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The Astrology of July features Mercury, Venus and Saturn - Neptune. The Mercury retrograde period that began last month is still with us, and continues well into July. This entire time period is great for reflection, journaling and looking inside ourselves rather than 'out there' for answers
Henry Seltzer, astrologer.

Soul Astrology - July 2007 -  by  Margaret Koolman

Strong and Steady through July

 Need versus responsibility

                The main thrust of growth at the moment is responsibility in all relationships, particularly family.  On 30 June, the Moon was full in Capricorn, opposite the Cancer Sun.  Full Moons are always a time when the tide of emotion is high, and Cancer emphasises our sense of need for nurture.    Mercury, representing our conscious thinking, appears to be travelling backwards through Cancer from 15 June to 10 July and, as it was very close the Sun at the Full Moon, we have been very conscious of our needs versus our responsibilities.  Those who pay no attention to their own needs tend to take care of others, but this leads to taking responsibility for the wrong things.  There is a vulnerability in feeling needy and yet at the same time having to be an adult fending for oneself. 


Adult relating

                In relationship, the problem comes when we identify our partner as part of ourselves.  Then, when they donít do what we think would be right, we feel hurt, betrayed, disappointed, resentful.  When we take responsibility for ourselves in relationship, we stop expecting our partner to be other than who they are; we accept that they need to do what they do as part of their authentic growth.  We can only accept all this without resentment, when we choose to identify ourselves as fine, upstanding individuals.  When youíre feeling that whole, there is no way you would want to drain the energy, or manipulate the behaviour, of another person, especially the one you are closest to.


ĎSlow and steady wins the raceí

                During the last week or so, as Mars moved into Taurus, you may have found the physical world a bit more demanding.  Mars will be travelling through Taurus until 7 August, and during that time you will accomplish more through gentle, dogged persistence, than by rushing to get things done.  This is a good time to do the practical jobs around your home and garden. 

                If you find yourself feeling sluggish and ineffective, it could be that you are holding a fixed idea of how things should be done, rather than trying a new way.  Lethargy could mean you need a rest, but it could also mean that you need to put in an extra effort to get going.  The knack is to begin; like pushing a heavy stone to make it roll, once you get started, less effort is required to continue.  The push needs to be strong and sensitive; pushing hard too suddenly just hurts the muscles.  Recognise when any greater effort would be damaging, and pull back for a while.  Either try again later, or try something different. 


Getting up-to-date

                The plan at present is to keep experimenting with ways to go forward, trying out different approaches, and being prepared to change plans when something isnít working.  Times have changed, and you have grown in knowledge and experience.  Even our desires change with time, and we need to check every now and then to see where we might be holding on to a desire whose time is past.


Wounds revealed can be healed

                Around 9 July, Mars starts to tangle with the opposition of Saturn and Neptune for the following four weeks.  The tussle between authority and public need has been well aired but perhaps, we feel, not enough has been done!  We help the whole human race with the work we do on our own, so letís go for working things out in our own lives.  With Mars in Taurus, it is likely to be physical circumstances that force the issue, first pointing out where most damage has been done and needs healing.  The New Moon in Cancer on 14 July could expose deep family wounds.  Then, any attempt we make to cover up, or to build on a false premise or a lie, is likely to collapse by the end of July, and we will be dealing with the practical resolutions for at least a week into August.  Any hurt exposed during July is capable of being healed.  True healing of old wounds, as with a rift in relationship or a painful loss, involves acceptance of the difficulty, without judgement, and with respect for our differences and the growth potential in hard times.  With that attitude, it can be safe to look into the past and share our different experiences in a healing way.


Onward and upward . . .

                The mood changes in August as Sun and then Mercury move into Leo.  From 7 August, active Martian energy will be in communication mode in Gemini.  Also on that day, Jupiter will complete its four months of retrograde movement, and start to encourage outward growth once more.  So donít despair of those projects that slowed down in April.  The four months of going over the past will have brought us up to date.  All the practical effort put in before 7 August will ensure that our projects are appropriate for the times, so that we can successfully move forward again.  

                In the meantime, act in a situation only when youíre sure youíve got all the information you need; and take care of your body.


Thoughts for shifting states while Mars is in Taurus

When you feel depressed,               lift your chin, and breathe.

When you feel fearful,                       relax your hands, and breathe.

When you are worrying,                    relax your tongue, and breathe.

When you feel ungrounded,            stand straight over your feet, and breathe.

When you feel uncertain,                 ground yourself and ask:


In this situation, what would Love do?


With love,


Margaret Koolman

Flat 3, 21 Lansdown, Stroud, GL5 1BG, UK

+44 (0) 1453-762937




Greetings Kindred Spirits!

This Moon's Natural Time Update can be found at:


May All Beings Know The Love They Are

And The Love This Universe Is, All-ways!

In Lak'ech - I Am Another Yourself,

Eden and Robert Sky of SkyTime


Time is Art!



A New Lunar Planner Article

June 27,2007

Nick Anthony Fiorenza
The Path of Eris




Eris, recently discovered and larger than Pluto, catalyzed the demotion of Pluto and the creation of the new classification of planets to which Pluto and Eris now belong--the family of "Dwarf Planets."

Eris, the reorganizer, seems to create a disrupting commotion, but which leads to a new clarity of understanding with a new order to follow--sort of shaking up what is stagnant in consciousness which subsequently allows a greater clarity to emerge and a reorganization or new expression of what we are doing in our lives.

This article explores the Synodic Cycles with Eris occurring in Cetus, the psycho-emotional world of collective human consciousness, from 2003 through 2014. Also presented is the Uranus-Eris cycle (1927-2016).


The Lunar Planner

A New Lunar Planner Article
June 21,2007

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

The Synodic Cycles of
Pluto, Ixion, & Quaoar
with Jupiter, Saturn, & Nessus
A Historical Timeline &
Astrological Exploration



This article explores the synodic cycles created by Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Ixion, Quaoar (and Nessus) starting from 1982 through the present and into 2020. Here we explore the underlying interweaving cycles and long-term energetics created by these planets that form, in part, the nature of our experience and the unfoldment of consciousness on Earth over this entire 40-year time span.

Sidereal Libra, Scorpio and Sagitarrius provide the stellar backdrop in which Pluto, Ixion and Quaoar reside. Jupiter moves through this part of the heavens every 12 years; and Saturn every 30 years, both creating additional synodic cycles with Pluto, Ixion and Quaoar. The Centaur Nessus arrives on the scene as well in 1994.

Jupiter creates a significant acceleration and mobilizing shift in this entire timeline in 2007.

I hope this article will provide greater context to our apparent global madness, and reveal, that despite of how crazy things look at times, the evolution of consciousness is occurring in our world, one that is supporting the emotional maturing and spiritual awakening of our species.

I also present this material as a resource for astrologers to further correlate the influences of Pluto, Ixion and Quaoar with historical and future events, as well as in our personal lives, during their many-year sojourn through sidereal Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius.


Fire The Grid
The Astronomical Earthgrid Spacetime Mapping
& Sidereal Star Astrology for this event
July 17, 2007 11:11 GMT

This article on the Lunar Planner web site presents the world-wide "Astronomical Earthgrid Spacetime Mapping" for "Fire the Grid. A detailed world map reveals the extra-active locations on the Earth where portals in consciousness open. Also presented is the astronomical star-level sidereal astrology surrounding Fire the Grid occurring on the Venus-Regulus-Crescent Moon.

"Fire the Grid," is an international one hour Global Meditation / Prayer event initiated by Shelley Yates: www.firethegrid.com



The Lunar Planner



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