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      The Crystal Rose of Peace : The Energies for January 2010 and the Coming Year

Archangel Michael and Mary Magdalene through Celia Fenn

Images by Ofra Ben-Shetrit of Israel


Light over the Sea of Galilee, Israel, January 2010

Beloved Lightworkers, we welcome you to this New Year of 2010, and we are a little late this month as the Channel has been in her own changes and transformations. Indeed, we can say that with this year of 2010 you are now fully in the New Earth energy and you are creating the New Earth through every choice and decision that you make!

We call this the Year of the Crystal Rose of Peace, for the newly activated Rose Grids are providing the acceleration into Planetary Peace that will be the Foundation of the Golden Age of Peace. In the last decade, you have worked to lay down the New Earth crystalline grid system and to activate the Sacred Geometries of Light and the New Light Codes for the New Earth.  Now, with the Sacred Rose Grids transmitting the Golden Light of the Christ Consciousness to the Planet, the Collective Consciousness has accelerated greatly in the last few months.  Many more souls are awakening and seeking to join in this wonderful new creation of Peace and Love.

So it is that after the activations of the 11:11 and the 12:12 of 2009, the Planetary Hologram accelerated into a new level or frequency of Divine Consciousness, creating much turbulence in its wake. Those of you who are awakened are asked to keep holding your inner light and truth and to provide the foundation of Peace and Love that will be the basis for the New Earth.

The Acceleration will provide opportunities for great changes and the creation of Miracles of Love. There will also be great challenges as you learn to release the old energies and focus on the new ways of Being. The most important skill that you can learn now is to Flow with the energies. Things will move so swiftly that unless you are flexible and able to flow with the changes, you will find great difficulty in accepting what is. The characteristics of Higher Dimensional Consciousness are Movement, Creation, Change and Flow. The way to be in Higher Consciousness is to surrender to the Flow and allow Spirit and your Higher Self to direct your course. The Mind cannot direct your course now, as it does not have the ability to function within multidimensionality.   Only the Higher Self or I AM can do that.   The Function of the Mind is to make choices according to what is offered by Spirit and to discern what pathways open before you.

Beloved Family of Light, this is a time of great blessings as you learn how powerful you are. Sometimes, power is experienced simply by releasing and letting go and allowing Spirit to be your guide. Indeed, in this year of 2010, you will be challenged to release all expectations and attachments to outcomes and allow what is to unfold in your life, knowing that your I AM presence and Spirit will deliver to you exactly what you desire and what is for your highest good and growth.

Beloved Ones, in the process of Flow, remember always to align with Love, for Love expresses Divine Will.  Be drawn to Love and express Love.  Where there is no Love, then do not be there, remove yourself and go to those places and people where the Love is.  The time for struggle and pain is over.  Be drawn to Love and allow Love to be your guide and support.  And know that as you offer Love and Support, so will it be returned to you.

As we have said before, Beloved Ones, Live in the Present moment, in the Now. If you try to attach to the past or future, you will be disoriented and out of flow, and things will not go well.  If you focus into what is given through Grace in the Present Moment, you will align with the Flow of Divine Will and Divine Grace and you will experience Abundance and Joy.

In this Acceleration and Alignment with Divine Will, you will release all that is not necessary for your path, and you will be drawn to those who are your Soul Family. You will, in this year, truly understand who are your Soul Family.  You will truly understand what it means to be Family of Light and to be fully awakened and in communion with Soul Family.  This will be a great blessing.  You will learn to create together, to play together and to shape the future of the Planet in Peace through Loving Intention right now.

Beloved Ones, in this year that comes you will learn to perfect your skills of manifestation.  What you desire and ask for will come to you with great speed, and you will learn to accept, integrate and express gratitude at the accelerated creation of all that you desire.  You will indeed be greatly blessed in this coming year, but it will require inner strength and trust to handle the power of the energy of 2010.

We say to you also that there will be many challenges in this time. As you create Peace and Abundance, you will need to confront all that is not Peace and Abundance so that it may be released and transformed in the Light.   So, it may seem to you that "difficult" situations will arrive to test your mastery of the light.  At these times, hold to your truth and hold the Peace in your heart, and move through these situations by asking for guidance and holding your own inner Peace, knowing that all will be well.

Where there is conflict, Beloved Ones, let there be resolutions, where there are problems, let there be solutions. Where you are challenged, look always for the highest good of all concerned at all times.

Remember too that the Diamond Light will flood all situations with the Light of Absolute Clarity. Nothing can be hidden from the Light now, and the Truth will always be seen and felt by those who are awakened and whose hearts are open to Peace and Truth.  This too is a blessing, for your path will be open to Light and Radiance and supported by Love.  And so, as you pass through the month of January with its powerful shifts and accelerations, we wish you Grace, Peace, Love and the Power of your Divine Inner Being!


The Crystal Rose of Peace by Mary Magdalene

Beloved Children of the Light
Now in this year of the Rose
The Crystal Light of the Christ
Unfolds in your Hearts.

I am Here
With You

To support you and Love You As you learn to be Free.

The Sacred Energy of the Divine Feminine
That will Love you and Support you
As you learn to be Free.

I am with you
Yeshua is with you
Together we are the Christ Light
Living infinitely in your hearts

You were born free and you are free.

Embrace the Crystal Rose of Peace
In your Heart
Its Translucent Light will radiate Peace
Its Crystal Clarity will provide Luminous Love
For All.

In this year
I will be with you

I am the Magdalene
I am the Light of the Rose
The Light of the Goddess
The Light of your Feminine Being

I bring you Love
To support you
As you embrace your freedom
Yeshua and myself
We came to show you
How to be Free!

And now we say

You are Free
You are the Crystal Rose of Peace
Translucent and Beautiful
Angelic and filled with Grace

You are the Crystal Rose of Peace!



Greetings Tribe of Light!

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 It is said

The Ancient Hawaiians

had a prophecy

that there would come

a time on the planet

when there would be so much chaos

it would require many to emerge

as Agents of Calm


It feels these times have arrived!

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 A great Astrology article that shares the intensity of the energies coming up in the next half of the year are paving the way for 2012...

You can read it here:


 Thank you for your role in this time of remembrance.

Please stay in touch. I am delighted to receive your comments on my blog, as well as your emails. It means a lot to hear from you, validating the depths of our connections... Fortifying each others' journeys!

 In Lak'ech - I am Another Yourself

Eden Sky, Red Self-Existing Skywalker


The Storm of Changes is intensifying… Nothing is being left untouched by the fierce cleansing forces shuddering through the universe, penetrating, exposing, destroying, shattering, opening, liberating us into deeper orders of Chaos. From scorching Solar Flares, to erupting Earth disasters, to raging social turmoil and personal emotional explosivity, the tempest of Prophecy rolls on, anointing our days with its thunderous Mystery.

On The Way By Robert ShawThe swirling waves of this Great Purification are churning us all… Death is inside every moment, asking to meet us that we can finally accept impermanence as the ground of birth; accepting instability and unknown as our only stable ground, that we may Rise and greet Life with a new gratitude.

In these times of great upheaval and unfolding, the ripples of misery, fear, despair, and powerlessness pool together with our trust, celebration, divine conviction, levity and courage. In this planetary moment, terror and miracles breathe side by side, paving the spiraling path.

Knowing these times are volatile, we need to be more accountable than ever to the fact that our personal emotional and psychic energies are feeding into the collective, right here and now. Whether we are alone, or speaking to a group of millions on TV, each of us is pulsing our intentions and vibrations into the web of life. Nothing is insignificant; nothing goes unseen by our own heart’s conscience.

Some of us who are very empathic may be inclined to feel the “suffering of the world,” especially as it amplifies our own inner unresolved wounds, presenting us with archetypal struggles and the psychic tension of existence. As fearful anxiety escalates in the collective field, and the trauma of the world’s soul surmounts, we must be alert to our responsibilities to help positively influence our collective vibration. While there are countless ways to help physically, let us not overlook the energetic influences we have on all our relations.

We must do the work of transforming grief into joy, and stress into calm, by learning how to authentically process these times and align with our heart centers.

We will never be immune to the pains inherent in life, but through disciplined training of our minds, we can protect ourselves from accumulating extra layers of unnecessary suffering. (Some helpful teachings in this regard include the work of Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie.)

For those of us privileged to be living in situations where all of our basic needs are met, we especially need to be alert and notice that as soon as we are warm, clothed, housed and fed, we move on to fabricating immense psychological problems to obsess on and identify with. While we may not be able to change all the physical circumstances of our lives, our power is always in how we perceive and respond to them. Attitude is everything. The times have never been so ripe for spiritual training and education of how to truly live as healthily as possible. Invest in your life; invest time in communing with your heart, cleansing your perceptions and nourishing your body; invest in your vibrational emanation!

Our opportunity is to meet the intensity arising in the planetary field, and channel and release the energies through whatever healthy avenues we can discover – whether catharsis, conscious breathing, dance, movement, art, expression, ritual, prayers, meditation, processing, etc. By offering our human vessels as mediums for the soul renewal brought by these sacred universal trials, we uplift the whole, helping transmute and liberate the pain and pressure into presence and knowing. Our contribution adds directly to the overall vibration incarnating upon the planetary scene. We are artists here collaborating in this dimension. Or perhaps we are merely the brush through which the great art moves. Our motives and actions affect and touch Totality.

As we are all connected, those of us who are aware of the precious calling of planetary service must take our places in attuning to the One Heart.


Jan 13, 2010 Haiti

In the faces of life’s extremes, if we can let the recognition of universal suffering crack our hearts open, then we can access true compassion. As the emergencies are screaming into the abyss, we can feel them when we attune to the One Heart. Can the destruction and pain we encounter remind us of the glory of our interdependence? Can we remember how privileged we are to be able to feel the tender suffering of human sentience? As we allow the heart breaking realities taking place in this moment to dissolve our illusory separation, we receive the blessing brought by the pain; by being present with the pain we receive its empowerment as it ripens our compassion.



Alchemy of Joy by Mara Berendt Friedman

Likewise, part of our mission is to anchor joy on this earth, even and especially in the midst of these dark times. This is part of our sacred balancing work. This is not about happiness that is a product of denial and ignorant pleasure. This is not about contentment that is numb to the world’s tragedies and crises. This is not about distracting oneself with frivolous games of amusement. This is not about manic ungrounded outbursts. This is about a joy that is primordial, unconditional, worshipping existence itself. This kind of joy has met grief and digested it, taking it in as food to fuel its surrender. Joy because the Sky is so blue and the deeper I breathe into my heart the more I can feel the preciousness of this very moment humming. Joy because we are here, present in this adventure. Joy because we know there is more to life than what we see. Joy because there is an order that weaves all. Joy because the only thing that lightens life is love and grateful acceptance.

So knowing that our authentic work spans the wholeness of embracing the dark and the light, let us give ourselves license to pour positive, healing, ecstatic, blissful rainbow splendor into the collective cauldron, sweetening the flavor of our shared soup.

We must not be discouraged by the intensity of these times, for they are accelerated on purpose. As we understand we are in a process of an old world paradigm dying and coming apart at the seams, we can have patience and courage, knowing we are here to help anchor the new! As we hold the highest vision for the transformation of our world, rooting to our clearest intentions, let us release expectations of how things are supposed to appear, surrendering to the larger unfolding.

This moment in the collective dream is steeped in mystery. This mystery has a heartbeat that lives within us. Let it be known that we are here to manifest the new culture that is based on conscious, harmonious interdependence. This is the fulfillment this prophecy is inviting of us!

In this pivotal moment, let us learn how to truly be a friend to our own self, nurturing the flowering of our own soul’s beauty and mission. Let’s drop the veils and claim our staff of self-worth. Let’s stop fighting ourselves and receive the chalice our own majesty. Let’s feed the unique divine spark that dances its lightning through us. Let’s wield our gifts with true gratitude for the abundance we have to share. Let’s rejoice for each other’s beauty. Let’s smile for no reason. Let’s smile because it makes us feel like anything is possible. Let’s cry when the grief needs to flow. Let’s dance when the prayer erupts into rhythmic visions. Let’s appreciate each other’s colors and textures of being that make this cosmic collage so diverse. Let’s slow down. Let’s abide in calm presence. As Maharishi Mahesh Yogi advises, let’s “do less and accomplish more.”

Let’s breathe deeply into our connection with our spiritual guides that help us navigate the ever-unfolding labyrinths of possibility. Let’s dare ourselves to trust the incomprehensible Love that has fashioned this whole existence. Let’s step up in our devotion to being part of the solution and know that we have a responsibility to LIVE; to awaken to the opportunities that are offering themselves to us in these times. Let’s not let fear stop us from going over our growth edges. Let’s let the love in. Let’s surrender to the journey. Let’s overcome our cosmic amnesia, feel the earth and sky beating in our hearts, wake up from our materialist slumber, compost our ego’s entrancements, and take our power back from the illusion of separation. Let’s bow to the one web of life, and honor our place as children of the cosmos, innocent yet purposeful. Let’s purify ourselves with sincerity, humility and dedication to serve. Let’s pioneer new pathways in love-based living. Let’s support each other in this quest of being we all share. As emissaries of the Calm Inside the Storm, let’s emanate our inner heart fire to the whole.

It is essential we focus
on cultivating
our internal harmony
so we can contribute
to generating harmony
in the world…

Astrology Report by Mark Dodich

•January 18, 2010 • 1 Comment

2010 Predictions: The Year of Conscious Awareness

2012 Arrives Early

By Mark Dodich

“Get ready for an exciting year. Astrologers have been privately talking about 2010 at astrology conferences for several years, and now it’s time to bring our secrets into the world. If you have been impatiently waiting for 2012, then you will be happy to know that it is arriving two years early.

The heavy-duty outer planets that transform lives are all tied together in 2010 in a challenging pattern called a T-square. Imagine the tension you would feel if you were sitting on a three-legged chair that should have four legs. You can sit on it, but you need to pay conscious attention to your actions to maintain your stability.

The least little movement, like reaching for your cup of tea, requires you to rebalance on the fly. Add to that, explosive Uranus moves into impatient Aries this summer to blow up your comfort zone.

Before you rush to call your favorite astrologer, know that this motivating planetary alignment is a good thing. When planets line up in the early degrees of action signs (specifically Libra, Aries and Capricorn), there is an impatient rush to pioneer a new path.

In 2010, the universe reminds you that everything is connected. You must look several steps down the road when you make a decision, because your actions this year will reverberate throughout all areas of your life during the next two years.

The planetary energies of 2012 look calm compared to this summer. The year 2010 does the intense transforming work, so that you are prepared to peacefully meditate on creating a new galactic reality by 2012.

Because these expansive and explosive frequencies do not peak until summer, it is important to begin with relatively uncommon energies currently building toward a summer crescendo.

Warrior Mars, now passing through passionate Leo, begins the year in its rare retrograde cycle. Since Dec. 20, 2009 and through March 10, you have and will be reviewing your ambitions. Leo requires you to step into leadership, urging you to create your life based on your heart’s desire.

If you are trying to keep a relationship or job in motion, but your heart just isn’t in it, Mars retrograde stimulates you to quietly prepare your battle plan for action come spring. With Mars spending six months in Leo when its normal passage is six weeks, you are getting an aggressive push to align your worldly actions with a passionate, heart-centered path.

Before making excuses as to why you cannot have what your heart wants, remember that summer brings paradigm shifts in your life. Trust that your old beliefs and behaviors will fall away. Now is the time to do the behind-the-scenes preparation before announcing your plans to the world.

The energy of these changes picks up speed by August. Before you run off to a cave in Montana, know that the T-square has already been building since 2008.

Destructive Pluto moved into restructuring Capricorn to change aspects of the world that were sitting on faulty foundations (such as bad real estate loans and money games on Wall Street).

The second leg of the T-square started last October when integrity-focused Saturn entered the relationship sign of Libra. You are called to rebalance your relationships, beginning with your relationship to self. If you have been giving too much of yourself away, then you must reclaim healthy boundaries or risk burning out Libra-ruled adrenals.

On a global level, Saturn was in Libra in the early 1980s and early 1950s. The United Nations was in the news and the U.S. was actively changing relationships with the Russians through the reduction of weapons systems. As this energy was getting started in 2008, the installation of weapons systems near Russia’s border was cancelled by President Obama. The United Nations will go through a restructuring before Saturn leaves Libra in the fall of 2012.

Whether you are looking at global or personal relationships, they are all in the process of change. Good relationships have the opportunity to go to even better levels. Bad relationships must be torn apart to be restructured or released.

Whether this is the relationship of the U.S. with a country in change like Cuba, or in your love, family or work relationships, the key is the same. Libra urges diplomacy, grace and cooperation. Saturn requires long term, patient changes to create a solid foundation for the future.

There is a wild card to add to the mix. Expect-the-unexpected Uranus moves into independent Aries at the full moon on May 27.

Uranus revolutionizes your life and Aries wants it done yesterday. All of your neatly laid plans get hit by a thunderbolt. Uranus wants to sell it all and go on a walkabout. Aries wants to pioneer a completely new path. You must balance this freedom-seeking energy with the stabilizing energy of the other two legs of the T-square.

It is like putting a complex puzzle together while all the pieces are floating in zero gravity. The beauty is that you creatively combine different aspects of your life in a way that has never been done before. The challenge is that you must release old paradigm modes of thinking.

Although my intent is to not participate in doom-and-gloom mentality, it is important to look at the difficult side of this grinding planetary pattern. Personal relationships that have not been working are going to crash and burn. Let them go.

Many people will choose to vacate the planet rather than work with this new energy. A recent example of this is last July when changing emotional energy released Michael Jackson, Farah Fawcett, Walter Cronkite and others who represented their generations.

Summer will be a busy fire season and earthquakes will be significant this year. Political and social revolutions will be in the news. The uncovering of corruption and hidden secrets continues to bring new surprises into the media. This same energy brings new inventions in diseases of the heart, natural energy and faster everything.

The phrase “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” does not apply in 2010. Be willing to release old beliefs and behaviors and trust that you are being divinely guided to your highest good.”

Mark Dodich has been a professional astrologer and intuitive consultant since 1980. Mark’s specialties include natal astrology, relocation astrology maps and seven ray spiritual purpose astrology. Visit

“I Channel in order to Dream ~ Inspiring Intuition…

•January 2, 2010 • 15 Comments
Gregorian: Jan 1 2010
Natural Time: 20th day of the Rhythmic Moon of Equality
Blue Resonant Night Day
Traditional Count: 11 Eagle

Our collective dream unfolds. What we each bring to the dream of the world reflects our dance with our own hearts. We can only give what we are; are beingness is our root.

In these times of vibrant chaotic mystery we need roots in the everchanging now that link us to the formless beyond all the appearances and stories. In just the breath of presence, we taste life’s perfection, empty of an agenda, pure life Is. Pure, simple, innocent, and wise. What if we already are at home in the universe? What if we’ve already arrived to our own surrendered humble heart – that by bowing receives its crown?…

As we open to receive the flower that dwells within us, and is our soul’s bouquet, we become more generous in bestowing the art of our being. This redeems our communities with harmony and love. Love is presence; love lives as the now, not the stories, the stories are a veil. The now is salvation from the nightmare of future panic and past shame.

Let us renew our inner and outer purpose… We are the circle around the tree that counts the blessings that cover, pave, color, prove, and sculpt our journey. The cave and the holy light are not separate – they are whole.

Like the sun rejoicing in its consistent FIRE and blazing danger light that sources the dance of life enthusiastic…vibration of creation … beyond our comprehension, as the architect decrees, life is a song that will never stop singing…ultimately, the convincing scenario of consciousness’ eternal nature  is utterly dreamlike.

So enjoy another now…There may well be no end to presence. While form surely changes, our essence is already united with our divine undifferentiated source. This source is the root of our natural abundance. The more we celebrate each others’ beauty and health, the more radiant we become. The more we sincerely show up for our loved ones, the more love nurtures the most microcosmic details of our lives, fortifying our web of relations.

This is an essential time to wake up out of the many misleading spells that collective humanity is under in these times – including artificial time, the lie of unworthy and the trance of scarcity and separation.

As we align with our natural connection to the inherently interconnected existence of divine abundant nature that flows through all of creation, then we become recipients of and vehicles which bestow the Universe’s graces. Let us keep giving to one another and being the instruments through with the new song of heart comes through on this earth, under the stars, as one in the spirit of human beauty.

Let us question the spells of limitation, separation, compart-mental-i-zation. that have bound us. Communication is our tool of liberation and re-creation. dreaming a new dream, molding actions with intentions of a new vibration which transmits a demonstration of transformation. As we keep doing that which is set out, that which is ours to do, walking our path, we emerge:

Shining petals of rejuvenation, dew-kissed, born of tribulation.

For we are the perfumes -chanting- invoking -lighting one another’s paths… let us keep opening to the journey, learning to let the unknown blanket us in love… safe in the void… no self to defend… Can we let ourselves be held by life? Can we let ourselves anchor joy and trust as preventative medicines for the soul sicknesses of these times?

We are together in this prophetic cauldron, the cycles of the ancient star codes in stone have mapped the aligning of celestial sources with terrestrial forces, taking place in these very moments…

Therefore let us live life with abundant heart, trusting that as we give from our essential core being, life naturally circulates and expands the flow, empowering our heart to keep shining through and beyond all the cloudy moments, a light of simple beingness, equal with all.

To the one essence of divine love,

Excerpt from “A New Earth” By Eckhart Tolle:

“…The whole comprises all that exists. It is the world or the cosmos. But all things in existence, from microbes to human beings to galaxies, are not really separate things or entities, but form part of a web of interconnected multidimensional processes.

There are two reasons why we don’t see this unity, why we see things as separate. One is perception, which reduces reality to what is accessible to us through the small ranges of our sense: what we can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. But when we perceive without interpreting or mental labeling, which meand without adding thought to our perceptions, we can actually still sense the deeper connectedness underneath our perception of seemingly separate things.

The other more serious reason for the illusion of separateness is compulsive thinking. It is when we are trapped in incessant streams of compulsive thinking that the universe really disintegrates for us, and we lose the ability to sense the interconnectndness of all that exists. Thinking cuts reality up into lifeless fragments. Extremely unintelligent and destructive action arises out of such a fragmented view of reality.

However, there is an even deeper level to the whole than the interconnectedness of everything in existence. As that deeper level, all things are one. It is the Source, the unmanifested one Life. It is the timeless intelligence that manifests as a universe unfolding in time.

The whole is made up of existence and Being, the manifested and the unmanifested, the world and “God.” So when you become aligned with the whole, you become a conscious part of the interconnectedness of the whole and its purpose: the emergence of consciousness into this world. As a result, spontaneous helpful occurrences, chance encounters, coincidences, and synchronistic events happen much more frequently. Carl Jung called synchronicity an “acausal connecting principle.” This means that it “is not causal connection between synchronistic events on our surface level of reality. It is an outer manifestation of an underlying intelligence behind the world of appearances – a deeper connectedness that our mind cannot understand.

But we can be conscious participants in the unfolding of that intelligence, the flowering consciousness.”


Solstice Synchronization ~ A New World Is The Song of Heart

•December 1, 2009 • 6 Comments
Kin 130: Blue Magnetic Monkey ~
Timeless Center of the Harmonic Matrix of Time
Overtone Peacock Moon, Day 16
November 30, 2009
Traditional Count: 5 Akbal

“We live in initiatory times when each soul can feel more isolated amidst the dying breath of one world and uncertain about the umbilical pulsing of the next.

“…It’s not the lack of time that modern people suffer from, but a lack of connection to things timeless, mythic and eternal…

“As the veil lifts on the wounded cycles of both nature and culture, the symbolic sense of re-viewing and re-valuing life can lead to both new ideas and the return of genuine knowledge and earthly wisdom.” ~From Michael Meade: “The World Behind the World ~ Living at the Ends of Time”


As I write this, we are exactly 3 weeks from the upcoming Solstice December 21, 9:47 am PST, Yellow Solar Human Day, which will mark the 3 year synchronization point with  Solstice 2012.

I am writing to each of you to invite us to unify our prayers and ceremonies on this holy day, aligning together as human instruments of the intelligence of the One Heart, open to the Pulsations of our Sun Star, and all the Guiding Forces that are here to help us in these times. On the Traditional Count, Solstice is the day of 13 Kan~ seeding the cosmic spiral, weaving a web with our threads of celestial and terrestrial vitality.

Each one of us has our own natural, indigenous connection to the core of the Earth and the core of the Sky. The Maya call this the Heart of the Heavens and the Heart of the Mother Earth.

While our bodies are made of the 4 elements earth, water, fire and air, our time-travelling self  is made of the 4 galactic elements: universal fire, blood, truth and sky. Our human work is to align with the forces of Nature. This is how we bring the higher dimensions into contact with our physical realm. As we reclaim our soul’s indigenous roots, we access deeper levels of our inner navigation channels.

This is the Time of The Great Purification. The machinery of pollution is relentlessly surmounting. Is it just me, or does it sometimes feel that life is so fast-paced, accelerated, and out of balance that the Universe could possibly erupt at any moment?

In these times, I feel that many of us are serving as “World Empaths,” and we need to nurture our process and be pro-active in stabilizing our own emotional natural eruptions as well. I have deep compassion for this generation of humanity right now, as we are all living in highly stressful and artificial conditions, hearing constant reports of our declining biosphere and natural resources, bombarded with broadcasts of possible future natural disasters that could destroy and annihilate our species. While being alive in these times is a privilege, it can also feel like sacred, heart-breaking torture. And yet all of the tests are here to soften our hearts, opening new paths in our minds and beings.

The Light of a new awareness of our interconnectedness is calling to us all on deeper levels. I can see the Flower of Life unfolding right now, I can feel it breathing the new world into the ethers, as time unfolds to land in the soles of our feet and the palms of our willing and humble hands. Love is Present.

As the Universe challenges us in these apocalyptic times by “revealing” more and more harsh and shocking realities, how many veils are we willing to look beyond to see more facets of the fractal of our existence? In this process the Vast Love is present to embrace and absorb all, integrating the darknesses and fears into the One Empty Wholeness of Being.

We are starting to collectively realize that we not only need each other, we are each other. We only judge in others what we judge in ourselves. We can never truly love ourselves while we are distracted judging and condemning our brothers and sisters. This is the time to forge alliances. To do the real work of community building and conflict resolution to get clean and clear, mindful and aligned in our relationships. No detail escapes the magnifying glass of the Divine, nothing is insignificant, our intention counts at all times. According to the Dalai Lama, our intention directs our karma.

When I contemplate the prophetic voices of St. John, or The Hopi, or the Dogon, or the Q’ero Elders, or the Lakota, or the Maya, or the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, I feel they are all sourced in the same stream of consciousness, telling us in various ways of a cycle changing; a veil of forgetting coming off and revealing remembrance.

What I feel is being called out for us to see is:
These times are asking us to become ACCOUNTABLE.

We have to look inside ourselves, especially at all that we’ve denied or hid from or procrastinated towards. This is the time of exposing and cleansing. Therefore, these times are ripe for integrating one’s shadow, and it seems that’s part of what the New world is asking of us. Harmony can only be built on authentic foundations.

While we are on the brink of shifting world age cycles, its not about expectations of how this will appear and unfold in the future, its about our willingness to play our roles with Heart, in this moment.

These next years are sure to be bountiful with challenge, mystery, and a deepening light of remembrance, like the Solstice’s gradual Return of the Sun. What we need to accept is we can’t yank the skin off the snake’s back, it has to be shed, naturally. From a larger viewpoint we are immersed in the depths of a death, transmutation process. This is not a linearly timed process, this is pure messy chaos of real life, reflecting our own consciousness levels back at us. The more we each shed of our own unnecessary sufferings, and egoic baggage, the more energy we liberate for the collective to open to our deeper possibilities for creative human expanse.

Right now, we are in the final 3 years of a particular Wave of History that’s been forming and trans-forming since the dawning of recorded civilization.

As a global species, we are now thoroughly in touch with each other around the Earth. Now we need to be on the lookout to not let our external technological prowess blind us to our inner technologies.

As the Earth continues undergoing  rapid shifts, our purest guide is our own direct connection to the Earth and Sky.

For a new world era to descend
it requires vessels of
~ human ~
~ heart ~
~ culture~
to dance it
into life
through being
and doing
one’s authentic

As we come to understand our human participation in the clearest light, both locally and globally, we see we are part of the one cosmic equation: Here + Now!







“In the midst of radical changes in nature and the rattling of cultural institutions the point may be to turn again to the inner realm where old practices and deep awareness can produce moments of wholeness. When the whole thing seems about to fall apart revelations of the deep Self within may be closer than ever. Rather than the need to save the whole world, the real work of humanity may be to find wholeness within.” -Michael Meade, from “The World Behind the World ~ Living at the Ends of Time”


Thank you for lending your energies to join in our Solstice Synchronization! Please spread the word and stay in touch!







2012 UPDATE!

•November 19, 2009 • 3 Comments

I am thrilled to announce that we just updated our LIVING PROPHECY page on our website! It was created to offer a holistic, accurate and inspiring take on the 2012 Synchronization – End of the Maya Long Count Calendar Cycle.

Please check it out and share the link with others:

This update has been a long time coming, and was definitely inspired by the recent 2012 disaster movie that was just released this November, Friday the 13th, on White Planetary Wizard day.

The 2012 movie is alerting hundreds of millions of people around the world about the Closing of the Cycle in 2012, but as can be expected, it is associating it with global cataclysm, fear, and the end of the world.

This is unfortunate, and as you will read on our new webpage, the Maya in Guatemala are very upset with all this distortion of the message of their ancient prophecy. They want the world to know the completion of their calendar cycle DOES NOT POINT TO THE END OF THE WORLD, and they wish for people to NOT BE AFRAID. You can find links to Shift of the Ages off of our site, which has recent videos from Maya Grandfather Don Alejandro explaining this in his own words.

The essence of the 2012 prophecy is not about doom and gloom, it is about transformation, renewal and re-birth. It is about us waking up to our true human potential; it is about us coming into our power as planetary citizens, conscious of our interdependence, working together in respect for all of life. It is about us changing paradigms so that our global culture can find a way to live in Harmony, with ourselves, each other and all of Nature. It is about us living from our Hearts. It is a calling for us to expand our perceptions, sense of reality, and context we place ourselves in and awaken to ourselves as galactic beings…
I could say so much more, but truly its all on the website!


We are excited about our new webpage because it gives us the opportunity to promote other websites, messengers, and organizations that we feel are also providing accurate and inspiring 2012 information. So on our new page, you’ll find lots of links to sites we feel are worthwhile to explore and support. We will continue adding to these resources as time unfolds.




The 2012 Hollywood movie is just the beginning. As we get closer to 2012, there will be more and more mis-information and distortion of the essence of the Mayan Prophecy, and you can expect more and more fear-based websites. We truly care about the collective consciousness and we want to continue to help be part of the solution. On that note, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Essentially, because our website has been around since 2002, and since we are a content-rich site, we have had a really high Google ranking. For example, before the movie came out, if you did a search on 2012, our Living Prophecy webpage came up #13. However, since the 2012 disaster movie has come out, we are getting bumped down  – by all the movie promotion and also the “fake” websites which they’ve designed to promote their movie and the whole fear-based doomsday enchilada… As of today, on Google our site now comes up #20 which is the last slot on the 2nd page.

We want people doing 2012 searches to find our site because we feel it provides an accurate, thorough, positive take on 2012. We feel strongly that it is important that people can read for themselves what the Maya Elders are saying, and can hear from someone like myself who has been studying this material for 15 years.

So, if you check out our page and feel aligned with helping us in this mission, there are 2 things you can do:

A) Please send this link to your networks:




B) If you have a website (or a blog or facebook, etc)
PLEASE POST A LINK TO OUR NEW PAGE! This will DIRECTLY help our google numbers.

The best way to help is for the link to read: “THE MAYAN PROPHECY OF 2012″ and to have those words linked to the url:    (Just like we have on this page).

Or maybe you have friends who run websites that you feel they might like to include a link to our Prophecy page. EVERY EXTERNAL LINK HELPS!!!

Thank you for reading this, and for being part of this important movement to influence our collective consciousness; to antidote the doom and panic with higher vision and inspiration. We know we are all related and that we directly influence each other with our thoughts, feelings, intentions, actions – our vibrations. The more we can help emanate positive energies, the more it helps uplift the whole!

Please feel free to post comments and share your feedback of our new 2012 update,  as it is always a delight to hear from YOU!

From my humble, ancient Heart
Aryz Eden Sky



•September 29, 2009 • 42 Comments
An Angel's Home from

To Serve is to Shine as the Flowering Mystery
and Act in Ways Vast and Subtle,
Guided by Wisdom and Compassion,
Moved as the Winds of Spirit Propel Your Being.


On the 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar
within the 13-Tone Spiral of the Year,

Sept 20 – Oct 17
always correlates to
Moon 3
The Electric Moon of Service

Code Words: Activate ~ Bond ~ Service

Our totem is the deer.
Our Tone of Creation is 3.

3 brings the sacred trinity,
the possibility of movement, exchange and rhythm
beyond the polarity of 2.

Service is Love Made Visible

When we understand our interdependence,
with each other and with the living universe,
we sense ourselves as a vital link in our web of relationships;
we recognize the ongoing exchange of giving and receiving.

Each moment offers us an opportunity to show up and interact constructively,
to serve in the actualization of its potential; to ACTIVATE IT!

Service can refer to both one’s lifetime mission,
as well as the moment to moment invitation to support life
as it is occurring right in front of our eyes.

The more we keep centering in our hearts
and sensitizing our awareness to the depths of what it means to be alive,
the more we perceive the callings from within,
and the more we understand the needs confronting us.
In this process, our bonds with life deepen
and we feel more and more held by the benevolence of the Whole.

The essence of service is that one feels passionately, gratefully alive
and wishes to consciously participate in the circulation of this loving gratitude -
humbly serving the Whole that upholds life -
being an agent of that benevolent presence in action.

The form one’s service can take can look like many things.
We can contemplate that there are
ong range and short range manifestations of service.
Our life’s expression reflects our balance of these two elements,
and how we are serving in uniting the spiritual and material realms.

Ultimately, Service is INTUITIVE.

How service manifests is relative to the person and to the intuition of the moment.

Is one’s attention being called to the mundane or to the mystical?
To the breadcrumb or to the sky?
To the inner or to the outer?
What if these paths and acts and feelings are all connected!
Our task is to follow our heart’s promptings,
because in the scheme of Totality, its all relevant and has its own timing.

From redefining our global economy to represent new paradigm values,
to helping a child peel an orange.
From discovering new sciences and energy
breakthroughs based on higher-dimensional mathematics,
to listening deeper than you’ve ever listened to the morning bird song.
From doing yogic breathing exercises to balance and activate both sides of your brain,
to working to re-structure the public health care system.
From serving your family’s needs,
to doing ceremony and prayers to align with your spiritual guides.
From protecting the bees from extinction,
to looking deeply and self-reflectively at your own shadow and unconscious,
integrating your wounds into your own heart.
From giving a speech to thousands,
to teaching a child how to ride a bike.
From expressing your artistic soul,
to genuinely telling someone how much you appreciate and value them.
From planting a tree,
to developing your telepathy by attuning to natural time!

Life is a journey providing limitless ways to serve.
As we open up to life’s intelligence inside of us, this becomes more clear.
The opportunities and callings for service change from one moment to the next
as the waves of life unfold over time.

While the authentic spirit of service is available to explore all
the ways and avenues to be of help,
it seems that when people are doing what they genuinely love,
they can’t help but be of service to the whole.
Each of us has unique gifts and abilities,
specific passions and inclinations that we can develop
and offer for the upliftment of our communities and our world!

As we live our lives in ways that inspire us to feel Electrically Alive,
our path of service naturally presents itself.
Therefore, let us continue to follow our spirits and liberate our passions,
knowing that as we feel truly alive,
our service will gracefully emerge and flower.
As we humbly bestow the world with our ray, our note,
we offer beauty to the collective dream.


•September 8, 2009 • 27 Comments

Greetings Planetary Kin!

Today is 9/7/09 on the Gregorian Calendar. On the 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar, we are still travelling through The Moon of Challenge. Today is the Blue Galactic Hand within the Yellow Sun Wavespell of Enlightening Life. This day’s focus is about Harmonizing, Modeling, Integrity, Knowing, Accomplishing and Healing.

I know we all understand the value of living aligned with Cosmic Harmonies and the necessity to collaborate in creating a New Paradigm Culture. I know we are all doing our personal and collective work, integrating our intentions and our actions that we may positively meet the opportunities that are being ushered in by the 2012 Prophecy!

In synchronizing with these energies of today, I wanted to share with you an article I just encountered that I feel is worthwhile. It is published in a local Portland, Oregon newspaper and is called “The Global Shift Has Begun.”

This article ties together 2012 and the Global Coherency Initiative whose intention is to manifest “Millions of people in heart-focused care and intention to shift global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace… The central hypothesis of GCI is that the magnetic fields of the Earth are impacted by mass human emotion, both positive and negative…”

I have been aware of this type of work for a very long time – over a decade – (for example Drunvalo Melchizadek and Dan Winter’s work) and I feel that this type of project that unifies science and spirituality is definitely an essential part of the New Paradigm that is emerging!

Personally, something I have felt for a long time is that human emotions are impacting the earth’s biosphere and weather patterns, and that we need to keep learning how to work with the spectrum of our internal energies and how they are reflected externally in our collective world.

I feel this GCI is totally aligned with the Global Movement of Natural Time Trackers, and that is why I am sharing this with you! Part of what we have already been focusing on for so long has to do with understanding the difference between living in Artificial Time and living in Natural Time, and registering how the two paradigms impact our nervous systems and our emotional well being.

In other words, part of the essential message of the Natural Time Calendar is to realize that the artificial timing frequency not only disconnects us from harmony with nature and ourselves, but actually is responsible for generating ongoing STRESS, anxiety, feelings of overwhelm and incoherence. Overall, living in the artificial timing frequency contributes to the GLOBAL STRESS level that affects all of us and our Earth.



These scientists are inviting us to understand the huge significance of our personal energies, and also how to unite with others around the globe to make a larger impact on the whole field.

Again, I feel this is totally aligned with the 13 Moon Calendar Movement, because we have also been dedicated to ripening our telepathic abilities, synchronizing our intentions as a global family, and opening up to the emergence of the Noosphere – the One Mind of the Earth.

As the article also shares: “The greatest challenges that human civilizations have ever faced are converging on a single generation.” This is how things feel to me at this time, and this feels like an important quotation to pulse out during this Moon of Challenge. As the teaching goes – the challenges are here to strengthen us, so the opportunities to transform and grow as a global family are surely vast!

I invite you to please check out the article, and if you resonate with it, please go further and check out The Global Coherence Initiative and see if you feel called to join forces.

Here is a great link to a newsletter from the HeartMath Institute that really summarizes the basic ideas.

And here is the link to the Global Coherency site that has some great intro videos and all the information of how to participate.

Please feel free to post comments and share your thoughts and feelings!

Thank you for reading this, and thank you for being here in this Sacred Dreaming process together as we all humbly find our way to Navigate these precious times.

In Lak’ech – I am Another Yourself,
Aryz, Red Self-Existing Skywalker


•August 23, 2009 • 28 Comments

Yin Yang by Jim Thompson

“The truth is that life is neither blessing you or punishing you.
It is working with you to help you
awaken to the truth of who you are.
Life is your teacher.”

-Paul Ferrini

On the 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar
within the Spiral of the Year,

Aug 23-Sept 19
always correlates to
Moon 2:
The Lunar Moon of Challenge

Code Words:  Polarize ~ Stabilize ~ Challenge

Our totem is the scorpion.
Our Tone of Creation is 2.
…From One, comes Two…

Polarity is counterbalance
Yin/Yang ~ Inner/Outer ~ Dark/Light ~ Contract/Expand…

Our invitation is to accept the dance of polarity -
to embrace that life is an unfolding play of forces
polarizing, challenging and stabilizing.

Let us use this time cycle to explore the other side of the coin -
How might we polarize some aspects of our usual modes, our habitual ways of showing up in our lives? How can we counterbalance energies to invoke a greater sense of wholeness?

In contemplating the code word Stabilize, what area of our life or our being are we drawn to focus this energy into?

The Lunar Tone Two always reminds us that from the miniscule to the vast, challenges are inherent in this journey. As sacred gifts from the Cosmic Architect that lives in our own evolving heart, challenges can guide us beyond our limitations and into our blossoming. As we voyage through this life, we can discover the path of acceptance in easing the inner and outer struggles, finding that as we accept the infinite challenges in our life as opportunities to grow, the Way opens.

Being conscious of the power of our creative perception is the key, for as we view the ongoing flow of challenges in our lives as our custom initiations, we can receive the love and benevolent intentions that the Universe is bathing us in. No matter how things may be appearing, if we are willing to look within the essence of life, we find that our growth is encoded into its natural design.

When we instead resist the challenges that come our way,  frustration breeds, and stress and strife set in our attitudes and perceptions. Resistance becomes an endless cycle that generates more unnecessary hardships and downward spirals. When we can continually accept the circumstances we find ourselves in, surrendering to the synchronicities inherent in our lessons, we can discover the ways to transform our problems into challenges and meet the possibilities with receptivity and gratitude.

One of the Divine challenges we are provided with is the faculty of creative perception. How we view and experience our Dream of life is a reflection of how we are navigating the spectrum of our consciousness. In my human experience, the ongoing opportunity is to question and become mindful in seeing what stories I am telling myself about Who I Am and what Life is? What beliefs am I investing in? Out of the realm of infinite potentiality, how is the mind solidifying and sculpting the dream field? To me, this is the ultimate challenge and opportunity – to root to the ecstatic essence of simply being alive.



Yin Yang by Moira Gil John

Yin Yang by Moira Gil John


•August 1, 2009 • 10 Comments

Magnetic Moon 6 (Gregorian 7/31/09) Red Solar Moon Day; Traditional: 13 Imix

Greetings Family of Light!

On July 26, 2009 we entered the Natural Time New Year of The Yellow Self-Existing Seed!

This New Year date is celebrated around the world by people in over 90 countries who follow the 13-Moon Dreamspell cycles which were brought to us by Dr. Jose Arguelles and Lloydine Arguelles in 1992. This calendar system is also called the “Wizard’s Count.” This New year is based on the “reformulated” Maya Chilam Balam (The count of The Jaguar Priests) and it also correlates to the Heliacal rising of the Star Sirius.


This calendar system is meant as a sacred tool for modern people to re-connect with the harmonies of nature that govern and inform the microcosm of our lives and the macrocosm of the Universe. This system of measuring the solar year in terms of 13 months of 28 days, plus one extra day out of time, is based on the ancient, pre-historic logic that has been followed for over 5500 years by peoples all over the planet. This natural time system, delivered by the teachings of the Dreamspell, not only gives us a sacred template to relate to our journey around the Sun, but also gives us a “galactic signature” for each day that is based on the modern application of the ancient Mayan Tzolkin count of 260-days. This galactic matrix of 260 energies is a spiritual 4th dimensional cycle that guides us to attune to the Synchronic Order. This magical number of 260 is a fractal code – it corresponds to the unfolding of all of creation, from the human gestation period to the cycles of the heavenly bodies – As above, so below!

Living our lives aligned with The 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar guides us to unify the 3rd-dimensional, biological, physical journey of our bodies journeying through the year -  with the 4th-dimensional spiritual, mental cycle of our consciousness traveling in evolutionary insight. Together, these cycles combine so that every day within 52-years (or 18,980 days) has a distinct energy and intention in Natural Time.  This pattern repeats exactly every 52 years in an upward moving spiral of time, and comes directly from the Chilam Balam. Dr. Arguelles has been guided that it is precisely by working with this harmonic pattern, through the tool of the 13-Moon Calendar, that we the modern people can awaken out of the artificial timing frequency that has mis-guided us to dis-connect from nature, and can attune with our true nature as children of the cosmos whose destiny is to manifest Time as ART!


The codes of the Dreamspell tell us that we have now entered the New Year of The Yellow Self-Existing Seed. Each of the 260 energies has a Galactic Affirmation which is a 4th-dimensional code, communicating the galactic mathematics and vibrations of creation that are embodied in each energy. While the code language may seem elusive or difficult to relate to from the linear, logical mind – each affirmation is meant to be meditated upon, pondered, decoded and contemplated with the heart and the intuition. Each affirmation is meant to connect us to our 4th-dimensional, galactic knowing. The more attention one puts on the codes, the more they can reveal themselves to us, for they want to be understood by our deepest selves…

The Galactic Affirmation for this Year which spans July 26, 2009 – July 25 2010 is:



This means that we have completed the previous year of The Blue Electric Storm and are now entering the time of the Seed that Flowers! May we all open to the beauty and grace of the FLOWER as a symbol and reminder during this cycle – a living invitation and guide to unfold into our most divine potential. Wise teachers have said that Flowers themselves embody a sacred consciousness upon this Earth and they are anchoring, emanating, and sharing it to remind us to incarnate The Flowering of Human Consciousness. One cannot help but be struck by the perfect, effortless beauty of flowers – from the stunning, mathematical grace of their form, to the simply divine essence of their colors, fragrances and holy presence.



Indeed we are all Seeds of life whose destiny it is to Flower. We are planted here on this Earth to grow and incarnate the Garden of Compassion and Wisdom that fulfills the ancient Prophecies of the renewal and regeneration of our Planet Gaia as a Flower within this Celestial Garden. As each of us tend to the gardens our our own bodies, minds, souls and relationships, so the collective garden of human consciousness becomes more healthy, balanced and fruitful. It is our duty, especially during the cycle of this year, to be AWARE of what we personally need to shift and align so as to be the most beautiful, harmonious flower that our soul is encoded to be. For as a peoples, we are one in this physical journey of finding right alignment, and we are one in this spiritual journey of unfolding our missions of awakening. Our beauty, strength, health and innocent joy inspires and guides each-other.

I would like to share a direct message that I recently received in meditation:
“Flowers do not compete with each-other. They know that each-others’ diverse beauty is the Garden shining.”


Likewise, this Year of The Seed invites us to TARGET – to know what we want to grow and to consciously spread our seeds of intention and action. I feel this energy of the Seed guides us to participate in two ways: One invitation is to joyfully and abundantly cast our seeds to the winds of Spirit, and without any pre-conceived agendas, allow Great Mystery to carry them to their destinies where they will grow naturally. Simultaneously, I feel the other calling of this Year is for us to mindfully and conscientiously plant our seeds with precision and determination, and to stay present in caring for their development.

The Tone of this Year is Self-Existing which corresponds to Tone 4 – The Self-Existing Tone of Form. Like the Seed that Targets, this energy also calls us to DEFINE. Therefore, this solar cycle is heavily focused on getting clear; getting specific so that we can lay a conscious foundation upon which to grow. This is a time to get grounded, to establish, to create healthy structure, and to pay attention to FORM. This energy of 4 represents the wholeness of the 3rd dimension: the 4 directions; the 4 seasons; the 4 elements.

In the 13-Moon Calendar we are re-defining our sense of time and cycles and giving ourselves a New Paradigm way to relate to our Solar journey. In this system, each of the 13 Months corresponds to one of the 13-Tones of Creation, together creating a 13-Tone Spiral of the Year. Each 28-day month is given a name and 3 code words for that time cycle, giving us a sacred focus to infuse into our secular scheduling.



Now that we are in the New Year, we are in the first month of the year, always correlated to July 26 – Aug 22. This Moon One is called THE MAGNETIC MOON. Its codes are: UNIFY – ATTRACT – PURPOSE. The teaching of this Tone is that as we unify with our purpose we can naturally attract the resources to serve our purpose. True purpose always serves to The Oneness. May we commune with the energies of this moon and become more clear and  dedicated to embodying our purpose, moment by moment, day by day, year by year; lifetime by lifetime!

May we respect and support each-other in fulfilling our unique missions, knowing the truth of our interdependence; feeling the truth of our selves as mirrors and voices of the One Totality. In this Moon ONE – let us truly honor the One Spirit that lives through us all; the One intelligence that governs our unfolding; the One Cosmic Mystery that masquerades as all of our separate diverse forms. Let us know we are truly One with all of life – with all creatures, all dimensions, all times, all manifestations. From the miracles to the horrors, the blessings to the wars, the saints to the sinners…May we embrace all the arisings as our teachers, always guiding us back home to the timeless sanctuary of the One Heart…beyond thought, beyond judgement, beyond concept, beyond duality – may we feel the One Presence that Is; our True Being.





(written on Yellow Self-Existing Seed, New Year morning)

We are growing in this Garden of Light.
The Universal Love is pollinating.
The Web of Wholeness is remembering itself.
With the wings of our Heart
that is how
we will fly free of separation
out of the possessive cage of ego and its entrapments
and soar in self-less Being
whole and majestic
in simple, calm  presence.

A flower authentic
real and true
in the place where it grows…


That which lives our unfolding is the spiralling now-
the timeless dimension…
as eternity collides with impermanence,
each moment we embrace Love
we soar as a shimmering Celestial Flower
with wings of cosmic and earthly awareness,
galactic jewels shining in our heart light.

For Love is what animates the Flower’s beauty.
The Flower is a guide back to Love.
The Love that shines through the One Whole.
Hunab Ku.
Each of us autonomous, yet infinitely, intimately interconnected
woven of spirit’s thread; Great Mystery’s Omniscience
budding our displays of harmonic attunement -

We are the Art of the Universe
As a wise one once said: “We are the paint on the brush…”

Whether we manifest heaven or hell is a reflection of where we focus our attention.

How is the garden of the heart kept?
With vigilance, patience and gratitude.

A Ho Mitakuye Oysin
Om Mani Peme Hung


from Eden Sky, Red Self-Existing Skywalker

On July 25, 2009 Blue Electric Night, people all around the planet were gathered to celebrate the annual Day out of Time, International Peace Through Culture Day. We were in Hood River, Oregon in the Riversong Sanctuary with a large group of kin that came to learn from one of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers – Maria Alice Campos Friere who travelled from Brazil. We had a powerful circle including invocations, forgiveness prayers, rainbow bridge meditations, toning, and offerings from many kin who spoke from their heart on the meaning of the Day out of Time and the meaning of this Time of Prophecy.

We closed with a Lakota prayer song from Red Electric Skywalker who is a Lakota Pipe Holder who sang a song that is about Standing For Our Mother Earth. During the long and glorious song that he sang loud as can be, we all stood together and marched the two step dance as humble humans together on this sacred Earth, surrounded by the natural beauty of Pachamama. It was a very moving experience to be gathered with so many people – many who I did not personally know but that already knew their Galactic Signatures. It was also very synchronic to be there as the owners of the land have followed the Dreamspell cycles for over a decade – infact we had one of our first Day Out of Time events there in 1998 and one of the original kin from that circle was also with us 11 years later!

It was a true honor and delight to hear from Grandmother Maria Alice that she follows the 13-Moon Calendar every day and she was very happy to be with us on the Day out of Time. Her presence in the circle was profound. She is a Blue Overtone Monkey and many people in the community she lives with in Brazil track the Dreamspell cycles everyday, including the school children invoking every day’s kin!

Likewise, we had the honor of our beloved sister Blue Electric Storm from Mexico share with us the messages from her close friend Tata Don Alejandro, the 13th Generation Quiche Maya Priest from Guatemala. She shared his teachings about these times we are living in and also invoked the traditional Maya calendar energy of the day which was 7 T’zikin – the day of the Bird-tribes. This was an important unification – showing that on the Day out of Time, as a Day of Peace Through Culture, we were able to hold space for the co-existence of the Dreamspell calendar and the Traditional Maya count and to honor both of them as having essential pieces to share with humanity in these critical evolutionary times. In this way we modeled the feminine principal which allows multiple points of view, not needing there to be a right or a wrong, but celebrating diversity! All in all, it felt like a victorious gathering and I felt blessed to be in the right place at the right time, consciously closing the Blue Electric Storm Year and preparing to enter the Yellow Self-Existing Seed Year!



To continue this magic, my family and I will be travelling to the Oregon Coast to attend the International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers which is Magnetic 9 – Magnetic 13 (Aug 3-7). We will be there during the Full moon, Lunar Eclipse that is coming up on White Magnetic Wizard (Aug 5) which is also the Dalai Lama’s Galactic Birthday! I feel honored beyond words to be able to attend this gathering. I have known of them for years and have longed to have the chance to be in their presence as it feels they are absolutely fulfilling a prophecy in their efforts of unifying their lineages and their hearts.

I am thrilled that my beloved friend Lloydine Arguelles, co-author of the Dreamspell will be there as well – together we shall bring the presence of the 13 Moon Calendar to the gathering of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers! To me, this is a huge manifestation of my Moon of Purpose and of the Power of Unifying!

It is also very moving to me to know of all the SunDances and Ceremonies of all kinds that are going on simultaneously during these times…
There are so many, many people praying and doing the work to heal and manifest this New World…
May we all be shown our path clearly, that our life’s purpose may flower effortlessly, like a river flowing to the sea.

Oh Mother Source – The Unity of Mind and Nature  – Isn’t it Wonderful!


Eden Sky & Robert Sky with Grandmother Maria Alice

Eden Sky & Robert Sky with Grandmother Maria Alice


•June 6, 2009 • 2 Comments


Mantra of Compassion

Mantra of Compassion

This Sunday June 7, Blue Resonant Eagle is the most important full moon of the year on the Tibetan Calendar, it is called SAGA DAWA DUCHEN.
It is the day that honors Lord Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and parinirvana. As a “multiplication day” it is said that our karma, good and bad,
is multiplied at least 10 million times this day!

“Think of it as the best time to plant your emotional, mental and spiritual intentions as seeds of growth for the most abundant harvest.”

The Recommended mantra is OM MANI PEME HUNG
(In Sanskrit this is: Om Mani Padme Hum)
which is said to contain all of the Buddha’s teachings in those 6 syllables!
More info can be found here

"Buddha" by Octavio Ocampo

"Buddha" by Octavio Ocampo





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