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Matthew's Messages
June 2, 2007

US budget bill vote; presidential authority executive order; wild life deaths; Cetacean Souls, energy; poisoned pet food; dreams of violence; say "no" to fear; amended soul contracts; health risks from cell phones and other products; examples of belief systems' effectiveness; marijuana; "fast track" education for young children

[Note from Suzy: I hope you will tune into “Matthew and Friends” www.BBSRadio.com at 4:00 p.m. Pacific time, June 13, when Valerie Donner (www.thegroundcrew.com) will join me. And don’t miss “We the People” teleconferences June 7 (Stanton Friedman) and 21 (Alfred Weber); our guests’ topics, the telephone number and time are posted on www.awakenedhearts.com. Determinedly working upwards in my inbox, I have reached February 7th emails.]


S: Matthew dear, hello! Isn’t this a beautiful day?

MATTHEW: My greetings to you, dear soul, and indeed it is a beautiful day! Before we begin the message, let us enjoy for a moment the sunshine and the glory of the tall evergreens and vibrantly blooming bushes outside your window. ….

Aaaaah! and now to begin. I know from your list that the most frequently mentioned topics are two political situations in the United States, and because the actions of that government have global impact, the sentiments expressed by the writers echo the feelings of people in many nations.

The first situation is the “caving in by Congress,” terminology I see in several emails, to President Bush’s demand that no timeline for troop withdrawal may be included in the budget bill. I believe all the questions can be summarized as “Why did the Democrats support him?” and “Now what?” I remind you that after the election that gave the Democratic party a slim majority, I cautioned not to expect great changes in policies because, despite appearances, the two-party system is a fallacy. The entire administration, from the president to the junior members of Congress, is one body of elected public servants that for two centuries has been controlled by the dictates of its Illuminati members or heavily influenced by that elitist group.

Most assuredly I do not mean that the extent of their power to swing votes to their liking is the same as prior to last November’s election—it is NOT, their power is steadily decreasing! But if you will remember the many times I have stated that occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan is strategic to their long-range plans of world domination, you can see why committing more fighting personnel and billions of dollars to those countries is paramount, and they used whatever tactics would work to assure the passage of the budget bill. Democrats are no more strong-willed than Republicans to “do the right thing,” just as they are no more immune to threats to their families’ safety or bribes or “pork barrel” favors.

Nevertheless, we do understand why this vote has caused widespread disappointment and discouragement as well as anger, but please do not interpret it as prolonging endlessly a war that benefits only a handful of greedy, deceptive power-mongers; guarantees more death, wounds, and psychological trauma to troops and the same, plus massive property destruction, to the occupied peoples; and imposes serious hardships on US citizens who need vastly improved economic, educational and health care systems. Replacing those kinds of thoughts and images with thoughts and visions of a world at peace, with all people living in harmony with each other and with Nature, will hasten the day when those conditions will prevail. So, while this bill may seem like a big step backwards from what you want and expected after showing with your vote that you want an end to the war, energetically it is only an incremental step, not even a delay, in the playing-out of third density darkness. We see light entering some congressional members of both parties and light increasing in others, and this will become evident to you, too. From now until November 2008, you will see candidates for election and reelection dropping out along the way as their “true colors” are disclosed, and others emerging as wise, honest, trustworthy leaders. I am referring only to the candidacy issue, so please do not take my words as an indication that not until next year’s election will you see evidence of the intensifying light that we see so clearly now.

The second political situation, which some writers termed Bush’s “self-appointed dictatorship,” is the recent executive order that gives him total decision-making authority to respond as he sees fit—i.e., martial law and all that implies—in whatever he chooses to designate an “emergency.” Let me give you another perspective of this seemingly Draconian measure: The peak of the Illuminati is aware that their control of Congress has become frighteningly tenuous and they designed this centralized presidential power to retain their own grip. As an Illuminati member himself, Bush willingly complied with the group’s dictates, just as he has throughout his tenure in office, but this will profit them naught! ALL instances of injustice throughout your world, whether legislated or simply imposed upon Earth and all her life forms, CANNOT last; their darkness is being consistently exposed and either is transmuted into light that anchors on your planet or enters the universe’s neutral energy pool.

Mother, I think that is sufficient to uplift spirits about those two situations that on the face appear dire, but again, they are signs that third density is playing itself out, so let us move forward.

S: Mash dear, thank you for those explanations and your repeated assurance and encouragement. Here’s a question along this line: Is 2012 the end of Earth’s ascension and completion of all transitional phases into the Golden Age?

MATTHEW: All darkness will have been transmuted and Earth’s and individuals’ balance attained, but it is not correct that after the year 2012, everything achieved up to that time will remain unchanged henceforth. Remember, the only constant in the universe IS change. Spiritual and intellectual growth and technological progress will continue—you wouldn’t want it any other way!

S: That’s for sure! The man who wrote about the whale that was found dead on the Oregon coast asked if its energy returned to the ocean to anchor light, and many others are concerned about the various fish, birds, geese and wild life that are mysteriously dying.

MATTHEW: To us, there is no mystery here—those species can no longer live in the pervasive pollution, whether in the air, land or seas; or endure the loss of their native habitats and dwindling food supply, not to mention humankind’s determined slaughter. The energy streamers emitted by those conditions are anathema to the species’ instincts for reproduction and survival, and if not deliberately killed outright or sickened unto death, they are choosing to leave. In the case of the cetaceans, yes, the light of those beautiful souls will remain—they are so spiritually and intellectually advanced that they do not need to embody to be present on the planet.

S: But it’s still very sad for animal lovers that their lives end traumatically. Are their psyches healed in the same way that peoples’ psyches are when they die in traumatic circumstances?

MATTHEW: Yes, indeed! But remember, the soul is liberated from the emotional and physical suffering, which is why the light of the souls who incarnated as cetaceans can remain on Earth while the animals’ psyches are given customized nurturing and healing.

S: Does that happen in Nirvana?

MATTHEW: Yes, like all other souls who transition from an Earth lifetime. The difference is that souls who embodied as humans reside in Nirvana for whatever time is appropriate, and the more evolved souls that embodied as cetaceans may move on from Nirvana as quickly as they wish. During this unique time on Earth, they make the lightning fast transition from physicality to spirit and an equally quick return to the planet so there is a barely perceptible lapse in their light there.

S: They are really dedicated souls! Several folks asked if the poison in pet foods was intentional.

MATTHEW: Earth monitors in Nirvana do not see a deliberate effort to end the lives of some pets and make many others very sick. From our higher vantage point, we see the poison as additional evidence of the lack of respect for any life form on the planet, otherwise more care would have been taken to preclude the possibility that such an occurrence could materialize.

S: Matthew, I think this is the first time you’ve ever mentioned a difference of opinion like that.

MATTHEW: It’s not really a difference of opinion, Mother. There is no difference at all in what we and the monitors see as factual events, but we may see them in a broader context or from additional perspectives.

S: I see. I’ve been surprised by the number of people who have written about their dreams that are filled with violence and death—they want to know if they’re picking up imminent events. One person remembered seeing a full-fledged nuclear attack and its chaotic aftermath and another saw thousands of people being arrested by soldiers.

MATTHEW: Since I don’t know the “dreamers,” I can only address these kinds of dreams generally, and there are two considerations here. The first is, while bodies are in dream state, souls visit what you call “past” and “future,” but since everything exists NOW in the continuum, what the soul visitors actually see are possible, probable and “definitely coming” events, all of which are determined by the extent of the “thought power” that is generating momentum in the myriad energy fields of potential. The visiting souls know which events are which insofar as likelihood of developing or petering out, but when that information is filtered through third density brains and becomes consciousness, the personages do not retain the knowledge and furthermore, they attribute their fragments of actual memories to dreams. The second consideration is, dreams can reflect people’s deep-seated fears, and when those are of violence and death as opposed to say, financial woes or a potential job loss or a faltering relationship, the dreams are a panorama of violent scenes.

Fear is the dark ones’ most effective tool because the energy of fear forms a barrier between the personage and its soul that prevents the personage from absorbing the light, and fear energy also fuels the darkness. That win-win situation is why the dark ones have long conditioned populations to live in fear, and their most successful ploys are a wrathful God and fear of dying—witness the religious dogmas that for millennia have held minds captive and the planet’s perpetual state of war with the destructive power expanding with weaponry technology. Yes, the dark forces have done a thorough job of conditioning peoples century after century to live in fear.

“The only thing you have to fear is fear itself” is absolutely true! In prior messages I have stated in full frankness that there will be bumps along the pathway to the Golden Age, but you are powerful souls who chose and were selected to participate in this unique time of Earth’s ascension. And I remind you that throughout her journey, untold millions of your universal family in spirit and in physical realms are in constant attention and eager to assist. If you stray into fright about anything, call upon us to help you quell those feelings and to stay steadfast in the light, where there is NOTHING to fear!

Because we are aware that fear-filled information is continually circulated by both dark strategists and persons who may mean well but are misguided, I am motivated to repeat the assurances we often have given: There will be NO nuclear war and NO more terrorist acts like “9/11.” NO geophysical events will inundate coastlines as far as the nearest mountain ranges or break apart continents. NO celestial bodies will crash into Earth and knock her out of orbit. NO manmade diseases will cause pandemics. There will be NO invasion of dark reptilians or any other species. NO global shortages of water, food or energy and NO baking temperatures will occur. There will be NO need for mass evacuations of Earth’s inhabitants, and millions of US citizens will NOT be loaded into trains and incarcerated in detention camps. I’m sure there are other dire-sounding predictions or fears that also have been addressed in previous messages, and I suggest that new readers explore those using the “search” feature [in “Matthew’s Messages” on www.matthewbooks.com].

S: Thank you, dear. I’m going to type just the questions in a long letter from someone who quoted extensively from the books and your messages—I think they’re clear without all the background she included. “After those souls reneged [on joining the light], are all the deaths of our troops and their families’ grief in amendments to their pre-birth agreements? If the soldiers and their families don’t agree to any amendments, does that mean those soldiers won’t die? Does that pertain to debilitating injuries too? What will happen to the basest souls in the tiny orb part of Nirvana?”

MATTHEW: A death has to be put into the context of the entire agreement and the experiencing that all participating souls chose. For instance, if a family’s agreement included the sudden transition from any cause of a specific child at approximately age 20, it would be within the agreement provisions if that child was a 19-year-old soldier who was mortally wounded in a war zone. The same is true of life-altering injuries. If the family agreement included a severe debilitation of the father at about age 35 that would drastically change the lives of all in the family, paraplegia resulting from a broken back due to a military helicopter crash would fulfill that provision agreed upon by the 36-year husband, his wife and their three young children.

Now, taking into account that millions of deaths and many millions of debilitating injuries can be attributed to events that happened after the “dark” souls refused to honor their agreement to join the light forces, about six or seven years ago, it is safe to say that some of the occupational troops and most of the natives of the affected Mideast countries who died or suffered disabling wounds did amend their contracts. All souls in a family agreement can discuss changing their original choices with lightning speed, and considering the circumstances in these times on Earth that would require this kind of discussion, there is agreement among all the participants. When you consider that agreements are designed to benefit all participants and are based in unconditional love; that the majority of souls came to complete third density karmic lessons; that amended agreements provide credit for incomplete lessons in the case of premature transition and that divine grace also is bestowed upon those with unchosen debilitating injuries and psychic trauma and all family and friends who suffer grief, loss and other hardships, you can see why all affected souls rapidly agree to amend the original provisions.

I don’t know what will happen to the souls residing in the orb part of Nirvana. Both Nirvana and Earth already have left the vicinity of that incredibly dense sphere, and it cannot leave that low energy field. However, God will never forsake any soul—ALL are his children, ALL are parts of his essence!—so whatever the decision, if those basest souls accept the light constantly being beamed to them, they will have the same opportunity as all DE-volved souls to rise above their levels.

S: The next question is, What is your perspective on the potential of Jupiter to ignite and become a young sun in this solar system, and what may be the likely effects and timelines of this event?

MATTHEW: Oh my, the scientific theories! For the foreseeable “future,” I would put this concept with the Earth being flat and the sun revolving around it.

S: Oh! Well then, how about this: A planet larger than Jupiter has been discovered orbiting its sun at a much faster rate than Earth revolves around our sun. The question deriving from that is: Is our planet going to increase orbiting speed as it travels to fourth and fifth density, and if so, what are the ramifications for life here?

MATTHEW: Everything about Earth will be altered in the higher densities in consonance with the physics that enable and govern an optimum environment for life to flourish on the planet, but orbiting speed won’t increase remarkably. Remember, physical bodies and psyches will become different as well, and since the two kinds of change will be gradual and concurrent, any difference in Earth’s movement will not be readily noticeable.

S: Will tides be the same and also the length of days and nights? Will the atmosphere change, other than to be pollution-free, and will weather be completely natural or, with the technology in those densities, maybe sometimes manmade for benevolent purposes? As you know, those are my questions!

MATTHEW: Yes, and I can’t describe the changes specifically, Mother, or ascribe certain portions to advanced technology, but everything that is desirable for the most comfortable and convenient living in harmony with Nature’s rhythm defines life in those higher dimensions of spiritual consciousness.

S: OK, dear, thank you. A person who deals with health and wellness home-use products that electrically stimulate nerves and muscles is wondering if they “shake the balance of cells.”

MATTHEW: I am reluctant to tread on ground that I am not totally familiar with—that is, I don’t know any of the various products—but I can say that external sources of electrical impulses can cause disturbances in bodies’ natural electrical systems that range from a mild reaction to physical death. Your science has not matured sufficiently to finitely measure bodies’ energetic make-up, which varies as much as each individual differs from another because each of you has a unique vibration that identifies you from all others, so a product that may help one person can harm another. Furthermore, bodies are responding naturally to the higher frequencies prevailing, and while the changes may be uncomfortable and quite disquieting, introducing another source of electricity to reduce those effects could, at the very least, prolong the natural adaptation process. Would I advise my mother to purchase that type of product because someone she trusts used it and found it helpful? No, I surely would not.

S: You know I wasn’t even thinking about it, Mash! There’s a related question from someone who is concerned about the effects of wireless technology. She’s asking if it “breaks down the blood barrier in the brain, if all the convenient products are “part of a dark plan to keep us dumbed down” and what can we do to prevent damaging effects?

MATTHEW: I believe I have said in previous messages that anything developed for good can be used for bad, and so it is with the proliferation of “wi-fi” products all over the globe. The convenience of cell phone communication is undeniable, and for the millions inured to mobile TV, music and computer games, those compact entertainment centers are irresistible. There are dark minds that know but deny the harm these inflict on brain cells and other body tissues, and those same minds know how to prevent the products’ damaging electromagnetic properties but intentionally order designs without the protective features. Some inspired souls have produced protective devices for computers and the variety of mobile conveniences, and while some devices may be helpful in filtering out some of the damaging waves, at this juncture the only means to totally eliminate those is not to use the enticing products that emit them.

S: How much does one’s belief enter into this?

MATTHEW: While it is true that belief enters into every aspect of your lives and thereby creates your reality, there are situations where the laws of physics supersede one’s beliefs. An extreme example is a person whose mind has been lost to drugs, who despite warnings to the contrary, believes he can fly off a 40-story building and land without a scratch. An example of virtually global applicability is the belief about cell phones: They are fantastic, absolutely indispensable to modern living, and I don’t believe they’re harmful. The phones’ widespread usage is really only mindless acceptance, orientation to convenience; but for the purpose of making a point, let us consider it a belief so I can tell you that the damage to brain cells from the low frequency emissions is greater than one’s belief that there is no harm in this. Think of the irony here: Today’s population, like hundreds of generations that came before, is conditioned to live in fear; but when it comes to something you want, never mind that the something is killing your brain cells and can have other ominous results, fear about any of that flies right out the window.

S: A writer asked if orgonite products shield against pollution, mind control and “dark spirits” in general; if so, he wants to know if it is more a matter of belief than actual performance.

MATTHEW: Orgone is a natural element, or form of energy essence that has the potential to neutralize not only toxic pollution in acid rain or chemtrails, for example, but also entities, or energy eddies, of low vibration that hover near the planetary surface and create havoc for all life forms, including some types of mind conditioning in humans. Although orgone products cannot be given an “across the board” approval rating, to be sure, this is an instance where belief in an achievable goal holds more sway than with the electrical stimulators and cell phones insofar as natural laws superseding beliefs.

S: I see, thank you. The next question intrigues me. It’s from someone who wants to know about the “12 planets hidden within Sol, Noel, Kenu and undiscovered Vulcan” and the “effect of coming Earth changes upon my alien family on the three continents within the hollow Earth.”

MATTHEW: Mother, when I saw you copying that email on your list, I didn’t know if the writer was jesting about hidden planets or is misinformed, and I don’t know now either. I have no answers for him, but I am using his request for information as an opportunity to speak about two points it includes. First, Earth has reached an energy level that is allowing scientists to “discover” celestial bodies that telescopes could not detect in the lower energy levels that your planet has left; and calculating the locations of those bodies relative to your planet has become an exercise in confusion to astrophysicists who are rooted in old theories that can’t account for these sudden appearances. The closer Earth is to the consciousness of the continuum, the less a distance in “light years” can be applied—it is energy systems, or vibrational levels, that determine locations of celestial bodies.

The other point is, we do not consider the people living in the hollow Earth “alien,” nor should you—these highly evolved souls have lived in their idyllic “inner” cities for thousands of years, centuries before some of you had your first lifetime on the planet. Because of the high vibrational level in which they live, all along they have experienced the joy and beauty of the Golden Age that surface dwellers can only imagine from our descriptions. Further, that advanced population has been adding its light to your own and that of many other civilizations off-planet to create the world of peace and harmony you desire.

S: Good points, Matthew. Here’s quite a digression from astrophysics. The writer has read conflicting claims about marijuana—it opens the crown chakra; it closes down the psychic senses; it stupefies the brain; it is a natural defense against mind control; it creates new connections in the brain to allow higher conscious in; anyone who smokes pot will never ascend—and he wants to know what you say about this.

MATTHEW: Used sensibly in quantity and frequency, quality marijuana can offer physical benefits as well as a degree of sensory pleasure, and when improperly used, its effects can be as harmful as with any other mind-altering substance. Claiming it is a “natural defense against mind control” seems like rationalizing its abuse, but a claim that “anyone who smokes pot will never ascend” is completely without basis—the energy registration of every second of a physical lifetime determines what follows. I will add that anyone who believes marijuana is illegal because it is harmful has been brainwashed by the pharmaceutical and tobacco industries.

S: Can someone place a curse against another that could affect the person and his/her family for years?

MATTHEW: This is totally within the province of core belief systems. If the person upon whom a curse is placed believes in its effectiveness, that is his or her reality, thus the curse can affect that person and very likely by extension, the family circumstances.

S: Please comment on another belief situation. This individual wrote about “Adam and Even not partaking of the knowledge of good and evil” and “I believe that since everything is of God/Creator there can be no evil except in our belief system…this resulted in judgment, which is a false concept.”

MATTHEW: While there is great truth in that, it becomes distorted by the Adam and Eve story that was devised millennia past as an attempt to understand life itself, in which there are the differences of polarity and duality. Also, semantics and their interpretation come heavily into play here. “Good” and “evil” can be descriptive words to distinguish between behavior or happenings as beneficial or harmful as viewed by the individual who designates them as one or the other; and in this word usage, it can be either a judgment of the person or an opinion, an assessment of the person’s conduct. It is judgment that we have urged you to forego because you do not know anyone’s soul contract, including your own; but that does not mean you must approve of behavior or attitudes or condone situations that cause suffering to others or self. Your expression, “take the high road” is applicable to all evaluations of your observations.

S: We’ve passed space limitations and there’s another topic I want to include here, about “fast-track” learning for babies and toddlers and the advanced classes for very young children. The writer has heard conflicting professional opinions and wants to know yours; also, are these Crystal children?

MATTHEW: Yes, they are Crystal children, and their parents and the people who conceived the idea of very early education are responding to nudges from their souls to offer these opportunities to the children whose minds are capable of learning at a rapid pace. Even before the generations of Indigos and Crystals, healthy infant minds had far more ability to comprehend than was realized; consequently their peak intelligence expansion time was stifled instead of nurtured. By dark design and with few exceptions, your educational system has been geared to producing non-thinkers instead of encouraging curiosity and reasoning. This too is changing, and is more evidence of the effects of increasing light in individuals.

Mother, now I say a loving farewell to you and all readers.

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