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7-26-2007 (original discourse) Completed on 8-14-2007

Spiritual Responsibility and Energy Accelerations 

I AM Kuthumi, World Teacher on the Ray of Love and Wisdom. I will be addressing you on the topic of Spiritual Responsibility and Energy Accelerations. We will look at the impact these accelerations have on your physical being, the duality construct being introduced to your mind-grid through the suggestion that the Universe is mental, the purpose of incarnation, where Truth resides, and the purification potential of the alignments and accelerations.


As you all know, there are very powerful alignments and accelerations occurring in the next several years. The most powerful ones in a 12 month cycle, are what we call the sequential accelerations and the triple power alignment days. In the year of 2007, a year of 9 signifying completion in numerology (2+0+0+7 = 9), the sequential accelerations occur as 7-8-9. The Quintessential Power Alignment Day of 2007 is 9-9-9, or September 9th, 2007, which is several weeks away. We will address the opportunities for this 999 Power Day in another discourse. For now, we wish you to understand the sequential alignment which just occurred in July, 2007[1]. A sequential alignment occurs three times within one specific month of the year.


Background for Numerology Acceleration Sequence of 7-8-9:


7 - 8-2007 = 7 8             + (2+0+0+7 = 9) 7+8+9= 24=6

7-17-2007 = 7 + (1+7 = 8) + (2+0+0+7 = 9) 7+8+9= 24=6

7-26-2007 = 7 + (2+6 = 8) + (2+0+0+7 = 9) 7+8+9= 24=6


24 in the Aura-Soma system is “New Message”, the Heart’s Communication of Spirit. It is a beautiful violet/turquoise color energy that transforms and heals through Service:


Aura-Soma Equilibrium #24

        New Message


We address you on the frequency of 7-8-9 in a sense of Spiritual Urgency. The previous day of 7-8-9 was on 7-17-2007, a day when a critical mass of humanity participated in the “Fire the Grid Meditation” for the benefit of Gaia. We are most grateful that so many are awakening to their True Spiritual Purpose at this time of intense energy acceleration. We are seeing the Plan unfold with great perfection. It is our Purpose to bring awareness of energetic reality to those of you who are open to receive, and who are willing to look at all things.


A 7-8-9 acceleration occurs as a sequence of energies which purposefully move you out of your internal places of resistance and stuckness. Many of you have been instructed on the Spiritual Principal of “7” – 7 being associated with the most spiritual of all numbers, and 7 primary energetic centers in the human body called “charkas”. Briefly, we will suggest that this system of 7 has kept humanity stuck in the false concept that God is “out there” – somewhere outside of the physical on the higher spiritual chakras that exist above the head. This system of 7 is based on inaccuracy – the Truth is that God is Within, and the spiritual energy centers, or chakras are all within the physical body. When you understand this and incorporate it, you begin to experience Truth within your manifest form. You cease looking to others to tell you your Truth and you begin to feel the innate and pristine reality of your own integrated soul in this lifetime of Ascension.


So you see, when the energetics are open through the grid of your own en-souled planetary being, Gaia, it provides an acceleration of your consciousness beyond the “old” limiting system of belief and instruction and into the 7-8-9 “new” systems of Spiritual Reality and the Eternal Lightness of your Being.


You humans are a microcosm of the planetary macrocosm Gaia. The accelerations and alignments through your calendar provide you as spiritual beings awakening to Truth, with the life altering, consciousness raising opportunities to break through your places of stuckness and into what we call “Metatronic Consciousness”. Metatronic Consciousness is spiritual truth that you have all been searching for. It is Inarguable, Undeniable Truth. This is opening Now for those of you who are willing to question all things, to look at places of unfinished business in this lifetime and in any and all part of your soul records, and who have the courage to tread the Path of the Spiritual Initiate under the direction of the Archangel Metatron. This work is not for all.


The Grid meditation was very powerful on 7-17-2007. It created an upregulation of consciousness and an increase in the sensitivity of global humanity at the level of the Heart. However, there is an element of this reality that is not currently being discussed by those in the teaching positions, because there is a tendency to “ignore” that which is difficult or challenging on a spiritual level. This tendency has been amplified since the release into mass consciousness of the Law of Attraction.


The Law of Attraction works very powerfully on the positive and on the negative sides. It is a duality based Law.  It is based on the premise that the Universe is mental. For many, it is activated by fear. What we fear, we hope to avoid, and thus, use the Law of Attraction to create the opposite scenario or outcome.  Thus, when there are places of internal darkness, you are now enamored with the concept that you simply “ignore” them by thinking positive thoughts.


What we are suggesting is this: if there is a place of negativity, of fear, of anger, of isolation or any other thing that you judge as “negative” within yourself and you ignore it, hoping it will go away, you are engaging in conscious suppression. In order to suppress these feelings requires a great deal of your energy, limiting your ability to bring in more light and love and limiting your innate ability to heal and rebalance. This suppressive activity creates an “energy cyst”.


An energy cyst is a place inside of you that contains “toxic substance” – either physical or subtle vibrational material. In order to keep this toxin isolated, a hardness of some sort forms around the undesired material. This in turn creates areas of more restriction and blockage in the anatomy. The body, designed to be a self-healing mechanism, simply adapts to this state of rigidity and stasis. Over time, it loses its ability to balance by having much of its life force directed to keeping these areas of suppression in place. This is supremely evident in the overall state of physical ill health in humanity at this time. The most obvious indications are the increased obesity and a rise in autoimmune disorders. More subtle indications are spinal and joint pain and stiffness in the body.


You cannot simply think positive thoughts and have the energy cysts go away. The only way to increase the energy of light in your body is to emancipate exactly those places of unfinished business, negative beliefs about your self, judgments you are holding onto about these feelings/experiences/etc. You do this with the Power of Love. You do not create more suffering for yourself when you courageously look at the places of pain you carry within. When you look at these places with spiritual consciousness, you are able to transmute feelings and experiences to love. Not some, but all experiences. You heal, our dearest souls in Light, through the Power of Love, not the mind control of positive thoughts. You heal through the integration of duality based on the Truth that Universal creation is founded in Love.  


It is not in ignoring your pain that it goes away. Quite the contrary, ignored pain of any kind is for a time, pushed deeper in to your system, until it can no longer be ignored. It will come back in one form or another. This is the wisdom of your soul to get your attention to finish what needs to be finished, to let go of false beliefs, to courageously look at where you judge yourself as “less than”, and ultimately, to forgive yourself and to Love to the fullest of your capacity. This is why you incarnate. You do not incarnate to “think positive thoughts” in order to create a nice, comfy life. You incarnate to continue or complete your soul work which is, as you all know, at times challenging, and at times, exhilarating, at times chaotic and at times Blissful. The full range of human experience exists for you to Be All of who you are as an Eternal Soul.


Now, we move on to the urgent part of this message. The 7-8-9 accelerations create a much higher degree of spiritual responsibility. The 7-8-9 accelerations are a Purification, not only for Gaia, but for each and every one of you who participates in Spiritual Attunement, Initiation and Emancipation from the old, untrue belief systems that have kept you trapped in the lower dimensions of soul reality.


What does Purification mean? It means to root out toxicities and harmful substances from the body, the mind, the heart and the spirit:


pu·ri·fy    –verb (used with object)


to make pure; free from anything that debases, pollutes, adulterates, or contaminates.



to free from foreign, extraneous, or objectionable elements.



to free from guilt or evil.



to clear or purge .



to make clean for ceremonial or ritual use.


Grid accelerations and alignments purify all of your energy bodies: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and the subtle energy fields around your body such as the aura and the etheric fields.


Many of you have been involved in activities that dishonor your physical body. You believe that “it doesn’t matter”. In fact and in reality of your soul, it matters and it matters very much. Those of you who are involved in addictive and unconscious ingestion of substance into your body are acting in a spiritually irresponsible way if you choose this lifetime to be your Ascension Lifetime.


Now, the Spiritual Responsibility we wish to speak of is this: During and after a grid acceleration and attunement, the impact of ingestion of harmful substance into your body is multiplied many times over. So for those of you who smoke, the toxicities in one cigarette are equivalent to much more than one cigarette. Those of you who are drinking addictive liquids such as caffeine and alcohol, are experiencing greater degrees of nervous system interference and more stress on your liver and immune system. We have never told you that you must cease from these activities!


What we have said is even more important Now: you must partake in these substances in spiritual consciousness, which is to say, to be aware of your actions and the responsibility for what you ingest into your body. You must be in moderation in all things. You may make any substance sacred by blessing it and thanking those who have provided it for you. You may stay in spiritual consciousness as you partake in a substance by being conscious and aware rather than unconscious and numbed out. It is when you give the power of your consciousness over to a substance that you become vulnerable at an energetic level. This has a profound impact on your life path that is accentuated even more now that the grids are opened. 


Now, we move this discourse to a more intense level of Truth. There are no accidents in the path of the soul. Those whose work is done, will chose to move on to the world of spirit or the ex-carnate realm. We simply ask you to be aware, to be conscious, to create your life path from the highest platform of Truth that you are capable of incorporating (meaning “to bring into the body”, to integrate into the incarnate realm where you are existing Now).


At times of great transition and change, there are souls who will volunteer to teach us a profound lesson in order so that we all may have an opportunity to look at the choices we are making. A beautiful soul in Light, Travis Edward, passed into the soul world on the first of the three 7-8-9 accelerations of July, 2007, on 7-8-2007. He was 25 years old. He had largely overcome an addiction to street drugs. He was re-creating his life, with a fiancée and new job opportunities. He had hopes and dreams, goals and expectations, just like you.


Travis understood that to be here on earth at this time, is a great gift. He brought joy to many people, not because of what he did or what he accomplished, but simply because he was a beautiful soul. He was part of a loving and supportive family. He struggled to find meaning and purpose in his teen and early adult years in a society that is too willing to judge and condemn those that do not fit the mold of convention. He was born with many of the frequencies of a Master Intuitive, an “11” in the numerology of his name and birth date.  He saw and knew things that many people could not understand. He experienced a sort of “inner divine discontent” in the context of a society at large that condemns and judges addicts rather than embraces, instructs and provides holistic compassionate support. He looked outside of himself and did not see truth. He looked within and felt struggle and despair. From this point of view, he often felt “what I do doesn’t matter”. At times, he chose to numb the internal pain through drugs.


He reached out for the loving help offered to him by friends and family and was beginning to liberate himself from his fear, anxiety and discontent.  He was beginning to find comfort and solace from others through the power of Love and Acceptance. Still, he experienced anxiety, depression and lack of esteem within himself, offshoots of his multifaceted recovery process. He looked for assistance in a variety of areas, including allopathic medication for anxiety.  


Now, let us be perfectly clear that medication for the purpose of mental health is a very important and life-affirming choice for many, many people. It is an aid to assist people to come out of the depths of depression, despair and anxiety. But it must be used as part of an integrated approach to mind-body-spirit healing, rather than as a panacea for mood disorder. Too many people are given medication as the solution, when it is best served as the entry point to deeper levels of integrated healing. In society today, as you well know, this approach is lacking for most people. Without an integrated approach to healing, medications such as Prozac and Xanax cover up the cause of mental disorders and the underlying energetic cysts continue to become more and more calcified.


Travis believed that there was more to uncover within himself. And he knew, as an avid fan of the X-Files, that “The truth is out there somewhere”. At a deeper level, he knew that “truth is within”, but had no context to support this personal transformation. The deep anxiety continued. He attempted to deal with it by covering it up and simply “getting on with his life”. At the level of his soul, he knew he had a much deeper lesson to learn and to teach.


On 7-8-2007, his heart ceased to function due to what we call “inter-substance toxicity”. Substance toxicity is the ingestion of a substance which creates an overload on the body’s primary life-sustaining organ systems. The interaction of substance is something that many of you partake in without considering the impact on your physical body. It was not “street dugs”, but a combination of a prescription anti-anxiety medication and alcohol that was fatal for Travis.


There are no accidents on the path of the soul. From Soul consciousness he agreed to the potential outcome that his life and relatively early death would serve as a lesson for many, and as a gift for All. His vibrational essence speaks very profoundly of this. As Master Pythagoras in one of my incarnations, I, Kuthumi understand and teach about the message of numbers and sacred geometry. Every name carries a vibration that can be translated to numbers. In numerology, this is called the “Life Expression”. 


Travis Edward’s soul chose to be born with the Life Expression of 98/17. In Aura-Soma, 98 is the Archangel Sandalphon and 17 is “Hope”, a new beginning for spirituality.  Travis Edward came as an Emissary of the Archangel Sandalphon to gift us with the opportunity to understand the connection between heaven and earth. Sandalphon is the Archangel of Inter-connection of All things through the vibration of inner truth and love. The theme of #98 Sandalphon is “transmutation of negativity on all levels”. Within this energy of #98, is the process of change and the gift of unconditional love to help one through this change. The gift in this life expression of a soul, is to be a catalyst for others, even if it means to endure great struggle within the self. This is the pathway that Travis’ soul chose. His work is done in the incarnate realm, his message now endures:


Now is the time to take stock in Absolute Truth of how we are living our lives.

Now is the time to know that “Everything Matters”.

Now is the time to seek the Truth that lies within, not without.

Now is the time to fully embrace the Healing Power of the Heart, and to let go of the belief that it is the “mind” that heals the soul.

Now is the time to Love.

Love Heals all things.

Our ideas divide us, our Hearts Unite All with the One.


His life and death served many purposes, but One Supreme Truth: “In every ending there is a new beginning.”  The new beginning for Travis Edward is in the soul realm. The new beginning for you is perhaps about a higher degree of spiritual responsibility. Are you willing to embrace and Act from the Truth that Everything Matters? That it is the Heart that heals Us All?


Travis Edward’s and all those who walked a similar path, deepest desire is for each of you on the spiritual path to know:



Life is Sacred. Everything Matters.

We are all connected to the Truth that is within.

In creating reality from the mind, we can lose our way in the smallness of ego and in the morass of unhealed fear;

In creating reality from the heart and spirit, there is only Love.


The date of his death (7-8-2007) is 24/6 as shown in the introduction: the Heart’s Communication of Spirit. Six is the number of the Lovers, meaning deep integration of duality within the Self. This is Truth. Six in Aura-Soma is the red/red color signifying the basic energy of Love. Travis Edward’s soul chose to complete his walk on Earth in the hope that you may all see that Everything Matters. What you do to your body matters, what you feel in your heart matters, how much you love matters, and how you choose to express your soul path matters. His life mattered and in his death, he gives us all the opportunity to reevaluate every action we take, to make everything sacred in the Heart of Love and to be grateful for the Here and Now, the only moment we can manifest change.


He was truly an Emissary of Archangel Sandalphon and in passing into the soul world with the message to you all that “all things are connected in the Heart of the Lover”, he has fulfilled his highest soul urge. We thank him for his courage and we offer love and comfort to his family who mourn his passing with the Wisdom to know that he indeed has served the Divine One.


When you made a choice to incarnate here on Earth-Gaia, our dearest souls in light, it was not to adapt yourselves to a pattern of Pollyannaish thinking. You cannot “think” your heart into healing, you cannot “think” your way to peace. But indeed, you can love and forgive and pay attention to All Things. You can see the Divine Connection in all things (Love). You can look at all places within yourself in order to gift yourself with the inner Peace that many of you have been lacking. It is in surrendering to what is inside, light, dark, love, fear, good, bad, mournful or joyous, that the opportunity to Transmute to Love exists.


Be in awareness of your actions, choose gratitude, choose consciousness and choose moderation. Above all, Choose Love. In this way, your heart is aligned with Spirit and this lifetime is a great gift. This gift is Ascension, Ascension is about Love and Love is what returns us all to the Heart of the Creator of All Things Heaven and Earth.


For the greatest good of all concerned,


We close in saying, blessings and thanks to Travis Edward and all those on the Path of Service to the One



© Ronna Prince 2007, all rights reserved


[1] The sequential accelerations for 2008, a 10/1 New Beginning Year of the Magician occur on 8-9-2008; 8-18-2008, and 8-27-2008, All 8-9-10- accelerations. The Quintessential Power Alignment Day occurs on 10-10-2008 (10-10-10/ 111)


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