The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

by Deepak Chopra


Suggestions: Make yourself a list of goals, intentions, resolutions or a plan. Apply

each law to your list by filling in the blank after the affirmation with your intention. Use

one law a day starting with Sunday. You can use the suggested phrase under each law or

find a way to phrase things that you feel aligned with. Have some fun exploring the laws.

Experiment with the seven laws and breathe. See how you can apply each law to

breathing. The easiest to apply this to is The Law of Giving and Receiving. See your

exhale as giving to the universe and your inhale as receiving from the universe. Do all of

these with a grateful attitude. Give with gratitude and receive with gratitude. Now, play

with this with the other laws.


Law Of Pure Potentiality - At the core of our beings we are pure awareness. This

realm of pure awareness is the domain of all possibilities and underlies creativity in all its

forms. It is the home of knowledge, intuition, balance, harmony and bliss. It gives birth

to all forms and phenomena in life. It gives birth to all our thoughts and actions.

I am harmoniously, blissfully creating from infinite possibilities __________________



Law of Giving and Receiving - The Universe operates thru dynamic exchange.

Our bodies are in constant dynamic exchange with the body of the Universe. Our minds

are dynamically interacting with the mind of the Cosmos. Our life is the harmonious

flow of all elements and forces. Our intention is to always create from our giving and

receiving. Happiness is life supporting and sustaining. Our intention is giving and

receiving joyously with an open heart and mind. We feel joy from our hearts with the

very act of giving and receiving.

I am giving and receiving ________________________________________________



Law of Karma (or Law of Choice, Cause and Effect) - Every action we take

generates a force of energy that returns to us in kind. When we consciously choose

action that brings happiness and success to others the fruit of our karma is happiness and

success. Karma implies the action of conscious choice making.

I consciously choose ______________________________________________________


Law of Least Effort - Nature’s intelligence functions with effortless ease. Least

effort is expended when your actions are motivated by love and harmony.

I am lovingly, harmoniously and effortlessly __________________________________



Law of Intention and Desire - There are two qualities inherit in consciousness

attention and intention. Attention enlivens allowing something to grow stronger in our

life while intention transforms energy and information into new forms and expressions.

I enliven and transform energy and information into __________________________



Law of Detachment - In order to fulfill our goals, desires and intentions, we have to

relinquish our attachment to them. This does not mean we give up the intention to fulfill

our goals and desires. We simply give up attachment to the outcome. Our only true

sense of security and happiness is ourselves.

I happily and securely relinquish my attachment to ______________________________



Law Of Dharma (or Purpose in Life) - We have unique abilities and ways of

expressing them in our life. For us to be in Dharma our life force must flow effortlessly

and without interference. Increased compassion, wisdom and playfulness are evidence

that our life is flowing in accordance with the law of dharma. The three distinct parts of

Dharma are discovering our higher self, to acknowledge and express our unique talents

and being of service to others.

In alignment with my higher self, I effortlessly and without interference acknowledge and

express _________________________________________________________________