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Greetings beloved one

Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya (AUSTRALIA, BYRON BAY) www.abouttheheart.org.za

This is Ascended Master Abu Myra and Ascended Master Hara Maya Council of 9, City of Light Andromeda


We are the elders of The Council of Light City of Light Andromeda. We identify ourselves as such from this dimensions of pure love and higher consciousness.

Liat has done much light grid work since the 02-05-02007. This has opened gateways and portals of light where none previously existed. This brings to earth a vastly increased spectrum of light flowing in from the dimensions 6 to 12. As this was done heaven celebrated in unison at this work. The Middle East, Asia, Africa have the gift of much needed light. The activities presented there now by the dark forces come to light now and humanity living all over the world cry for peace. IT IS HEARD.

We celebrate in chorus on all Rays of Light. We celebrate this on all levels of vibration and colour. We welcome ”New Earth” to the realm of ascended planets of “The Blue Ray”. We know there are many on earth that still need to awaken. Know on a higher level that each has chosen a path. Each has the power to change that path. Each has the choice of free will. As many that want to ascend with this planet will do so.

The cataclysmal even of First Contact will change much on this planet. The dark will have to face their own inner light. It will become their own 11th hour.

No one is excused from inner work needed on the self. We channel this to Liat time and time again because many lightworkers have felt they could “RIDE THE WAVES OF ASCENSION”. We advise that this is not advised and the inner work will have to be done whether it be now, or with First Wave, Second Wave or Third Wave.

The more work done now beloved ones paves the way for a most glorious time. Because those of you that ascend with first wave will be instrumental in aiding humanity and working with us.

This is a choice beloved ones. Riding the wave will not aid mother earth in her quest, nor you, for it will hold you back, as you hold back so it brings an old energy with it. All those who have been feeling that not enough has been accomplished or are frustrated, we advise that you request us to remove those negative “filters” from your energy field. For they are no longer needed.

This clearly places you firmly and on the inner peace path.


Come and bring yourselves to the Temple of Light and Sound and stand in the sacred circle. Here your master guides, the masters of The City of Light Andromeda join you in a sacred circle of support.

Bring in the BLUE RAY OF LIGHT from the heavens and into your heart and ground this ray into the heart of MOTHER EARTH.

Now request that the sacred geometry that you need for this path of Ascension to be placed in your etheric fields. We ask you now to expand your AURA with no limit to the size. This aids your expanded energy fields so that you cannot feel contained within a “feeling of being trapped”.

The completion of this phase of earth ascension is now continuing. The parallel energies presented on earth representing lower dimensional frequencies and those of higher frequencies will continue to cause disturbances in the chaos around you. By aligning yourselves, your emotional, mental, lightbody and MerKaBa to these higher frequencies means that lower frequencies bypass you completely. This can only be attained with a constant attention to yourself. This is the reason we have guided you to continue the “INNER WORK” for it separates you into the realm of peace and ascension. This further frustrates all those operating from lower base frequencies. It aids them into looking deep within themselves to continue or to make the choice of light.

This time now is truly the time of inner reflection. The rewards are more than you realise. We advise you are not to sit back and “RIDE THE WAVE” for nothing comes from nothing and everything is to be gained from the satisfaction of the job well done.

We greet you from the City of Light Andromeda. We continue beaming vast rays of love and support.

The Council of 9 fondly bless you with love.

This is Ascended Master Abu Myra and Ascended Master Hara Maya.

Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya in AUSTRALIA, BYRON BAY www.abouttheheart.org.za


Greetings Beloved one 

Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya 28-04-2007


We are The Council of Light – City of Light - Andromeda 

Today’s message is Mastering Your Thoughts- PART 1 

This is Ascended Master Abu Myra at your service. 

You are all at a time now of imperitous change, both on this planet earth and in your private lives.  It is noticeable now in the restlessness that many of you are feeling within at present.  It is that connection to the movements and enormous wonderful changes that are occurring at present.  There are many that find themselves at a pivotal time right now, poised to take decisions about life changing moves.  This is normal and we guide and advise that you ask us for assistance at every level that it occurs. 

The negative layouts on this planet have tried in vain to suppress your divine connections and learning, but it has been unstoppable with the internet and the freedom of speech and information on it.   What will aid you at present is the constant affirmation of connection to us and the higher grids.  Connected to these grids are the Cities of Light, which are accessible to you all and will be the places that you will be aided with for your ascension. 

We also guide you to continue the work within yourselves, and you do this by facing your lessons that come your way.  Your guides and team give you much support at this time and we advise you to take their assistance.  Humanity has a history of arrogance in the term “I don’t need any help”.

Help is a gift at present and those that take this assistance from their team
will be guided further into their path of ascension with a more gentle landing. As you all have freedom of choice our approach has been rather one of “encourages learning” about what it is that is needed.  Your emotions are good indication of the inner work that needs attention within you.  As this work is unseen it does not mean that on completion of release of the issue you are facing, that what you have worked on has been of benefit to you.  The benefit beloved ones, is that once you have worked through it and released the karma, that particular issue is freed from your energetic bodies, your DNA, light body, MerKaBa.   

The place that you seek is inner peace and a mind that is not pulled and pushed with the sway of negative influences that still prevail on this planet.

We have given you the guidance on how to do this by connecting to the higher grids of light, the sacred geometry on raising your vibrations, the connections to the City of Light.  The more you release negativity from yourselves the more light comes in.  The intent you give to your thoughts manifests at a full rate now.  This is why it is important to remind yourselves at how powerful you have become. 

You have come to earth to experience these times, and to have the gift of awakening.  This awakening is occurring at a monumentous level at present.
What is occurring in the mind is that you have an ego aspect that will interfere and say “this is not possible”, “you are not safe”.  We guide you that everything is possible and you are safe. 

Mastering your thoughts is a process that takes you further into your ascension path.  This can only be done on the inner work of working with the release of all negative aspects of your being.  Many deny these aspects and it causes much pain in their lives.  This is not necessary to hang onto the issues that you face.  The simplicity of “tools of light” can be used to aid you as they connect you immediately to the 5th dimension and the peace that prevails from it.  The simplicity of bringing yourself to The Temple of Light and Sound and standing in the sacred circle visualising a shaft of light from the sky, into your heart and into the earth, and asking for the sacred geometries that you need for that present moment, does more than you realise.  You bring in to your being the sacred connections of remembrance of the love, peace, joy, harmony.  It creates a sacred space around you that you carry with you.  It touches others at a very deep level without a word having taken place between you. 

Immediate release of negative emotions is your aim for this path.  Hanging on will create within your lives a mirror lesson and you begin to bring into your life the dramas, pain, lesson associated with the learning of it.  This is not necessary as it carries karmic attachment to those you meet within this lesson.  The gift at present is immediate release and you can do this within The City of Light itself in an instant of the thought of releasing it. 

We give you then a meditation to release any negative aspect, emotion in your lives to aid you in immediate release. 

Meditation to Release Negative Aspects 

Bring yourselves to The Temple of Light and Sound within The City of Light Andromeda.  Come and stand within the sacred circle and request that all sacred geometry that you need be gifted to you.  There is a shaft of golden light that infuses your being filling you with light.  As you look up you will see that this golden shaft of light extends into the heavens.  It is here that you request that any negative aspect, emotion, negative feeling be transmuted into the light.  As you do this with each and every part, you feel the light pouring into you where the negativity has left you.  Where there has been damage on a DNA level, request that it is healed to perfection. 

Your guides, Master guides, Great Healers from The City of Light Andromeda support you in your process. 

Meditation end. 

You will find beloved ones, that this aids your thought process.  It is not an intellectual exercise but one from the heart, for what you are feeling from the heart is a good indication to you on what needs to be done.  As you do this the awareness that grows out of this and the “universal knowing” replaces the outmoded belief systems you currently have on planet earth that no longer work for you.  Your media has been a fine example of the work of the system of lack, fear, control, drama and negativity. You will find that many of you will no longer watch the news, or buy the newspapers.  It further empowers you to create in your own lives the peace, love, joy and harmony that has been denied you all for so long.  You have the power and means to do this and the dark on this planet are powerless to stop it. 

We leave you on the ray of Elohim love. 

This is Ascended Master Abu Myra. 

AVA MAYA* rejoice in New Earth in Andromedan


Greetings Beloved One


Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya (BYRON BAY AUSTRALIA) www.abouttheheart.org.za

We are The Council of Light -City of Light- Andromeda This is Ascended Master Abu Myra

We Channel you today on PART 2  OF MASTERING YOUR THOUGHTS

As your consciousness is expanding so is your awareness of the self and of where you are. As your thoughts come in, they have emotions attached them. The emotional state of being is often a carry over from events of your current lifetime and most often from your past lives. Many of you have had many lives on this plane of EARTH. For it is within this time now that you have come to heal the inner world. Your mental, emotional, light body and MerKaBa forms an important healing aspect of your unseen bodies. Many human beings will carry their emotional burdens with no effort to try and release them. With the incoming light, these emotions are amplified to such an extend that they are played out sometimes in anger and frustration. You will see those around you in pain. We advise you to look deep within yourself and love yourself enough to work on your own emotional state of being until you reach the place where your mind and thoughts are peaceful and you are able to process the emotion that comes your way with the interactions of others.

1. Before you re-act to any situation in your life- TAKE A STEP BACK. View it from a higher perspective of THE MASTER WITHIN YOU. Do you really need the TYPICAL DRAMA of this interaction? If you wish to get caught up in 3d DRAMA interaction, then the universe and your guides will provide you with what you intend to create. If not- WALK AWAY and place yourself lovingly in a peaceful space around you that you have created from your light centre of THE HEART.

2. Your current EMOTIONAL feeling is a gift from your heart centre and guides to work on that particular negative issue that you are feeling. It is not necessary to know which lifetime it comes from or which particular event- LET IT GO. Release it into the light.

3. Do not give up, as repeated emotions come through for healing. Release yourself from the KARMA from any soul fragment still in your unseen energy fields with a simple request to us to do so.

4. The constant clatter within your mind is an indication that you are connected to THE NEGATIVE MATRIXES ON PLANET EARTH. Request connection to only the highest vibration of light at all times. Your EGO aspect will constantly try and protect you with bombardment of thoughts to placate you. You need to make peace with YOUR EGO.

5. Ask for assistance from your guide team who are working with you and wanting to reach your attention. Too many of you rely on others for guidance when the guidance you need comes from your inner source. Your inner source dwells within your heart space and with the din and clutter of the 3d world it is often difficult to hear what you are trying to say to you. LOVINGLY take some time to connect with your inner being which is none other then YOUR HIGHER GOD/GODDESS HIGHER SELF.

6. Changes begin to occur on all levels within your life and it is up to you how you create and manifest the OUTCOME. Human beings still attached to NEGATIVE MATRIXES will be afraid of all changes and THE EGO will tell you so. EMBRACE the changes which begin from within you and slowly manifest without.

As you clear your negative emotions, your mind becomes a peaceful pond and no negative thoughts will be able to enter for you will not want to entertain them. This is because as you have cleared, you have drawn in more light into your CHANGING CRYSTAL BEING. You vibrate higher with each intent you give for this and we see your efforts beautifully unfolding in truly magnificent dimensional qualities of sacred geometry and light, colour and sound. You will not want in this AWAKENING STATE to be bogged down with DRAMA and those carrying negative energies will no longer affect your energetic space. Higher awareness does not come from the crown chakra, it comes from THE HEART. The heart is where humanity has carried too many a burden around. It became a KARMIC CARRIER.

LET IT GO and strive to place yourselves only in the highest of light vibrations that is the place you have been GUIDED to.

The Cities of Light are ever open to you at all times for assistance in your healing and AWAKENING.

This is Ascended Master Abu Myra.

Channelled By Liat Nava Aliya 13-05-2007



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