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 The Mother of Creation, the Mother of all Life, is the feminine aspect of ‘All That Is,’ the Source of God.  The Mother of ‘All’ calls upon the Lightworkers to ‘know’ Her and connect with Her in your heart and mind, to bring Her Divine energy of pure love and Higher understanding upon the planet, to expand the consciousness and awaken the Divine Goddess within all, bring the light upon the planet, and bring balance to Her creation.

 The term “All That Is’ has been spoken of as God, but it is now time for the full understanding of God to be revealed, to know God as an aspect of ‘All That Is,’ and for humanity to know and understand the enormity and expansiveness of Creation.

 To read the message from The Mother of Creation to the Lightworkers  (below)

This knowledge is now needed for the ascension.  This is part of the unfolding of the Divine plan, to expand the consciousness beyond God to the Source of God, to know the family of Divinity.

In book One of ‘Conversations With God’ by Neale Donald Walsch, God stated that He was created by a Greater Source.   I quote these following passages from Neale’s conversation with God  (Pages 197-198). 

 God spoke to Neale: “I tell you, there are even larger truths than this to which you will one day become privy.  For even as you are the body of me, I am the body of another.”

  Neale:  “You mean, you are not God?”

 God:  “Yes, I am God as you now understand Him. I am Goddess as you now comprehend Her.  I am the conceiver and Creator of Everything you now know and experience, and you are my children…even as I am the child of another.”

 Neale:  Are you trying to tell me that even God has a God?”

 God: “I am telling you that your perception of ultimate reality is more limited than you thought and that truth is more unlimited than you can imagine.”



The final revelation is, ‘THE GODDESS WILL RISE UP AND CLAIM HER OWN.’

 To read further information on The Mother Of Creation, and the Source of God, please go to our website:  <a href=http://www.aurauraslight.com/>Aurauras Light</a> and read the article below.

 Love and Blessings,

From those at

The Transformational Healing Centre


Message To The Light-Workers.
From The Mother of Creation

There is much work to be done, much meditation is needed, much unity,
sharing, fun, exuberance, joy, singing and dance.

Joy is love, this will raise the vibration, alter the molecules.  It is
important to come together to join in unity, those with pure intent, those
that are clear of purpose, must come together to celebrate the love, the
joy, the Creation.

Go in peace and joy, in unity of course, for unity is the purpose of us all.
Live your life in joy and remember who and what you are.  Humans take things
too seriously, this is a problem on all the planes, not only in this
universe but all.

You are joy, you are anger, you are love, you are all these things, all of
these things transmute to the purest love, the dark and the light transmute
to pure love.

Laugh a lot more, especially at yourself.  You must be in nature, come
together in nature and under the stars.  New grasses will emerge, new herbs
will emerge for healing, your intuition will lead you to these, you will
feel them.

A network of Lightworkers must be formed, there must be commitment, you must
link together and work as one.  When those of one aspect are needed the call
will go out and those working in this area must be available to help, there
will be much work to do.

There must be no ego, this will keep you separated, the ego must be worked
on, the ego must be put aside.  The lesson for the Earth plane is judgment,
it is judgment, which keeps you separated.  

The Earth is your Creation, just six people coming together lighting a
candle for love and peace is so powerful.  You must come together in love,
this will bring the light upon the planet.

Live the way of love and light and know that all around you is a mirror of
you, you must understand and accept that.  Always think positive thought and
this is what you will manifest.  Remember you are never alone.

Look deeply within, love yourselves, heal yourselves and be All That You

The heart can love the mind and the mind can inspire the heart.

To create peace on Earth you must first make peace with yourselves. To
achieve perfect balance the heart and mind must be as one, and the mirror of
the world will reflect this perfect balance.  

Masculine energy is love vibration, all energy is love vibration. Clarity of
intent is missed, distorted the vibration into something it is not, there is
great confusion over this.  Complexity and conflict create separation,
ability to judge negatively against masculine energy thwarts the process,
perception must be changed.
All energy vibration must include masculine/feminine balance equality
inherent within, one leads, one follows, choices as to which leads, passive,
receptive, or will.  Understanding the dynamics, breaking down of illusions.

Simplicity is important; the nature of humanity, the nature of life is love.
Masculine energy holds much darkness, it needs love, needs reconciliation to
heal, this needs doing, this needs focus.  The heart can love the mind and
the mind can inspire the heart.

Learning's of God's potentiality.  Lessons of masculine in humanity is of
will, aligning love with will to bring wholeness to the vision.  Difficulty
in ability to experience all of God's potentiality if the will is expressed
without it's shadow, the shadow is the power of love, love and will must be
aligned for balance and a restabilizatiion of knowing how to create reality.

You have explored all possibility and potential of polarity, the human race
will now create in unity, the heart and mind together as one, love and will
must be aligned to create the highest reality, heaven on Earth.
Auraura - The Mother of Creation


To read more, go the Introduction of the book, ‘The Game Of Life’ 

        Click here to download an excerpt of the book – A journey through the third eye, giving the understanding of the separation of masculine and feminine in Creation in PDF format.







Every sixty seconds you spend  upset , is a minute of happiness you'll never get back .


Lets Dance
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Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile.
Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here we should dance.... 



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