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Soul Astrology

 New Moon in Capricorn, 19 January 2007

Dear Friends,

                I am writing well before the next New Moon for a couple of reasons:  one is that I’m visiting Kauai and will be away from home for the rest of January; but more importantly, I want to share a realisation I had at the Full Moon on 3 January.  Full Moons are always emotionally powerful, but you may have noticed this one was particularly strong, being in Cancer the sign the Moon rules.  Cancer is a water sign expressing the swing of emotional moods, like tides on the beach, or the troughs and crests of emotional waves.  Cancer portrays the immediacy of need that babies have, stemming from the fear of not surviving.  We carry that fear to a degree all our physical life, and the need to be nurtured is the call of life. 

                But this Full Moon trines Uranus, offering us freedom when we stop our habit of trying to get that nurture from our family and friends.  When we allow our family members the freedom to be themselves, we are free to nurture and care for our own needy inner child.  Only you can reach your inner child, because it is the life of your past.  Personally, when I’m feeling fearful, I tend to reassure my inner child, saying things like: ‘Don’t worry, I love you, I can handle it, it’s all OK.’  It certainly calms me down, but I just realised that the last phrase perpetuates an expectation of life being OK, and it’s not just OK.  Life is beautiful!  

                There is a strong tendency to focus on the painful bits, the problems, the bits we wish were different, which is why we have to work so hard to feel OK with it.  But when we allow ourselves to let go of our fear, our judgements, our rejection of how life is, and really look at what we have, there is so much - the wonderful capacity we have to experience, to think, to share, the beauty of nature, the smiles of loving people, and the eyes of all those we meet - all things we glance at in passing and forget to appreciate because we’re looking for the difficult bits. 

                We are treading a path that weaves between our everyday self focused on what needs to be done, and our greater self surrounding us with love and compassion.  We need to be more aware of the greater in order for the daily activity to feel fulfilling.  And we connect more easily when we allow ourselves to see the beauty . . .


 Using the New Moon moment as a birth chart for the following month, my comments

are offered to promote an attitude that maximises ease and growth during that time.

Please don’t worry about understanding the astrology (it’s mostly in italics) - just go for the drift!



Using 2006 to support the growth in 2007

                2006 was a year of clearing out old emotional baggage in preparation for new growth.  Jupiter moved through Scorpio and the process became more and more intense as the year progressed.  The release in late November (Jupiter into Sagittarius) scattered a shower of ideas and plans like seeds, suggesting changes in homes, jobs and relationships.

                The last New Moon in Sagittarius seemed to bring home to us that such developments are really possible, but the Full Moon on 3 January pointed out that part of being responsible for the movement in our own lives is the need to nurture ourselves.  Taking care of our own inner needs creates the strong integrated core that is necessary if we want our dreams to manifest.

                2007 is about growing the seeds that we choose to plant.  Jupiter will be in its own sign of Sagittarius until the middle of December 07, so throughout the year an attitude of positive openness will allow the movement, growth and expansion in any area of life.  April, May, June and July may slow the process, but only for adjustment before further growth (Jupiter will be retrograde for these four months).  

                Remember to give yourself credit for what you have learned and gained during your work in 2006.  Consciously integrating the changes you made will help you move forward strongly in this coming year of growth.


Manifestation of plans gets underway

                Every year, at the December Solstice, the Sun moves into Capricorn, the sign of competent manifestation, managing the world through understanding what is necessary, and what works.  This year we begin by putting our energy into planning our next expansive moves (Mars in Sagittarius), but from 17 January there will be more inclination to do the necessary work (Mars energy enters Capricorn on 17 January).  The New Moon in Capricorn on 19 January triggers that energy into particularly effective action.  From then on, any practical activity is likely to flow well, although caution will work better than impulse.  The ideas that inspire us are likely to be community based, benefiting more than just ourselves (Mercury and Chiron in Aquarius sextile Jupiter).  So the plans that manifest most easily will be those that involve others, maybe people working together. 


Listen to other people

                There’s no rush – caution is the best beginning where many people are involved because everyone naturally has their own agenda.  Win-win solutions come about as we sit round the table, each putting our point of view honestly, and offering the time and skill that we can afford to give (Mercury in Aquarius sextile Jupiter).  Gradually we come to a place where understanding each other brings harmony, and a natural path of activity unfolds.  The New Moon chart shows a beautiful appreciation of each other in all our relating (Venus exactly conjunct Neptune) as long as we truly listen.  We may be tempted to control the conversation, or force the ‘rightness’ of our personal opinions on others (Venus/Neptune opposite Saturn in Leo).  This will be easier to resist, if we keep our focus on trying to understand the other person.  Through empathy, we will recognise the common experience of being human, which results in mutual respect of individuals (Venus/Neptune opposite Saturn used well).


Listen to yourself

                There is in this chart also a suggestion that we will need to take time out from the fizz of talk and activity – time to open to the flow of life itself (Jupiter squares Uranus in Pisces who is near the North Node).  In those quiet ‘empty’ moments, we are open to divine inspiration.  

                I would like to share with you a quote that was sent to me by another questing friend.  It is from ‘The Most Important Dimension of Human Existence’  by Eckhart Tolle.  The quote concluded with the following paragraph, which expresses so beautifully what we need in our lives to make sense of our daily experience, and brings us back to the beauty:


‘When you are present in this moment,

you break the continuity of your story, of past and future.  

Then true intelligence arises, and also love.

The only way love can come into your life is not through form,

but through that inner spaciousness that is Presence.  

Love has no form.’


Meditation for this New Moon in Capricorn


Focus yourself in your heart.


Sense for a moment

what it is to be sitting reading these words . . .


In your heart

 let yourself become aware of the ‘being’ of all that is around you

while remaining in the sense of your ‘being’

. . . with love . . .


Margaret Koolman

3/21 Lansdown, Stroud GL5 1BG




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