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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

         July 26, 2011

8 Manik, 0 Pop, 8 Manik


Dratzo! A new year has dawned! We welcome it and celebrate its birth with this day's message! Around you, a new reality is beginning to awaken, proclaiming to you that you are not alone. Your space and spiritual families have arrived and are busily altering your world. The dark governance is starting its disappearance act even as a new monetary system readies itself for its swift and auspicious entrance. We have watched so many of you suffer and acquiesce to the seemingly unending and illusory power of the dark. This false world is ready to drop its immense curtains and reveal the wondrous truth to you at last. Likewise, we are prepared to reveal ourselves to you and help you let go of one of the great follies of your science, which is that your planet is a solid orb. In fact, it is hollow! This lie trembles atop others that state that you are alone and that life on your realm is a unique miracle. This, too, of course, is false. Indeed, all the core perceptions that have been fed you since birth are to be cast away as just another of the numerous lies that have kept you literally in the dark.

These lies, which you have swallowed whole since birth, were created long ago as truths to be passed down from one generation to the next. Breaking this chain of untruths frees you from the bonds used first by the Anunnaki and then their minions to give away your power and preserve the ill-gotten gains stolen from you nearly 13 millennia ago. Limited consciousness shifts you from your sovereign self to a Being filled with doubts. You become willing to give away what you do not understand in exchange for a security that appears to settle your inner doubts and seemingly allows you to carry on with your life. Another thing that "scares" you into submitting to this agreement is "death". Fully conscious Beings do not die. At the right divine moment, they simply ascend. This whole new reality of death is something that your distant ancestors were initially unable to comprehend. It confused them and left them in a most "fearful" quandary. The Anunnaki exploited this "fear" and their success swiftly led to the world in which you live.

Applying the success provided by the misuse of "death", the Anunnaki next hammered home the need for humans to worship them as immortal "gods". This reality eventually led to the wars, diverse "religions" and illogical hatreds that have divided humanity for the last 8,000 years. The Anunnaki manipulate you and force their minions to apply tactics that only broaden these various fabricated perceptions. As a result, you are trapped in societies that largely serve the wealthy and powerful at the expense of the poor and downtrodden masses. This darkness has produced a realm that has frustrated all and left only a selected few who exploit the ill-gotten wealth and power granted them by the Anunnaki. This reality is now in active retreat as the Light forges ahead with its complex plans to vastly re-form your benighted realm into a world bathed in the sweet, pure rays of the Light. You will be released from this false and shadowy realm and, with Heaven's help, moved into a world where you can again morph into fully conscious Beings of Light!

In this new reality, you resume your position as a true sovereign Being. You are in constant contact with your spiritual council and with your community. To you, this continuous state of knowing is normal. In full consciousness, you are achieving your highest purpose with your life contract and able to resolve any issues left over from previous lifetimes. Furthermore, you work quite closely with your solar system's various Spiritual Hierarchies, keeping each planet and your Sun in as close to perfect a condition as you and your fellows can collectively manifest, and allowing life to prosper throughout your solar system! Your mission lies in fulfilling your life contract and in spreading the Light throughout your star-nation, this galaxy and, of course, physicality. You share this sacred work with your podlet, your clan and your star-nation. Each one of you will realize the immense joy that this work brings you every day. We are here to mentor you in this, and to watch you blossom into who you really are!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come before you today with some intelligence concerning events unfolding on your world. An order that has dominated your world for millennia is beginning to implode. The various agreements that these dark ones were recently forced to accept has become the issue. Now this old order is torn as to how they will implement these various agreements. The resulting confusion has created a number of factions within this dark cabal that seek to open a new round of talks. This approach is unacceptable to our associates, who have asked the Galactic Federation to demonstrate to them that the intent of these agreements needs to manifest immediately. The agreements imply that a new global economic and political system needs to be born. The dark wants to preserve some of the existing economic and political reality. The present time is thus the last possible moment before the formal announcement of a new reality, which includes disclosure, is made public and solemnly enforced by all!

We have watched as the dark, during the past 13 millennia, manifested policies to destroy the Light and formally deny you your inalienable sovereign rights. This present moment is no exception. The hesitancy of several dark governments to sign off on agreements that end their legitimacy is merely a continuation of a deep belief in their right to maintain this power. Our galactic and Inner Earth brethren have boldly stepped forward and explained, in very frank terms, that this intransigence needs to end, now! At present, we are assisting Heaven in manifesting the grids for our new reality. This task is complete and we are using the wondrous Light energies that emanate from these new grids to accelerate the great transformation that all of you are now experiencing. The time of the dark's rule is at an end! A new Age of Light is now manifesting for Gaia and her children.

You are now passing through the final grand stages of your transformation. In the past, this sacred task was performed only after many lifetimes spent preparing one's physical and spiritual bodies for their grand integration. Once this moment arrived, you were able to draw upon a vast array of knowledge and wisdom that you had acquired. Each of us passed through these very special preliminary stages before we were granted immortality. Spirit knows when you are truly ready for this divine gift, and how you can make best use of it. Presently, you are preparing for what took us so long to achieve. Heaven has granted you grace in the use of special Light Chambers that are to complete this holy task in just a few days' time. This transformation is to take place in an equally sacred space, the crystal cities of Agartha.

Today, we have discussed some of what is occurring around your world. This message has been presented in a similar fashion many times before. We do this to set the vision for you and provide you with a base for your own spiritual envisioning practices. The time approaches when a new era of enlightenment will dawn upon Mother Earth! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        July 19, 2011

1 Ahau, 18 Kumku, 7 Ik


Dratzo! We return! We sit poised at last on the brink of a great victory! The energies for change on your reality have turned positive. We behold a realm that is truly in the midst of transition. Gaia asked in all earnestness that the great events on your horizon be carried out at this time. Heaven agreed with Gaia, and has decreed that this be the time in your history when your world passes from the rim of darkness to the threshold of the Light. Your political and economic systems are corrupt beyond measure and require an immitigable reshaping. These requirements are the principal aims of our Earth allies. They have stepped forward and completed a most remarkable series of reforms. A pivotal component of their package is global prosperity, as well as a universal debt forgiveness program. These elements promise that a new, more responsive form of governance can become common on your world. We have watched as each one of these respective goals were reached and readied for manifestation. Your Ascended Masters have blessed these reforms and are prepared to assist in making them see the light of day.

The business of transforming your reality is not an uncomplicated task. Rather, it is filled with constant periods of interference stoked by the dark and its various henchmen. These plans, put together by the dark's minions, are filled with the underlying thought that a special sovereign relationship exists between you and the dark's selected minions. Government on your world is simply a set of agreements between the dark, its appointed cabals and governments. You are always excluded from this loop by the ruse that you were not legally allowed to participate. On the contrary, it was the illegal mendacities of the dark that long ago tricked you into the belief that somehow you did not matter. This was really the second trick. The first was the fantastic one that a fall into limited consciousness was good for you, and the only way you could maintain your reality. These lies were the basis for the previous 13 millennia of your history. Now, together, we are reversing this folly forever!

Reversing these lies of the Anunnaki is the reason this first contact mission was sent here almost 20 years ago. The time approaches for you to return in joy to your fully conscious, naturally sovereign state. No longer is Heaven willing to tolerate the grand experiments of the dark. Under Heaven's direction, we came in great numbers to bring your divine abilities back into play and obtain the wisdom that you now possess. This galaxy is becoming a place of Light. Everywhere the dark once ruled with impunity now seeks the ways of the Light. This increase in the number of suitors to the Light's cause is due, in large part, to you. Your growing awareness and clear willingness to abandon the dark has raised a wondrous hue and cry throughout this galaxy. Not since the earliest moments of Anchara's decree for the Light has such an unsurpassed willingness among the dark empires been so evident. Your first tasks after metamorphosis and training will be to assist these great numbers in achieving their cherished goals.

For you, this is a time of precedents. The many crucial perceptions that you hold concerning government, prosperity and your abilities are to be swiftly washed away and replaced by beliefs that seem now to be beyond your ken. What full consciousness truly is can be experienced only by participation. This is why your mentor/trainer is so important to the overall process. We cannot overemphasize this to you. When you begin your journey by traveling to Inner Earth, you will be embarking on an extraordinary adventure. Behold your new residence as the gift that is to make you whole again! The Light chamber is a living, organic vehicle that is to transform you into something special. In this new form, you will become one of us. Once your training is complete, you will know your destiny and how best to unfold it. Together, you will transform and sustain this solar system and use it as a base from which to travel to the stars and beyond, to the universe! Along the way, you will help a myriad of other Beings achieve full consciousness.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come today to discuss the great changes that are ready to be revealed to you. Our associates inform us that all is at the ready. They are waiting only for the divine right moment in which your world will alter in the twinkling of an eye. The dark's minions have run your present reality for far too long. All of us have suffered in one way or another as the dark's decrees have pushed us aside in pursuit of their own inner enjoyment. Their seemingly relentless manipulations are finally to be put to an end. Moreover, most of them will be arrested, tried and given a non-capital punishment. The world will sweep the dark aside and, in their place, put in power governance that truly uses your desires to manifest a prosperous and joyous reality. It is this new realm that will welcome Agartha and greet your space and spiritual families. It is this realm that can manifest your inner joy and allow us to freely walk among you.

This new realm is not a dream! It is taking shape in all the numerous meetings that we have overseen and through the many agreements that have been legally brought about. These documents are backed by the ascendancy of Heaven and the mighty technologies of the Galactic Federation. A time has been set aside when these elements will come together and force the dark from its positions of power. We, your Ascended Masters, have joyously watched these things form and prepare to present themselves to you. This great day of transformation is at hand! The many forces of the Galactic Federation have come and shown their power in action at a few of the dark's secret bases. The dark has no other choice. It must relent and yield the reins of power to a whole host of new "caretaker" governments. Your great victory is ready to be manifest!

We have been preparing this rise of a new age of Light upon your world for you ever since humanity's fall from divine grace in Atlantis over 13 millennia ago. In this present time, we can all come together and celebrate an event that was prophesized by Heaven. The dark was given a moment in the divine plan to be in charge of your surface world. That time is over and Heaven decrees that the divine moment has arrived to dissolve the dark rule that plagued your realm. To accomplish this, the Galactic Federation was instructed to work closely with Gaia's Ascended Masters and provide the resources for this glorious time! This is now being divinely done. The transformation will happen suddenly. One moment of darkness will be interrupted by a vast surge of Light! Then, in an instant, the new age of Light and Love will spring forth!

Today, we have imparted our message. Even if, at times, it may seem redundant, this is being done for a sacred purpose. Our task is to explain, and, simultaneously, to paint, a vision. Through this energy, new worlds of Light are made real. Together, by carrying this vision forward, we are making this new world possible! Hold this vision collectively in Spirit and then let us propel it into the material world. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)



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