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08 JANUARY 2007

This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged.

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Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channeling being and a similar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channeling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channeling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose.


I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet each of you upon this day and to bring unto you the blessings of transformation, transmutation, transcendence and illumination.

Greetings Beloved Ones. And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones, welcome to 2007, the year you shall come to know as "The Big Let Go". 2007 offers you some of your most powerful opportunities in terms of spiritual illumination, unconditional love of self and others, and the emergence of the true understanding of humanitarian conssciousness. Throughout your life time, you have been faced with choices, ones that lead you down a pathway resulting in specific experiences and spaces of learning. In 2007, you will be shown clearly how past paradigm ways of thinking have inhibited your power of choice. It is a time of truly understanding the motivation behind your choices and the inner chatter that takes place prior to one making a choice. Next time you find yourself in a situation having to choose, be aware of the dialogue that unfolds inside of your head prior to the decision being made. You will that during that dialogue taking place, it is not you alone conveying information, it is your mother, your father, your siblings and any other authority figures that have influenced your life up until this point, contributing to the motivations behind your decisions.

2007 is about stepping fully into the authentic power of choice as well as stepping into the power of authentic choice. Many people are being faced with profound change in their life. For many it is traumatic change, however the changes are vital and are a very important part of how things are changing. The past 7 years have been a build up to the Big Let Go process currently unfolding. All of you have worked with various aspects of the formative years of your child hood. The formative years are the first 7 years of your life. Over the past 7 years you have had to deal with the programmes you adopted and held within the 7 chakras affecting your physcial body & reality. You have had to entertauin the many aspects of other people in your life which express themselves through the programmes you adopted during your formative years. You now have the opportunity to completely restructure the foundation of your formative years, and work with anchoring the authentic foundation of the True Self. What this means is, most important and foremost upon your list of priorities is being brutally honest with yourself.

In order to be authentic, in order to reclaim your authentic self and to live an authentic life you need to quit living in denial. Skirting issues, beating around the bush and making excuses for your sad lot in life has come to an end. 2007 is the gateway into your authentic universe, the world where the TRUE YOU exists and has been waiting for you all along to come forward and embrace it. See 2007 as your year of profound healing. When one undergoes healing, one is in a position to let go, and when one is ready to let go healing takes place. Right now all you are required to do is make the choice to allow the Big Let Go to merge completely with you on all levels, so that you are able to recognize the authentic aspects of yourself by agreeing to acknowledge what you have been in denial about. For some people the denail may be very subtle issues, for others it may be very blatant issues. Every area of your life is calling for your attention. It is calling for you to be completely transparent so as to be able to wholistically trans-parent yourself.

Rejoice in the knowing this is the year where you bid your parents farewell, by this we mean all their issues. All of the programming they were instilled with that you were instilled with that causes any kind of limitation in your life. This will be released. Bid farewell to all of those authority figures that impacted upon your reality in a debilitating way and bid farewell to every other soul that has contributed to your journey that no longer serves a purpose. It is right to say that everything up until this point has been for a reason, but now everything has changed and has been changing, and from the year 1999 you have been grooming yourself for this very powerful year of change. You will witness the power of magic, miracles and manifestation that comes about as a result of your willingness to surrender, to let go and to be carried gracefully upon the Sacred River of Life that shall lead you into the tranquil waters of your truth and into the abundant valley of knowledge, wisdom and power that you have been searching for most of your life.

The Cosmic Hierarchy are present with you today. They are bringing information that will help you better understand the velocity of the energies currenlt being integrated, as well as a greater understanding of the volatility of the energies you are experiencing.

Firstly, every three months all of you will undergo a cosmic clearing within your DNA. The cosmic clearing will result in a shifting of energetic paradigms that have been held within your DNA serving various purposes. This energy will be updated every 3 months so to speak, resulting in new energies being at your disposal every 3 months so as to continue upon the pathway you have chosen.

Every month your Cosmic Guides will take you in your light body into the Temples of Shamballa where you will stand before the Great White Brotherhood and have the opportunity to refer to various aspects of the grander picture of your akashic template and make changes accordingly. This will however result in acclerated change in the entire make up of your being and your life. This accelerated change is a part of anchoring all the new Ascension Tools that the Archangels are bringing. There are 27 to be specific which the Archangels will be bringing to humanity in the not too distant future. The 27 Keys of Ascension include all aspects of life and in 2007 you will come to recognize how important physical life is, in terms of completing the Ascension Initiations.

The energy of the Big Let Go will reveal to you many of the distorted perceptions you have had regarding spirituality - being spiritual, living the so-called esoteric way of life. In past we have said that your government will undergo immense change, and the people of various nations will rise to reclaim the lost power. These changes now apply to the esoteric world. The Cosmic Vibrations coming in from the 11th Universe is emitting a wave of particles which will impact on the spiritual community of your world as a collective consciousness, and focus specifically on esoteric community. The reason why this is taking place is because esoteric communities have become corrupt in their attitude to spirituality. There has been an immense amount of corruption within that particular field. This is the year that we will begin sifting out all of the toxic aspects of the esoteric community. When we speak of the esoteric community, we speak of the entire field embodying every single modality of healing, every single aspect of new age, self-help, philosophy, esoteric - whatever labels you choose to give it.

The identity that has been created around new age, esoterics, metaphysics and so on and so forth has been so severly negatively distorted, that it has begun to leak energy at such a rate that it is re-eactivating some of the portals that were shut down between the period of 2002 leading up to 2005 that were meant to be the end of certain malevolent energies influencing the spiritual awakening of humanity. The Cosmic Lords WILL NOT ALLOW this to happen. Very recenty I said ignorance is no longer an excuse for the way things are unfolding, and 2007 will show you the differnce between innocence and ignorance. There is a very big difference and fine line between the two, the same as between judgement & discernment. It is up to every single person on the planet over the age of 12 years old to take full responsibility for self-awareness, for self-empowerment and most important, being true to the self. Some of you may want to laugh in my face and say "well, what do you suggest we do to get this right!" Be honest with yourself. Be authentic. You see beloved ones, for so many years and so many cycles the truth has been hidden from you. You have accepted that illusion is the lof in life that you will have to live with. You have been groomed in many areas, including genetically that twisitng the truth is a necessary part of survival. That no longer exists and is a complete distorion of the authentic way of being. There is only one way for anyone to live authentically, and that's to live in truth, to live with integrity and to practice what one preaches. Already humanity has seen how religion has distoted the truth. How many in the religious sector have not practiced what they preach? They do not stand alone in their so-called sin! And it is with a very heavy heart that I say the esoteric community has become more corrupt than the Catholic Church ever was. This is why we have called forth this energy at this time with the gathering of the Cosmic Lords because the end begins today.

All of you who honour the Pathway of Light, who honour the Laws of Integrity and who honour not only your truth, but the truth of everyone else, you are being called on now more than ever to practice the Laws of Light, to lead by example and to set the record straight so-to-speak! There are many people out there who have been seeking the truth, who have stepped into various arenas so as to find their truth only to be "burnt" by the so-called New Age sector, by the healers, the mediums, the channels, the tarot card readers, the palm readers etc. It is one big farce, and we will not allow all of the hard work that the Lightworkers of the True Pathway of Light have done be undone! So, I Lord Kuthumi, with the rest of the Great White Brotherhood and the Cosmic Lords of the 11th Universe ask you to stand in your truth like never before and practice the Laws of the Universe. Do as you will, but harm none. By being true to yourself, and by this we mean being honest, you begin reversing all of the efects that the virus of deception has had on the spititual world.The communities that are taking advantage of this new age of awakening, those who are tarnishing the Golden Age because of their fear, because of lust consciousness, poverty, victim and conditional love consiousness.

Beloved ones it was important that we were completely transparent with you regarding where things are at this time regarding the esoteric community. And may I emphasize this, when I say the "esoteric community" I refer to absolutely every aspect of the so-called New Age Movement. Because so many people have taken advantage lustfully, there are many who were awakening who have reverted back to their comatose state because they are disillusioned by what the New Age Movement was promising. Therefore the Big Let Go encompasses the release of absolutely all avenues of deception, all areas of illusion, which is why I said to you at the beginning it is the greatest opportunity of spiritual illumination, unconditional love and humanitarian consciousness.

Every single one of you are being assigned an additional 7 guides to support this unfolding that will take place over 2007. This is the beginning of what will be carried out all the wat to 2012. This is a massive "spring clean" of note that continue throughout the whole year, regardless of the season. Tis the season for clearing all year round - let us put it that way! (giggles)

On a much more positive note, it is important that you bear in mind that where you are at now is a very powerful point because you have the knowledge at your disposal of what has taken place, you are in a position to re-prioritse your life, to truly scrutinize every aspect of your life and make empowered choices regarding the dorection you choose. The choices you make also influence the collective consciousness. If you make a choice based on all the past paradigm programming, you are supporting the old paradigm that you were programmed with that it is better to distort the truth and to sacrifice ones truth rather than be honest and cause anyone any pain. You are telling yourself that it is okay for you to be in pain, it is okay for you to suffer and to live the illusion inorder to spare others of that pain and suffering. But the truth, you are not sparing them anything, all you are doing is feeding thier illusion simultaneously! By being homest with yourself and communicating that honesty, you are allowing those who are at the receiving end of that truth the opportunity to do likewise. This has a ripple effect throughout the collective consciousness, because then truth, honesty and integrity become the order of the day, and you will be astounded by how quickly things changes, and how willingly people are will adapt to hearing the truth, seeitn the truth, and living within the truth.

A number of people are feeling very volatile emotionally because of the energies coming forth from the 11th Universe. Today is the day that will mark the day for each and every month to come when you will stand before the Cosmic Lords and the Great White Brotherhood inside of Shamballa and present to them that which you desire most to change in your life. We ask all of you to obtain a journal that will be used specifically for your communications with the Cosmic Lords anf the GWB. In this journal we ask you to write all the truths you are discovering. Write down what you realize you have been in denail about. If you are having difficulty recognizing what you are in denial about, then we suggest you write down everything you are not completely and utterly at peace with in your life, and address each issue accordingly. Ask yourself why you are unhappy, what is causing the discomfort or unhappiness, what has created the sense of lethargy resulting in you not feeling capable of making the small changes in your life that may lead to a greater change. And the collective gift that shall come from your efforts is self-acceptance and unconditional love of the self. The spiritual illumination that emerges as a result is what will motivate you to step completely into the authentic expression fo your Divine Self. Even though the information is aimed at each of you as idividuals, it is an energy that is rippled throughout your planet. It is a collective process.

During 2007 you will also manifest yetanother level of understanding consciously the meaning of "we are all one", that you are a part of everything. The wave of particles coming from the 11th universe will actiavte this conscious emergence of the realisation of how inter-connected everything is.

Cosmically you will also be influenced by 12 Cosmic Portals that are being activated throughout this year. 6 of them will be focussed over Africa and the remaining 6 will be scattered across the globe - USA, Canada, Ebgland, Russia, Spain & Australia. In Africa they will be in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Namibia, Egypt, and a vast pillar of that energy will be anchored in Dubai. The energy in Dubai will hold 2 frequencies of the masculine & the feminine. This particular portal will bring balance for the collective consciousness of both the God & the Goddess. As the year unfolds, we will take you into deeper aspects of what is taking place, and many of you will physically travel to where these activations are taking place, and we will keep you updated regarding the time lines. We can tell you that in April of this year the Namibian Cosmic portal will be anchored and activated and at the end of January the Cosmic Portal for Cape Town will be activated. Lord Maitreya has asked that the 19th of February be the day that the Cosmic Portal be anchored in Johannesburg. The rest will follow shortly.

These Cosmic Portals will become active portals inside your body. Each of these portals will open greater aspects of your consciousness. All of you are already experiencing greater activity in your brain waves. We have observed millions of people experiencing activity in the brain region that doctors are unable to diagbose the reason for their discomfort as a result. Many people are complaining of vertigo, the feeling of their crown chakra and their 3rd eye chakra feeling like water. All of this is a part of these cosmic waves of particles penetrating your body. You see, a particle is not an individual seperate entity of it's own. Particles are aspects of one collective body which replicate themselves. They are the same thing, but seen seperately. This is a vital part of understanding the quantum mechanics taking place inside yiur body, around your body, inside your world and around your world.

Quantum physics has become yet another buzz word and every Dick, Tom & Harriet is talking about Quantum this that or the other. But Quatum Science is a very definite avenue of spirituality, if we can call it this. Quantum Physics is the Science of Possibility. Yet there are individuals trying to apply Quantum Science without integrity. During this year you will have a much grander understanding of the role you play in creating your life, and what it means to live within a quantun state of active consciousness. If you are serious about working with Quantum Science, put in the effort to understand the mechanics thereof, so that you can apply it authentically. We have seen many people in the new age movement reading a paragraph in a book, placing it back on the shelf and claining to know everything about the subject! People pick up buzz words and then claim to be the great teachers of what it is they have chosen to attach to regardless. RESPONABILITY is a very important part of living authentically. Knowledge is at the disposal of everyone, but a certain level of maturity to live according to the laws of the knowledge you are tapping into. Ignorance is dangerous. There is no loner any excuse for ignorance, as I have said. Your world has come to a point where there is sufficient information avaailable to enlighten every single soul on your planet. The problem is that a miniscule portion of your world is ready and willing to take full responsibility for moving out of ignorance and into empowerment. Therefore, once again Beloved Ones, we call to YOU the Enlightened Ones, to walk your talk like never before, to live your truth like never before and to exude the light of your authentic self like never before. This does not mean you will bombard people with your thoughts, your ideas or your perceptions of life. You are not asked now to go out into the world and try and transform everybody or save the world. All you are being asked to do is LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Be the avenue through which Spirit expresses its greatest Divinity and the energy that is emitted through you will be so powerful that those who are touched by your light will ask you what they need to know placing you in the position to share you wisdon and offer counsel, and work with them accordingly.

Now, the Cosmic influences over and above that which we have discussed are ones that will also result in the shift of the rate of energy absorbed by your body, and the frequencies currently inside of your chakras will undergo a profound adaptation. What this means is that the entire consciousness of your physiology and your biology will undergo a transformation in frequency, and in it's ability to converse with the environment. Your body is a super intelligent mechanism, highly sophisticated. But, because such a small part of it has been utilized, all the dormant aspects of your body are needing some time to rememeber their original purpose. You can look forward to many of those aspects being resucitated physiologically, biologically and psychologically. The study of Quantum Science is a valuable key in assisting your body to deal with the physiological changes that will take place. The biological changes that you will experience will be easier for you to adapt to with that knowledge, because as your knowledge of Quantum Science expands, so you will understand exactly what is going on in your body.

The new Archangels that anchored their energy in 2006 are creating new streams of information, as well as streams of communication for all of you to tap into. This will amplify your ability to communicate telepathically with the various natural aspects of your environment. During this year it is vital that you interact with nature as often as is possible, so as to maintain the equilibrium of energy within your body. The most valiable thing you can do for your physical body during this year is feed it live food. Fill your body woth water regulary. the entire water system of your body is already undergoing change, which is another reason why so many people are feeling so volatile because the eomotional structure of your body is being recreated, recalculated and the recalibtated. Because you are primarily made up of water, you need to replenish that which is being expended in your daily living. Your body still releases water even if you are not very active physically. A minimum of 2L of water per day. Begin with at least one of your meals consisting of only living food. As the weeks and months unfold we strongly urge you to strive for making your meals predominantly live, organic foods. Your body will need this because your energies will be of such a fine tunes nature that dense foods will leave you feeling heavy, sluggish, fatigued and in general unmotivated. This may also result in headaches, sinus and mucous in the body.

Crystals will play a very important role in maintaining the vibrancy of your energy. We suggest that you choose a member of the crystal kingdom to work with you on a monthly basis and to interact with this being of consciousness and familiarise yourself with it's properties so that you can work with it. The same applies to working with a member of the animal kingdom, which you may recognize as one of your totem animals.

This year is the marrying of all the aspects of the living world around you and within you merging together and creating a fantastic new body of light, of expression. A new vehicle that will take you through this life and help you to accomplish everything you have set out to do.

Lord Maitreya is also asking you to focus your attention on the needs of the children of your planet - their emotional needs, as well as their spiritual needs. When their emotional and spiritual needs are attended to, they begin learning how to move out of survival consciousness and begin thriving within the environment they co-create with their guardians. More and more emphasis will be placed on the necessity of embracing the children of your planet in an energy of innocence as well as an energy of abundance. the children of 11 years old and younger, will be influenced more than the adult human beings by the vibrations comingthrough this wave of particles coming from the 11th universe. They are being propelled into the same levels of empowerment that you have chosen to attract for yourself. However, the difference is that it will challenge many adults belief systems, their way of doing things and their perceptions of children. Children thrive in a loving environment. They thrive when there are consistent boundaries set in place - loving, realistic, age appropriate boundaries.

Every human being who sires and births a child, and every other human being whose life purpose it is to interact with children should complete a course in soul psychology, prior to commiting to taking guardianship over such a sacred energy. And we are implementing this energetically, this means all parents, teachers, grand-parents and guardians alike will undergo an accelerated course i soul psychology in terms of dealing with the soul of the child as well as the soul of the inner child. One thing I would like to ask all of you to get used to this year right from the onset is BRUTAL HONESTY, and I promise you Beloved Ones, I am going to tell it like it is. What is the use of living your life in denial? Where is it going to get you? Where has it gotten you? This also applies to the process of if guarding and nurturing children, and being an example they will follow. There are many children who have incarnated to completely obliterate the ild systems of the old paradigm, and this will challenge the adult community like never before. Not because adults will have to learn how to deal with some of these highly unruly, obnoxious and volatile children, they will have to learn what the new way is to win these children over. To win their trust, their respect and to win them over in terms of them seeing the power inside of you reflected within themselves. Every obnoxious, volatile, rebellious, unruly child you have ever met, is simply screaming out for loving boundaries and focissed attention for them, and for you. Many times children push the boundaries because you are not confident in your own boundaries. They will over step the line, they will be unruly, destructive and arrogant because you are not paying attention to thsoe aspects inside of you vying for you attention, calling to you to pay attention to what you need in order to manifest the life that will bring tranquility to absolutely every aspect of your environment.

So, this goes back to what we said at the beginning - if you choose to live in denail, then expect to live only a fraction of life. Being authentic means everything around you will change, the dynamic will become one that supports you in every single aspect of life multidimensionally. So during the year ahead of you we ask you to look at yourself, to be impeccable in your thought, your word and your deed. Use your journal to be honest with yourself. Avoid negative people and environments, granted you will have your days when you will feel a little low, or perhaps one of your friends may feel a little low, we are speaking of long term negative environments and people who are constantly negative. Focus on everything that reflects back to you that which you seek most to be and experience.

Are there any questions we can assist with?

Full question inaudible. Asking about the Soul Psychology Kuthumi mensioned earlier.

L.K We will deliver the teachings of Soul Psychology as they are necessary. Be open to what manifests in your reality as part of the training so-to-speak. The teachings of the Soul Psychology will manifest primarily in each person's life as life experiences. You will have first hand experience of how it will unfold and it ispart & parcel of the energy of 2007. When you are faced with a situation and you need to find different ways of dealing with it because consiously you know that the old way has not worked, will not work, so what do you need to do differently? The moment you ask that question, the new way is given to you and will expressed through you, which is why we emphasize that one must accept that to do things in the old way will not change one's life. Being honest, choosing to live authentically will bring all the information that is needed. Perhaps you could consider 2007 being an advanced initiation into universal self -empowerment. Is this clear? Peace and blessing be with you.

Kuthumi you speak about the 7 guides......what dimensions or energies will they be bringing for us?

L.K. It will be different for each individual. However there is a collective thread. The dimensions that are coming are more those of the higher domensions embodying consciousness of a more expanded consciousness. You can anticipate these coming from the 7th dimension and beyond. Over and above this you will also have beings coming in from the 11th Universe who are responsible for the bringing the new cosmic wave particles which will create a new system from which to liveand integrate energy. We suggest that each of you also set the intention that these new guides reveal to you what their purpose is with you, how to recognize them and what you can rely on them to do with/for you. Is this clear?

Why 7 Guides? Has it got soemthing to do with the 7 main chakras?

L.K. It is yes, and also with the energy of 2007 and the rate at which the energy is changing, the 7 guides hold a specific frequency taken on from the numerological vibration of 7, which is very important.

Question regarding depression.

One of the main reasons why there is such a high level of depression at this time, is because the soul is weeping as a result of the disconnection that has taken place with the authentic self. Most people are living their lives motivated by survival and fear. Many people are in outdated situations, they are in relationships, jobs and geographic locations that are no longer a part of their Divine Plan - systems that have expired. And because people are still in those systems of old energy they are finding it extremely difficult to make the changes. And the weight of the illusion becomes so intense that the depression sets in. This is why the journey of embracing the authentic self is such an important one for 2007. Being honest with oneself, and everyone else is so important. Now, people might say "How can I leave this job I despise so much if I have bills to pay?" This is a reality which we understand. But what is the person doing to change that situation? Many people simply accept it as their lot in life and complain incessantly about it. The example of the dead-end job would require the person acknowledging where they are for now and then being honest about all the reasons why they choose to stay where they are. And then being honest about all the external influences that influence the decision to stay where they are. Once that is out in the open, one can begin to make physcial changes. If an issue is low self-worth, and one believes that one does not deseve a more stimulating job, or perhaps the person may be in a destructive relationship and the relationship leads to the person feeling so bad about themself that they do not believe they deserve anything better. Do you understand where this is going? Do you see how it all links together? So, in order to alleviate the depression, begin by being honest with yourself.

Lord Kuthumi, over the past few days I have experienced extreme volatility - help.

L.K. Sister, this is as a result of all the new energies coming in. The Cosmoc Vibrations & the Cosmic Lords anchoring their energy on the earth plane has created this eruption of emotion. The emotional body is being completely reconstructed; the water systems are changing, and because all of the energies are being groomed to support this change of being in a state denial and moving into the authentic way of being, it is disrupting the entire foundation of people's lives. Now, the foundation we are referring to is that which was created within the formative years - the first 7 years of ones life. Where ever there is a crack in the foundation, whatever was placed within that foundation that no longer serves the soul is being changed, which is what has been taking place between 1999 and 2006. Now, 2007 is the next leg of the so-called journey where one is ready to create a new foundation, to re-create that which was lost during the formative years as a result of external programming, and reclaiming all the authentic aspects of the Divine Self and creating THAT as the new foundation. As a result, individuals are questioning themselves, uncertain about choices that need to be made, decions that must be made and action that must be taken. One minute a person is feeling motivated and the next minute they want to take their own life. It is the initial reaction to this very high frequency of Cosmic energy that has been sent in to ensure that the direction that the new energy is creating will be one that leads everyone into the world of their authentic self. The volatility is also the aspects of self that are afraid of the unknown, and what these changes will result in. "What will one lose?" "What will one have to sacrifice?" "How will the changes occur?" But in truth there is no loss, there will be no sacrifice, and one will simply move into the changes gracefully, because that is the way synchronicity works. Part of healing means accepting that there are aspects of your life you will not be able to control from the perspective of the ego. There comes a time when one must let go and let God. This often gives rise to that sense of volatile emotion & feelings, and of course, mind chatter that is very confusing. But do you know what is most important? The fact that you are aware that your body is undergoing change. The fact that you are willing to embrace the change and allow your guides to show you what the new direction is. We urge all of you to embrace the current changes in that manner, and to trust the unseen sources and forces of energy around you and at your disposal.

Question not very clear, but something to do with not coping with partner & children.

L.K. Sister, use the journal we suggested earlier on and write down everyhting you are feeling. Many times one realizes when looking at commitments to partnes and to children that the volatility and the screaming inside is in fact the self screaming for the same attention that is being given to the husband/partner and the children. Then what happens is, the inner self is in a way forcing the mother to find time to pay attention to the self. So, writing in the journal is in a way forcing you to sit down so you can make head and tail of what exactly is irking you, pushing you to the edge, making you feel completely helpless and hopeless, and help you deal with the guilt you feel inside because of the way you feel towards you partner and your children, and the resentment that often builds up as a result, and then you can take action. Many women have heard us say this, and we will repeat it. It is vital to nurture yourself as much as you have to nurture the rest of your life. We have heard every excuse under the sun, believe me, there are many, perhaps it is a book we should publish! (laughter) but in the moment that she (mother) steps into that place of giving to self, the sense of relief is indescribable. You do not have to do it every day, aside one morning, one afternoon or even one hour in your month that is purely dedicated to you. That is the most important gift you can give yourself, and the most inportant physical action you can take right now for yourself. You see, the space you are in now, is not a healthy one for you or your family, so you have to take a few steps back, and you are going to have to "deprive" your children and your partner of some time with you. However, the gift is that when you are back in their space you feel refreshed, loving, energised and strong, and you can give them quality time.

What effects will the new energies have on the emotions and economically?

L.K. Brother, the emotional issues are very much about what we have already discussed - the depression, the volatility of the emotions and of course vulnerability will be a very big part it too. People feeling that they just cannot carry on the way they are is why depression will be a area to focus on during 2007. It will in a way become the number one emotional dis-ease of the modern time, and it will not be limited to females or adults.

Economically it is going to be as volatile, simple because of people's uncertainty regarding themselves and their future. Because 2007 has such a focus on stepping into the authentic self, self-worth will be challenged like never before. This is vital in order for humanity to emerge as a collective body of self-acceptance. Because of people's uncertainty regarding their self-worth, they may very well impact upon their financial situation as a result, highlighting their beliefs in lack or loss. However it can be rapidly salvaged by owning the contribution through ones beliefs systems that manifest any kind of lack and limitation, which then becomes a new way of being and the person discovers a different motivation for improving their life style. This of course impacts on the world economically.

There will continue to be the uncovering of corruption in government as it has been over the past recent years, as well expanding the type of person being brought into positions of governance and ruling. What this means is that the nations will call for people with a greater sense of integrity, truth & honesty, it will take the demand of what they are delivering to a whole new level. There will also be emphasis on finding more natural ways of fuelling motor vehicles etc, as well as greater emphasis on global warming. 2007 will be a time where there will be temperatures recorded that have never been recorded in your history before, the heat that is. The temperature has increased by at least a half a degree world wide already. So that will become quite a big focus, not only for governments around the world, but for individuals and communities as well. In a way, it is again the drawing together of humanitarian consciousness, and the realization that all is one. Everything is connected. What you do unto yourself you do unto others. Ignorance is destructive! So people need the eductaion regarding the utilisation of certain substances in their home, their vehicle, in their mind, in their heart, everywhere. It is a collective body healing. Humans, world and spirit, every single aspect of life will be addressed.

Before we end this transmission let us also say to you. Strand strong in your truth. Remember your belief systems are perhaps not that of another, but if it resonates true to you then stick with it. There will be a lot of change in the New Golden Age movement, therefore you need to have the courage of your convictions and walk tall.

And so it is then Beloevd Ones, that we embrace each of you in the Divine Cosmic Light. We embarce you in the fluid energy of the fluid universe, and deliver unto you a means that will help you understand how you are able to manifest the miracles of life - tap into the magic of life and express your authentic self in ways you have previously not perceived. Continue to trust in the many invisible arms that hold you and know thay you are safe, know that you are on the right path and deeply loved.

I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in love. Adonai.



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