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Warning Disclaimer:
This information is under-stated.  Major stuff will Happen in Your Life!

Get a Session Now and Save Your Body, Mind & Soul much pain, time, work and money. 

We are very Gentle and low key but we carry a Big Light Saber with lots of Light.  ~ 
edi we are.
We may not always be nice, we are  going through our stuff too.

Rev Keth is
not a Florida licensed health care practitioner. He is an
Etheric Surgeon, Knights of the Solar Cross recognized and honored through out the Galactic Federation, but not by backward Medical Systems such as our own.

Jan is a US Licensed Health Care Professional.  MT(ASCP)


We Are Ordained Ministers   GOD / Goddess is our SOURCE and does the Activations & Healing...


DrLight is Officially Licensed #10-46317 to practice in Pasco County Florida and is a Registered Senior Higher Service Dog.
do not perform procedures considered dangerous, such as cutting, puncturing the skin or prescribing or recommending the non-use of prescription drugs.  We do not do anything which could cause an imminent risk of significant harm. We do Not do massage.

We don't do it,
GOD does it All.



I'm Ready ~ for my  Divine Tune-Up

Wake my butt up Now

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Healthy Products   Channeling & Astrology   Pet Healing  Intentions, Blessings & Prayers   Health Affirmations   Our Healing Modalities   You Don't have to Die or be Sick

Get a
 Multi-Transformational  Awakening-Healing  from the Heart 

Healing Hands of Light for you Divine Tune-Up   Information
     Come Home  Reconnect to GOD/Goddess Now 

"Healing Modalities we Use" our "Jumbo Healing Tool Box
 I'm Ready ~ Six Easy Steps to my Divine Tune-Up ~ Now

         Energy Medicine

Thank You for  Investing in a
Divine Tune-Up.   It will be One of the Best Investments you can make for your Life and save a bundle on Health Care.

Sacred Healing Heart of Oneness

This Cutting Edge work is Effective, very Multi-Dimensional by nature it includes many powerful modes and dimensions of Energy and Spiritual Healing combined.
I'm Ready ~ Six Easy Steps to my Divine Tune-Up  Now,  
Download Jan/Keth's Brochure as an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file, that you can view, save, print out and share.

DrLight & Keth do make Etheric House Calls. 
Remote Sessions an effective Specialty for twenty Years.


A Divine Tune-Up is a new more comprehensive spectrum of Awakening-Healing, accessing universal energy frequencies to bring about healings which are not just physical, not just mental, not just emotional, but go beyond to bring you healing that includes the evolution of your very being.


Keth Luke, DrLight and the Divine Tune-Up Team work from the House of Grace in New Port Richey FL on the Gulf Coast and specialize in Distance Healing using their Divine Tune-Up energies and frequencies for clients in any location of the World.


Call and Get a Divine Tune-Up Now for you, Pet or Family  727-842-6788



A Divine Tune-Up is different from and includes other energy healing techniques you've encountered.   These new frequencies transcend technique and bring you to levels of Healing beyond those previously accessible.   Divine Tune-Up's are also available for and effective on Animals.

God's Grace Source of All

Divine Tune-Up's  are a new Quantum level of Awakening-Healing - a unique form that's new on the planet.  It is so comprehensive, so broad and all inclusive that once you begin to interact with these New Healing Frequencies you are automatically interacting with all the Energy Frequencies we've ever known of up until now and then some... because it's more than energy, it includes Energy and then expands beyond it, into Light (also our Specialty) and information.  The Masters say that this is the first time that we have had access to this expansive level of Healing here on Earth.

Many aspects of You, your Family, your Partner, your Soul, your Life and all your Lives will be affected by our Multiple Dimensional Healing Modalities.  You set the Intention for Your Session. You Say what "Heaven on Earth" will Be for You.  We help you Manifest It.  Become a Money Magnet.

Your HigherSelf and Guides help orchestrate the Session toward whatever you need most.   Major focuses are Body Health and ReMembering  who You really Are,  Freedom,  and your  Purpose in Being here Now at this awesome time of Planetary Awakening.   Your Physical, Mental,  Emotional, Spiritual & Light Bodies are Activated, Healed, Up-Graded and Integrated.  Your Brain is Re-Patterned Clearing old programs and Karma The Principles of Energy Healing

Advanced Subtle Energy Technologies refashion your connection to the Grid work and Matrix / Field of existence (GOD).  DNA Activation, ReCalibration & Karmic Clearing further your Awakening and Healing process.  Testimonials: What would movement like this be like in your Life?





A Divine Tune-Up will Enhance and Aid your Awakening-Healing Process
If you are reading this you have been guided here  because You have been asking who could help aid in your process...


The Healing Tools used in a Divine Tune-Up

Energy Medicine Healing Symbol
Our Divine Tool Box: Energy medicine,  Our Advanced Healing Techniques include: God's Love: the Adamantine System, Access Consciousness, Belvaspata, BioGenesis, Brain Repatterning, Body Tune, Craniosacral, Exodus, EFT / EMF, Shamballa 1024, Light Body and SoulBodyWork, Huna, Kabbalah, Karmic Clearing, One Brain, Polarity, Quantum Touch, Renewal, Sound-Light, Color Laser,  Soular Healing, Soul Retrieval, Matrix Energetics, MPRUE (Magnussa Phoenix Reiki Universal Energies), Seichim, Advanced Reiki's, De-Crating, Rejuvenation, Ascension plus many more... Our Etheric Surgical Staff is Outstanding.

You are brought into a Deeper Alignment with your HigherSelf and Source
.  If necessary, parts of your Soul and power that have been missing are Recovered.  Your DNA is activated and Infused with Light.  Many of our clients are professional or emerging healers, are You?  This work Activates  Your Full Potential Self, latent Talents, InSight, Purpose and  Missions on our planet.  We work with and assist the new Indigo, Gold, Violet and Crystal Children as well as remove Implants.  

Come Home : Reconnect   A very unique and major function of this work is that many people Experience a Deep, Profound, Direct, Re-Connection to their own SOURCE, their Real Inner Home Inside GOD during their Session.  The One we all in our own ways are questing to Return to.  It is very hard to describe for them because it is So Profound a Remembering, Knowing, Feeling, All Encompassing Experience of Self. 

Know  "The Peace that Passes Understanding".   Return the Memory of that to your cells.  Keth's Main Mission in his work is to reconnect that long lost Knowing / Connection in profound ways that other healing systems don't approach.  His name Keth represents the Kether connection of the Kabbalah that represents the Direct connection to the Divine before it has gone into Duality.  Come Home to the Home you Know but have forgotten, Know GOD Now and take some home with you.

Keth and Jan: Divine Tune-Up in Action
Your Physical Body is Empowered in Healing itSelf
. The 'Actual Causes' of your dis-eases are dealt with.  Heart Opening Activations Empower Self Healing.  Your whole-body is Balanced and Tuned-Up.  Some things Heal quickly, other chronic symptoms can take several Sessions.  Much depends on how much You can Accept/Allow and what is appropriate.  Lessons often go along with your healing.  Pain often result's from holding on. 
Your Symptoms are a direct communication to you from your Body and Soul.  This Loving work will help you Get the message and Integrate it into your Life.  The unfolding of your Intentions doesn't always look like what you had in mind.  Our lives can be Wonderful or in Chaos, as past patterns fall away, so that new creations can show up.  Flexibility Is In!   Ask for guidance daily for help moving into your Heart's Desire and Purpose.



Healing Energy in MotionMost of our work is done Remotely (where ever you are),  First connecting via Phone or email.  As everything is (God/Source/the Forever) Energy and we are ONE.  Whether you are on our healing table or 2000 miles away makes little difference.  We and our Team blend energies with you activating more of your process and abilities.  We'd love to work in person with you physically,  and in Truth, we are already connected on a deep level.  You have been asking on some level to be guided to those who can help in your Awakening/Healing process.  You have been guided here, or you wouldn't be reading this (a lot of enlightenment has to do with seeing the obvious).  Use your Heart Feelings and Inner Knowing to see if it feels right?   This is about You Becoming (remembering /seeing that you are) Creative, Powerful, Joyful, Loving and Wonderful.   Actual Testimonials and Results   Download Jan/Keth's Divine Tune-Up Brochure  as an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file, that you can view, save, print out and share.



Get a  Divine Tune-Up   Now

Call and Get a Divine Tune-Up Now for you, Pet or Family  727-842-6788 
Sessions are by Donation, 
or email: 
Keth @ Awakening-Healing .com   We will set up a mutually convenient time for Your Session.  Get three Master Healers and their Divine Team for the price of One and a Whole week of Healing for the price of one Session! 

Divine Tune-Up Healing Energy Hands

Energy Medicine

Divine Tune-Up  Sessions ~
          Our Light~SoularBody Work
 Free Initial Consultation.   State your Intensions,  Specials below.  Sessions can often be done right away for you...

$ 90  Regular 1 hour,  Healing or Activations, by Phone,  Suggested Donation    

$ 50 
Pet Healing Shorter 30 minute, Session, recommended Love offering.

$ 140  Special Intensive for couples and Families: 1 -2 hour,
full Healing, Activation, Emergency or Intensive Awakening, by Phone


Pay Here for Your Sessions
   Call and Schedule a Divine Tune-Up Now  727-842-6788

If not listed here use Donation button below.

Session Packages  include Healings, Oneness Blessings, Deepening Source Connection, Healing for your Physical Body, Alignment with your Purpose/ Power and Free you of your Past/DensityAlso included are multiple Mini Healings every few days in-between the regular Sessions.

$ 155.  Two Full  Healing Sessions   

$ 300.  5 Full Healing Sessions  Most Powerful!   For Activations and /or Health problems and to stay "In Tune" and at peace during these changeful times.  

$ 400. Daily Oneness Deeksha Blessing  and  mini Divine Tune-Up Sessions  every day for one month.  A whole month of daily Awakening and Healing. Very Intensive, Transformative and Healing.  Keeps you Peaceful and In-Tune.  Helps with chronic conditions.

DNA / LightBody Activation Special    6~LightBody or 6~DNA Activation Sessions Subtle Energy Vibrational Awakening Packages      $ 444.

Ascension/Transformative Special  22~Divine Tune-Ups and Much work in between, very Transformational!   For Activations, Life Transformation, Chronic Health or deep rooted problems and to help stay "In Tune" and at Peace during these changing times $ 1000. 

Emergency or Special  Intensive Package  Special twice daily Divine Tune-Up Sessions for three weeks and a Reading and multiple Mini Healings in-between, very Powerful!   For major Activation, Chronic Health and Emergency problems and to stay "In Tune" and at Peace.  $ 2000 

Business, Group or Whole Family Intensive Sessions, Custom Package    $5,000.

Divine Tune-Up Sessions  include Ten Days of ongoing Healing work !  Major Added Value...
You set the Intensions.
Get the highest possible return on your Investment and you can take it with you!  Go deeper into your Self.  Get: Chakra Tune, Aura Balance, Meridian Balance, Adamantine System, DNA Advancement, Healthy happy Body and Light Body Work.  Experience a Deeper connection with your Mission, Self, Soul and Source.  Also available is psychic Dentistry, toxicity neutralization and TMJ work.  Very beneficial for Kids, Animals and You. We pray for and work with you for a week after your session, including you in our Healing Circles and Prayer Sessions.

* We Work by Donation. Discounted fees:  (Rates based on US DOLLAR$): You are entitled to a 10% discount if you are a Student, Senior Citizen (65+ yrs), in the Military, Single Parent with children under 18 years old living at home, or this week is your birthday.


I'm Ready ~ Six Easy Steps to My Divine Tune-Up
           Call 727-842-6788 Set up your Session Now

                       You can email Keth at:  Keth @ Awakening-Healing .com      Via Skype: drlight


Donations and Love Offerings in Exchange for your Sessions: Call us for Credit Cards, use the Pay Pal (Make a Donation) button at the bottom of most pages, for Credit Card donations, International and bank transfers, or make checks/mo payable to  and mail to:
   Keth Luke
   5438 Tennessee Ave
   New Port Richey, FL 34652


Divine Tune-Up Gift Certificate

Gift Certificates are available for all our work.
Make great personalized gifts. 

We also offer many kinds of personal and relationship Astrology and Tarot Reports





The longer the Session, the more that Can Happen. You receive a Lot for your money!  On the physical level KethDr LightJan Carter  and our Divine Tune-Up Team all work with you for the allotted time and afterward for a week...  On many levels our and your Team of Divine Beings: Adamantine Particles, Angels, ArchAngels,  Ascended Masers, Christ,  many ET teams of Light and Etheric Surgeons, Ancestors,  Indigenous Shamans,  Whales,  Dolphins,  Animals, Trees, Mother Earth, Volcano, Divine Mother and Goddess all blend in partnership with Us for the Healing work.




Rx   Energy Medicine for You        No Toxic Side Effects !

Your Divine Tune-Up     

Keth doing a Divine Tune-Up
The Work Begins
when you set the appointment and continues after it, on profound inner levels and Dream state. We work with you for a week after your session, including you in our Healing Circles and Prayer Sessions.  Ultimately GOD's (Source) Love/Truth does the Healing and  Awakening the Christ (Goddess /God) Master within You.  Exchanges and Love Offerings are considered, get this work if it feels right!

Before Your Session:
Stretch, Relax, Go for a Walk, take a bath, only eat  very lightly and make a List of your Intentions.

At Session time: you call us, Speak your Intentions for the Session, then you can hang up and go into a meditation or lay down quietly.  It is ok to use the bathroom or do something  required.  During the session.  For maximum results, relax, lay down and take it easy.  Some people experience profound sights and inter-actions, others fall asleep, many feel tingling throughout their bodies as those parts are being worked with.  Whatever you experience is perfect for you (just like Life).

After your Session: stretch and spend some time in Mother Nature. Take it easy for a few days if you can.  Powerful integration/ clarity / changes will be taking place, meditate, drink lots of pure Water, improve your Nutrition (Go Vegitarian and make sure your get enough Minerals).  Read  Accepting Your Healing.   We recommend daily:  Stretching, Toning (make your own Sound).  Blessing your food and watching Sunsets & Sunrises - Thank  Mother EarthWatch and be patient some of the most Profound Results show up in a few weeks to 6 months after a Session.  I'm Ready ~ Six Easy Steps to a Divine Tune-Up

* Divine Tune-Up Sessions  include Ten Days of ongoing Healing work after your Session!

Article on the Healing Crisis that can occur after Healings, a healthier diet, healthy herbs or drinking Alkaline Water..

The Principles of Energy Healing   Accepting your Healing


Moving WaterTo Maximize your Healing benefits use a Bemer daily and drink Alkaline Water !  Ask about the Bemer Medical Device and See our Water Alkalizers, the Best Value available.



Jan Carter Plays the Singing Crystal Bowls
 The Way 'Awakening' shows up in your life varies as everyone is in a different place in their evolutionary process. If you have a physical challenge and it disappears that is obvious.  Most of this work is more subtle if not more Profound. It can show up like Firsts something you've not done, heard, seen, or felt before.  Often there is more Peace, Joy, Ease & Flow to Life and your  Relationships.  Sometimes there are some not so pleasant temporary experiences or feelings, physically, emotionally or mentally: as Integration, readjustment, purging, surrender & clearing take place. Your Heart opening is furthered creating less separation and more closeness.

<Jan incorporating Sound Healing with her Angelic Voice and Crystal Singing Bowls.




You are able to move to new levels of Peace, InSight, Understanding and Health... Being totally Willing and seeing a bigger picture with No Attachment to the Outcome would be an Ideal.  The actual Source of your problems is dealt with on deep inner levels.   But, your whole life  may not  be 'totally wonderful' after just one session.  People spend $1000's / years with doctors and therapists for results.   Some then expect immediate total healing after just one session with an alternative practitioner.  This Does happen in some cases, but some of the most profound results occur in 3 to 6 months.  As in 'growing a garden' there is On-Going personal discipline, watering and weeding necessary.  Several Sessions (3 to 5+ are often required for major conditions) will also make a huge difference and Ease your Life and Body!   Adjustments to diet, healing products, herbs and supplements are frequently necessary as well for chronic conditions.  Ask, we would like to share what has helped us.  Accepting your Healing.

Alex Graay Painting - Energy of Healing
Let Your inner Victim Die an Easy Death!

The Responsibility for Results  rests with your Willingness, Intention, Allowance and a looking expectation for them.  Important is your on-going  Acknowledgment and Gratitude to Source.  To be free Surrender to your Divinity and give up dis-ease as your identity. 

Our clients do experience marked empowering shifts in their life with this work, even after only one session and additional sessions multiply that and Are Necessary for major conditions. Many results Show up quickly in the first few weeks,  while the Most profound Effects come in 1-6 Months and even for many Years.  There is much to Integrate in your bodies and Soul. 

*Just as with an ocean liner leaving NYC going toward Europe, a very  small rudder change  can have a very Massive effect by the time it crosses the Atlantic.   Our work is very deep Multi-Dimensional / Modal.  It isn't just an Aura clearing, balance; Exodus; Polarity, AHS, Quantum Touch or Reiki treatment.  These modalities are Wonderful!  This work Includes All these Modalities  and  Much / Many More!  It's like taking multitudinous custom Designed Vibrational / Homeopathic-Elixirs made just for You.  + We offer Adamantine System, Reiki, Exodus, LightBody, Quantum Touch and other Divine Attunements and Activations for emerging and  professional Healers.

Individualized Personal Homeopathic Signature Elixirs downloaded to you just for Your Healing process.

Much of this work has to do with an Inner Trust in yourSelf, Remembering who you are, your own Knowing and Source.  This includes letting-go of Intellectualizing-Wanting to know, Figuring everything out and being in Control of it.   Move into Trusting Your Heart and come from your inner Knowing / Feeling about what to do, or where to be.  See if  the inner part of you,  already Knows it wants a session?  That's why you are reading this in the first place.  The main point, is for you to concentrate on the Qualities you want in your Life, Not on what was the matter with it before.  This past focus, being part of the old problem.  You get More of what you put your Attention on.  Breathe, Ground, Center, Let Go and Be at Peace at All Costs in these lively coming times! ?   Surrender to your Divinity with a Divine Tune-Up.





The Suncoast News front page story about "Maverick Healer" Keth and DrLight. March 21, 2007  Spring Solstice, Tampa Bay area FL.  pdf version to read or printWith Keth's  "Light House" PhotoGraphic Art as a background.

"Maverick Healer"
"Local man brings God and science together through energy Healing. 
KETH LUKE and his canine partner DrLight work as energy healers in there New Port Richey home.  DrLight reminds him to smell the flowers, Luke says".

"Maverick Healer
Using energy to restore health balance
< inside facing front page






Astrological Readings   Chart & Report Services    
Many unique printed Astrology Reports are available for generally $25 mailed or $19 emailed. 

If you would like Clarity and Guidance on  'What is going on in your life?'

Along with having your body and life Healed and Transformed get an Angelic Astrology Reading by AstroAngel Jan.

Jan Carter is an excellent Professional Angelic Astrologer and Intuitive.
  She can channel the Pleiadians or Hathors along with your Astrology Reading if you request it, Guiding and Coaching you in your awakening process.   'A Physician without knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a Physician.' - Hippocrates
She can look Overall, or focus on Career, Compatibility, Relationships, Spiritual Path or whatever, helping you See the Bigger picture and perspective.  You can ask questions.  A full one hour Reading includes an audio tape and your birth chart, a love offering of  $90 is a suggested Donation.

Divine Tune-Up Gift CertificateSpiritual Angelic Guidance, Intuitive Star Readings with Angel Jan Carter.. $90  State your Intentions and give us your Birth: Day, Time and Place.  Know yourSelf better.

Gift Certificates are available for Tune-Ups and Astrology Services as Gifts.


Give us your Intentions and Birth Information: Day, Time and Place and a .jpg picture of you.  Let us help you have all your Intensions,  Activate your Light Body,  Heal your Physical Body,  Align with you with your Purpose & Power  and Free you of your Past / Density.

Secure Credit Card payments can be made by phone or through Pay Pal (click the Make a Donation) button below at the bottom of most pages).  Its very easy to use or you can make checks/ money orders payable to and mail to:
Keth Luke
5438 Tennessee Ave
New Port Richey, FL 34652

Our Mission is to: Assist You to Bring Heaven on Earth Now in Your Life   
                     Sessions are sometime available right away.
We respect and work in partnership with Mother Maui/ Earth/Animals.

Healers keth & DrLight, Higher Service Dog
We offer
Animal Healing and Pet Re-incarnation
.  We can help if you have a beloved Pet that wants Healing or a new body.   Tame your grief, help your Pet come back with a healthy young body. 

We facilitate Healing, Meditation Circles, beginning Astrology Classes and Adamantine System, Healer Training and  other Healer Attunements.   We Look Forward to Serving You,

I'm Ready ~ Six Easy Steps to My Divine Tune-Up for me and/or my Pet today


 Vegetarian Eating 
will benefit your Awakening, Health, holding a higher vibration and for the Animal's and Earth's Wellbeing
Check out the many site links, many have free information and great recipes:   
Free starter Guide    Recipes           Recipes        Recipes      Recipes     Recipes  
Compassion over Killing 
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine 

(Surrender to) Love, Light, Joy,     Peace  at all costs
& Mahalo!

Keth, Jan, Dr Light 
and  Team
Healing Team Certifications




 Daily  Intentions, Affirmations, Blessings & Prayers  You can use for your Sessions

Healing Flower Blessing

Sample   Meal Blessings   Very important! beneficially alters your food!

Thank You All That Is and Mother Earth for this food, my wonderful life, this beautiful companionship and place, (as well as whatever else you are thankful for).  Thank (what ever it is you are eating) for its presence and value.  Thank You (if you are eating an animal) for your sacrifice,   May you grow through me as I grow through merging with you,  Bless you.  May this food be of Maximum Nutritional and Vibrational value to me.   May I be of Maximum Nutritional and Vibrational value to myself & my Planet.   I ask that all toxins and energies not appropriate for me be neutralized, removed,  transformed or passed through my body harmlessly.  Thank You (Mahalo)      Keth


<Healing Flower Energy  photo by Keth

Everything is Energy and a part of Oneness.  Energy is energy, a part of God, a part of Oneness, a part of Love. All food, in and of itself, has no negative effect on your body.  Yet when hold a chocolate chip cookie up to your mouth and you think thoughts like……”I should not be eating this, it is fattening, it has sugar in it, there are dangerous chemicals, it is high in carbohydrates…..etc.” …we are PROGRAMMING the food, so that when we take it into our body, it does what we tell it to do and goes and hides in our organs carrying out these commands.  Until we can understand the concept of the Sacredness of All Life including food, and understand “it is not what we are eating that is eating you”,  here is something we can use to bless our food before we eat it, or we can use it to bless anything we desire into wholeness. 




Sacred Mind Bless this. 

Sacred Heart Love this.

Sacred Spirit Embrace this.

 Sacred Mind is your connection to all of life and blesses things.   Sacred Heart is about your Heart and its’ great love, openness and passion which encompasses and loves all things.   Sacred Spirit is the manifesting spirit of life in you filled with incredible joy and happiness.   When you say the last part you can hug yourself and then open your arms joyously as if flinging the joy out into the universe and embracing the universe and do it two of three times with great enthusiasm and joy




"I AM the Resurrection and the Life"    Jesus  John 11:25,      "I AM That I AM"


AFFIRMATIONS   by Deepak Chopra

1. My spirit is the field of awareness that instantly connects with all that exists.

2. Through the mirror of relationships I discover my higher self.

3. My inner dialogue reflects my soul power.

4. My intentions have infinite organizing power.

5. I am emotionally free.

6.  I embrace the masculine and the feminine in my own being.

7. I am alert to the conspiracy of improbabilities.



Jan playing our Crystal Bowls.


Sound Intentions ~  Making your own Sound  "Toning"

I Dedicate and Intend that every Sound I make today Consciously and Unconsciously
, That every Sound that this Body makes today, Rejuvenate my Body and Soul, Give me Upliftment, and That it fill me with Light and Love, as well as Enhance and Circulate my own Love to MySelf throughout this Body. 

Powerfully used with Toning (Making Your Own Sound-Surrendering to your knowingness).

< Angelic Astrologer & Healer Jan Carter playing our Crystal Bowls, part of our Sound Healing.




Super conscious Mind, You Are Only Responsive To Suggestions Created By Me,
Which Are In Complete Harmony With My Innermost Self...
Through The Magic And The Miraculous Power Of The Light,
You Will Align And Attune Me To The Harmonious Self That I Am...
As I Am Now In Harmony With My True Self, I Will And I Am,
Experiencing Ever Increasing Degrees Of Health, Peace And Freedom In My Life...
I Thank Thee, Law Of Life, For The Priceless Gift Of Self-Awareness,
And An Ever Expanding, Infinitely Loving, Compassionate
And Creative Consciousness

This Health Affirmation and Declaration is a powerful, scientific and magical formula which connects you to your Inner Self, the Source of Love, Guidance, and Freedom within you.

The Health Affirmation and Declaration activates our power of discrimination. True discrimination is our ability to make intelligent choices in our life. The quality of our life is based upon the decisions and choices we make from moment to moment. We are continuously making choices: from the food we eat, the books we read, the people with whom we associate, the music we listen to, or the TV we watch. Our future is being created by the choices we make now.

By activating our power of discrimination, we become empowered to make intelligent choices that express a greater wisdom. The Health Affirmation and Declaration formula activates this power.



Other Use-full  Intentions


To Have everything I need to allow Freedom to occur.    Ramtha

I AM a clear channel for Light through Love on this planet, 
  I Transform MySelf and therefore Transform the Planet in Joy, Safety and Harmony.   I Serve the Light, I am here to Remind people of their own Light.

I AM that I AM, a Being Unlimited by Nature, Born into flesh to Materialize as best I can, the Great Joy and Spontaneity that is my Nature!   SETH



I Continue to, and ever Expand my conscious discernment, and the Ability to Read and be aware of Resonance's. I AM, allow, encourage and freely express my highest abilities.   Pleiadians

I Intend to Alter the Course of History with my Light, To bring so much love and light to this planet that the World will be a new and beautiful place to be living in.

My Activation is clearly established when I create Light for myself and others.

Our Awakening-Healing work is extremely useful in keeping yourself and Body Balanced, Centered, Grounded and Clearing density and old patterns in the easiest, simplest, and most gentle of ways.  Three powerful Master Healers and their Divine Team for the price of One!

Worry is the greatest detriment that you have to your health.  Loving yourself...the simple act of looking at yourself in the mirror and saying,"  I Love You" to yourself and meaning a simple act that enhances your immune system.  Every time you do this act, its your free health insurance.



Possible Healing Session Intentions    I AM that I AM

Love Myself, Know Who I Am, Be Still, Be Clear, Be Light, Be Free, Be always Loving,

Be Delighted in other's energy, Be conscious of what I do to others, Be open to Light,

Be caring for the one I am with, Be Loving in all that I do, Believe in myself, Love Life,

Be invigorated by all I do, Dance with Light, Be clear what I am speaking, Be open Hearted,

What do I want, What would I choose to do in my Life for Highest service?

Let Love flow through me, I accept Love, Truth and Light in my Life, I am a Light Being,

Feel only Light, Generate sufficient Income doing what I Love, Be aware of those parts of myself that I am unaware of, To easily Let Go of those un-useful parts of myself.





You get More than just a Healing Session. Extra benefits!  You receive Energy ~ Vibrations from all the appropriate Sacred Sites, Heart of Maui and other Sacred places that we have lived and visited.

The Activation / Healing / Awakening starts when you make the appointment / commitment to it and continues for several weeks after the actual session.
We include you in several sessions and in our Healing Circles and Prayers ongoingly for a week to support your healing and awakening process. Some of the Beings of our Healing Team also work with you on-goingly if you Ask and it is appropriate.

You can include your Partner, Kids, Family and Pets if appropriate.



We are available for Groups, Events, Talks, Healing Attunements, Trainings and Parties.  Jan doing Astrology /Channeling and Keth mini Awakening/Healings and counseling.  Dr Light is available for his unconditional Loving support, insight, heart opening, hugs, spontaneous wisdom, assertiveness training and play.

Keth, Jan,
Dr Light and Team
Ministers of the

'House of Grace'
New Port Richey, Gulf Coast  FL

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The Divine Tune-Up is the name of a complementary energy-based therapy.   God/Goddess does the Healing.

The House of Grace does not train people to obtain any health care licenses. The House of Grace does not recommend that its practitioners perform procedures considered dangerous. The House of Grace does not recommend that its practitioners suggest or discourage the use of prescription drugs or supplements. The House of Grace philosophy and practices are not meant to replace professional medical care and/or medication.



We Use these Healthy Products:   See our Healthy Product pages    Go Vegitarian

Awesome  Bemer Medical Device  Health Sessions

Miracle Crystal Salt:
is the Ultimate Mineral & Anti-Oxidant  Supplement  250 Million Years of Condensed Healing Power,  100% Pure & Natural For Health, Beauty and Vitality. Frequently Asked Questions about the Salt and it's Use.  To Order yours today  Only $20 for a 6 month supply

Shegoi  Mother of All Plants, incredible healthful herbals, Indian medicine chest.  Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant...Amazing

Young Living  Essance Oils and Products   Use our Distributor # 88983 to order or become a distributor at Young Living Oils  or by phone  800-371-3515 Is one of the world's leaders in the cultivation, distillation, and production of pure essential oils. Uses a proprietary low-pressure, low-temperature stainless steel steam distillation system designed by Gary Young to preserve the high quality of essential oils.

Alkaline Water  see our amazing Water Ionizers and Purifiers.

Anunnaki Gold M3 Mono-atomic Gold or White Gold, Iridium and Rhodium to Purify and Raise your Frequency.

Herbs, Kombucha Mushroom Tea (ask for info), eating Blue-Green Algae & live organic foods.  Let Go of your past / fear & Tune Into yourSelf. 

Keth is a certified Tachyon Practitioner and distributor for Tachyon Products...




    For Sessions or information contact us at:  1-727-842-6788  9AM till Midnight  Eastern US time.   Send email to 

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Light for you from us in  Florida  the Sunshine State


 Today is a day of Celebration.   Your Generosity has become your Abundance, for in Giving Love you have Received Love. 

Contributions and Credit Card Payments are Welcomed through PayPal or by Phone 1-727-842-6788,   Paypal is a secure way to handle credit card payments.  

Skype: drlight  Free calls Worldwide, even Video Calls, email us so we can be on when you want to talk ( to download the Skype communication software)..  (Click to "Make a Donation" button above to pay for our Products and Services).


No Refunds,   Please only get our work if you are truly Committed to receiving it and Empowering your Life and Health...

Say "No" to Drugs


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 Disclaimer: We are Not Florida licensed health care practitioners.  We Are Ordained Ministers and Certified Spiritual Healers...   God /Goddess is our Source and does the Healing!    Jan Carter MT(ASCP)  is a Nationally Certified Health Care Professional,  Medical Technologist  MT(ASCP).   The House of Grace does not train people to obtain any health care licenses.  We help them Awaken and Be Healthy.  The House of Grace does not recommend that its practitioners or Any other Practioners perform procedures considered dangerous.  The House of Grace does not recommend that its practitioners suggest or discourage the use of prescription drugs or supplements.   The House of Grace philosophy and practices are not meant to replace professional medical care and/or medication...  The House of Grace is not a nonprofit.  We are a Catalyst for people to Remember who they are, Be Empowered and come into Harmony with all Life.   


DrLight2   Higher Service Dog  , making faceNo Refunds / Non-Payments

There are No Refunds given. Please only get our work if you are truly Committed to receiving it and Empowering your Life and Health...

 You are paying for your commitment to have your Intensions and our time spent with you before, during your Sessions and in the Many Sessions we include you in after and in-between your package Sessions.   GOD/Goddess does the Healing...  

PRODUCT REFUNDS:  Only given for Returned unused, unopened Products.  There is a 15% return fee as well as whatever the credit card fees and other shipping and associated fees, are all subtracted from any money refunded.   Used or opened products are Not returnable.

Divine Note:  If Sessions are not paid for as promised or the money is returned the Session Healing/ Energy and Results will be  Re-scended, Voided and Removed.   As well, you may incure Karmic Results you bring to yourself with your own Out Integrity, which has nothing to do with us.    All the work is really between God/Goddess and You...




"The Lamb and the Lion" Jesus Painting by Artist Glenda Green


In Divine Partnership through Christ and his friends.

       We are in the Service of the Divine...






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Wand of Genesis

       Our Blessings and Prayers to You      

      This is the day that God has made and it is Good