind and your body, therefore, are quite equipped to handle aggression. Violence occurs only when the natural expression of aggression has been short-circuited.  The sense of power felt during such episodes is the result of repressed energy suddenly released, but the individual is always at the mercy of that energy then — submerged within it, and passively carried with it.

The fear of your own emotions can do far more damage than their expression, because the apprehension builds up a charge that intensifies the energy behind them.

Now: Because you have conscious minds you have great leeway in the manner in which you can express aggression, but the animals heritage is still retained in its own way:  A frown is a natural method of communication, saying, "You have upset me," or, "I am upset."  If you tell yourself to smile when you feel like scowling, then you are tampering with your natural expression and denying to another a legitimate communication that tells how you feel.

When a man or a woman always smiles at you, the smile can be like a mask. You do not know whether or not your are communicating with such a person.  The sound of the voice, again, follows its own patterns, and natural aggression should and will color it at times."


There are many biological signs shown by the body, all meant as communications to others on a creative basis — as warnings to whatever degree.  Each is automatic in its own way, and yet ritualistic, a dance of muscle in motion with its own meaning, and biologically understood. These are all constructive. They are meant to elicit reactions from others and to arrive at new points of understanding; a balance of rights. When your conscious, 'thoughts interfere with such processes', you are in deep trouble.

The Animal's behavior pattern is more limited than your own,
in a way freer and more automatically expressed, but narrower in that the events an animal encounters are not as extensive as your own.
You cannot appreciate your spirituality unless you appreciate your creaturehood. It is not a matter of rising above your nature, but of evolving from the full under-standing of it.  There is a difference.

You will not attain spirituality or even a happy life by denying the wisdom and experience of the flesh.
can learn more from watching the Animals than you can from a Guru or a minister or, from reading my book. But first you must divest yourselves of the idea that your creaturehood is suspect.  Your humanness did not emerge by refusing your animal heritage, but upon an extension of what it' is:

.When you try to be spiritual by cutting off your creaturehood you become less than joyful, fulfilled, satisfied natural creatures, and fall far short of understanding true spirituality.  Many who say they believe in the power' of thought are so afraid of it that they inhibit it in themselves, avoiding any that appear negative or harmful.  The slightest "aggressive" expression is blocked, Thoughts can kill, these people think— as if the individual against whom such an impulse was directed had no protective .life-giving energies of his or her own, and no natural defense,

Here, often, and for various. reasons, you find a hidden and distorted sense of power that says, "I am so powerful that I could kill you with my thought, and yet I refuse to do so." No....




(A favorite SETH quote of Keth's)