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January 21, 2010

In This Issue...

-- Swami's Remarkable New Weightiness-Loss Program!

-- A Free Weightiness Loss Supplement!

-- Now the REAL Trick: How to Keep Weightiness Off Once and For All

Swami's Remarkable New Weightiness-Loss Program!


"I lost weightiness, ask me how!"
-- Swami Beyondananda

Scroll all the way down for FREE weightiness-loss supplement!

In these stressful times, it's easy to gain weightiness. Weightiness gain is not your fault!

Work ... the economy ... a steady diet of disturbing news and pretty soon ... yes, that's right. You've gained weightiness. Well, if gravity's got you down, let levity lift you up!

Here are just some of the serious problems that can be caused by overweightiness:

  • Irregularhilarity.
  • Humorrhoids.
  • Irony deficiency.
  • Truth decay.

Absolutely FREE here is Swami's 5 step program to lose weightiness now!

1. Take a vow of levity! Remember, levity will help you rise above whatever is bringing you down. In a toxic situation? Laughter will keep you from taking it poisonally. Feel the levitational pull uplifting the corners of your mouth into a smile. You want to uplift humankind? Uplift your face first!

2. Don't Get Even -- Get Odd. Instead of staying stuck in dueling dualities, use your one-of-a-kindness to find the odd solution that beats the heck out of getting even.

3. When You See a Sacred Cow Milk It For All It's Worth. When our sacred cows give the milk of human kindness, we are fortified to take the bull by the horns.

4. Enlighten Your Load. Is your life stuffed with stuff? Unstuff it! Stuff is a major cause of weightiness. You'll be surprised that the more liquid you get, the more solid you will feel.

5. Wake Up Laughing, and Wise Up Loving. Time to wake up. You'll never lose weightiness if you keep hitting snooze. Wake up with a laugh, and end the day with an embrace, and if you are alone ... embrace yourself, and immerse yourself in a warm solution of love.

A Free Weightiness Loss Supplement!


How often does just the right healing solution pop into your inbox? Well, it happened to me and so I will share this tasty weightiness-loss treat with you. I was going through my filtered spam, when I found this most remarkable message -- possibly from a Russian woman trolling for an American sugar daddy. Either it's absolutely straightforward, or else a most brilliant parody. Here it is, exactly as it arrived in my inbox. Read and enjoy:

I'm woman. I have a blonde hair with golden shining. My eyes is purple. I am medium height. I have beautiful arms. My hair is short straight. I live in a metropolis. I work in public organization. I like to watch discovery channel. Representations in the circus. I like plants. I like mountains. If you talk about me I am caring nymph. Most of all in men I value sense of humor. When I noticed you at a party at a cafe. immediately decided for myself that must. Because I can be for you a caring lover or someone great if you want. I'm write me on my e-mail.

Now the REAL Trick: How to Keep Weightiness Off Once and For All


Sad but true.

In this serious stressful world, weightiness-loss can be all too temporary. Weightiness has a way of putting itself back on. That's why we've produced the new e-book, Wake Up Laughing: An Insider's Guide to the Cosmic Comedy, to help you use levity every day to overcome gravity. Find out more here and order your copy today for only $15. Note: You can also become a Buddysattva and order copies for a dozen friends!

Want to REALLY raise the laugh force on the planet? Become a charter member of the Right to Laugh Party ("One big party, everyone is invited"). Just go here and scroll down. Or, for more details just respond to this email and put Right to Laugh in the subject heading.

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