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Wesak 2007

May 2

A Message from Spiritual Hierarchy

As channeled by

Lois Hartwick

 Beloved Friends of Light

Determining factors each year bring us together to highlight the opening of certain doorways and closings of others. Manifestations of light continue at a heightened pace this year, with many things coming front and center. In the extreme, there will be complications for those on earth not paying attention nor understanding that efforts we are making will be to their higher good.

The Conclave which happens this time every year has much to do with the specific energies abounding. We utilize them to access a natural part of the Earth’s layer to entwine new directions, thoughts, ideas, and levels of comfort and compassion toward specific outcomes. It has been suggested by some that we try to interfere with outcomes; may we suggest that the ‘interference’ you readily attach to us is more of an interface where you choose within the divine plan what direction you are taking? Often something will be presented to you, even in your sleep, to consider and to awaken some aspect of yourself.

For a long time there has been a modality of adjustments which many have undertaken within their beings to put forth a greater manifestation of light, as well as understanding. The time is coming for this light to reach greater heights, as well as new beginnings for many of you. We are focusing our energies toward a greater transition than you know, and it is with an uplift we choose to serve. We are seeking those of you who are able to incorporate this bridgework into self, for the time will be adhering no longer to what was, but what is. In order to accomplish this, we enable some to make the bridging of worlds now possible.

Controls have long been part of your world. As you seek to relieve shackles of thought and patterns, so too, you will take on new abridgements for the time incoming. These abridgements will have foresight added within them, but also, an understanding of what has been is over. This time now will be about edging out patterns long created or held. For many of you, the upcoming two years will hold a great deal of energy toward breaking away from much you have been doing and seeking another, more forceful dynamic. By forceful, we do not mean harmful in any way, but rather, empowered toward a greater outcome. For those in such service, energies will be placed into the etheric field for you to use and serve in a greater manner.

Mindful of tasks we incorporate into our plans for the year, we are expectant in this year ahead to fulfill a Plan with much greater intention than has yet been presented on earth. It is, of course, always open to interpretation, but in our steadying manner, we are planning on holding forth a new dynamic to enter. A dynamic, or a force field, which incorporates those members of light yielding toward the presentations they are receiving now. Some will be beyond what has been held by them before, and the doorways opening for them to manifest are much greater than before as well. Not all ‘hear’ within their minds in the same manner, and it is suggested that some heartsongs will be sung instead. Messages where one feels compelled to turn about and undertake a new course of action will do so, for the call is heard within the heart for many.

From where we are today, we are now focusing very specifically on certain energetics held by those prepared to do such work. It is suggested that many who come into this level of alignment will be initiated into a new Brotherhood - that of the Dynamic Heart. Such an organization will be linked in a manner that is provided by us -- protection -- but also, incentives within the self of being to create and manifest on the Earth plane much greater compassion and love for humankind. However, this compassion and love will be directed. It has a purpose. It will be entwined, as said earlier, with the Plan we are unfolding and enacting in this time ahead. For those who wonder, who doubt or need further time separating from older issues, it will not be a dynamic of readiness for you yet. But there will be some temporary assignments as well for those in more or less in- between stages, and these will help affix the heart toward greater light as well.

The message is to alert you toward our intentions and where we might met within them. If you are feeling propelled toward some greater effort or direction than you might have intended, look again and notice our efforts toward you. Pick up any loose pieces lying around which you may not have completed now. Be prepared and ready to take on some newer adjustments for the days ahead.

Lois has been asked to put forth some information in the days upcoming. One or two messages may be from Sananda, but we are working in myriad ways, and it will be important to accept that which clearly resonates within your beings as well from a variety of sources.

Tibet, home of the etheric values for this time of intention, will be spreading in some aspects this year from a higher perspective into several given areas of the world. New centers, as it were, will be constructed with the energies of hope and attunement many of you have put forth. Within these new constructions, beginnings lay. Some may be ‘discovered’ as centers for the times ahead. And if not now, then sooner rather than later. Places where you understand that beginnings are incorporated in the light energies woven there, not yet totally linked up with earth yet, but soon. Soon they will be coming.

Hierarchy, as you know it, comprises a vast array of beings who support the Earth at this time in your world. We have every intention to support you though the changes ahead. What is not seen so often are the preparations we make also, and much has to do with understanding your individual alignments, streams of consciousness, abilities, gifts, soul lines and connections toward us from a vibrational frequency. We have long been studying this -- around the world -- and understand from your particular Ray and buttressing Rays what alignments and connections are most suitable with us. We are mandating ourselves, in a sense, to come into a complete harmonization now with these finer essences of self in both parallel dynamics and well as direct ones. The time is coming when you will start to feel somewhat realigned or reconnected to purpose and to us, for in the end, it is all the same. Many who have had clear directions will find them shifting to another plan. Do not fear this rearrangement; it will be needed in the times ahead. Openness and willingness to undertake that which is offered will provide greater stability in your lives. For some, the road ahead remains rocky, but there are always waystations along the path for rest, rejuvenation and accessing further light.

The time is growing shorter now for these changes upcoming in your world, and yet you will be ready, most of you, reading this message. It is will take a new turn and direction and within it, there will be a reconnection of light such as you have not experienced in this plane for a long, long time, if ever. These connections are meant now to steady the way.

Living in excess will squander your energy and that which is given. Guard your time and your light and the efforts you make toward the highest and best and those dictates of the heart. Lessen the hold on things which consume you in ways unnecessary now. Make way for clear intention. Leave behind those dragging you into oblivion, for many will choose to do so. This is not a way to serve. Our manner of things may, should you remain attached to these obstacles, appear to overwhelm you. If that is the case, look at what must be disregarded for you to move ahead.

Six months from now you will witness within your beings a change. That change comes with connection. Make it the one you choose to keep, for we are committed to align with you. Each has a connection within. Request assistance when needed. No one is unattended. Seeking solace alone is often a pattern that has come into being with the transitions and changes you have experienced. Utilize your quiet times for renewal and not to walk away from problems or difficulties. Request that quiet time is renewal time. That you are energized and able to reconnect into the higher Plan.

We realize there are many who operate out of fear, denial, or contentious action. That is not our way nor do we support this. But what one must remember is that the light pervades those beliefs -- some of which do not hold a great deal of substance -- and when broken down by light, find there is little to cling to. Fear remains. Use compassion and kindness for those undergoing more severe transitions than you have experienced. Remain calm and allow for the grander Plan to work.

We are a spectrum of light; we balance and embrace each of you, and this light is pervasive now. Much will be disrupted as a result, unable to hold such vibration. Restoration is at hand when those structures so long put in place have lesser hold. Redesigning life -- architects of the future -- are being born each day. The greater Plan, enacted, redesigned, reviewed, and reclaimed is the purpose of our Conclave. We inherit that which no longer serves and redefine objectives toward that which does. For each who has an interest in higher levels of participation -- many of you long doing so -- a time is coming forth in which to serve these greater ideals.

Wesak is to support the creation of freedom on earth for all; to remember that light and love are divine aspects entrusted to all and that the way of the heart with compassion requires diligence and observation. Too few remember. Now it is time to draw the lines where light prevails. Momentum gathers shortly.

We are the Spiritual Hierarchy gathered this day of your year 2007 in the month of May, full moon alignment.




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