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Sunday, October 14th, 2007 The Online Messages
Extreme Energy Shifts
and Co- Creation
Messages from Dr. Meg
Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.    

Jan, Keth &
 Dr. Meg

Online Messages

October 14, 2007

Greetings to each of you, and welcome to the over 1100 new subscribers this past month! I am awed.

Well the Masters were right on with the changes they described in our last transmission. The anomalous weather and seismic activity certainly did escalate and combine, with hurricanes synonymous with earthquakes in both Hawaii and the Baja peninsula. There has been a rash of earthquakes in the Pacific ring of fire in excess of 7 on the Richter scale. I am always fascinated to watch events unfold as the Masters have described them. Not only were the weather and seismic predictions right on, the energetic changes were as well.

This has been a most interesting several weeks. I have been traveling all over the place including Salt Lake City, Calgary, Washington and Oregon, Chicago, and seemingly everywhere in between. I have loved meeting so many of you!

After the universal event occurred in September, the tear in the fabric of creation, the energies have been wondrous and strange. The tear was a result of expansion of consciousness which translates to light frequencies.

New frequencies are coming in as well as new symbols. Each has a purpose and a unique set of frequencies. When I was in Chicago last weekend, I was awed to see the living symbols literally appear in the palms of my hands. Out of the blue, the energy in my hands became quite intense, and as we watched, the symbols changed. First, one, then another, and even more than one would appear. There were several witnesses to this and we were all awestruck by the expressions of living symbols. As you see included in this newsletter, the Masters have requested that I share another set of these symbols with you. They will explain below, the meaning of the symbols arrangement. Each of the symbols is an initiation and a teaching simultaneously. When they are combined, the energies of each are exponentially magnified. As this happens, the consciousness that is contained within the symbols is transferred to anyone who experiences them. They are at once both conceptual and of minute details. As you experience these, look at them with your heart open. Don't try to figure them out. The information and energy within them is so vast that we cannot mentally transcribe them.

One of the things that have happened since my last transmission is that there has been an arcing of energy coming to us. What I mean by this is that the patterning of the energy builds a charge that creates an arcing within the structure. As that occurs, the energy flows leap into arcs and are propelled forward. This creates a very intense experience as the energy moves through us. That is why people's behaviors seem to be sporadic. I have experienced a lot of conflict and aggression out in the public, as have many others. Strangely exacerbated, irrational responses to simple requests or situations. Fear, too.

It seems that many people do not have a handle on their emotions of late, so don't take these instances personally. Typical reaction is to question ourselves. "Could I have done it better or differently? Did I do something wrong? Wasn't I clear? Was I in my heart?" The truth is that yes, we are all of that, except wrong, of course! At times it has seemed as if we are wallowing in a sea of dense energies, only to experience a rise in vibration in the next moment. It has been turbulent to say the least, like waves in a storm. I have witnessed a lot of irrational behaviors which translate to fear. As we encounter those types of behaviors, we need to remember that they are not about us, but rather a much larger picture. We must respond from our hearts at the same time not stand for those behaviors. We must communicate clearly and patiently. Mirroring the behavior back only leads to an escalation and gets us nowhere.

So what else is going on? I am hearing from the masses that sleep patterns are disrupted, with heavy sleep being interspersed with lots of waking up. Dreams are intense and involve many other people and situations. To me, it seems that we are processing our daily emotions and problem solving in our sleep as never before. Look at those dreams. Look at the symbolism in them. In other words, what does that person represent to me? What does that object mean to me? Begin to realize what it is that is disturbing you. Our dreams always have meaning. Some processing takes many nights or repetitive dreams before we change the outcome.

Lots of people are putting on extra weight right now and have been for that past few months. A few weeks ago some reported the need to eat constantly and then the need to almost abstain from food altogether. This is a response to the energy waves. The intensity is signaling our metabolic system to keep up with the energetic stimulation. This is impossibility! The reason this is occurring is that our bodies are dense in relation to the fabric of creation. Further, our digestive systems are the densest and therefore reacts sometimes out of sync with what the higher vibrational energies are really doing in the moment.

There is also being reported body stiffness, particularly in the joints and connective tissues. This should pass in a few weeks.

The main thing is to listen to our bodies, give them what they need. If we need rest, then we should rest. If our diet isn't satisfying our energy levels, then we must look at that. What is it that we need in any given moment? We often forget to listen. If we are as open to help ourselves as we are to assist others, we will find that we are of good balance and well regenerated. If not, we will experience fatigue, mental fuzziness, and an escalation of the symptoms I listed above.

The veils continue to thin, or as I say, the curtains swing open, then close again and until they stop waving from the movement, we are seeing people and energy waves, even some animals cross into our reality. Imagine that since we are seeing them, they are likely aware of us as well! What a concept! This past week there have been "people" all over my house. Coming to my doors then disappearing. Huge waves of silvery energy moving through my house and across my yard. Unusual "knocks and bumps" throughout the house that are out of the norm. No, it isn't haunted, it is just that the veils are often that thin! Others are describing similar experiences. There are new tones being heard and voices, music, crowds talking and more. If you are having these experiences, you are not alone!

How do we adjust? How do we integrate the changes that we experience? First of all, it is to realize that these things are what they are. We are not losing it, so to speak, we are expanding. Our awareness is opening; we are in an awakening of cosmic proportions. Our DNA is awakening to greater communicative processes and our brains are adapting to these changes as well. There is expansion in how our brains work. We are beginning to utilize parts of our brains that have been dormant for millennia. Some of us are experiencing literal changes in the back of the skull. It is widening and literally formed differently. This is to allow for the expansion of an older part of our brains which is inherently sentient. Aware of everything all of the time. The changes we have foreseen and talked about for years are actually happening. Are we ready?? OH YES!

So keep breathing, don't become a victim of the very reality that you wished to create. Your gifts are your gifts. The question is, how will you use them? Remember, we are part of a greater One. Be discerning about everything, stay on that magnificent heart space, and know that it is all perfection!

In November, on the 3rd, I will be in Seattle for Lift the Light featuring yours truly and all of the inspirational World Puja hosts along with J.Z. Knight and Michael Tamura. This promises to be an event that will change the lives of everyone in attendance! For more information, please go to World Puja.

The next weekend I will be in Scottsdale, AZ to present at Celebrate Your Life. This is a huge event featuring all of the greats in this field and I am honored to be on the main stage to present about The Children of Now. This is always a sell out. If you would like to attend, please go to Celebrate Your Lifefor more information or to register.

Also, please remember that I am taking groups to Teotihuacan, Mexico December 11th - 16th and February 21st -26th. We will be taking everyone through the Toltec initiation process along with the teachings of the Masters. The Ancients meet the infinite! For full information, please visit my web site at The Master's Walk, Initiation!information is at the bottom of the page.

Remember, all of my newsletters can be shared on your web sites, forwarded, blogged etc. as long as they are kept in tact, in full and not excerpted. Please give a link to my web site if you choose to share them. Thanks!

As always, I am grateful to each of you for your interest in this work. Until next time, I wish you Laughter in your days, Joy in your hearts and love in everything that you do.

Blessings, Grace and Peace,

Dr. Meg

Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.

From the Masters: Co-Creation from the Essence of Creation
The Masters   cocreation symbols
Messages from the Masters October 14th, 2007

Anshallah! Antui asi, asi, asi!

Greetings to each of you from within that which is light, from with that which is light! From that which is of light!

We have given you a net set of symbols in such a way that you may continue your recalibration to the new forces within you and around you. As the energies shift and change, so do each of you.

These symbols are as old as creation. They come to you from times which are so ancient you have no history of them. The before times, There have been many beginnings upon your earth and universally. Within each of them there have been changes in biology, intergalactic relationships and conscious to name a few. Within each of those beginnings it was the living symbols which carried forward the remembrances of all time. These symbols carry initiations to the energies of the infinite as well as combinations of frequencies which will carry to the very depths of your being. Experience these in such a way that you do not attempt to quantify them but rather allow them to begin to you the expansion for which you have prayed for much time. It is possible. It is simple, if only you step the need to understand aside and allow yourselves to be filled with them.

The frequency set that we have shared with you in this now initiates the inate remembrance of co-creation. In such a way it is the combination of symbols which, by virtue of their combination, allows for the streamlining of the communicative forces within you, putting aside all of the static confusion which you have gathered in your life journeys and bringing you to the fruition of all that you have sought to remember. After all, it is within you. It has always been within you. What had kept you from this remembrance was the perception of the need to survive. Instead of mere survival in a chaotic world, why not live in the world that you intentionally create? Why not drop the illusion of being the one and only and bring forward the intention of simply the One? It is there that all reality is created. It is there that that which you seek as always resided.

The manifestation of co-creation suggests that no belief system has the power to overcome the truth. We reiterate. The manifestation of co- creation suggests that no belief system has the power to overcome the truth.

That being said, the translation is that what you believe you have been taught or learned and your experiences become that. Look beyond, back to your innocence. It is there that the co-creative processes occur.

To co-create means to create with. The first principal of creating with is to realize what is is that you intend to create. Who is it that you are trying to become? You already are that. What is it that you wish to create within your experiences? They are already there, waiting for your discovery. Who are you in relation to all that you create with? Whatever you choose. Why then would you fear anything? Why then would you choose to remain trapped within an existence that you despise or makes you uncomfortable? How then, can you shift your perspectives?

Quite simply of course? Let go of the illusion that you are anything other than perfection. After all, perfection can be nothing but that. To do this requires self honesty. We have spoken of this before. All of those little untruths that roam your reality to convince you that things are what you meant them to be. Or did you even get that far? Did you mean to create that which is your experience, or is it a result of the perception that you are alone? How can you ever be alone when the infinite resides within you? How could you possibly not have what you need when everything that is available is within you? How can you believe that your lives are not what you intended if you are truly creating that which you intend? Do you begin to see the shift in perspective?

Literally, all that is is enfolded within you. That which is above you is below you and within you. There is not break in the continuity of creation, only in the mass perceptions of it. That being said, it is then to call from within your depths the courage to be that which you are in spite of those perceptions, to raise like the phoenix out of the ashes of self deceit and into that which is light. You came from there you are there you are an intrical and infinite reflection of all creation. You are the living light.

You are the living light. You are the living light.

To give you an example of this, imagine a holographic pyramid of four sides. This is the building block of all creation. Imagine it before you...

Their Spiritlite website was down and couln't get the rest of this,  will when the site go's back up.   Keth


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