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Sacred Magnetic Heart  grafic

Artistic Representation of the Magnetic Heart 2002 Francisco Rosero


A great deal of confusion exists regarding the terms Soul and Spirit. For many people they represent the same thing; for other philosophies Soul and Spirit represent very different things.

The Magnetic Heart is located in the center of the chest and it is different from the physical heart; it is sacred because it is eternal and dwells in infinity. It is self-aware and is the everlasting source of life, energy, and wisdom. The MH is different from our physical heart and it is not Energy Center 4.

The Magnetic Heart is a combination of both Spirit and Soul. The human spirit is a point of infinite potential, and as a point of Infinity, it is our source of unlimited energy, abundance, life and consciousness.


The spirit is the Divine Spark, the part of the Creator that resides within the core of ones  Magnetic Heart, MH. The Spirit is our internal I Am, our divine identity.


The Soul is the individual expression of consciousness to replicate or imitate the Creators work; to fulfill this mission the Soul is equipped with formidable intelligence, memory (not genetic intelligence) and self adjustable mechanisms to bring harmony and balance to any situation.  The Soul envelops and protects the Spirit.

The Soul surrounds and protects the Spirit; it consists of seven concentric spheres of awareness or dimensions of intelligence. Our Soul is the collector of all intense and profound experiences and emotions of all our life times; these strong experiences are imprinted on the seven spheres of awareness. Superficial experiences are not registered in the Soul.


The  seven  spheres  of awareness or understanding (the Soul) are enclosed one within the other. Each one spins in a different direction, producing a unique color, light, and sound frequency.  When the SMH is in absolute harmony, the combination of the seven different colors manifests a clear light, similar to sunlight.  This brilliant and translucent radiance is the light of Compassion.


This marvelous combination of Spirit (Aspect of God) in the center and Soul (the seven dimensions of consciousness) form the Magnetic Heart, which attracts (magnetizes) to our lives all that we need. Many times the SMH attracts dramas and lessons to our lives which are necessary to restore harmony to one or more dimensions of consciousness. As we begin to walk along our true spiritual path, the dramas cease and our SMH begins to magnetize synchronicities which accelerate our evolution.





Dimensions of Awareness of the  Magnetic Heart

Each attribute corresponds to one of the concentric spheres of the artistic representation of the Sacred Magnetic Heart.






Zero Point is at the center of the  Magnetic Heart. This is the spark of God. It is our point of Infinite potential, stillness, simultaneity and absolute silence. It can be experienced as our sacred place of synchronicity with the Creators Will.

Unity is a state of consciousness where judgment is eliminated and linear polarities no longer exist. When achieving this awareness, one understands that The All That Is Is one.

is  the  highest  power  in  the  Universe and the source of primary magnetism. From this awareness, one can experience Love as the ultimate source of power, which holds All That Is in its place within the Universe. The mind registers Love as the most beautiful feeling.

Life is the combination of Unity and Love in perfect harmony, manifesting the Life Force or Gods Will, which permeates throughout creation.

is the awareness that honors and directs the Life Force into harmonious and productive purpose.

is the awareness through which one sees oneself as Love, free from all fear; therefore, as one with the Source of All That Is. Honesty allows ones heart to activate the innocent perception of reality as a manifestation of the Creator.

Justice is an equalizing awareness that allows one to balance what one gives to and receives from the Universe.

is the awareness of the perfect understanding of the true potential of all life. This frequency allows one to overcome the illusion of duality and separateness.

Compassion is the consciousness of Mastery. It is the combination of all Sacred Magnetic Heart dimensions of awareness that radiate outward from the concentric circles as high awareness.





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