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Tall Crystals of Communication

This photo was taken in Spain in the Silver Mines there!

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Monday, July 02, 2001 1:58 PM
Subject: CRYSTALS: Lady Kadjina Speaks - ------RADIO....Marconi--TELSA, etc.

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Betreff: Lady Kadjina Speaks -   
Wayne:  Within the past few years, there have been huge crystals discovered
(much larger than humans; both in Mexico and the Bay of Biscay area.

Can you tell us the origin of these crystals and whether or not they are
"natural" or were somehow manufactured through mental projection?  Are there
other locations of these large crystals to be found?

This is relatively simple to answer, and one that we thoroughly love to answer. 

It goes back to our earlier communications in which we discussed
the original purpose for the creation of Planet Earth.
Its original purpose was for that of communication.  Each planet has in the
galactic universe-city, a PhD in a particular field of expertise.
Planet Earth, her PhD is in the field of communication.
First, she was created simply a planet, a planet that existed for a day of
cosmic time.  Now, there is time and then there is Time.  By this we mean,
you have Earth time in the terms of a single
millennium.  The biblical terminology of a single day of creation is
approximately 2,000 years. That 2,000 years, or one "day," galactically
speaking, equates to approximately 10,000-12,000 of
Earth years,
or 5-6 millennia. And from out of the vault of the cosmos, the
time would equate to closer to 24,000 years for each Earth day.  Planet
Earth was created in galactic time, not planetary time.  So a single "day"
of creation is quite a length of time.  So she existed for many millennia as
simply a planet under construction.

The first items placed upon Earth for the purpose of contributing to
communication functions were the crystals.

Crystals grow; they do not stay
the same size.  As you plant a tree 2 feet tall, it
will grow into a mighty redwood, for example, many hundreds of feet in
height.  And so it is with the crystals.  Many of them were strategically
seeded.  Some were created upon this planet from
planetary substances.  Others were brought in from other realms.  In some
cases, crystals were grafted,
so to speak, with planetary crystals having
galactic crystals planted with them, side by
side.  In this way, the young crystal could be in close proximity to an
already magnetically energized crystal.  And so these smaller crystals,
many, many millennia of time ago, over the course
of time have grown to be of tremendous size and great power,
and have been
used by many a visionary soul to access information contained within the
vaults of the cosmos.

Some souls, such as Marconi, were not fully aware of the magnitude of the
crystal communication energy that he was tapping into when creating the
crystal radio sets.  He saw visions and received information, but was not
clearly shown the fullness of what he was tapping into; it would have been
way beyond him at that point in time.  But he planted seeds of thought-and
look at the directions that those seeds have grown.  And that was the big
picture of his thoughts and his seedings.  The esoteric community has the
phrase, 'seed-thoughts' and souls such as Marconi planted many seeds for you
to muddle over in your think tanks.

So these great crystals are primarily for the purpose of galactic radio
.  They are the biggest and best 'ham radio' that you've got.
They work by way of a system of radio frequencies.Tesla knew this.  And so
many frequencies can be bounced off of these great crystals in much the same
way as your great transmission towers that are now able to go somewhat
galactic to Telstar.The time will come when those technologies that are
beaming into deep space in hopes of picking up a
communication from beings in other places will actually do so.  And it will
come directly into your television sets.  It will bypass the jamming
stations set up by FCC.  And what you will see at that
time will be something similar to an ET family at home speaking to Planet
Earth, each in their own language.  And the people of the world will see
these families and relate to them as they do to
their own families.  They will talk about their life, their work, and their
education, and they will bring forth a myriad of what we like to call the
'common denominators.'  And it will be a tremendous
breakup of a gridlock system for communication, for your Telstar-type of
equipment will be commandeered by greater intelligences than those who put
them up there and they shall begin to be
used for higher purposes.


There are other great crystals within the mountains of Peru.  In the
mountains of Tibet-the base foundation-there is a tremendous crystal.

Remember the deep ravines that we spoke of some time ago that some have
called Shangri-La?  Within the deep jungle areas of the region there is a
huge cave
with many, many tunnels, one of which will lead to a crystal beyond belief.

Those crystals are as tall as your skyscrapers and as big around at the base
as a pyramid, the likes of which the humans
of this planet have never seen!


There is a great crystal beneath what used to be the Mesopotamian fertile
  There used to be aqueducts and canals throughout this great valley.
But when the warring factions came to that region, the great crystal had to
be silenced.  If it were to become activated at full resonating frequencies,
it would create tsunamis and quakes and volcanic activity that would be
cataclysmic indeed.  So we have turned that particular station off until
such time as the masses of the peoples of the region begin to feel their
heart chakras, for they are a people with that energy shut down. They say
that they love, but they love only their own, and are merely using tribal
instincts of self-preservation.  In this same region is a growing number of
beings who have within them powerful Love.

This is why the Mar-ek group, together with Lady Salena, have set up
quarters in Tel Aviv to help anchor the energy of the kind of love that can
make changes for the greatest good of the entire
planet.  To those lightworkers of the region, we say to you, you are not
alone.  We are putting our shoulders side by side to yours and we are
pulling with all our weight to help you.

In the regions of China wherein are the great mountain ranges, there are
also great crystals
  It is because of the crystals that the great mountains
were constructed to surround them as insulators and also protect them from
the vision of beings that have only 2nd and 3rd dimensional sight.  There
are upon the planet at this time beings that are 2nd dimensional, in that
they have no potential in this lifetime to connect with their high self
and/or their souls.  These are beings without the potential to learn.
Please understand that in trying to paint picture-words, we give a little
different understanding to some of your usual terminologies as to what is
meant by 2nd dimension. 3rd dimensional beings have the capacity to learn.
4th dimensional beings are those who have taken many initiations.  They have
taken the 3rd and the 4th initiation.  3rd dimensional beings can oftentimes
tap into the 4th dimension, which is of many, many levels from those regions
of low vibration disincarnates, to the high upper levels wherein you can
find the dwelling places of many of the angels and light-beings who have
established outposts during this time of great change.  In these upper
realms there are also crystalline formations similar to those set up by the
24 elders off the coast of Florida.
  There is great interaction going on between these two
types of crystal communication systems.

In order to manifest in the third dimension, the blueprints for construction
are set up in the boardrooms located upon many dimensions
and then they are
constructed upon the 4th dimension and then lowered down into the 3rd
dimension at the appropriate time.  The blueprints of these activities are
held in sacred trust upon the causal plane in the great halls of
jurisprudence within the reference library of the Hall of Learning.  Our
wordage is such as to stimulate your thinking. It is simply a starting point
for those times when you find yourself in your think tank space. There are
crystals in many places and they all have a singular purpose: communication
of some type.

One more time we will tell you, you are not alone.  There is much activity
going on behind the scenes in the galactic boardrooms.  And rest assured,
our Commander-in-Chief, so to speak, knows
exactly what he is doing.

Wayne:  There seems to be so much damage being done to the environment and
to our health by either direct government involvement, government contracts
with outside sources, and governmentalregulation or lack thereof relative to
so-called private corporations.  I speak here of toxic spraying in the air,
electromagnetic radiation, genetically-altered seeds, pesticide usage, toxic
dumping into the waters and grounds, and so forth.  Can you give us some
insights as to the motivations, why it is continuing unabated, and what
individuals can do to get back to living i:harmony and balance with Nature?

dark energies.  Now, when you think in terms of the final curtain call, you
are generally watching all of the actors on the stage at the same time.  If
you're watching an ice-skating performance and it's the final curtain call,
every performer is "strutting their stuff" to the highest potential of their
capabilities. Those of the dark energies have reached the final curtain call
and every one of them is strutting their stuff because time has run out.

It's very much like the man who has lost his woman to another man, and he
says, "If I can't have her, he sure won't have her either."  These dark
energies, if allowed to have their way, will take
the ship down with them.  But they will not be allowed to do so.  Instead,
it is like they are having one great destructive drunken brawl.  And rest
assured, come the dawn, they will have one big

With some of these deliberate actions that you speak of here, it is for the
purpose of stopping those who are asking so many pertinent questions at this
time:  make them sick, keep them
preoccupied, and they won't have the energy to think well enough to ask
intelligent questions.
There is also a movement for seeding the clouds in
order to make rain.  And there is indeed great success in this area.  And if
those doing it had the greatest good for the planet involved, it wouldn't be
such a dangerous thing.  There are other chemicals that could be used,
instead of those
toxic chemicals that they are actually using, that would be much safer.
They could also cause it to rain in the Sudan if they wanted to, but if they
were to do that, the people would become productive and begin to think, and
there would be a civilization to be reckoned with.

Toxic dumping is done primarily by those who are serving their own
interests.  It's a way to get rid of unwanted by-products.
  It is not being
done to really injure anybody, but then they don't care if
they do injure.  The consequences of the souls involved in this activity,
while it will be serious, will not be quite as dire as those within the
military who are deliberately setting out to injure people.  There is no
justification for what they are doing.

One of the best and most effective ways of stopping this kind of activity is
to make it known that it is going on.  This is the great value of the
Internet.  And this is the reason there are some who
are wanting to regulate this particular industry

There is a grass roots
movement amongst those nations who have peoples that have either awakened or
are awakening to the point of asking
questions.  They are talking and they are writing to their congressmen and
their representatives:"Do not drill for oil in Alaska.  Protect the
  Protect the ancient trees that do more in calling forth the rain
than do any military planes.  Protect the rainforests."  There are great
outcries on many fronts these days.
NOTE: From Michael....

And INDEED...there has been and NOW will be more and more light shed in dark
places as CONSCIOUS on-going and on-growing  "bringers of the light" upon
earth step "out" and "step forth"more DISCLOSURE on ALL issues ---FROM THIS
DAY FORTH!! So be it...and so it is!!  Bless your hearts.

***BREATHE in LIGHT and LOVE and breathe out LIGHT and LOVE daily.

First published by Cmdr. Starene in USA~ 10/11/2001
email: KrystalLight7@webtv.net

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