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Gabriel's Overview of 2010

Children of Light

A Year of Resolving Duality, as the
Soul and Personality Come Together


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And now, Gabriel Speaks...

You will face the opposites and the opposition of things held in duality within your lives in a much bigger way in this year of 2010.

The first four months will begin to bring you into an evaluation of your PURPOSE.
The second four months will bring you into the Revelation of true MEANING.
The final four months will be a time for the inspiration of VALUE

Jan - April will be a time when you will be dealing with the intention of Purpose in your life, as you begin to connect more fully to the intelligence of Divine Will. In other words, you will be evaluating your choices and the intentions of your personality.

This will also be a time when the energies of the 7th chakra will come down in your body to activate the 3rd chakra, the lower will.

This will create a lot of upset within your habitual choices and the old sense of your personality's purpose. In other words, in this year, your fearful, compensating agendas will be interrupted.

The world in general will begin to see all kinds of old issues rising, giving you the opportunity to look at the intention behind your old choices. This will happen on a large scale, even within religions and governments and corporations. This will happen, so that you can improve the quality and focus of your intentions and choices.

For instance, you will need to make new choices for your environment, with such issues as the real effects of global warming. This will be a time of complete re-evaluation of old choices.

As the 7th chakra energies of Divine Purpose begin to penetrate your personality and lower will, you will start to see what serves you and what no longer serves you more clearly.

You have identified yourself with outer form in many ways. This will not serve on a soul level, whereas your inner experience will provide much greater clues to what truly serves you all. You will need to look at where you are caught up in the pairs of opposites, where you resist and avoid one side of all that is held in polarity. As you do, you will need to heal and transform your use of opposites, so that you can learn how to create more balance in your lives.

This is the purpose of the soul. This first quadrant of the year will be a time to question your old choices. You are already seeing this, with the US government looking at what serves the whole. For example, there is an attempt to create a new health program. There are opposing sides, where people have not learned how to come together to create a balanced solution.

In the greater truth, one side merely reveals pieces that are necessary for the other side. This will create greater revelation of experience of the soul potential, where you embrace individuality in a new and deeper way.

In your individual lives, you will bring up more and more conflicts that have been held inside, where you need to re-evaluate your beliefs and deal with your wounded feelings, so that you can make more effective, inclusive decisions.

More and more, you will be moving out of the pairs of opposites in 2010. You will be moving into Freedom of Will for the first time really...rather than seeing life through only one choice (childishly misperceived as choices of right/wrong). This is the stage of true evolution that you are now reaching.

The first quadrant of the year will be about this kind of evolution. Physically, there will be a lot of activity in the stomach and spleen. There may be a draining of energy, particularly if you go into resistance in the lower will as this all takes place.

Again, the 7th chakra down into the 3rd chakra will be the energetic focus of the first four months, affecting the way in which you make choices. Instead of judgment, you will need to develop deeper discernment. This is one way you need to begin evaluating what serves you and what serves the good of the whole, rather than being stuck in your right/wrong morality.

As you integrate this, with the soul energies beginning to penetrate the 3rd chakra, the desire nature of the lower will begins to deflate. What we mean is that you will start to make less choices through opposition and defense, rather than through the creativity of your being, if you allow yourself to let go of your fearful agendas.

If you do, you will begin to develop the awareness that you are living in a multi-dimensional experience. This will begin to be known through the re-evaluation of intention and the fulfillment of choices that are more about the good of the whole, rather than through narcissism or opposing sides or isolation. Of course, this will not happen magically. It will require that you show up and learn how to do the inner transformation.

You will see a lot of opposing sides coming to the surface, through the entrainment of the higher energy penetrating the lower. You will see this acted out in many world systems, where there is inequality. It will be a time of the revelation of inequality of the different systems, that do not know how to serve the whole.

The world management team will work hard to maintain separation, by keeping opposition active. They will tend to bring forth more threats to keep people in fear, keep this one against that one. They will stage events that constantly remind people of fear.

Your personality will tend to bring up issues where you are in attachment to certain opposites, as a more primitive form of evaluating or compensating, such as trying to be the "right one" in the situations that occur in your life.

You will begin to see the difference between the inner reality and the outer form, which is stagnating and trying to remain in the familiar comfort zones of the lower will. The deeper truth is that this would only keep you in a survival approach to life, held in place by herd consciousness' projections of right and wrong.

You will see many systems in extremes, some of which will panic to sustain some semblance of control. However, as the 7th chakra penetrates the 3rd chakra, and begins to transmute the desire body, you will be less and less held hostage to the perceptions of the old reality, as an attempt to gain a sense of self. This old way of perceiving life will begin to die away, particularly if you are developing your consciousness directly.

The old system has tried to keep you seeking some sort of satisfaction from the outer form. This serves many purposes, the least of which is keeping you consuming that which is outside, in an attempt to compensate for your deep feelings of not good enough and unworthiness.

Instead, now you will start to evaluate from the truth of individual being, if you are doing the inner work. You will see more groups starting to come together, or at least talking about how they can work to serve the good of the whole.

In the second quadrant of the year, from May - August, the energies of the 6th chakra will move into the 2nd chakra. This involves the Divine Purpose of the soul will begin to connect to a clearer group service. This will be the Revelation of MEANING, through the development of wisdom, action and choice.

This will begin an investment into deeper truth and meaning. Everything this year will be about a deeper inner movement and connection. This will be about the revelation of greater truth from within each individual, which is the foundation of what gives your life meaning.

If you have begun to let go of opposition, you will also begin to let go of the concept of outer reward and punishment to guide your choices and truth. You will move into a deeper relationship to things in the 2nd chakra, in the area of the naval.

You will transmute into more essence focused relationships to things, rather than objectifying things that serve your separated self, which merely wants gratification from outer symbols. This will help you become more discerning about what truly serves to create MEANING.

Now you will be energetically encouraged to go deeper than you have before, so that your personal experience of reality will create a whole new set of choices, or at least new motivations behind your choices. Now they will be evaluated from the fulfillment of responsibility for the world around you.

What you are going to see is that people on a greater level in mass consciousness will lose their old, fragile sense of meaning. The things that used to give you a hit of desire gratification will no longer "do it" for you. That will even go deeper at this time, as what has been familiar loses its ability to touch something that means anything within the new depth of Self that is rising.

This will encourage you to seek deeper involvement in life, starting with a deeper connection to your own inner life. This can only take place as you are willing to let go of your outer attachments, glamours and desires for something outside of you to give you a sense of self or value. Again, you need to make sure you have the tools for doing this inner transition.

The revelation of the depth of MEANING has to do with the development of wisdom within each individual, which will more and more affect the collective consciousness. Two of the influences energetically during this time of soul emergence will be the 7th Ray and the 2nd Rays of Consciousness, which will now start to work together more fully.

The 7th Ray of Consciousness, the Ray of the Ceremonial Order of Magic, or the energy of the potential White Magician/Creator within you, will connect more fully to the transformation of the old outer, physical reality.

The 2nd Ray of Love/Wisdom will transform the inner reality.

Old choices, which are directly determined as a reaction to what is happening outside you, will now start to be motivated by what your emerging INNER truth motivates you to choose. If you allow this to happen, you will begin to experience more and more meaning in your life.

Your personal experience and expression will become more fulfilling and creative, based on the rising soul starting to direct the separated personality. The personality will be dying away in its hold on people's lives. This will cause many people to be confused. Many will seek desperately the old entertainment and distractions, which will only create more extremes of duality and separation.

The pain that this resistance produces will create some "aha's" or awakenings for more people who have not even done inner work up to this point. They will then be left with fewer outer choices, so they will tend to seek within, which is the whole point!

The soul does not care if you are motivated to grow and evolve through joy and creative expression or whether you are originally motivated from opposition and pain. Both motivations will encourage you to the same revelations and truths. It is simply that one side is more graceful and pleasurable than the other path.

As the higher chakras continue to entrain the lower chakras (raise their energy and level of consciousness), everything in opposition will become clearer than ever. Particularly this second set of months, which is all about the depth of your experience penetrated by the soul.

Now is the time when the personality is losing control (the illusion of control), in which it has survived. When you don't have a sense of true individuality, the personality uses separation to compensate and develops a fragile sense of self. But that is not true individuality, where you really know yourself, make clear choices from inner truth and passion to create and express.

Individuality is governed by Meaning, Value and Purpose in a practical, tactile way. In order for this to take place, you must lose the old sense of attachment to that which is outside to give you a sense of self.

You may seem extreme changes in some. Even within countries, the negotiations may shift. The U.S. may shift focus. Obama is a soul who is in the middle, negotiating choices and going through extreme learning curves in his own perfect process. He is working through his old sense of ideals, which he truly believes in, expresses and intends to inspire. He is developing a depth of experience, which is reflected by many...where he cannot see fully the depth of manipulation that is taking place around him. Like many of you, he is learning to discern what to trust and who to trust. Through that process, he will develop more meaning.

You may see shifts, as you approach the second half of the year, with some new choices and a reversal of some choices on that larger stage. There is likely to be opposition, as a natural part of the healing process.

Individuals will be confused in many ways, who are not doing their inner work. There will be a large sense of loss and mourning as you let go of the old, though it will not be clear what these feelings are coming from. The first impulse will be to distract or numb out. Habits may become extreme.

More advanced souls will be letting go more fully of the outer illusion being a replacement for an inner sense of Self. They will also go through loss and emptiness, but will be more willing to negotiate and allow it. This will begin to open the door to deeper revelations from the inner self that is rising from the ashes.

Over previous years you have already been going through the dis-illusioning of the old. And you are just beginning to trust the inspiration of intuition, having the revelations of knowing. In this second set of four months, you will develop more inner wisdom and MEANING. Intelligence in the first four months behind the PURPOSE of your actions is more about the mental body. This second set of months will be more about the development of the emotional body into intuition and meaning.

Experience will come through a deeper level of involvement in life, particularly in the summer months, a desire to have a deeper involvement in life. You will hopefully start to experience the edge of real MEANING in your choices and investments. This will further develop your PURPOSE.

You also need to start considering every life form around you, as MEANING births itself from inside. You will find yourself wanting to get involved in great depth with more parts of life. There will be many choices that become apparent as you allow the creative impulses to be trusted and developed.

How you begin in this quadrant to value the individual uniqueness of all that IS, will inspire your own creative impulses. There will be deeper concern to take care of the various kingdoms of nature (the environment).

More ACTIONS will be taken in the last four months, but this will be a time to develop your relationship and inner conviction about these things. You will begin to see the revelation of the lies, the tales that have been told, which you have placed meaning on and been influenced by...that have only held you in survival. You will begin to see that these things don't rule or affect you as fully as they had, as you see the illusion.

You will also begin to integrate a deeper sense of integrity, acting on your truth and depth of meaning. You will realize you have more to offer where you do get involved.

In this second quadrant, you will discover more fully what your needs actually are. Fulfilling your authentic needs will become more and more important. The needs of others around you will become more important as well, as you learn to honor more individuality in them as well. This will become more sacred and integrated.

On a physical level, you will likely experience odd sensations in the lower body. You will sometimes have rushes of energy when you have created more emotional connection. There will also be an excitation of passion in the deepest part of your body. It may feel like being pregnant with excitement and passion - all a part of becoming more MEANINGFUL.

You will see things much more clearly, which will free you of the expectations that you had previously felt of that which is outside you. This will allow the personality to surrender to more inner guidance.

When you feel a connection to someone or to some situation, you will start to feel sensation in the lower body of true connection and passion that is almost like a fusion of two souls as one. This will begin and then deepen over time. The love force will begin to penetrate the sexual force more fully, which will increase the experience of sensation.

As you move into the final four months of the year, you move into the Inspiration of VALUE...learning to value yourself and life around you.

Your talents, abilities and qualities will help bring about an expansion and deeper sense of truth as you guide the creative impulses that have begun to deepen.... creativity in value of what you have to offer to life, as well as what others have to offer.

You will begin to balance and bring together even more opposition and duality. You will begin to see how all people are there to enhance one another, to reveal parts of life for one another. You will teach and instruct and inspire one another through your deeper choices and more creative expression.

If you are doing the inner work, you will begin to experience what it truly means for life to be an experience and expression of choices that fulfill intentions of value. You will begin to really see what it means to exercise the creativity of freedom of choice, the creative experience of it and now more of the expression of it. You will begin to experience more surrender of the personality to the soul's depth, to create your reality through Purpose, Meaning and Value of all that is.

You will begin to see what the creative force is, as the 5th chakra energy moves down into the 1st chakra at the base of the spine.

The depth of the Divine Will and Purpose will begin to be made manifest through you. You will begin to expand your realization to use your creative force to express the unlimited places of format and manifestation, where the restructuring of life is concerned.

You will begin to KNOW that you are making a real contribution to life. You will feel value from within yourself that is new. There will be a passionate wonder. You will begin to see that the things that you had been interested in, but had not taken action, will have a stronger urge to make choices and take action.

You will be more integrated into life, making IT happen more fully than you had realized. The wonder child aspect of yourself will be more revealed, as you are willing to explore the unknown, moving out of your familiar comfort zones and choices.

You will see people searching for value, who are still focused outside the Self. They will be confused. There will be others who want to take advantage and take control. However, there are many advanced souls who are capable of taking a leading role to move into this new era.

There will be more creative inspiration. Many will want to help others to find what is of value within themselves as well. You will start to create more unity between the personality and the soul, between the inner and the outer, between the transformation of the intellect, the deepening of the wisdom and soul experience and through the creative expression that inspires.

There will be forms that are changing within this inspiration. More and more people will consider how to value the group. There will be a greater freedom of equality, particularly in the countries where there is more advanced soul population. They will become the leaders, discovering and introducing more solutions. There will be new leaders, new heads of corporations and the like who are more inspirational, who value the contributions of the people as a whole.

This will all just BEGIN in this year. The following years will see this blossom more fully. The world population will experience tremendous re-evaluation of systems, introducing new creative ideas. There will be new choices and possibilities suggested. And again, there will be opposition. You will see people of higher soul levels taking charge in positions of authority, within larger systems. You will see this in religions and in social constructs as well.

Even the family structure will shift, with greater creative expression. Teaching and education will develop in many ways. Relationship education will start to become a focus.

So use this as a general guide for this year. Make sure you take response-ability for creating inner transformation in your own life...and then open to your inner depths and act with compassion and courage.

Blessings to you all.
- Gabriel




















































































































































































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