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ISSUE 102 (8:8 Issue)


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Created, Channeled, Written, Published and copyrighted

 with Love by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


This newsletter reaches a core group of 8044+ dedicated planetary Light-Workers and amplifies from that point forward as we all do.



*** 8:8:8


*** THE GATHERING OF SHE in East Tennessee













88, 888 or 88:88

AS ABOVE SO BELOW AND WITHIN. This configuration gives to you the infinity portal escorting you past all pervious limitations. It is a number of going beyond what you know to be your normal boundaries. It asks you to fly to the moon and stop by the Milky Way on your way back. It is pure spiritual atomic energy, a pure power source. It is success, prosperity and big business with the added flavor of universal blessings. It is finally remembering about your divine inheritance promised to you by your Holy Creator. It is turning you nose up at earthly limitation and walking forward and upward into a place of opulence and bounty.



By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As Time begins her journey back towards her self and  her heart of choice, each and every individual upon Earth comes to a point of no return,  as one that passes through the waning pastures of their life they do not look back and only yearn for what the future shall bring. 


As the time doors open to experience themselves in a new dialogue and unfamiliar longitude and latitude what was once sought is now freed into expression of self and purpose.  Truths that were once hidden in a place where the human eyes could not see now unwrap themselves in the horizons of the new dialogue of time. 


Energies that went unharnessed from past experiences now are entrained upon themselves.  Duality of purpose seeks a partner as each person of Earth dances around and around within their head, within their heart and within their choices.


Time passages announce opportunities that have been dormant.  As the great planet Jupiter writes itself into the diary of time, abundant glad tidings that were put on hold now move forward in a ballet of celestial proportion. 


The expansiveness of Jupiter cannot be bridled or harnessed but only ridden in a free form expression holding on tight to all you once dreamt was possible.  Stepping  upon the petticoats of that which has dragged up until now you are asked to embrace the solitude of your thoughts and allow them to be birthed into a phoenix probability.  All the fires and the transformations and transmutations one has endured has burnt away the drowse of being human and living upon Earth.  Dancing in the arms of one’s own dream allows one to unfold into perfect petal proportion.  The mathematical equation of probabilities implodes upon itself as all heaven breaks loose.



October 6, 2007

All day event for the Ladies of Light

In Dandridge, Tennessee Foothills of the Smoky Mountains

Seven Sisters of Light Will Infuse You with what Your Soul Seeks To Know

 I am truly honored and excited to be a Conduit of Light for 'THE GATHERING OF SHE'. The Universe has managed to bring together some of the very best TEACHERS of LIGHT the world has to offer.

 If you get excited when you SEE this information then you are part of the GATHERING OF SHE….YOUR DNA HAS RESPONDED TO AN  ANCIENT SILENT CALL…. THE CALL OF THE SOUL....THE CALL OF THE STARS....THE CALL from the SISTERS OF LIGHT....


This EVENT will be held outdoors under a Large tent in the country side nestled in the Smoky Mountain foothills of East Tennessee with horses and goats looking on. It will be a wonderful time of year in Autumn with all the leaves turning glorious colors and the temperature picture perfect. This will be a full day and venue of Seven speakers each offering their energy and truth to what we see as a very powerful group of woman (la crème', la crème'... the top Escalon of female lightmasters)

$111 includes the Event itself, plus a light breakfast/lunch/and 'just desserts & coffee' served after dinner break. We will then download the Star energies after dark with a Fire followed by SACRED SOUND, SACRED DANCE, PERUVIAN WHISTLES, & more... go to www.thequantumawakening.com  for info about speakers

Pre-payment is necessary for event Please send check for $111 or www.Paypal.com  

before September 29, 2007 to

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

PO Box 217 Dandridge TN 37725-0217





By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As the sands of time slide through the entrances and exits of all that is sacred, seen and unseen, humanity’s future is unveiled as it is seen in a full spectrum of possibility that has not existed before this time. 


As each person walks forward in their life, there is a set of energetic time prints, that they announce to the world.  As earth walks forward into newly formed dunes of progression it will seem and feel as if one is left completely alone. No one beside them, to hold them, to help them, to assist them or ‘sew it seams’.  The energies of the Angels on high come to lift you into a place where you can not fall or falter. The restless flight ends as the angels on high escort you into a safe harbor


Time asks you to not give up on what lives in your heart and lives in your dream.  The Universe has placed within you a seed that cannot die, that cannot be sown over.  The Universe has placed in you a time imprint that asks to be viewed under the microscopic eye of your heart.


Earth herself wades through a deep level of fear, she processed as we process. fear that She is to drown in the tears and fears of humanity, fear that outside forces will interfere in her path of ascension. 


Humans fear the war, the debt, lack of money and loss of control.  Earth herself and all her inhabitants are at a turning point that asks everyone to be explicit in the expression of every passing thought for they all count.  No more excuses for the mistaken choices of those in power as they look for ways to polish their own metals. 


As of the summertime of 2007, higher echelons of light will be integrated into the soul patterns of those that have asked.  Every individual upon Earth has an opportunity to ask for Divine assistance, for Divine acknowledgment, for Divine intervention.  Many allow themselves to be washed about in a tidal pull as the waves crest pushing them about. 


Each thought that humanity has is more important than the thought before.  Within Each thought wisdom either increases or decreases exponentially. Every interaction with every person gives you food for thought to be digested at your own discretion.  When you hear sad news move your heart and your energies up to a safe place where one can see the totality of the situation  and chose action accordingly.


Those that wear the higher patterns of light and time without the constraints of Earth will be asked to go beyond what they deem suitable for their experiences as well as commitment to the cause.  What this means is that you will be given deep soul insights that will ask you to fly higher, move more mountains and dance through space as well as  time.  You will be given instructions from the Universe within your heart that ask you to surpass any limitation you thought you had. You will be asked to become one with the legions of light, the legions of God that have no fear.  the legions of heart light that hold the heart of humanity within the very palms of their hands. 


So many of earth have chosen not to change, not to move forward, not to believe and not to trust, even themselves.  So many of Earth have given up, have not seen their absentee landlord God in many moons, have not felt the presence of holiness, have not seen the manifestations of miracles. What humanity seeks as the proof of the pudding is so animated that it actually has taken form and walks upon earth disguised in humanity and humility.


The energy of miracles desired may have taken the forms of raindrops that were deeply prayed for on one street but not another.  What you seek as a planet now has more mass to it.  The biology has changed and shifted in the land of the supernatural, the land of the unseen.  The belief system of Earth has faltered because many do not see with the eyes of Faith. 


Most have given up being rescued, most have given up on the angels, and many have given up on God.  As a planet you are asked to believe in what is invisible, what cannot be seen, what cannot be felt or touched or smelled or tasted.  You are asked to believe in a supernatural being that has placed you here for your highest good and your highest growth and then walked away to another project.  You have been asked to believe that every loss, every death every dark day has a divine opportunity wrapped within it – a chewy center that you often stick to. 


We come to tell you that the matter of it is the miracle that you seek walks amongst you.  It listens when you speak, it dances in your dreams, it sees the patterns of your heart.  The miracles that humanity so needs is guaranteed by the universe if one will only believe to the final hour.  for a miniscule pattern of doubt creates a lethal toxicity that cannot be diluted. 


As the planets line up and the eclipses of the heart begin to stake themselves out, a deep deluge of emotions, are raised to the surface - angers and hates, loves and tears are birthed under a sunset  full red moon.  As the eclipses of August 28, and 9/11/07 make themselves felt and seen many countries on the Earth will begin to scream they are a victim of wrong doings. Many individuals will change the pulse and the temperature of planet Earth to match with what they feel their God has told them to do and undo. 


As these eclipses birth themselves through the dark womb of life a blue veil of sadness will befall Earth, a heaviness of the heart.  A great global saddening weighs down the pulse of earth Great amounts of death will be seen in countries with so many people they have never been counted.  Many earthly upheavals will come and people will cry out to the Creator and the Savior for rescue.  Rescue is slow to mount their steeds. We must continue to swim to shore praying with every stroke. 


It is a time of becoming a living breathing prayer for someone outside of your self.  The sadness that befalls is biological and deep of cellular and stellar content.  A giant purging occurs on all of Earth as the planetary heart heaves a deep sign.  There is nothing to do but try heard to stay afloat during this rouge tidal wave.  Choices cannot be seen in the clear light of day.  Many will truly panic and the monetary system of Earth will show that.  It is up to each and every one of you to hold high your contract of light above the watermarks of life.  Life is circular of nature and this too shall pass but each day and night seems a year long.  People that you have taken for granted may walk out of your life or off the planet.  People will make choices that do not make sense to anyone around them.  Often times these cellular biological upheavals are necessary to expose another shaft of light.


We are the Sirian Council of Light.   It does not bring us joy to speak these words.  we prepare you for storms to come.  Some of these will be physical storms, others political storms, other emotional and personal storms.  Through all of this deluge be true to yourselves, be true to what you perceive as God and truth and light.  Do not falter but continue walking forward for there is an end and beginning to all storms.   What matters in your world.  We leave.




All of Creation Is Moving Light

Go to www.theQuantumAwakening.com to see pictures/prices


These crystalline beauties come to escort us thru the hallways of a lunar and solar eclipse via the energy of Sacred Geometry which is a Creational blueprint and the genesis of all form..  The ancients believed that the experience of Sacred Geometry was essential to the education of the soul. They knew that the patterns and codes were symbols of our own inner world. All life forms emerge out of timeless geometric codes. Geometric shapes represent the stages of 'becoming'. Sacred geometry revolves around the belief that through geometric form, we can gain understanding of the world and the universe as a whole.


A powerful energetic geometry is formed as the four eclipses of 2007 come to the end of their performance. Light from these two parallel events form lines of information that are seen in fractal patterns just beneath the surface of life. Eclipses represent openings and closings. These Eclipse Portal crystals are about the hidden messages in all words. Like a cosmic scrabble game the letters come undone to be rewritten anew thought new thoughts new opportunities new beginnings.


Eclipses mean changes, good and bad up and down and everything in-between. Eclipses always escort in significant events-- marriage, divorce, death, birth, career change, etc. They intensely magnify and are living parenthesis forcing us to look at what we have turned our pretty heads away from.  The old restraints in words and thoughts fall away like rusty shackles exposing new and tender skin. Within each world of the alphabet are hidden texts, challenging your mind to open to the vastness of what lies within them.


Solar eclipses mean new beginnings, (September 11 2007) and lunar eclipses (August 28, 2007) represent finishing things. These are very powerful Eclipses each with there own gifts and own set of rules.

Total Lunar Eclipse: August 28, 2007 in Pisces 6:37 am EDT has to do with water, healing,  Spiritual, Psychic, Sensitivety, endings
The second lunar eclipse of 2007 will be a dandy for observers in central and western North America before and during dawn on this date. Totality 2:52 a.m. to 4:22 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time. Observers near the West Coast will see the event in full, including all of the partial phases and the 90 minutes of totality. For the eastern US and Canada and much of South America, the show will be cut short as the Moon sets and the Sun rises.

Partial Solar Eclipse: September 11, 2007 in Virgo 8:31 am EDT has to do with earth, practical, unemotional, sensible dedicated, logical. The last eclipse of the year will be visible only from Antarctica and parts of South America. Greatest eclipse (75% of the way to total) occurs in the South Ocean at 12:31 UT. Early risers in much of southern South America will see the Sun partially blocked during and/or soon after sunrise.


Time in Print

By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Father time makes Him self seen again.  Time cannot be forced into pigeon holes as demanded by a selfish populace.  Time has grown Her own wings and takes flight into previously unknown patterns.  The sextants of humanity demand that she fly in a direction that will bring her more understanding of her own evolution and needs. 


All sensors of Earth - smell, taste, touch, feel - are changing denominations and demand a new configuration.  Do not take them for granted but also do not trust them fully as what once was instructed in stone has shifted in context.  The earthen mechanisms of sight and sound change their perpetual view.  Your body changes into a place where it is no longer taken for granted like a silent partner.


What once was is challenged non-stop, what you know to be truth is challenged non-stop, what you believe in your heart of hearts is challenged non-stop.  The body has received so many mixed signals, so many conflicting aromas, sights and sounds, it is in overload and seems to be taking a leave of absence.  Thoughts of not having a dense body enter your mind but as a human you see that only as death. 


All of humanity is in overload.  All circuitries are in overload.  Everything and everyone through all Universes wants your undivided attention now this very minute.  Earth is at an intersection of time and thus becomes a clearing house of energy and information.




By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


Words are like seeds, they have unlimited creative power.  When we speak we are giving life to what we are saying, planting a seed.  We are going to get exactly what we are speaking.  We are here today because of the words we have spoken in the past.  All of our words will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Listen to what you say about yourself.  Negative thoughts don’t need to become negative words.  The moment you speak something outright it takes on a whole new meaning and a whole new energy.  If you don’t like what you’re experiencing, start changing your words. 


We prophecies the future by the words we speak in the now.  Our words are a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Don’t plant negative seeds,  Don’t use your words to describe your negative situation, use your words to change your negative situation.  You can cancel out the Universe’s best laid plans by your own negative musings. 


Your words are going to give life to exactly what you are saying.  It’s better to say nothing than to say something negative.  Negative words cancel out Gods goodness for you – you’re cursing your future, and your life with your negative words.  You can use your words to curse your life or you can use your words to bless your life. 


Speak words of Faith, declare God’s goodness in your life and heart.  Change the atmosphere and energy of every where you go. Call in good, call in light, call in love and call in healing.  Don’t talk about problems, talk about solutions. 


We are not reporters of our life, we are forecasters of our life.  Quit letting the little self talk you down and start talking your little self up.  call to the invisible as if it were already visible.  Call in to that which you desire, call it with faith-filled words, call it with love.  Change your world by changing your words.  Death and life is in the power of your tongue.  Are you birthing or are you destroying.  Circumstances line up with every word that you speak – your words are a self-fulfilling prophecy.  You are the creator of your own circumstances.  What ever you have created by your words you can change with new words.  We along determine the rate in which turmoil passes.  There are countless futures which exist the same time.  Our own behavior determines which universe we shall enter. Prophecy is seeing and seeding the future in our present actions.



Time Portals

By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


As you pass through this time gate there will be more clarity as to how you have spent your time in past situations.  You will see the nuances of repeat patterning that have magnetized you like a personal maze. We each have habits and energies that we tend to repeat like picking the wrong person, the wrong food, or the wrong job.  As we enter from this time gate (august 12, 2007) there will be conjunctions of time for the next several years that awaken our ability to see the patterns that continue to create chaos in our lives.  What is the first thing we usually say when patterns repeat themselves? -- It is time for me to stop doing that.  It is time for me to stop hurting myself.  It is time for me to stop eating that chocolate cake.  It is time for me to stop picking the wrong partner's etc. There will be new timing angels and time guides that will assist you to eradicate these patterns and help you to align with the new definition of perfect timing.


We the Time Lords of Light come through this time gate to offer you a look into the undercoating of linear time that up until now you have accepted as natural law.  Time was birthed on earth to keep you dimensionally safe and fenced in, until you were ready to expand your creative perimeters.  Time keeps you dimensionally locked in polarity, which is so prevalent upon your earthen sphere.  (Night and day, right and wrong, male and female, up and down)  Polarity enters all aspects of time in its linear fashion, past, present, and future.  Humanity has not allowed themselves the privilege of moving into the future experience of their being which allows the dormant coating within the time matrix of their soul to be un-earthed. Access into these time portals will help mankind to escape what has been a repeat of sin century over century. 


Time doors, time experiences and time experiments are inching their way towards all of the ancient and modern artifacts of earth.  When a time door is opened, it effects the molecular spin of all on the planet. On 8/12/2007, the anniversary of earth’s time experiments, a molecular change happens. The molecular spin of life has slowed to look at itself, to look at its wounds, and to look at its constructs. Revealing where there are rips and tears in the time sequence of past and future events.  Planet Earth is being issued a declaration that it must move its awareness out of the extreme past and present/past, and move forward into a future that is awaiting them.  What this simply means is time, as you know it is under construction. 

We the Time Lords give you these truths as a living key that unlocks the corridors of the mind. 



By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

One of the many gifts of the year 2007 is the ability to glimpse into the possibility of what is to come.  The true pure essence of want and desire is as powerful as a star being birthed.  The energetic degree that you want (or desire) something is aligned mathematically and exponentially with your power to manifest it.

Each thought you have has its own consciousness. It is as consciousness within consciousness. Within each thought lives an electromagnetic field of possibilities. These possibilities are magnetically drawn to other energies of like vibration. When enough energies form a linkage of likeness they then birth the object of your  intention into physical form.  Every thought has a vibrational pulse that magnetizes other like thoughts. As they respond to the energetic clarion call they begin to pulse and then connect with the image of inherent within each of them and create what they have agreed upon.

In other words all thoughts no matter what they are have the potential to manifest. Belief creates a vibrational wormhole seducing the thought into form.

It has been proven that DNA has its own language very similar to the language of humans. Human language is believed to be based upon our inner DNA language. Every cell in your body listens to every word you speak and think and then creates from that dialogue. Nothing is dismissed by your DNA as a casual thought or a just kidding statement. Everything is taken to heart and then on its way into form.

Your DNA believes you are commander-n-chief, it sees you as a god in training and per the universal fathers instructions obeys your every word and whim. 'I am only kidding clauses' do not live within the intelligence of the DNA structure for it responds to all thoughts and words.

As we learn to communicate with our inner universe on the way to creating our promised personal heaven on earth, it is important to take time to slow down and park in your heart. As we enter the internal temple our dialogue with our DNA is heard loud and clear with no outside buzz.  As we move deeper into communication with our cellular consciousness we find infinite pathways of creation available to us.

We stand within our temple looking at many golden columns of possibility. We ponder the outcomes. To our DNA and cellular cousins everything and anything is possible. The self censors our deepest desires creating a puddle to splash in instead of an ocean to swim in. Who are we to stand in our own way and sabotage what the universe has deemed us to do?

When we are in a refined state of DNA communication we can travel to the past... the future.... and beyond through wormholes of thought. They are opened within the DNA spiral when one is in a relaxed meditative state of being.  We have the ability to transcend time and space. In this place that is connected to all time and space we can see what is to come in order to heal the past and connect with our deepest ancient truths in the now.

When we go within anything is possible. It is up to us to hold that precious pearl of possibility and not drop it on the beach of our own confusion. As you visit the vista of all time and internal space hold tight to the treasures you bring back. These are cellular truths you bring back. You are caretakers of what could be.... What was...? And what will be. Honor them as your most precious treasures. They are worlds that are waiting to be birthed.



All that was once done has become undone.  All that was seen and was once taken for granted has now become invisible to the senses.  All that is hidden beneath the surface beneath the surface of the flesh, of the cells, of the memory, of the earth surfaces in disguise as it make its ways down the pathways of your remembrance and earth. 

Many energies come forth wearing guises of goodness. Many energies that are seen as light are really holographic wolves in lambs clothing.  Each day you will be tempted within many levels of your being to be angry, to be jealous, to be unhappy, or fearful. Each time you energetically walk into an emotion that is lower of nature and not on a higher scale of light, remember it is then that the darkness becomes your silent partner.

Being taught through negativity and darkness of self is the hardest lesson that you shall encounter in earth school. It easy for you to understand what is light and dark outside of yourself, but when it comes to the inner terrain of your mind and heart, gray befalls ones choices as One seed of negativity can ruin your day and the day of those around you.  One negative thought about yourself can darken the rest of your afternoon an keep you from fulfilling a light contract. 

Understand this child of light. When you are at an intersection of self with darken negative thoughts; you are at the edge of the light one step away from falling into a very large black hole. You either embraces the light or the dark of every thought. Every thought is either a blessing or a curse. With each thought you either partner with the dark or the light.  Stand in these energies of Light as you walk through the darkness in the corridors of your own mind.  Every instruct, every failure, every guilt ridden thought comes and is given to you in love to make you stronger, to work out the muscles of your soul and your belief system.  Are you ready to carry the weight of this NEW LIGHT or can you be tricked into giving up so easily when conflict befalls you? 

Inwardly, you are pure of heart.  Do not carry your guilts from minute to minute, day to day, lifetime to lifetime.  They burden you, and weigh you down.  They block you from feeling, they keep you from loving, and they limit you from seeing the totality of the light and beauty within you. 

As you walk through your own thoughts that are shadowed in fear realize that your very own shadows are trying hard to become light. LOVE IT ALL for that is the only way you can move ahead. You are asked to stand in your POSITION OF LIGHT.  In this position of light dear ones is a place that you cannot falter. When Light shines on life it creates shadow. Sometimes shadow even appears larger than light. Without the light the shadow cannot exist at all.





By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


As you well know, linear time is a human creation.  In this creation, it has human common denominators.  The human common denominators are the digits from 1 to 12 and all the space in-between-- the digits of 60 seconds, 60 minutes, and 24 hours.  All of these bring you The gift of linear limited time.


Lets spend a moment of time recreating your average day. You get up in the morning and the first thing that you is what? -- You look at what time is it.  At that moment of reference you decide your day.  You decide how much time you have left to make coffee, to make breakfast – not time enough to shower, time enough to put your deodorant on, time enough to get dressed – and how much time do you have to get to work.  Shall I go the speed limit? Shall I stop here because I have enough time?  Or shall I speed along dangerously because there is not enough time? Will I get there on time?  We are see that your heads are  spinning. you are cutting yourself short by trying to fit yourself in to 60 minutes, into 60 second, for 24 hours.  The numbers on your clocks have become your lord and masters.


You are Commander-in-Chief of your Time.  Linear/ Calendar Time was originally created to lock you into a little black box and keep you scurrying about as rodents in a maze where there is no solution and no cheese.  The essence of time is here to obey you.  You were not created to obey time.  Do you see how very freeing that thought is? Do you realize how much life force and energy that you waste trying to fit into someone else’s time pattern for you – obeying the dictator of time?  When in reality, time is yours for the bidding.  It does not matter what the clocks tell you.  It does not matter what your boss tells you.  It does not matter, for time is not composed of matter, but is composed of illusion.  Begin to sculpt your life according to your needs.  Create an outcome that is aligned with your purpose each day.  Give time to yourself for it is a treasure.  Spend your time wisely.  Spend your time with people that you care about. Spend your time honoring yourself. 


Most people think they just spend money. Don't you realize that you spend time, you spend prayers, you spend energy, you spend light and you spend life?  You spend every frequency that is a verb an adjective and a pronoun – everyday.  You are not spend thrifty at all.  How do you spend your time?  How do you spend your day?  How do you spend your dinners?  The essence of time, spend and money  – go hand in hand. The thought that money is time, time is money – and you should be paid appropriately for the time that you spend, casts its long shadow in your daily events.


We would like to issue a thought to you.  “I am earning money 24 hours a day.  Abundance, love, financial surplus comes to me, 24 hours a day – even when I am sleeping, taking a shower, or eating – I am receiving financial blessings.” 


You all see your day locked in to an approximate 8-hour workday.  In this 8 hours you spend your time – your time spends you – and you earn your living, but it is so boxed in, so limited. Somewhat as a picnic lunch instead of a grand buffet.  Stretch the perimeters and the parameters of your spending time, love, energy, and money.  Think about the marriages in your world



where you feel you have spent too much time to let them go, too much energy to see it fail, too much love to not succeed.  Look at all of the verbiage as you spend time, energy and love. By shifting your perception of time into a format of having enough time, energy, and money, – you shift all of it --for it is your space time continuum.  Your space-time continuum can be short and sweet or your space-time continuum can be elongated. You can stretch every aspect of your life in accordance with what is necessary and needed at that moment of time.  At this time, we shall leave. We are the Pleiadian energies.









Go to www.theQuantumAwakening.com to see pictures/prices of crystals


These crystalline energies are very flowing and do not adhere to concrete space or time, shape or color. They each house a light essence that is in alignment with the ALUDRA STAR COUNCIL. They are a celestial ley line that connects to a stellar vortex.  They activate a greater ability to integrate with the time paradox in order to receive messages from your past and future selves. These crystalline beings naturally enhance this ability. They direct you to be present, while at the same time accepting energy, and messages from your future and multidimensional selves.


The Aludra Star Council knows there is a great power to create change through the spoken word and all of the energy moving through the voice. These crystalline beings enhance invocations, affirmations, boosting the levels of missing sound frequency components.  They Increase the connection between the sixth chakra and the ability to project sound thus allowing a higher form of prayer and concentrated creation to be directed through the voice.  When your true sound is heard it can lead to a deep sense of appreciation for the cells of the body, and ones own true personality and how it fits in the world.


The energy of the Aludra Star Council can manifest as a person who appears through an unexpected space-time door.  Someone (maybe a future you) that steps thru this portal just to remind you of a promise you made somewhere in time. This person is unique with a touch of the Magical and mythical sprinkled around them. It is their very Power of uniqueness that gives to you the exact DNA cocktail that you need to drink in order to come into the fullness of your own divine nature.


They will give you the gift of seeking commonality without the need to fit in. like the white stallion, and the black sheep, the unique person stands out like color in a black and white world. The Aludra star council shows you how the unexpected, the unique, the magical, is necessary in ones life. 


They ask you to come out and show your true colors and be proud of being different. To use that difference to make a difference by enacting all that is good and loving and light filled in a world that is always watching. All actions at all times are seen. You are a living testament to what is has the possibility of being Light filled.  When you cannot fit in stand out for what is good. It is in this place that you will find the peace you so seek. Have the courage to become who you were born to be.


Go to www.theQuantumAwakening.com to see pictures/prices of crystals

Within the Queen’s Chambers lives lifetimes of unanswered questions with answers sketched deep upon the limestone walls. The Queen's Chamber (situated exactly at the center of the pyramid) was the "heart" of the pyramid; it was a pulse point of light that held the heartbeat for the entire pyramid. It has never been activated and now asks for those that seek to know to hold the intention for such.  


Both the Queen's Chamber and the King's Chamber have two air shafts which make a number of minor turns and exit the faces of the Pyramids. They at one time pointed to specific stars. the north shaft in the Queen's Chamber bends after about seventeen meters. Some experts think that these are ventilation shafts, while others see an astronomical function. The north shaft is aligned with the the circumpolar stars Minoris, Ursa and Beta, while the south shaft is aligned with Sirius. The openings of the shafts in the Queen's chamber were originally bricked up and even camouflaged. They were only discovered in 1872 by Dixon, who opened them. Similar shafts can also be found in the King's Chamber. 


In the Great Pyramid there is a Christ Angle that is formed by the intersection of the first ascending passage and the Queen’s chamber. The continuation of this angle eastward points to the town of Bethlehem. It is at this angle that the Christ Chamber is birthed within the Great Pyramid at a dimensional flux that is beyond the human’s ability to discern with the eye. Within the queens chamber on the far wall is a portal that when seen with the eyes of the heart depicts the shroud of Turin in X-ray fashion. It is a reminder for those who have eyes to see that the heart of the pyramid beats with a long memory.

This pyramidal crystal is a sacred place that only time remembers. It asks you to enter not as yourself in this moment but as a light being who has always existed; As your mind and energy look deep into the pyramid Crystal see your self-entering a great portal of light, a place beyond recorded time.  Feel the living light offering itself to you. Wrapping around you in the timeless embrace of a DNA spiral. The Living Light encoding lives within the atomic structure of all time holding within it mysteries that are part of your divine and stellar inheritance.

Within the center of these beautiful CRYSTALS live portals of Ancient Wisdom and Truth. Doorways of the past and future beckoning one to enter and see.  The pyramid power is powerful and exact. It invites one to enter and sit within the Queens chamber to receive teachings of SHE Who Remembers.



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