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Channeling from ASTRA:         TRUTH or ILLUSION


ASTRA:  In order for all the energies to combine in truth and to discover the inner truth of your being, one must discover that which is untrue. In order to be in alignment with truth, you are needing to first see and feel the illusion and understand it to be that which blocks your creativity, that which blocks your truth from you.


        When you are in earnest in your understanding of the untruth, then you are able to shed this untruth and open yourself to breathe in the light and to breathe in more of that which is aligned to your truth nature.  For your true nature is the One nature.  It is not multitudes of different natures that are true.  There is only one true nature and it is the nature of the Divine Energy,and each and every being is the Divine.


         Therefore, to reach that core of your being you must begin to peel the onion, as you would say in the earth plane, and peel off all the layers that have covered up that truth, that has covered up your true identity.  So as you are working within your world, there are many obstacles and there are many multitudes of opportunity to find the path of truth and to change your direction.


         Something that is important for every being to understand is that there are no permanent choices, that you are never trapped you are never stuck.  You can always change your mind.  You can change your direction. You can always move your energy.  Even though there will be consequences for that movement, you are free to make that movement.  Only to know in your mind and your heart what the consequences might be and then to accept those consequences is all that is required for the movement to freely take place.


          Many beings in the earth plane, do not recognize the consequences of their actions and so therefore when they make a movement, they make it without consciousness.  And when the consequences come, they resist paying them and they deny their responsibility and that is when there is multitudes of conflict and confusion which creates great, great trouble for that being in his physical life.  It is a light of ease when you are able to recognize the truth versus the illusion.


          The places of entrapment are places of illusion.  And when you recognize that you are trapped and you recognize that you are within an illusion, in an illusionary state within that entrapment, then you have the power and the freedom to move yourself out of that entrapment into the clear air of truth.  But before you make that move, you must recognize the consequences that are very visible for that action.  Then you must ask yourself if you accept these consequences.  For if you do not, you must not move.  Only if you accept do you move your energy, for only then will you  hold your responsibility for what manifests.                


         Life is responsibility.  For if one does not take responsibility for his movement, for his thoughts, for his pain and suffering, for his confusion, then he is not living in truth, and he is only in resistance and he resists his reality.  Then the reality becomes more and more negative, darker, denser. You live in a dense plane, and you are held in this plane through gravity.  So therefore, there is a great heaviness within the physical, and you are meant to rise above that heavy vibration through the MIND.  For the MIND is your freeing force.  When you're within truth, you are within God consciousness, GOD MIND.  As you live within the God Mind, you raise your energy above the dense vibration, and you are light in thought, light in emotion, light in body, and your life becomes more and more effortless.  


            Here is a statement that you need to make every day, that you are one with Truth, that you are a light being in Truth, and that you are the creator of your own perception, your own feelings, creative imagination.  Everything in life comes out of these feeling places within your mental and emotional body.



            So that is why when you were speaking earlier about anxiety and you were recognizing that you create your own anxiety, it's not the task in front of you that creates it, it's not the circumstances of your life that creates the anxiety, it's not the bad luck and the misfortunes that create your anxiety, you create your anxiety through the perception you hold for that which is in front of you. When you are able to hold the highest perception, the lightest perception, the perception that embraces that which is in front of you, then you are able to work to serve the moment rather than to wait for the moment to serve you.



               Many beings on the earth plane live their life waiting for things to come to them, waiting for the moment to serve them, waiting for other beings in their life to serve them, or their jobs to serve them or their creative endeavors to serve them.  But that is looking at life backwards.  For the truth in life is that you are the Creator and you serve the moment.  Always that which is in front of you is asking you to serve it, and if you serve it and you serve it well and you serve it with your heart open, then the rewards will come to you for that service.



               This is how life is meant to be lived. Service exists on many levels.  Some service takes a great deal of energy and concentration.  Other services take no energy at all, just thoughtfulness, compassion, and  an open heart.  A service can be a smile to a person who is sorrowful.  A service can be creating a project that will help those in need.  There are multitudes of  ways to serve.  Everything you encounter is asking to be served. Everything in every moment asks to be served.  When you are conscious then you look at life in this way, then you are looking at it straight on and you are seeing it for what it is in truth, and all those illusions that you had with you that were pulling at your heart and your mind disappear.



                You are all growing wiser and wiser by the moment.  There is much more wisdom within you than you yourself acknowledge, that you yourself can recognize. As you are working through the light to recognize Truth over illusion you become the manifester of your own life. 

Go now in peace and love, BLESSINGS ASTRA.



Channeled through Anna Harlas

website- http://www.astraanna.com



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