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Entering the Portal of Soulmate Contracts
 By DL Zeta

There is much spoken in your world about finding the "other" -- the
soulmate who will bring your existence to a holistic place of healing
and completion. Many changes are taking place on the Earth now that
influence the timing of agreements you hold with other souls. We will
shed light on the inner workings of these soulmate contracts to help
you align your desire with the hastening energy of the New Earth.

You create spiritual contracts with other souls prior to incarnating.
These contracts are often with souls with which you have incarnated
previously. Many of these souls are members of your soul group. Others
are of like resonance in some other way.    The term "soulmate" refers to
any soul who repeatedly plays roles in the "movies" of your various
These souls all have a vibrational resonance with you.
A soul with whom you are incarnated in other timeframe dimensions has
the ability to bring you into greater communion with other dimensional
aspects of your self.

Soul Age and Spiritual Contracts

The term "soulmate" on Earth most often refers to a romantic
relationship, but we offer here a broader view.   In its highest form, a
soulmate relationship is a high vibrational, loving connection that
helps you grow spiritually by bringing you into closer communion with
your soul
. Romantic relationships of this type only come into your
life when you are a vibrational match for this essence of
high-vibrational love. Prior to this, all relationships derive from
your spiritual understandings and your capacity for love at the time
they are created. You may have observed or experienced tumultuous
connections where both partners are struggling to understand the
nature of unconditional love. Such connections are soul contracts
that have the potential to awaken the souls who enter into them, even
if it is through suffering and struggle. We make a distinction here
between soul contracts and advanced soul contracts.

Many beings mature into a deeper capacity for love in the middle of
their lifetime when they come into their true soul age
. In each
incarnation, you pass through various soul ages until you arrive at
your true soul age. (There are some advanced souls who come into their
true soul age early on, but in this discussion we are referring to the
majority of souls incarnated on Earth). As you pass through the
younger soul ages, you draw to you other souls experiencing the same
soul age as you are. Some of these souls are like you, just passing
through younger soul levels, while others have already found their
true soul age in this younger level. The older the soul, the longer it
takes to come into its true soul age.

It is easy to look back over your life and recall past relationships
with people with whom you are no longer connected
. At the same time,
there are those from your early life who are still with you. The
difference is that the souls you are no longer are in connection with
were only in your field of resonance as you passed through a certain
soul age. Those who have stayed with you are those who have continued
to move toward their true soul age as you have. Spiritual contracts
are made with souls that are of different soul ages for specific
purposes, usually having to do with the completion of past-life scenarios.

For example, imagine that you were married to a soul many lifetimes
Something from that time period was left unresolved, and now
there is a need to complete at this time.   To bring about this
completion, you create a contract with that soul from long ago. 
 If this other soul is at a younger level, the contract can only be
brought into play early in your life as you pass through the soul
level where you are in resonance with this other soul. That is why
early in your life you often activate contracts with souls from past
lives with whom you are completing past learning experiences.

This is not true of all those souls who come into your life early on.
It is possible to meet up with soulmates (in the broader sense) at an
early soul age and pass through levels of soul growth together. When
this occurs, it is always in accordance with the purpose and plan set
forth for your life before incarnating.

Soulmates and Pre-Ascension Lifetimes

At this time in your world, there are circumstances in place that have
not been before.
That is why many older souls are incarnating into
pre-ascension lifetimes. A pre-ascension lifetime is designed to bring
forth remaining levels of karma to be cleared. As we have said in
previous discussions, karma is a word used in your world to describe
understandings a soul is seeking to gain. A soul completes tens of
thousands of understandings on the path to ascension.

Many older souls incarnated at this time are very close to completing
their spiritual understandings
. An older soul attempting to complete
understandings may experience many different "sagas" throughout their
life.  While there are always deeper core understandings the soul is
working on, there are other understandings being wrapped up --
understandings they began working toward at other points within their
arc of lifetimes.  There may be dozens of scenarios brought into
completion within a pre-ascension lifetime.  This is generally a life
of constant change and numerous timeline shifts.

During a pre-ascension lifetime, the person will likely attempt to
work through their densest karma early in life.  As the spirit moves
toward ascension, it is drawn to clear out old karma from past lives. 
During those times, they may connect with those souls with which they
incarnated early on in their arc of lifetimes to bring about healing
and closure.

To accelerate this clearing, a soul may choose to create contracts
with souls who were present when the karma was created
. These souls
can assist with the clearing. As we have said, the advanced soul must
arrange for these encounters to occur early in their life when they
have sufficient resonance with the other souls involved. This is in
accordance with the Law of Attraction.

We will point out here that the need for healing is not with these
other souls.
These souls create soul contracts with you in which they
agree to reflect to you aspects of your self in need of healing, and
vice versa.   In this way, when a soul shows up in your life and
triggers inner turmoil, it is to help you recognize and heal old
wounds carried forth across lifetimes.

It is for the reasons we have just described that souls in
pre-ascension lifetimes are unlikely to enter into advanced soulmate
contracts until later in life
.  When a person has cleared their
densest past-life scenarios and come into their true soul age, they
are ready to enter a time when advanced soulmate contracts can be
activated.  Advanced soulmate contracts are created between older souls
who share a deep affinity and resonance.   It is at this later stage of
life when connecting with this type of soulmate is most beneficial. 
Together you are able to access high-vibrational portals that direct
your consciousness toward ascension.

By entering the Portal of Soulmate Contracts, you are able to gain
awareness of the true meaning and purpose of the special connections
you have experienced with other souls across time
. These contracts
are created to help the souls who enter into them gain the spiritual
understandings that are part of their curriculum in Earth school. 
During this time in the Earth's evolution, many older souls are
creating contracts that help them clear and heal their "selves"
throughout their arc of lifetimes.  This healing opens the door for
loving soulmate connections to bring in them into the ascension phase
of their journeys on Earth.

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Entering the Portal of Spiritual Acceptance By Deborah

Message #1036

Entering the Portal of Spiritual Acceptance

A thread of thought runs through the physical world that death is the
end of consciousness.
This is not the case, but it is a belief that
has been utilized to control many minds with the fear of death. The
"who" that is utilizing this myth is not as important as the "why" of
this myth's creation in a spiritual sense. For the purpose of this
discussion, we will explain both the who and the why, since they are
intricately linked.

At the spiritual level, souls volunteer to help create understandings
for others.
Some of these souls work at a level where they are
assisting a small group to gain insights needed for their spiritual
evolution, while others help bring about great dramas on the world's
stage. Many souls have helped humanity as a whole elevate in
consciousness through the creation of a great drama on the world's
stage. The events of 911 and many events related to both world wars
are examples. With present-day light speed communications, many more
souls are now able to play out important archetypal roles for the mass
of humanity. Some of these souls who assist humanity have the
intention to promote their own personal agendas in the material world
by controlling and influencing human minds. Many humans enslaved by
such agendas have been able to gain important understandings about
freedom. Once a soul understands freedom, it can never be enslaved again.

Rather than point out the multitudinous scenarios in your world that
are designed to enslave human consciousness, we are pointing out the
blessings of such enslavement
. Once you are able to see these
blessings, you are free in every sense. We are focusing in this
discussion on fear of death, which is the most deep-seated form of
human enslavement. This fear is archtypically positioned in human
consciousness as a sort of gatekeeper to advanced consciousness.

We return now to those who attempt to use fear to control the minds of
humanity with the greatest fear of all on the earth plane, which is
death. Although the beings who utilize fear to control humans may
have consciously forgotten that their spiritual purpose is to assist
others in their spiritual evolution, this is no less the case. Any
effort to control humanity has the paradoxical ability to free humanity.

The human mind presented with fear of death has two choices at its
The first choice is to retreat into a position of deeper
fear.   Some hallmarks of this retreat are scarcity consciousness,
which reaches for every obtainable resource in an attempt to "buy
time."   Another sign of this retreat is narcissism, in which the
conscious mind becomes lost in its insatiable need for survival.   A
third precept of retreat into fear is a belief in victimization, where
it seems others are writing the script for the life, calling the
shots.   These "others" are often considered to be insensitive,
uncaring and even bad or evil people.   A fourth precept is the
illusion of isolation and separation - the individual exists all alone
in a hostile or at best, an indifferent universe.   There are many
offshoots of these four hallmarks.

The second choice for the human mind confronted with fear of its own
death is to "see-through" the illusion that consciousness ceases to
exist with death of the physical body
. This is to the conscious mind
what may be termed "accepting the unacceptable." Survival is the
unspoken mandate of physical existence, but a mind that believes
survival to be the entire purpose of an earthly incarnation has only
one half the truth.   Physical survival is necessary in order to carry
out the spiritual purpose for the lifetime. Once the spiritual
purpose is complete, the consciousness then has the option to stay or
go as it desires. Most always, the consciousness that has recognized
and carried out its spiritual purpose chooses to continue its
spiritual growth and evolution.

Physical survival for its own sake is never the purpose of a life.   In
fact, paradoxically the person who chooses survival as the primary
focus for a lifetime is committing a kind of "small death" over time
that will result in another life lived in the same circumstances in an
attempt to gain the lessons that were being sought in the previous life.

We have come full circle now in this explanation of how the being who
sets out to control minds utilizing the fear of death is in effect
attempting to assist those souls by offering them the opportunity to
evolve past the limitations of their present understandings. Learning
to see through the fear of one's own death is an understanding that
unlocks the door to many other advanced understandings, hastening the
evolution of the soul across lifetimes.

We have come this long route of explanation to help you the see that
everything that happens in your life is all in accordance with
spiritual perfection.
   Acceptance of "what is" allows you to take the
next step in your spiritual evolution, whereas resistance to "what is"
constitutes a decision to stay the same. A choice to remain in a state
of stagnation is an unconscious decision toward physical death and
rebirth into the same state of consciousness for another attempt at
conscious growth, evolution and acceptance.

In a future discussion, we will describe some ways to read
circumstances in your life to understand why you created them and how
they are helping you evolve consciously.
   Understanding such
circumstances helps to "soften" the conscious mind and help it come
into a place of acceptance.

By entering the Portal of Spiritual Acceptance again and again, you
are able to "see through" your own resistance to the circumstances of
your life.
  As you become adept at "seeing through" the illusion of
the physical world, you are finally able to take the most profound
step of accepting your own physical death as a glorious step on the
journey of your own becoming.

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