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Diving Deeper, Flying Higher and Perceiving with Greater Insight

The Energies for April 2010

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn


Beloved Family of Light, at this time of Change and Transformation, we see how so many of you are embracing the New Light and the Energy that comes to you in the Pulsations and Codes of Light from the Cosmic Heart. We see how you are stretching yourselves to grow and to evolve, and we applaud your progress. Now, we suggest that it is time to make another shift, and to allow yourselves to Dive Deeper, Fly Higher, and Perceive more truly with the eyes of Love and Wisdom, and to experience more of Who You Are at this time!

Beloveds, this is not a difficult task, it is what you are allowing with the Activations of your Light Body and your DNA Light Codes.  It is indeed time to move beyond the old ways of living and being and to embrace what is Possible and Probable in your New Earth Reality.

First, we will say, dive deeper into your Heart and Soul and into your Being, and experience the Depths of Love and Connection and Intimacy that are available to you in this New Energy. We have said before that this year of 2010 is a time when you will redefine Relationships and Partnerships and seek to align these with Divine Harmony and Will. And, within this Divine Harmony you will experience the powerful depths of Divine Love through your experience of the Soul and Spiritual aspects of your relationships and partnerships.

Beloved Ones, as you move into the Fifth Dimension you will redefine Partnership and Relationship to express a Love that is both Unconditional and Deeply Committed and Focussed in Intention. It will be a Love that honors both the Cosmic and the Individual aspects of Connection and Communion on Planet Earth.

We will suggest, Beloveds, that you might consider these suggestions for defining and expressing Love and Connection at a greater level of Joy and Intimacy. We would suggest that you consider the aspects of Intention, Commitment, Transparency and Grace, as defining the energy of Relationship from the Heart and Soul in the New Earth.

Firstly, Intention is an important facet of any Relationship. On the level of soul connection, souls are drawn or magnetized towards each other for a specific purpose related to their mutual growth. A wise soul will define and express an intention for any relationship or connection. "What is this connection about and how do I experience it?", may be questions that you will ask. Of course, Beloveds, Relationships change and grow over time, but the defined essence or intention is what guides the expansion and development of that relationship. If both souls are clear on their intention for their connection, then they are more likely to connect in Harmony and without needing to experience emotions such as fear and anxiety and manipulation, as well as expectations that will not be met over time.

Once the intention is defined, it should be honored through Commitment and Focus. This is an aspect of interpersonal connection that has been lost or poorly understood in your society. Commitment is an expression of a Choice, and does not imply possession or ownership. It does suggest that once an intention is defined through soul contract, then that intention must be honored with integrity. This creates Trust and Peace, which promotes Harmony and Joy. And this, in turn, creates a space for deeper connection and sharing in Love and Joy.

Then, Transparency is also an aspect of such a Relationship. There should be openess and honesty between the people in the Relationship. Where all is open and there are no secrets or hidden agendas, then Trust can flourish and deepen into intimacy on the level of the Heart and Soul. In the New Energy, where you are learning how to feel and perceive empathically, you will in any case soon "pick up" when someone is not honest and open and transparent. A Relationship that is open and honest creates a feeling of Freedom and gives the ability to "be yourself" without fear.

And, Beloved Ones, when a Relationship or Partnership operates in this way, then Divine Grace is present. Divine Grace is the energy of Absolute Unconditional Love, and it creates Joy, Peace and Harmony. In this New Earth, let it be your desire and intention to bring Divine Grace into your lives thorugh Relationships that create Divine Harmony. Go deeper into your Hearts and find that deep love and empathy that will allow you to create Relationships that are a Communion that gives rise to Divine Grace in your lives. This is the essence of Sacred Relationship.

So, Beloved Ones, imagine that you are like a Dolphin and that you are diving deep into the Ocean of Feelings and Emotions of Divine Love! It can be a playful and joyous expression of the Divine Light in your Heart!

Then, Beloveds, imagine that you are an Eagle, and that you can soar through the skies. What would you see as you fly higher and higher? Would you not see things differently? Would you not have a greater perspective on your life and how you live?

Indeed, the Soul may be likened to a free flying bird, and its nature is to rise up and see things from a higher perspective. This Higher Perspective can be aligned with the Feelings of the Heart and the Emotions to create an alignment of Body and Soul, or Heaven and Earth.

Beloved Ones, as you learn to redefine the way that you express Love and Relationship, learn also to rise above the physical aspects of life and to ask "What does my soul see and feel?" in this situation. Allow yourself to rise up and to see your life and your choices from the perspective of your Higher Self and Soul. As you become more proficient at this process, it will become natural to you and you will soon learn to live with a constant awareness of the perspective of your life from the "eyes" of the soul.

Flying higher in this way will assist you to always align your Choices and Decisions with your Soul and with the Divine Light within, creating a continuum of Light and Power that will express the Divinity of Who You Are.

Beloveds, we offer this information because so many of you are still in the process of struggling to define and manage your friendships and personal relationships. You tend to get caught up in old, third-dimensional patterns of fear, anger, ownership, lack and conflict, when you would prefer to be on the higher levels of Harmony and Joy. We will say, Beloved Ones, simply make the choice to raise your relationship energies into Divine Harmony and Joy and learn to see, from a Higher Perspective, what choices need to be made and how you can honor those choices in your lives.

For know, beloved family of light, that the Soul always desires to align you with Spirit, and desires that you see with the Eyes of Love and Wisdom, and that you express Divine Unconditional Love and Harmony in all that you do and experience.


The Energies for April 2010

In this month of April, the energies will be intense. The Sun will be in fiery Aries until the 20th of April, when it moves into Taurus. Mars will be in fiery Leo, creating an agressive and explosive energy for the first part of the month.

The Feminine planet, Venus, will be happily in Taurus until the 25th, celebrating Love, Beauty, Grace and Harmony, as a counterbalance to the more fiery energies of Mars, and when the Sun crosses into Taurus on the 20th there will be a brief favorable window of opportunity for establishing the Higher Frequencies of Love and Harmony.

But, these energies will be challenged by Mercury retrograde from the 18th of April. As always, this aspect will challenge you to be more careful and to slow down a little. Then also, Saturn retrogrades in Virgo, creating a difficult aspect with Venus, suggesting also that some relationships will need to be restructured if Harmony is to be achieved.

Pluto retrogrades through Capricorn towards Sagittarius and the Galactic center, and will do so until September. This energy will also tend to bring up issues, and relationships that may have seemed completed will "return" to be transformed or finally released. It will be a Cosmic "second chance" for unresolved relationship issues.

The New Moon falls on the 14th of April, and falls in Aries. This is a Fire New Moon, when the energy is always a little volatile and unstable. It is a good time to ground your energies and focus on the Solar Light of Spirit that brings Divine Blessings for the New Age of Light.

The Full Moon falls on the 28th of April and is in Scorpio with the Sun in Taurus. A Water Moon is always a good time to explore the depths of consciousness and to "dive deep" into the world of feelings and emotions. As we suggested in this message, allow yourselves to dive deep into the Ocean of Love and then soar into the Heavens with the Scorpio eagle! It is time to stretch your wings and to be All That You Are.

We wish you Divine Harmony and Grace in the month of April!


2010 Ascension and Transformation
Coming into Right Relationship

Celia Fenn

 It is hard to believe that it is that time of year again! The Easter
week-end is approaching. Here in South Africa it is a four day holiday
when everyone "takes off" for the coast for a last celebration of
relaxation in the sun before the cold weather sets in for Winter. Last
year, at this time, I was in Brazil, and so much seems to have
happened to me in the last year. We are certainly changing and
transforming at high speed!

But, back to Easter. In the traditional Christian community, it is the
celebration of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus.  But, in reality,
it is a reworking of the ancient archetypal story of the death of the
masculine principle and its miraculous rebirth and resurrection
through the Feminine principle. This story is as ancient as the
where the Goddess Innana descends into the underworld to
rescue her mortal husband and return him to life, or the Egyptians
where the Goddess Isis finds the scattered limbs of her murdered
husband, Osiris and conceives a miraculous child called Horus who
rebirths the masculine spiritual warrior principle.

So, how did this ancient story become a central part of the
celebrations of the Christian year? In the case of the Christian
story, there was indeed a masculine and a feminine principle
incarnated in Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.
They came to the Earth as
Avatars to bring the seeds of the New Consciousness, that which we
call the Christ Consciousness, to the western world. This was done
through the work and teachings of both of them in Israel, and later by
Mary Magdalene in France. The Seeds of the Christ Light that are
flowering now were laid down two thousand years ago.

So, how did Easter and eggs and rabbits get mixed up with the coming
of the Christ Light. Well, Easter is a form of the name of the
Goddess, Astarte, another form of the name of Innana, and she was
celebrated as the Goddess of Fertility and Creation. The eggs and the
rabbits are obvious symbols of procreation, and these were grafted on
to the story by the Catholic Church, as it took over Pagan Europe in
the name of Christianity. The Catholic principle was to merge the
Pagan iconography and symbols with the new teachings. And so the
ancient fertility celebrations were connected into the story of the
death of Christ and the process of Ascension.

Ascension is the ability to move beyond the duality of the Third
Dimension and into the Miraculous flow of Love and Miracles at the
Higher Consciousness of the Fifth Dimension. This was taught by the
Christ Avatars with their focus on the Heart, Unconditional Love and
the Oneness of All Things. But, it also seems fitting that the ancient
teachings of the redemption of the Warrior by the Goddess should
become part of the Ascension story and that it should be brought into
consciousness now. Everything has a purpose and a reason!

In the case of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, after the death of Yeshua in
the Holy Land, it was Mary Magdalene as the Feminine principal who
carried the Seeds of Light to France and nurtured the Christ
Consciousness in the western world, until the time was ready for the
"second coming" or the "Ascension" of Humanity to the level of the
Fifth Dimension or the Christ Consciousness. The "Child" that was born
of their Sacred partnership was a symbolic child, the New Earth
Consciousness that would lift Humanity into the Fifth Dimension after
a period of darkness.

So, for me, this time of Easter is always a time to give gratitude for
the life of Yeshua as the Masculine Christ energy that brought the
Seeds of Light. But it is also a time to celebrate the life of Mary
Magdalene as the Feminine Christ energy, who took those Seeds to
Europe where they were nurtured by those who carried the Light in
their DNA and ensured that at the right time the "Child of Light"
would be born in the Hearts of Humanity, and that the powerful
energies of the "end time" cycles would ensure that the "Child" of the
New Consciousness would be birthed as a New Consciousness of Love and

The Essence of this Easter time, and the story of the Christ energy,
seems to me to also be summed up in the Native American term "Right
Relationship" or what I would call "Sacred Relationship". This is
where the energies flow in perfect Harmony and Balance with Divine
Will, so creating Divine Harmony and Joy. As I wrote in an earlier
Log, in our lives on this Earth, everything is a matter of
Relationship and Partnership! Our lives and our creativity are
connected with our ability to co-create with others. To fully enter
into the Fifth Dimension means to bring those Relationships into Right
Balance and create Sacred Relationship.

In this period from now until 2012, the focus will definitely be on
this aspect of our Spiritual Growth and Evolution, finding Harmony,
Balance and Right Relationship. This will especially be part of the
way in which we create relationships that embody the interaction of
the Masculine and Feminine principles.

In the past I have done much work with the Twin Flame energy, which is
another way of describing the power of Sacred Relationship or Union
between Soul Partners who embody the Masculine and Feminine principals
within themselves and their partnership. I found that there was much
misunderstanding and distortion in the way people perceived these
partnerships. Firstly, many people seemed to think that a Twin Flame
relationship was a Romantic relationship that ended in marriage and
parenting and happy ever after in the suburban nuclear family image of
pop culture. That is probably because our culture is so grounded in
the nuclear family economic model that people find it difficult to
conceive of a relationship that might go beyond these parameters. The
whole idea of the "family" is a matter for the "parenting contract"
between those who seek to have children and the souls that desire to
incarnate through them, and it is not part of the Twin Flame or Sacred
Union. The purpose of Sacred Union is to incarnate the Masculine and
Feminine principles as a direct mirror of the Union of the Divine
Energies in the Source. This creates a tremendous field of creative
power that expresses the Love of the Divine and can bring people into
the Awakened state of Higher Consciousness very rapidly. It is a gift
from the Divine and should be treated with deep respect and great

Of course, when you enter into a romantic relationship, or a parenting/
family contract, these contracts need to also be honored and treated
withy deep respect for the gifts within them, and being in Sacred
Relationship extends to all levels of our lives.

Now, to return to the Twin Flame or Sacred Union Relationship. After
people realized that the Twin Flame aspect of Sacred Union was
primarily a merging of Soul Energy, there developed also an
unfortunate tendency among awakening beings to get "high" on the soul
merging energy and to desire to repeat this energy "merging" with as
many people as possible. This is, of course, all in divine order.
Awakened Beings enjoy merging their soul energies and experiencing the
bliss of communion on the deeper levels, but this is also not Sacred
Union. It is just a kind of Sacred Family Hug.

Sacred Union is when two Conscious Beings merge their energies at the
Heart Center and then extend that energy into the Soul Sphere and
Ground it into the Earth Sphere, so that they represent the merging of
Divine Love, the Masculine and Feminine principles expressed as
Divine, Unconditional Love. The "Flame" that is created, which is
called the "Golden Rose Flame", is held in the High Heart of each
individual and in the Joint "Heart of Hearts" that is created when the
two energies become One with the Divine Heart and create a Sacred
Union Light Body that is an expression of the Merging of Heaven and
Earth within their partnership.

Yes, this is a wonderful experience! Yes it is becoming available to
more and more Conscious Beings at this time of Change and
Transformation. But, yes, it also requires commitment and focus and
courage. It requires the courage to develop a deep intimacy with one
person, and to forgo the "highs" of moving from one person to the next
in a series of "non attached" energy mergings that are considered to
be Sacred Union, but are empty of the depth and intimacy and grace of
true Sacred Union when it is in Right Relationship.

It is not so much a matter of finding the "right" person, but a matter
of having the courage and strength to surrender to the Process of Love
as it finds you. Love is always seeking for you and asking for you to
allow the deep surrender into Sacred Union. It is not something that
is difficult and that can only be found by the fortunate. It is a
natural process, like breathing, but breathing very deeply so that you
expand and grow!

When we forgo the Hollywood/Bollywood formulas for the expression of
love through Sex and youthful Beauty and Procreation, we will enter a
new level of consciousness where we will flow into the Expression of
Love as a Sacred Gift that merges Heaven and Earth in many ways and
according to Sacred Contract. For those wishing to experience Divine
Sacred Union, it is not a matter of searching for the right partner,
but of being willing to "die" in the Will (the masculine principle
within) so that you may be reborn through Love (the feminine principle

When the Will comes into Balance with Love as expressed through the
Soul and Spirit, then you can be reborn to Higher Consciousness and
experience Love on the Higher Octave of the merging of Heaven and
Earth. You can ascend into Harmony with the Divine Will and express
the Divine Love through Balance and Partnership. is to Easter.... that time of the year when Sacred Love,
Rebirth and our Ascension into Divine Will and Harmony can be



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