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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation


        1 Lamat, 11 Yax, 5 Caban        


Selamat Balik! We return with much to discuss with you. Right now the final touches are being put on a proposal for a United States regime change. A range of economic forces are creating an opportunity for the current administration to resign gracefully, thus allowing the caretaker government to assume power.  The incentive behind this is the impending economic disaster which threatens to engulf the entire planet and, with it, the dark cabal.   Adding to this predicament are the opposition within the military and the rising desertions of major factions within the American contingent of the cabal.   As the number of nations protesting their bankrupt condition increases, the cabal's powerbase weakens proportionally, throwing its central councils into a state of consternation.   It is now hectically engaged in shoring up what remains of its dominion and bracing for what is to come.   Many in the cabal's higher councils are beginning to see their downfall looming.   So the time comes for them to accept the inevitable and prepare for the consequences of their defeat.

      Meanwhile, our Earth allies are also putting the finishing touches on a series of economic and social programs which are to bring long-awaited financial prosperity, sovereignty, and good health to the peoples of Mother Earth.   A financial system based on "hard" currency, real transparency, and debt forgiveness is ready to be announced by the nations of your globe.   These new ways of doing things are the merest beginnings of a vast realignment of your planet's wealth and power.   However, personal sovereignty means that a great deal of responsibility is to be given to you, and this requires a comprehensive education program to explain the ins and outs of what is expected of you.   Further, many long-sequestered technologies are to be unveiled by the new governments, which include radically different ways to educate you swiftly on a wide range of vital issues that you will be asked to decide upon.   The means by which to interact meaningfully with your local and national governments is to be returned to you.

      This fundamental realignment of wealth is a prelude to first contact.   As you begin to solve many of the essential problems that have long plagued your world, you will find yourselves viewing your global society and Mother Earth in new and enlightened ways.   The issues of man-made pollution and climate change can be addressed constructively.   Information on the pivotal role of the Sun and the changes happening in your solar system can be thrown open to public scrutiny, generating open, global debate.   In consonance with this, and a natural component of these many formal disclosures, is the UFO cover-up.   We much prefer to make contact with a society that has full access to the facts about the growing consciousness shift and is actively and creatively engaged with its problems.   Your society is rupturing under its burden of chaos and desperate for some form of drastic change!    Everywhere, humans are facing their consciousness shift head on, and our medical teams report that many of you are searching for answers to many basic questions.

      The search is leading you to question what it going on, both on your world and in the cosmos, and this indicates a growing readiness for first contact.   Our challenge is to get you over your fear of us.  The dark cabal has carefully promoted your xenophobia over the last few decades, but despite the relentless propaganda you are breaking through this miasma to the point where you would like us to be the catalyst for transformation. Indeed,  Heaven foresaw this, which is why we are here-to land with Heaven's great multitudes when so divinely instructed.   Each of you in your own way is being transformed physically and consciously; each is being prepared for full consciousness by a partnership of your personal Angels and our medical teams.   This is why you are coming to view war, economic collapse, and general disharmony as conditions that you deeply wish to change into peace, prosperity, and cooperation.   What is now required is to rid yourselves of the creators of strife, and to embrace Love, peace, and Oneness.

      From our vantage point we can see the different strands coming together for you, and are heartened by the information flooding in from those of us who live among you and from our medical teams.   You are quickly recovering a sense of who you truly are, and many of you are getting fleeting glimpses of your True Selves.   Your search for something that can explain your new feelings and experiences and the puzzling events around you leads you to explore the Internet and connect with each other in sometimes quite profound ways.   It is a development that indicates to us that Heaven's call for first contact is both divine and most necessary.    You are indeed ready to graduate from this realm of limited consciousness into one that is much more appropriate for what you are becoming.    It is one of the reasons why your reality construct is falling apart at an ever-increasing rate.

      Your dark cabal remains largely resistant to the reality of the situation, but this illogical stance cannot stall the slippery slope it is on.   Several events are underway which are to further erode those positions of strength it has access to.   The consternation in the ranks of these dark ones is escalating as more and more nations, banks, and corporate allies slip out of their grasp and it becomes ever clearer that the end of their stonewalling is at hand.   Our Earth allies' broad-based coalition now appears unstoppable; the financial deals are in place; the team that is to distribute the global prosperity funds is "champing at the bit"; and the caretaker regimes are poised to take over the reins of power from the dark.    Meanwhile, we too are finalizing the announcements that are to let you know formally about our first contact mission.

      Mother Earth is fully aware of this progress and has therefore stepped up her own plans to move back into full consciousness.  The increase in higher magnitude earthquakes is a warning to humanity that the progress you have made nonetheless needs to be greatly accelerated.   We are heartened by the fact that our Earth allies understand the urgency of the need to remove the dark cabal, and pursuant to this requisite we continue to work on alternatives to the main plan.   We, ourselves, are nearing a point where the conferences can become the means to break any remaining loggerheads.   As we have said before, our task here is to be Heaven's hammer if so directed by divine decree.   At such a time we are to go full throttle with a mass first contact operation with your planet.    The time for contact approaches.

      All these indicators point to what is just ahead. We have done our part patiently, and we see what you have to undergo to get through each day; it is far from easy to live in your crumbling reality whilst in the process of such a consciousness transformation.   On top of this, the dark does all it can to keep you in basic survival mode.   Indeed, your ability for forebear is a minor miracle and is another sign of just how special each of you really is.   We joyfully look forward to assisting you change back into full consciousness; and those home worlds that are to receive some of you also eagerly await your return.   Then you are to use your new galactic society to unfold physical Creation and by your transformation set the energies for an event that is to change this galaxy and fulfill celestial prophecy.

      Today, we reviewed the events that are leading to first contact. These times are beginning to manifest and we see the fully conscious reality ready to pop! You are quickly approaching the shift point where contact can be made. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)



Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation


        7 Imix, 4 Yax, 5 Caban        


Selamat Jarin! We return with more to say about your world and your journey to full consciousness. At this moment we are fully engaged with our Earth allies in completing those paths which are to bring in a new reality. The current difficulties involve a final, signed dismissal order for two major governments and agreeing on who is to oversee these dismissals. These matters are being negotiated by our liaisons. Deliveries are to be carried out once these few remaining hurdles are properly resolved. In addition, we are working with other governments and our Earth allies to put the finishing touches on the global debt forgiveness program. The intent here is to create a clean financial slate in order to enable the immediate institution of the new financial system. This means that a whole load of national currencies needs to be collected and reissued by the respective nation's treasury. The complex specifics of each step are being accounted for and are awaiting the activation factor-the global deliveries of your many prosperity programs.

      As we work diligently toward creating a more peaceful and cooperative setting for your world, Mother Earth continues to prepare for the massive changes that are needed to become a functioning, fully conscious planet.   Many of her tectonic plates need to be locked into place and a significant amount of seabed needs to rise.   These are the causes of major quakes in the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic Oceans, and over the past decade these natural disturbances have raised the seabed in the areas around the sunken continents now at the bottom of these oceans.   This process is to be accelerated, prompting us to advise each affected government of the dangers of further delaying the many regime changes that are so urgently needed for the peoples of your world.   Your deteriorating environment has both natural and man-made causes that are placing you in a considerable predicament.   Most of the multinational corporations and international financial institutions are behind these misbegotten delays.

      The present dire global conditions are in fact what these corporations want.   Acting through them, your dark cabal is determined to strengthen its power, its wealth, and most of all, its influence over your world's governments.   It can finance and carry out dark projects which threaten your planet and her people.   These projects are responsible for fleets of exotic space craft and advanced space and ground weaponry, and the secrecy surrounding them reinforces the need to cover up our existence and the consciousness transformation that you are going through.   A special branch of this cabal is dedicated to shooing us away by making it ever more difficult to carry out any form of first contact with you.   The dark is jealous of its power over you and wants no one to free you from your shackles.   The avarice and arrogance of this cabal is demonstrated by the cavalier way it treats the current world economic blow-up.    You are sitting in the eye of a huge economic storm that is strengthening by the day, and soon the next series of crises are to hit you full on when your world moves back into this horrific maelstrom.

      Your leading economists and futurists comprehend that a significant amount of change in the world system is desperately needed.   Even if what is secretly being prepared were not yet in place, something similar to the Earth allies' plans would be required.  The value of the planned changes lies not just in their timing; they have another reason for being:  This reality is changing in consciousness.   The ancient peoples of your world who studied the skies and were occasionally advised by errant Anunnaki, such as Tahuti (Egyptian god of time) or in his Greek form as Thoth, knew that a time of great change was approaching, in which the repositioning of the galactic core would coincide with the time when the present full precessional cycle of nearly 26,000 years was completed.   This cycle began when the mother continent of Lemuria sank beneath the waves, and the imminent completion of this cycle implies that Lemuria and other lost continents are to reappear.

      The rise of several landmasses in your oceans indicates that your planet's journey through the realms of darkness is to end. Put another way: The time of limited consciousness is to be transformed into a time of full consciousness. Everywhere on your planet this accelerating move toward change can be observed: The living atmosphere, the sacred lands, and the ever-changing seas are transforming; the greatest extinction since the Permian one some 250 million years ago is well underway; the atmosphere is morphing; the various "temperature conveyer belts" in your oceans are shifting. All this change makes your world extremely fragile. Also, Mother Earth is enormously affected by your ongoing material, and especially electronic, pollution. It is essential that you view your technology as in need of a giant fix-one that provides a new source of electricity and even a different type of electricity.

      Your world is at an unavoidable crossroads. The way your societies are governed is very important. Another concern is the nature of your power supplies and the kind of electricity you use in your devices. We address these points for a reason. As we just stated, Mother Earth has entered a very fragile state as indicated by the big earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and changing weather patterns. This implies that a series of large-scale changes is now also required on your part, beginning with how you are governed. Government needs to reflect the will of the people, and for this to happen, the powers-that-be need to be moved off-center. This is what our Earth allies are working all out to effect. The time has come to move toward a dynamic and efficient working-model for people power that goes way beyond mere mob rule.

      The foundation stone of this reform is a proper mass education system. Another essential component is an available and concerned citizenry. What we mean by "available" are individuals who have the time, interest, and capability to offer informed and viable solutions to the major problems of the day. Time needs to be available to them to petition the legislature personally and to put on populist pressure to get the legislation you want passed into law. Eventually, these forms of governance can be altered by the fully conscious body politic into a format more in step with galactic society. This is all in the near future. Until then, what is needed is to reconnect with government and make it more responsive to your needs. The power of the dark cabal must be broken, and to this end, the quiet revolution is at hand and ready to manifest.

      So, to recap: Your dark cabal is at death's door and many courageous individuals and groups are putting the final touches on a plan to transform your world. Meanwhile the cabal is busy deploying some of the exotic arsenal that it possesses and this we are monitoring very closely. The Earth is fragile and needs a range of technologies that are interdimensional in scope to assist her to transition to full consciousness. These technologies are to turn your present science on its head; indeed, some of these you have already but they are hidden away by your cabal. Moreover, a belated paradigm shift in these areas is going on under the dark's radar and is about to coalesce along with your prosperity, thus averting an unspeakable global economic collapse.

      Today, we reviewed what is happening on your world and with Mother Earth. This time of mounting chaos is the forerunner of an incredible world of miracles, which includes the changes planned by our Earth allies and those that arrive as a by-product of first contact. Let us rejoice in the knowledge that the grand plan of Heaven is unfolding around us. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)



Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation


        13 Ix, 17 Chen, 5 Caban        


Selamat Balik! We return with more to discuss with you. Your world continues to tumble in the chaos invoked by the dark cabal, but now this dire shadow is dissipating with each passing day.   A number of major governments are on the verge of collapse and the next forecasted round of economic distress approaches, which promises to be more deadly and more inclusive that the last.   We notice also that the capability of the cabal to control its remaining resources is lessening.   Our Earth allies are assiduously focused upon their prime task, and our liaisons and ambassadors tell us that a major breakdown of the dark is quite close.  This perception is supported by the spiraling panic displayed by all sections of the cabal as it grabs at any and all possible delaying tactics.   Despite this manifest disarray some dark-ruled governments still hang on, but it is only a matter of a few divine moments before disintegration overtakes them.   Until then our Earth allies staunchly continue to finish them off and replace them with new caretaker regimes.

      Mother Earth has spent the past year accelerating her progress toward full consciousness-the first step of which is a general reintegration of her shifting tectonic plates.  This procedure has resulted in major earthquakes in the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Oceans, as well as in the seven continents, and is accompanied by sizable volcanic eruptions.   Sealing the tectonic plates is to begin along the following parallels of latitude: 19.5 and 70.5 in the northern hemisphere and 19.5 and 70.5 in the southern.   This stabilization is allowing Mother Earth to receive vital data from the Sun and our galactic core, permitting her to set up the next stage of her changes, which involves cleaning and upgrading her atmosphere.   At present many ecologists are convinced that Earth's climate change and her declining physical state are warning signs of an accelerating extinction pattern auguring some sort of approaching cataclysm.   In fact, they are the first intimations of a new global ecology and a fully conscious Earth.

      Your planet is indeed in a most fragile state which can be compared to critical heart surgery. Imagine your body is under full artificial life-support to underpin the surgery and the single most important organ is under repair.   This is approximately what is happening to Mother Earth.   In a very real sense she is dying to the limited conscious aspect of herself and desperately needs to be moved up to the next level of consciousness.   Heaven is providing the life-support and the divine surgery.   As with all operations, regardless of the duration of the surgery, the time comes to end it and proceed with the healing phase.   This time for healing is close.   The large-magnitude earthquakes now sweeping the globe are a sure sign of this, which is why we constantly refer to the need for, and the imminence of, the immense changes to the way your society operates.  Right now you are a huge burden on Mother Earth.  The dark cabal remains hardened and shameless in this regard and continues with its massive daily violations of her and, indeed, you.  It is our deep desire to resolve this impasse as swiftly as divinely possible!

      The dark is hanging on by a mere thread.  Before you lays a choice of a grim and quite dreadful future which the cabal offers, or the glowing one preferred by Heaven and decreed by the divine plan.   As we watch things unfold, we prepare palliations to speedily remedy the deadly conditions planned by the dark.  The ultimate alleviation is of course first contact.   We constantly ask Heaven about the timing of this longed-for event, and she continues to advise us to be at the ready and listen carefully to the reports of our diplomats and liaisons.   We have daily meetings with our advisory boards and maintain constant communication between them and the main governing board.   These confabs are all geared toward putting together a well-coordinated first contact scenario.  We have planned this operation in a million different ways, each taking into account your myriad cultural, religious, and linguistic differences.   The primary plan is more than ready to go, and we wish to implement it the moment Heaven so approves.

      As you know, first contact is the turning point for your global society.   We see the large-scale natural calamities you have endured in the recent past and what could happen if your present regimes are not quickly replaced.   Your planet is teetering, and the magnitude of possible future cataclysms would boggle your minds.  The application of our more advanced technology can alter this ominous scenario and replace it with a bright one.   Moreover, you as a people require the means to move safely into full consciousness.   To do this, you need the mentoring and the resources we can provide you with.   We are here to be your divine mentors, having been prepared for this task by Heaven and placed in a position to do so when Heaven so directs.  We long to celebrate our reunion with you and then complete your swift return to full consciousness.   It is time to end the current deadlocks and just get on with our mission.

      Your world is presently a strange brew of science, diplomacy, and an artful use of financial resources. The gold required to back your new currencies is in place. The new banking procedures that change profoundly how money is exchanged around your planet are likewise in place.  What remains is the formal implementation of a more equitable financial set-up, and this was generally agreed upon a few months ago.   This pivotal agreement lies at the heart of what is now transpiring.   Right now, the old Dumbarton Oaks treaty signed near the end of World War II and its many subsequent revisions are dominant in your world.   A new agreement based on a basket of six principle global currencies tied to worldwide debt forgiveness is battling for supremacy. Our Earth allies confirm that a slew of governments are on board with this proposition.

      To date, this operation has greatly weakened the Federal Reserve and forced a reappraisal of what the US has become.   Europe and the East have been able to force concessions that threaten to bring down the USA corporation, and this is compelling the dark cabal to finally recognize that its surrender is at hand.  Our Earth allies are working closely with certain ancient secret societies and selected individuals with deep ties to a number of Ascended Masters.   The purpose here is to deny the dark's access to its magical connections and help these dark masters see that their time is up.   The Light is shining brightly on your world, and one-way or another the back of the dark must be broken.   Heaven has appointed several of our own Ascended Masters to use their divine influence to hasten your deliverance.

      First contact is a process of discovery for us; each day brings new lessons and wisdom.   We watch you and your planet and wonder about the Universe.   You have become more than a most unusual first contact mission; this operation involves us in the integration of the old Anchara Alliance fleets, which means incorporating tens of thousands of star systems into a hugely transformed Galactic Federation of Light.    You are the sacred instrument that is fulfilling many old prophesies and demonstrating the unbeatable nature of divine Love and Light.   The dark on your world has scarcely yet tasted the fruit of its misdeeds, but this is changing fast.   You are about to experience the power of the Light as it weaves its transformation in your life and world.

      Today, we reviewed what is happening to you and your planet. The daily struggles that define your lives are fading and very close to a dramatic shift highlighted by first contact. In 13 millennia you have endured much and quite forgotten who you are.  The moment for Heaven to transform this reality is near! Let us rejoice in the knowledge that the grand plan of Heaven is unfolding before us! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)





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