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Keth & Jan - Adamntine System Intsructors




Dear Prospective Sponsor,

Thank you for your interest in  the Adamantine System,  Jan and Keth would be honored to present, in your area, a series of evening and/or weekend talks starting with a free introductory lecture and continuing with any or all of the Adamantine levels.  Jan and Keth are also available for Private Sessions, Classes and Remote Activations.  We are convinced that the information presented in Adamantine workshops is some of the most advanced of any to being given today.


The current workshop format can begin with a free lecture, which is open to anyone interested.  This talk is usually given on an evening prior to the selected workshop(s) at private homes, community centers, churches, etc.   Each workshop takes approximately four to five hours.  After the workshops, Jan and Keth can remain for a few days to do private sessions and readings.

We pay our sponsors a commission and also a free Adamantine therapy session, and, of course, the workshop(s).  We provide promotional support, and Keth and Jan are willing to appear on cable television and radio talk shows in the workshop area.


Please call or e-mail us with any of your questions.  We will send you further details.  We hope you will consider serving the Universe in this fun way to bring this wonderful awareness to your area.


Allow the Love that you are to Shine!!!


Please call  727-842-6788  or 727-457-1229 cell  while traveling

email  keth @ awakening-healing. com