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Gabriel's Monthly

Weather Report


Weather Report Number Forty-Four
Weather Report Of Physical & Emotional Symptoms
for May - August of 2010
(in the US).
Updated May 1, 2010

This year moves us past the midpoint of an 9-year cycle of integrating soul potential (2004-2012). It is a year of resolving duality, in preparation for soul consciousness. In other words, resolving all that is in opposition inside our own bodies and energy.

(NOTE: To get a greater sense of how these months fit into a bigger picture, we strongly
encourage you to read the OVERVIEW of 2010 first. We have included a great deal of
information in that article that is important to understand each segment of the year. We
will not repeat that information below.)

May - August is a time when you will move into the depth of MEANING as you move out of duality between the inner and outer.

This year is about the fulfillment of purpose meaning and value. This second four months is about developing MEANING... transforming the emotional body and its outer relationships, returning to the inner source of the Soul. This will lead to a time when the soul will guide the personality and the lower will.

In the first four months, the 7th chakra moved down to the 1st chakra. This involved the energy of spirit moving into the form of things. The second four months will now be the movement of the 6th chakra moving down to the 2nd chakra.

This is your place in the Divine Plan becoming a greater individual experience, as you transform the emotional body and your ability to experience life more fully. This will transform your desire for things in the outer to a true relationship with things. This must begin with a connection to Self first, who then connects and relates to that which it on the outside.

This is a reversal to life as you have known it in your survival approach thus far. Desire elementals connect to objects and situations in the physical to try and determine a sense of self. This has not worked. However, the development of the sense of Self through the heart chakra, capable of connection, giving and receiving will allow you to develop an equality between the inner and the outer.


As you now move with the 6th chakra in the month of MAY, you will move into the "spring" of your relationship to the soul. This will be a time of RE-EVALUATION and RELEASING as the energy moves down through the 5th chakra, facing your commitments and creativity on its journey down to the 2nd chakra.

May will be a time to re-evaluate your relationship to the world of form as the source and substance. It is not even the source of your manifestation.

Your INNER commitments have actually determined the whole thing and how you have attracted through your resonance on a deeper level than you have realized. You now begin to create a deeper connection to inner truth.

You will experience activity in the areas of the head, throat and the thyroid. This thyroid is the connection of the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. It is the mind of the inspiration of the soul in many ways.

So you will be faced with your creative expression and the commitments that you have had. You will now be influenced from the inner truths of your deeper sense of self to re-evaluate what serves you, what brings you MEANING. You will likely look at your qualities of self, rather than just your talents and abilities.

These talents have had to do with your expression of self, but the qualities are related to what gives it all MEANING. This will get you in touch more fully with the truth of who you are, as you learn to nurture your creative force in the world. It will also open up your ability to receive from the experience.

First you must release what does not resonate with your deeper truths, and what qualities you have developed or need for your soul journey. The qualities that you develop are needed to sustain your soul journey; they fine-tune the revelation of who you actually are. So look and see what qualities you discover that you have or that you need to develop. Things like compassion, tenderness, truthfulness, honesty.

There are also negative qualities like willfulness, stubbornness, lack of truth, shamefulness, guilt, etc. Those must be released, so that you can practice the things that truly serve you in the long run. The negative qualities come out of the agendas of fear and control. This will be a time to balance out your focus of the inner and the outer. This will give you greater capacity of meaningful experience.

The inner gives you the capacity to experience in what is taking place on the outside. This may create sore throats and allergic reactions as you begin to trigger that which does not resonate with your soul's will and intention. Some sharp pains in the neck and shoulders may take place.

There will be activity in the thyroid as well. You may feel dead inside, or tired as the body assimilates and works through the blockages. There may be bursts of energy as well, leaving you wondering where it is coming from. There will be physical symptoms of the energetic movement.

A great thing to do is some tapping with your fingers in the crown area of the 7th chakra, as well as in the center top of the head. This activates a connection with the base of the brain (feeling, survival brain) to come up to the consciousness of the physical body. This will help to encourage the movement of the energy more fluidly.

There may be many headaches and migraines as this energy moves. There will be pains throughout the cranium, particularly in the areas of the temples. This is where the energy downloads and translates for the body.

May will be the time of transition into the next phase mostly, preparing for the revelation of your soul's plan. Also in May will be a re-evaluation of how you have been using your creative energy. There may be some time of dis-illusioning. You will be encouraged to work through the illusions you have had about the outer world being the source. This will create an upheaval in what you have been committed to, if it is not aligned with the deeper truth of your souls. This will become more real in this time and necessary to face.

This will lead you to actions and choices as the emotional connection to things from a deeper truth begins to reveal itself in the coming months. Emotional connection relates to the inner truth, while emotional attachments relate to the outer as source. What you will experience during the whole four months will feel like a pressure moving down in the body.

This first month may create pressure into the throat, heart and even solar plexus. This will also be determined by how much blocked energy is still held here. No one is fully clear, by the way. Everyone will be affected to some degree. And remember that the amount of blockage is not equal to worth or soul development.

There are many reasons that you will be processing all of your soul history and karma. in this time of 1994 to 2012 you are preparing for the release of the karmic wheel... and you will shift from cause and effect into resonance creation. Whatever you resonate with will become more powerful and direct an impact on your manifestations. When the soul comes in to take over, yo move from judgment to evaluation, which is a consideration of all possibilities and choices.

This is really the quadrant of the year when you for the very first time what freedom of choice really means. if you have already begun to experience some freedom from duality, you are starting to realize the creative force, you will know you have multiple choices in every moment. There is no good/bad, right and wrong. There are merely choices there to learn from, to literally discover the fine-tuned path of the truth of who you ARE.

Where you will see this happen in the outer world is in the dis-illusionment of your world forms, religions, governments, social systems and how you have given away your power to these systems in many ways. There will be a deeper awareness of the fraud that these systems have held. You are seeing this around you all the time. Obama wanting to redo the banking system, so that it cannot continue with corruptions is another sign. Everyone being treated with integrity is the goal.

As you move into this deeper truth, you will see many illusions. The truth will be hard to escape. To deceive even yourself will become more difficult. You will see this acted out in the world more and more. There will be demands being made from many organizations for TRUTH!

As you move into the coming months, there will be more breakdown of old systems that are not in truth and integrity, with service to the whole. This is the way of the soul. The integrity of things must be realized, as you move into more unity. As you move into soul values and qualities (those that honor and consider everyone in value and equality), you will begin to see the breakdown of the will nature of the outer world of form and its imposition and inequality. The United States has been very guilty of this, all done in the guise of freedom and democracy.


The 6th chakra will move more into the 4th chakra/ heart chakra. This will create an experience of self-revelation vs self-righteousness. This will create an emotional connection to your true sense of self, that will balance what you value for you individual life with deeper awareness and how you then share that with others.

You will begin to learn the importance of the balance of giving and receiving are both vital. One is dependent on the other. This time of moving into RELATIONSHIP, first with Self and then out to others, you will find less push and pull, less agendas of control. This time of breaking open the heart will be very healing in the long run.

When this takes place, all of the self-righteousness that you have known and indulged will reveal itself more fully - particularly thinking that you "know what is best" for others. Not being able to accept others where they are will become clearer. On an inner level, there will be a deeper layer of truth about self-acceptance.

There are parts of Self that have been suppressed and shamed that need to be re-claimed. This results in an inability to give of yourself, as you fear revealing parts of Self. This is very limiting, all in the myth of shame of Self.

As a soul, you are governed by the LOVE force, creative experience and manifestation. So when your heart is closed within you, you are limited in the amount of YOU that you are able to express, share and experience. So you are limited in your ability to relate to others.

Relationship with all parts of your life requires the ability to give, share and reveal yourself. That is all determined on the INSIDE. It determines the scope and meaning of your relationship to everything. As you claim more parts of self, your relationship with life itself can grow and expand and have more meaning.

As you are able to give in balance with RECEIVING, you will deepen that meaning. You cannot receive more than you can give. Some defenses block receiving and replace it with caretaking and the agenda of "giving," but don't share Self. This is not giving, but rather an agenda of the will to play a role and have a place to fit in, through control. Look at the different parts of your life.

In May, re-evaluate it all. Look at all your relationships, from people to work to creativity to fun and pleasure to health and well-being. How do you see yourself as a spiritual being? What does that mean to you? Look at all of the needs in each of these arenas. Where are the needs unmet?

In this month of self-revelation, you can learn and respond to many important deeper truths - about what has worked and what has not worked. As you practice giving and receiving more fully, from an inner connection to truth, you will find more MEANING in your life experience.

What qualities of Self are you bringing to these needs in order to power the intention to fulfill the needs through more balanced choices. Giving is ultimately sharing WHO YOU ARE, revealing WHO you are. The more you are in touch with that Self, the greater meaning you will have in your relating to all parts of your life. Do you see how you determine it all? You are very powerful in potential! This is what the soul wishes for you.

The soul then inspires you into the "we" consciousness, so that you can receive more fully from the connections you create. To give and receive from the truth of your needs will fulfill the truth of who you are. When you utilize your qualities, talents and abilities, you are filled with your giving. You are fulfilled.

If your issue is more about blockages of receiving in this month, then understand you will still have to deal with the same parts of yourself, to be seen, to be available and authentic. To heal either side is ultimately the same experience. Pressure in the chest and activity and movement between the front and back of the heart chakra will also take place. This is trying to balance the personality and soul.

The soul will move down, which creates pressure in the front and back. You may feel energy spinning in the heart or in the area of the spine as this opens. You will also break up much crystallization in many areas of the body. This could be the shoulders and arms. If you have blocks to receiving, you will experience it more in the left side. If there is a fear of giving and move out into the world, it may be symptomatic on the right.

The solar plexus will begin to be activated as well. Unforgiven issues, starting with self, will start to be revealed, encouraging you towards forgiveness. You may go through mourning of the past at this time as well, so that you can reclaim parts of self. It is wise to connect with the wounded inner child during this time as well. Get to more depths of the disappointments and unmourned past events. It is important to know how to nurture and process yourself through these parts of Self.

Again look to your relationships for clues. Look for the judgments and self-righteousness that hold you out of balance. To hold on will keep you from the freedom in all your relationships. You can see this happening with certain countries, such as between the US and Israel at this time. All areas of inner conflict will become more known and revealed, seeing what is supporting conflicts rather than healing and resolution.

The revelations are vital for the ultimate healing to take place. There will be more willingness to come to the table and create greater balance within countries as well. There may be breakthroughs in the treatment of heart disease during this time. Everything in your body runs through the core or center point of the heart.

There will be a deepening of feelings, particularly about the things that you value. Your sense of MEANING will deepen as you move into great connections and unity. Your awareness of connection on a greater soul level will grow.


As you move into July, the 6th chakra will move into the 3rd chakra of the solar plexus. This can create imbalances with digestion and elimination of body toxins as well. There may be acidity in the stomach region, as well as heart burn.

There may be an increase in heart attacks, which has been accelerating in the masses already. This will create a space of INSPIRATION vs desire.

This is the center of desire of the personality. The struggle that remains with desire for the outer world as source, for validation, gratification, etc will be looked at, so that you can move into inspiration, which comes from within. The inner connection to the soul essence preparing the lower will will open you to potential inspiration.

This is connected to the higher will, not the lower will. Desire is always temporary, with gratification and emotional attachment to the outer. As you move into inspiration of the inner connection to Self, you will experience for the first time the difference between attachment and a real connection. Attachment creates a power struggle.

Connection creates a relationship. In August, you will deepen this awareness. July will prepare you to release more of your remaining attachments, so that the inspiration of the soul can inspire your intuitive nature.

You will develop more intuition of the heart into the physical experience at this time. You will need to let go of more control this month. Desire requires that you control. It has no trust and acceptance and neutrality.

Neutrality is where giving and receiving become as one with a sense of continuity and the manifestations are easier. This becomes a cycle of creation. Desire pulls and yearns. If the commitment is to yearn, you cannot create the neutrality for powerful manifestations. Now you begin to let go of more desire and control, inspired by your growing inner truth. There may be pressure in the lower body.

There may be physical symptoms in the lower and middle back. There may be tightening in the lower belly. There may be a numbing in the lower limbs as well. Sexual desire may shift a great deal during this time as well, depending on how it moves and how it is habitually blocked.

There may be movements, with sudden forces or releases, like a shiver up the spine. There may be aching in the lower limbs as well. All of these movements will inspire a reversal of the spin cycles on your etheric body. This can create an electrical movement along the surface of the skin, with itching and even redness on the skin. You may have a loss of interest in some of the things you used to be attached to.

This may create some real emptiness during this time. Breathe deeply into the lower body to keep it open. Keep the sphincter diaphragm open as well, in the area of the anus. The soul's inspiration will deepen here through a greater intuition, as well as an inspiration of the will to act from deeper truths. You may want to connect to form in new, more meaningful ways. You may find a deeper inspiration to serve.

There may be many new choices of your creative force, learning to value what you have to give in new ways. You may find more dis-illusionment with the jobs or relationships that are not acting from your place of inner truth. On the other hand, you will be inspired to share more of yourself in relationships that will transform them as well.

There may be more passion for life, beyond longing and yearning. You may move more into more joyous presence, which is the essence of the soul. there may be a benign peaceful presence and neutrality that will bring you into a presence unlike anything you have ever known. Some will experience this for the first time.

Others will increase the frequency and depth of that experience. It will become less desirable to push and pull and control. Your own authentic identity will deepen. There will be more passion to come together in unison and connection. You may be more decisive and able to make choices with more conviction and passion and value.

In the world, you will see more a dis-illusionment taking place at this stage. That is how this will affect the masses, versus what will happen for those who have been doing empowerment, inner work to evolve themselves. There will be an acceleration of organizations that care for the planet, for groups and individuals in need.

This will continue to accelerate as INSPIRATION grows.



This month will be a time of the 6th chakra will reach the 2nd chakra more fully, its destination at this time. This will activate the ability and choices of relationships. Revelation and commitment to manifestation will deepen here.

Your passion, fueled by the higher will, will enter your relationships, which will be more in a reciprocal cycle of true connection of Self to life. You will now learn the fluidity and flow of mutual support. You will experience the revelation of what it really means to have communion and community, to sustain connection.

You will know yourself as a radiatory force and source to some degree, as well as the influence that this has on life around you. You will see the appeal of it as it transforms others. You will begin to experience more of a response from others when you hold that space. There will be more willingness around you when you are more in that neutral space, sharing yourself in truth, treating others with value.

The mystery of creation and manifestation is not a mystery. It is a revelation of inspiration that comes from the truth of your being. The world of form responds automatically. You become more aware that everything is truly connected and affected. You will have moments perhaps where your relationship with life itself, which reflects your relationship with Self, where you will have more complete experiences of communion. This will open you to a more multi-dimensional reality.

Physically you will experience an opening in the lower body, perhaps more grounded feelings. There may be pains in the lower body where they are still blockages energetically. The kidneys and liver may be affected. Some people will trigger deep anger and rage and sadness that has been held in the lower body that is very primitive.

Relationship will become your friend, rather than your enemy; transforming your emotional experience of MEANING. Some people will discover that they have never known true relationship before. Some will meet people who are related to the depth of truth of self, whether it be a friend, lover or life-partner.

The energies are supporting this focus and possibility - IF you are doing the inner work. Life will reflect your commitments. If you are in resistance and opposition to connection, that will rise in a bigger way as well. You will see relationships transforming in significant ways in the world around you. Systems will shift.

Re-structuring of relationships in manifestation will be the word of the day, whether it is in preparation or deeper action. People will want to have a SAY in their lives!

These are some of the things you can experience and expect in the next four months of 2010. There are wonderful possibilities, as well as some deeper challenges. Face them with as much willingness as you can muster. Learn to love yourself is the primary key, for it will be reflected in the life around you.




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