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Created, Channeled, Written, Published and copyrighted

with Love by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan










*** the sands of time Lemurian Dream crystals

***  star gate ’geometry’ crystals





As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


Time after time, existence after existence, you have been birthed, you have died, and you have been birthed again.  In this lifetime alone you have birthed and died a hundred times already and there will be a thousand more to come.  Level by level, week by week – you birth another level of you, another nuance that is not known and has not been seen, another possibility, another perception, another day.  And every night as you slumber, you have the option to let go of what has hurt you, of what has wounded you, what has lessened your light, what has lessened your heart, and fly to the stars and dance in the heavens, and be birthed anew on the sunrise. 


Humans are the only species in this part of the galaxy that have the ability to die a hundred deaths and be born a hundred times in a small existence. You are re-incarnation-al aspects of the original you, of your original being from this human birth.  It seems as if weeks are years and years are weeks, and days are long and nights are short, and the sun shines brighter and the waters run bluer.  All of this is because you perceive it as so.  There are many whose perceptions are dark and dank and the waters are muddy to them and they see only debris on the shoreline. They see the residual pond of selfishness within the human species that surrounds them.  They see not the heart of the day, the night, or the situation.  They lessen themselves as the lessons get crueler and crueler day by day.  They shrink their horizons as their panoramic view dilutes itself to the size of one slice of pie in the pie chart of life. 


You each stand next to them emotional and physically. Some of them you love, some of them are your blood, and some of them are your brethren.  You cannot allow the delusion and the dilution of another’s perception to splatter mud upon your own heart’s joy, and souls longings.  For what you seek, you shall find and what you yearn for you shall become, and what is unknown shall be known.  For wide is the path that you have sculpted for yourself.  Lift up your being on this day as you see above the conflict from a viewpoint high on the cliff of divinity.  For it is up to you dear ones to always lift yourself above the confusion, above the pain, above the sadness and the delusion, the anger and the hate. 


Many in your world support you not.  They heed not your words.  They heed not your intuition, your perception, and your prophecy.  They go slower and slower each day in their pace as they move forth to the apex of their life.  Many of them think that the very apex of their being is their death.  And when they get to the top of that pyramid of self – that is all, and the curtains are shut.  But know dear ones that the apex brings you into another level of your being.  Stand as a babe on there first day of walking with your arms out stretched saying, to all of creation “Take me, Lead me, Show me, Walk with me.”  And it shall be. 


For you hold the promise of the future within you.  You hold the hope of all those who sleep in fear and confusion.  You hold the promise within your cellular structure – the promise that this world would not be destroyed again, the promise that the Christed one would come back, the promise that the Masters of Light and your stellar parentage would one day would look at you eye to eye.  The promise that there is nothing on earth that does not love you, it only does not love itself. 


The darkness raises its head like a sleepy dragon trying to bait you into becoming fearful, filled with anxiety as an asteroid passes, as another Hitler is born, as a demon surfaces, as a boat sinks, as a city falls apart.  And you must believe dear ones that all is well.  You must hold that promise within you no matter how you see your world crumble.  For it is that very vibration of Hope that you hold that will lift you just a few inches above the mass consciousness in order to see the truth of the new day, the new order, and the new light that is being birthed. 


Planetary stations for 2008


Planetary station

Exact degree

Jan 28, 2008

Mercury turns retrograde


Jan 30, 2008

Mars turns direct


Feb 19, 2008

Mercury turns direct


Apr 2, 2008

Pluto turns retrograde


May 3, 2008

Saturn turns direct


May 9, 2008

Jupiter turns retrograde


May 26, 2008

Neptune turns retrograde


May 26, 2008

Mercury turns retrograde


Jun 19, 2008

Mercury turns direct


Jun 26, 2008

Uranus turns retrograde


Sep 8, 2008

Jupiter turns direct


Sep 9, 2008

Pluto turns direct


Sep 24, 2008

Mercury turns retrograde


Oct 15, 2008

Mercury turns direct


Nov 2, 2008

Neptune turns direct


Nov 27, 2008

Uranus turns direct


Dec 31, 2008

Saturn turns retrograde





As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


I come forth on this day of alignment. I am just a beam of Light.  I have not a name, not a sound – only a love.  I stand behind and beside many of those on earth.  I announce not my position in the heavens for positioning is only a placement for those of Earth that need to see at what level they are.  I am on all levels for you and you alone.  Lift up your head and your eyes to a new day as it is birthed.  You are love, as you are loved.



For many years we have reached outside of ourselves for truth, wisdom, knowledge, miracles and just plain old prove.  We have lit candles, said ‘Hail Mary’s’ prayed to statues, icons, and literally lost ourselves in the deluge of all that was ‘supposed to be’ greater, holier and more divine than ourselves.  We have called on the Angels, the Masters, the Saints, spirit guides, and our beloved departed ones, asking for help, for intervention, for miracles, for the winning lottery numbers, for our soul mates phone number.


As we get closer to the end of 2007 the lines of communication lessen and grow fragmented.  We continued to go outside of ourselves to something ‘greater than’ us, something bigger, better, and all knowing.  The letters, emails, phone calls, from these ‘greater than’ energies continued to dwindle.  We made excuses as to why God did not answer our prayers or emails. we convinced ourselves that our third eye was clogged, our heart was closed, and our crown chakra was not in working order that is the reason the universes answer did not come thru loud and clear. We thought it was us that was broken. We tried elixirs, oils, crystals, meditation, readings, and every other tool that was available.  Still we could not hear the word of the Lord.  We spent $1000’s, and 100’s of hours trying on every gimmick there was, trying to fix what we thought was broken.


We looked at others green-eyed, as they seemed profound and all knowing. We took this herb and this vitamin, wore this color on this day and still be could not achieve peak performance. Then one day we just stopped.  We stopped praying We stopped meditating. We stopped trying to manifest our hearts desires, because our heart was so sad, thinking that we were not worthy.  When we stopped trying so hard our lives began to change, little by little.  We began to feel more comfortable in our own skin.  We began to like ourselves again.  God did not seem so far away.  Life was not as difficult, what had changed?


We had finally come full circle and embraced the wholeness of our being; the good, the bad, and the unknown.  We had finally embraced the past, the present, and whatever may come.  We had finally learned how to let go and love internally and completely.



As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


Serving the Hole one has fallen into does not contribute to the healing of the planet or self.  When you find yourself falling down the rabbit hole of life and continual obligations do not stop to take notes on the way down.  Don’t hold unto what falls away from you but in its stead look forward to the new land you are about to touch down upon. Humbleness allows an opening in the canyon of self that once dead ended and echoed of wrong choices.  The impassable mountain responds to true emotion from the deep clear well of caring.  Hollowness will not be seen as a friendly gesture as many still continue to serve self at the cafeteria of denial.


YOU ARE ASKED TO BECOME MORE THAN YOU EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE! You are asked to become the healer, you are asked to become the scholar. You are asked to become all that you shirk. You are asked to make personal decisions that even Christ himself would fret over.  You are being pulled away from your personal line in the sand and taken to a new beach where your footsteps will count. 


You are asked to increase your belief factor in yourself and all of your abilities. You are asked to redesign yourself in a collage of life imitating art.  You are asked to step up to the plate and sup upon what is needed to be done, let it fuel your life force. Instead of allowing life and her daily deeds to suck all of your energy allow it to give to you increased energy from all circumstances that surround you.  Stop whining about what has be-fallen you and see it as a heavenly helping hand, a piece of the soul puzzle you seek to fit the picture in your heart.



As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


Coming into oneness is not a journey for those weak of heart or weak of intent.  It is a journey for those who are brave those who are warriors and warrioresses.  It is a journey for those who can scale the mountains of self, the mountains of emotion, and the mountains of the past.  Using them as stepping stones as the heavenly realms proceed upon earth. 


You stand at a place where the sand and the waterline meet.  You have not yet ventured into the deeper waters of life and light, nor into the ocean of all that is yet to come.  You but stand on the seashores of yourself, preparing for invisible storms. you are walking into an ocean of pure possibilities – of virginal energies that have never touched the earth before. They come as an unexpected high tide. Day after day, layer after layer, you and mother earth are imbued and embedded with these cleansing energies that are being received by your human body and light. 


Have you ever thought about your humanness having a light?  The human body by itself radiates and shows a monitorial light frequency.  The molecules within the flesh have a beautiful light.  You see your humanness as tainted, diseased and dirty – to be discarded as you move into a higher light, the light of ascension Light.   I come to tell you to embrace the light of the flesh of the body of being human! For it is by acknowledging and embracing the human light –that you will be in a place of receiving and not a place of deceiving. 


These new waves of light enter you optically.  They enter the orifices of your body.  They enter through every opening that your body has within it and upon it.  Optically they are received in a linear fashion into the brain, energetically they are received as particles of light that land upon you and are absorbed instantly.  They embed the human body with more components of molecular light than has been previously received. 


Allow your humanness to shine in all its mortalness and mightiness.  If you were to separate your human body, your light body or your soul, and your mind (brain) – you would see that each is as a different star shining, radiating a different light.  As the planetary lineup is seen in the early morn, it will become as a mirror reflection to you. When all of the planets and stars lineup – the light becomes more brilliant.  The light becomes amplified and magnified. 


That is exactly what happens to you when you allow the light of your human body to align with the light of your soul, and the light of your mind.  Each aspect of the trinity of livingness that you are can then shine as brilliant stars and show their true essence.   Align with the stars within you, with the galaxies that you represent that you remember, that you hold, and that you are becoming.  Each of you holds a different type of alignment, a different octave of frequency, of light.  You are becoming the celestial events.  Remember – as above, so below – as in Heaven, so on Earth.  It is but a mirror image always.  Look to the Heavens

for explanations of yourselves. 




As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


Welcome we are the Pleiadian council of light.  On this day we will become as the architects to your being, to your essence, to your energy.  We will help you to design, re-design, sculpt, re-sculpt, and re-evaluate the blueprint of your life, of your heart, of your intent, and of your fears.  On this day we usher you into a very long hallway of your existence. As you walk down this hallway of self you look, ponder, and gaze upon whom you once were, realizing that you are now ready to release what once served you well, but no longer meets your needs. 


It is time to let go of everything that no longer serves the bigger picture that you are becoming.  Many of you still cling to ‘what was’, going through the trash of your day and of your life – digging up, exhuming, and examining ‘what could have been’, ‘what would have been’, “if only” you had taken a different path, made a different choice.


We come to assure all of you that this emotional regret is an illusion.  Stop digging through the very trash of your life, amplifying the ‘regrets’ of the past. You are being pushed and pulled into a very tight-fitting energy–that actually squeezes your humanness into new directions that are not comfortable.  These are the forgotten corridors in your heart, your dreams, and what lives in your soul.


The energies are making you squirm,  irritable, and emotional.  You are being re-sculpted into something new more enhanced than you ever thought possible.  The new energies-- ARC.  They ARC in every part of you.  They bring forth connections with people, places, and things that you thought you had tossed away.  They bring you new situations in the form of opportunities as well as regrets.  Everything that you have placed to the side of your plate is –NOW asking to be ingested, addressed, and then eliminated. 


All of you are being birthed into a higher consciousness, this is the first glimmer of all the light to come.  You are only a few inches into this new portal of expansion.  In the next 5 years – you will be accessing encoded places inside of yourself that hold the secrets of the universe. Never ever in your human countenance have you entertained such possibilities. 


These encodings are your prime property.  They are the treasures that you so seek – the treasures that you innately know are yours.  As humans you look for these treasures externally as money, inheritances, lottery winnings..  these innate treasures are the true love that you so seek –treasures are your heart’s desire. They are your God Codes. 


The electrons of your physical body have increased their spin The very particles of your body have walked through this doorway of expansion and every cell, every sub-atomic particle, every hair of you has changed and now holds a higher light.  Every aspect of you goes forward at a quicker pace.  Even the energy known as the self– has been unleashed and it now moves forward out of the condensation of the past.  Every organ of your body has been issued a higher dimensional decree.


As what you once deemed important in your human life changes.  Your abilities, your divine encodings are being amplified. Thoughts will be projected, desires, and truths will be issued without a physical word coming from you.  You will find more a deeper connection with nature, and the earth.  The people that once pushed your buttons, and painted you into emotional corners will find that you no longer  re-act to outside external stimuli.  There will be no need to retaliate to pay back.  Now when they push you into corners you just enjoy the corner for a minute. You will be far more concerned with expanding your divine energy than acting and re-acting to anyone.


You are not who you were last week.  You can not go back and visit that person even on good behavior.  There is no going back to what was.  You are part of an energy that exists no where else in time and space as you know it.  You are one of a kind.  The humanness that you enter into is a genetic duplication of the Creator frequency.  The physical body that you as souls incarnate into is holding the God Codes.  Your soul is already constructed of such high frequencies.  You have no need to worry about accessing them – YOU ARE THEM! 


Your humanness is constructed of the very fiber of what you know to be the Creator.  Your world is but a speck upon the very speckled egg of creation.  There are Gods upon Gods, and Universes upon Universes that you will not enter into in this existence.  This Grand Experiment is so vast, that goes beyond what your human understanding can comprehend.  All of you knowledge is but a tiny sliver of a granule of sand on the very vast beach of all life.  Life itself expands over and over and over again. 


 Can mankind swim past all the shackles and the denseness that have been issued to him as a decree of limitation?  Can humanity remember their Divinity in time to save themselves, from themselves?” There is no growth in complacency.  There is no growth if everything is lily white, heavenly, and loving.  It is only through the trials and tribulations and the hardships of earth do you earn the gift of understanding who you really are.  You are a genetic experiment.  You were spliced and diced and grafted from the very life force of what you know to be your God.  You were placed upon a slide and you were examined.  You were added to and you were subtracted from and then you were inserted into a species of being that already existed upon this planet earth. A species that crawled up from the sludge so to speak. 


You are composed of 144 star systems along with being the exact DNA code from God.  That is your composition. You exist in what would be considered to be a hologram.  It is a self contained, self-realized unit of livingness that responds to your every whim and desire.  It is a playing field that you are continually creating.  It is not a hologram that is solid and sturdy and standstill – it is a hologram that is changing along with the consciousness of every player that is involved.  Each one of you perceives it from a different angle, a different degree, a different variation.  That is intentional, that is expansion, and that is God. 


When a group of you come together in prayers, intent and in truth – then all of you for one tiny slice of time – walk through the same hologram. That in itself  is a miracle made manifest.  As you hold that hologram for specific intended time in workshops, in prayers, in gatherings – the stronger and the longer you hold it—the more ripples and wave effects happen.  When you first have a thought – that thought is a WAVE.  When that thought is manifested on earth – that thought becomes a PARTICLE.  First you gather as a wave and then you solidify that thought, that thinking, that awareness as a particle. It is then birthed and issued as a truth rippling out through all space and time.


Even though you will walk into the highways and the byways of vast truths– these truths are nothing in comparison to your true being..  It is time of honoring 100% -- your Divinity – your part in Creation and your responsibility for everyday, every minute, every thought, and every word that you speak.  You are Gods in training on a holographic cruise so to speak.  All of you will look out over this ocean of life and see a different view. 


All of your thoughts and emotions are real and valid. Everything is valid and everything means something to the Creator.  You and your experiences and your life and your pains and your needs are valid. 


There are no wrong choices in your day.  Experience all of you.  More and more and more of you is going to be exposed as you scrape away the very skin of who you thought yourself to be-- and find out how wonderful and delightful and truly gifted you are.  Whatever you decree is – it will come to life.  You are carving your path.  Be aware of the words you speak, the thoughts you have, the energies you decree.  Befriend your words.  Befriend your thoughts and befriend yourself.  The God within you is tired of moseying along this path.  It is ready to kick off its shoes and run towards something bigger.  At this time we will leave.  We are what is to be the Pleiadian Council. 



                                         A COSMIC REMINDER

As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

In the stillness of all that you are resides the truth of the matter, resides the truth of earth and heart. It is in within the stillness that you will find the bioluminescent that you need to become. The Light within the cell structure of your being shifts in luminance as a deep-water fish. Visualize your DNA becoming bio- luminescent, glowing in the liquid center of your cells, ebbing and flowing.

The light that you so seek has become activated. You have cleared the debris from the landing field of your soul and self. You have announced to all the molecular content of your being will be light. You have come into the center of the Universe that you represent. Slipping through the shackles that you have worn as adornments.

We are the Council of She. We come from the past and the present simultaneously. We sit at the intersection of time awaiting a doorway to remind you that within you is both she and he, the God and the Goddess. When the goddess (God in Us) is activated it has no gender, no specifications. The doorways of the past now shut very quickly. You look back (hoping not to turn to salt) to find who your were but all has been shifted the landscape has been cleared showing a new shoreline.

When You came to earth you told the universe that you were capable, and not to worry you would get the job done. Being earthen a great denseness befell you. Your light shifted and your contracts became a burden. In that burden, you lost your lust. You lost your passion. You lost your drive. You find that very little of earth fulfils you. You want to be happy in your light work. You want to be happy in your healing work. You want to be happy in your life, but you have lost the pizzazz. You have lost your passion. These contracts and burdens that you carry upon your shoulders are like honey buckets from an oriental lifetime filled with what needs to be disposed.

You try to birth yourself anew everyday yet no one applauds your cosmic completions, your human revelations, and your accomplishments. Where is the applause? Where is the acknowledgement your soul seeks? A Great Depression has befallen the human race, a planetary sadness a giving up before the tides turn. This energy comes from a DNA remembrance of a time that is aligned with the three falls of Atlantis. A time when you tried so hard to lift the world, to lift the light, to lift others to a point of safety, and you did not succeed. Lifetime after lifetime, existence after existence you have given yourself 100% and you have not seen the completion of the contract.

We the Council of She ask you to take it to the limit one more time. We send you comets asteroids solar flares and energies from newly birthed stars. We sent you postcards from Sirius, from the Pleiades, from Arcturus and Andromeda. We send you etchings from the green grass and signature songs from the birds. We do it all for you. To keep you from giving up, for you are the hope of the planet. You are the ones who have never given up, even though they wanted to. In this lifetime you come to clear on a cellular level the three falls of Atlantis. Not only earth Atlantis, but the destruction of the star Atlantis and the energies that befell it.

You are going to find that the God that you have worshiped, the God that you have bowed down to, the God that you have prayed to is but a sectional God. You have seen known and experienced but one slice of that pie of light. We ask you to be the captains of your ship, the master of your soul. You are not intended to go down with the sinking ship in this incarnation. This is the one time and the one place that you have awaited. The universe is about to unzip its limitations and open up for you to see exactly what needs to be birthed. The vibrations that come to you already cause confusion within the brain. There is so many levels of communication that you are hearing, on so many levels of light, you are seeing, on so many levels of heart, you are experiencing, so many levels of dark that you are vanquishing all in the same breathe, in the same day, in the same thought.

Each singularity that you are is divided into millions of components. That is approximately how many components you have within each thought. Each one of your thoughts is touching everything. Everything through your past, everything through your blood and your family history, everything through the stars, everything through the universe and all time all space and all dimensions. You are the place that life intersects life.

If you could see the fabric of light that you come forth from, if you could know the history around each of you, you would understand that there is no failings, there is no shortcomings. Always you have lasted until the last minute and never have you given up even when the universe did not show itself to you, even when your people were not saved, even when you could not heal your tribe, even when disaster happened. You believed.

We know that you have many disappointments and angers at the Creator. We know that sometimes you feel your prayers have not been answered. We know that you feel as though you have been discarded and deserted, but that cannot happen. You know that you are never alone. We ask you to take it to the limit one more time for all that you have ever believed in and everything that you could not prove. We are the Council of SHE. We are contained within you, as you are contained within us. We are an ocean and you are the streams and the creeks and the rivers and the ponds that we open our arms and our hearts to. We ask you whenever you get tired and you want to quit earth, just think for a moment upon creation and see it as an ocean and dive into it. Just for a little while, lose yourself, come home. We leave you with a knowing that is stronger then anything that you have encountered.


These unusual pieces call themselves THE SANDS OF TIME: LEMURIAN DREAM CRYSTALS. They are 100% pure lemurian crystals with the energies of earth and healing layered within them. Each one is uniquely different yet they all hold the same collective vibration. They bring to us a new experience of being completely lucid and all knowing in our dream state. They move us back and forward, thru past and future so we can see all angles of the dream, rotating us 360 degrees in a 365-day world.

They are aligned with the SANDMAN and the bringing of dreams that soothe the heart after a hard day on earth. They say 'they come to soften the blows of being human with the soft touch of the pink sands of time.  They ask you to visualize your self lying on the crystalline shores of time with the future lapping at your toes and rainbow dolphins splashing about in your fluid dreams. They say to stop taking your humanness so seriously (siriusly) and abound in the joy of being in free fitting light and material form.’

It is the clarity within them that makes their pristine nature shine thru all illusion into a place of truly seeing and in that seeing a healing begins. These beauties come to escort us into a place of internal peace and dialogue with our soul. Every time we sleep our soul reconnects with the Divine Light and refreshes itself.

As you see the sands of time slipping thru the hourglass of your life stop for a moment to touch the ancient sands where these crystalline beauties were birthed. With each purchase you will receive a small bag of charged pink sand from the lemurian mine (which is now officially closed), Use this pink lemurian sand to keep your SANDS OF TIME; Lemurian Dream Crystal charged and upgraded

Lemurian Crystals are believed to be a gift to the earth from the ancient civilization of Lemuria. It is believed that though the physical civilization ended, the consciousness of Lemuria has never left.  Keeping records of that precious knowledge inside the crystal. Lemurians can be used to open and cleanse all chakras and meridians. They open and expand the Heart chakra. These Crystals are a blend of "down-to-earth" energy, mystical realms of the past, other presents, and other futures. The energy in Lemurian crystals multiplies and focuses the overall energy of Quartz many times. They contain & transmit messages of equality and unconditional love from ancient advanced civilizations. Lemurian crystals are excellent for dream work Go to to see crystals.


The Pleiades also known as M45 or the Seven Sisters  The Pleiades are a dipper-shaped cluster of stars situated in the “shoulder” of the constellation Taurus sometimes referred to as the Maia Nebula. 400 light years from Earth, the Pleiades are one of the most visible clusters in the night sky. The cluster is dominated by hot blue stars, which have formed within the last 100 million years.  On a given night, between six and seven of the nearly 500 stars in the clusters are visible with the naked eye. The Pleiades have been the subject of  myths and tales from a variety of cultures; they are best known, however, as the seven sisters from Greek mythology. The nine most prominent stars have individual Greek names and represent each of the seven sisters of Greek mythology and their parents. The brightest member in the Pleiades is Alcyone. The other stars in the cluster that have Greek names include Merope, Celaeno, Sterope, Taygeta, Maia, Electra,

Ancient civilizations looked to the heavens as guides for their daily lives. They believed that the gods lived in the heavens and sometimes flew down to the planet bringing messages of teaching or warnings of disasters. These people communicated with their gods through meditation and dreamtime. They believed that the gods would one day return. The alignment in the heavens is like a blueprint upon which those on the planet can plan their daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly activities. In essence they worshipped those from the skies, the Pleiades being a major factor for many civilizations.

According to myth, the hunter Orion was in love with the SEVEN SISTERS and pursued them until the gods took them to safety, transforming them first into doves, and then into stars. Maia, the eldest of the seven Pleiades, gave birth to Hermes (Thoth).

The Pleiades' high visibility in the night sky has guaranteed it a special place in many cultures. They are mentioned three times in the Bible, twice by name and once by reference. the Pleiades represent the goddess Nut, the "divine mother and lady of heaven". In Japan - the word for Pleiades translates to 'Subaru'. If you examine the insignia logo for this line of cars, you'll see a stylized symbol of the Seven Sisters. In China and Ancient Egypt they were called Kimah. The heliacal rising of the Pleiades (around June) also begins the new year for the Maori of New Zealand, who call the Pleiades Matariki.

In the Swahili language of East Africa they are called "kilimia" which means "digging stars" as their visibility was taken as a sign to prepare digging as the onset of the rain was near. In Indian astrology the Pleiades were called the star of fire, and their ruling deity is the Vedic god Agni, the god of the sacred fire.

The Sioux of North America had a legend that linked the origin of the Pleiades to Devils Tower. Legend tells that seven maidens were being pursued by a ferocious bear. Kneeling to pray for help, they called on the Indian gods, who raised the ground where they were located high into the air. Angered, the bear clawed at the earth in a vain attempt to reach them. After leaving huge claw marks in the unyielding earth, the bear finally gave up and retreated. The maidens were turned into stars and placed in the sky forever out of harm's way. The site is what we now call the Devil's Tower 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind.'

Native Amercians believed in constellations and created ancient star maps. Legend has it that they exist at the center of the Earth. That beyond them was the sky and that beyond the sky were dimensional portals or sky holes. Beyond the dimensional portals was an area that they call the 'Ocean of Pitch', were the beauty of the night sky and the galaxies spun out towards them. Beyond that were the boundaries of the universe. And that set along the rim at the boundaries of the universe were 4 different extraterrestrial groups.

Early Dakota stories speak of the ancestors as being the Pleiades. The Hopis called the Pleiadians the 'Chuhukon', meaning those who cling together. They considered themselves direct descendents of the Pleiadians. Navajos named the Pleiades the 'Sparkling Suns', the home of the 'Black God'. The Iroquois pray to them for happiness. The Cree claim to have come to Earth from the stars in spirit form first and then became flesh and blood. Some Native Americans believed that all tribes in North America came from the Pleiades. That they were actually descendents and had been given a task by the Pleiadians to keep the Earth safe. They believe that Mythic Mountain is actually the home of the Kachinas [Gods]. This mountain top is sacred. Native Americans believed that the home of the Kachinas was on top of a mountain where there were great cloud formations. Today we know that UFO's often hide in what we call Lenticular Clouds. These are cloud formations that resemble UFO's and are said to hide actual spacecraft. Although the Pleiades are popularly termed the Seven Sisters, only six stars are easily visible to the naked eye, and a considerable mythology has grown up to account for the ‘missing’ Pleiade. Go to web page to see these beauties.




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Thank you all for attending the Gathering of She it was a most wonderful and magical day. I hope that it filled your heart and soul with renewed Light. Hope to see you all next year, blessings Gillian


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" is Free and so are You!
Awakening, Healing & Guidance for these New Times.

Angelic Astrology Oracle, Personal Intuitive Counseling, Reports & Healing.
Unique Astrology Readings & Personal Reports:  Life Maps for knowing YourSelf.
Are you looking for some useful information about yourself?  Curious if your current relationship is a love match?  Wanting guidance during a transition period?  Get a personalized, high-quality astrology report in just minutes electronically or via postal mail.  With their interesting, easy-to-read text, they make great gifts for yourself and loved ones.

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Let your Inner victim die an Easy Death. 
For You, your Pet and your Computer. the Computer Doctor.
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Advanced Awakening-Healing Tune-Up Sessions by Phone ~ 727-842-6788 
House of Grace,  Tampa Bay, Gulf Coast  FL
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