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Matthew's Messages


Iraq war escalation an Illuminati decision;  no full-scale war in Iran;  ET technology reducing worst effects of pollution;  global warming leading to moderate global climate;  guideline for trusting intuition;  love,  key to all healing;  benefits of monatomic gold;  adverse effects of vaccines,  prescription drugs;  tribal use of hallucinogens;  helping animals end suffering;  goddess energy



[Note from Suzy: To expand the reach of information that really needs to be “out there,” I am participating in two forums.  Celestial Blue Star, David and I are panelists on a monthly teleconference—our next is February 15.  Access information, time, guests, and previous teleconferences are listed on www.awakenedhearts.com; CDs of the teleconferences are available.  And, last month was my first hosting of an on-line hour radio show.  If you would like to catch the second, February 21, please go to www.bbsradio.com and click on BBS RADIO Daily. To get to my page on that site, scroll to “Matthew and Friends” in the menu on the right, and to listen to the last show, go to Archives in the left menu.  I can tell you (modestly) that both of these forums are lively and enlightening, and each has listener call-in times.]    




S:  Matthew dear, hello!   


MATTHEW:  And my greetings to you, Mother!  The first month of your year 2007 has seen hyperactivity in many quarters, about which even mainstream media could not fail to inform you.  Again, or rather still, the world’s attention is riveted on the United States government as the two major political parties are joining hands across the aisle in opposition to President Bush’s determination to escalate the war in Iraq.  As some of you have questioned in emails to my mother, and many millions around the world are questioning as well: Why is Bush insistent on sending more troops when there are national protests and even many in his own party are against him? 


Although Bush does agree with the escalation, and despite his saying that he is the decision-maker, it is not his decision—it is the decision of the Illuminati members who are more powerful than he and from whom he takes orders.  They cannot de-escalate that war and still follow through with their intended next step, extending the warfront into Iran, and from there to the rest of the Mideast with Israel’s continued assistance.  Please note that I said it is their “intended” next step, and it may be that some troops are ordered to make incursions into Iran, but their full-scale war will not happen.  On the contrary, this year will see the winding down of international warfare in the Mideast and the withdrawal of combat and occupational troops.   


Please remember that often in messages I have stated that any attempt to start a nuclear war will be thwarted by our space family’s technology that has caused the failure of numerous “black ops” major terrorist efforts.  Those attempts—they were not meant to be futile!—came right after the “intelligence” that sent the United States into “red alert” status.  Perhaps you have noticed that since the “black ops” effort to explode airliners departing from England was so clumsily botched and the fear-filled cover-up story was exposed as scientifically impossible, the rainbow alert system has been quiet.  At any rate, along with the assurance that by Creator’s decree, there will be NO nuclear war, the combination of the ever-increasing intensity of the light and the momentum in Earth’s energy field of potential has reached the point of no return, meaning that the Illuminati plans for not only the entire Mideast, but the whole world, are fatally dashed.      


To return to major media for a moment, do not believe everything they are reporting!  For instance, the report that 250 or so “insurgents” had been killed, which Bush claimed was the Iraqi government “showing [him] something,” was a pure fabrication to bolster support for sending more troops, but opposition to that has only increased since that report, so it is apparent that the ploy did not work.  


To address a question related to the war, no timeframe for the ending of Iraq’s internal strife can be given at this juncture—there is far too much commotion in the energy field to assess this.  However, energy emanations indicate that when foreign troops leave, the “black ops” activity that stirs up much of the sectarian violence will simmer down and a more unified Iraqi spirit will focus on rebuilding the country and caring for the many thousands of sick and injured. 


This question about chemtrails, Why would they do that when they’re exposed just like the rest of us are?  could pertain to any of the toxins the Illuminati put into the atmosphere, including depleted uranium fallout, the issue of current speculative concern that the US government is exploding materials that produce DU radioactivity.  First, I repeat what I have mentioned in several messages—the technology of your space brothers and sisters is ameliorating the effects of all pollutants, including radioactivity, to the greatest possible extent, and when it is safe for them to join forces with your environmentalists and scientists, they will completely eradicate all poisons in air, water and earth.  To address the question, the Illuminati have antidotes for the effects of those toxins and cures for the diseases they also have let loose among the populace, and out of growing desperation, they are lighting both ends of the candle, so to say.  They are just lucid enough to see that their plan for world domination may end in utter failure, and their thinking is, if they can’t control Earth, they will destroy her by such measures as poisoning, but their lucidity does not extend to their intention to leave the planet in Earth-built space craft.  None of their mass destruction ideas or their escape plan will succeed, just as their centuries-long intention to control the world won’t, but their deranged psyches are seeing a “win” one way or the other. 


And then there is the musing about the possibility that the stepped-up UFO sightings are not all extraterrestrial spacecraft, but similar appearing craft built on Earth as a prelude to declaring that aliens are going to invade.  What better way to distract you not only from a prolonged war in Iraq, but from all other situations worldwide that have been getting increased attention—other Illuminati-instigated population-reducing fronts of genocide, starvation, AIDS and other laboratory-designed viruses, not to mention global warming, which has reached center stage with scientists speaking out about the US government’s suppression of their findings?


Actually, despite President Bush’s refusal to acknowledge that the obvious changes in climate are significant—again by orders of the Illuminati, who own most of the oil—Earth herself is responsible for many of the changes.  As the most obvious of the decreases in the overall polarity that has long prevailed, the melting polar regions and other weather anomalies herald a return to the worldwide moderate climate that once blessed all of the planet’s inhabitants.  Frigid wastelands will become temperate, deserts will become arable, seas will be purified, rain forests and food crops will flourish, skies will be clear—Earth will have regained her full health and everyplace will offer desirable living.


Yes, we do understand the difficulty in believing that such a turnaround would be possible in even a century or two, much less a few years.  But it is so.  Long-suppressed technologies are emerging in transportation, medical, pollution riddance, food production, water purification and other fields, and when your star nation helpers can overtly join you, they will bring even more advanced methods to restore Earth to her once-paradise self.  That is a certainty, yet there is this vital consideration: Who will reside on the planet then?   I’m not speaking about the masses of souls whose bodies will die  from the prevailing causes all too well known, but those with healthy bodies whose pre-birth contracts permit many more years of physical life.  How many besides you light workers and light weavers are prepared spiritually for the forthcoming revelations about the dark deception that for millennia have controlled populations?  How many can accept that of all the betrayers throughout history, their religions were the most successful?   


I do not mean to sound dire when I tell you that before your world reaches a near-Utopian environment, many, many millions will leave by choice or because their bodies cannot survive in the higher vibrations Earth is approaching in her ascension journey, now at an accelerated pace.  Situations always are in flux and their outcome cannot be cast in stone—free will reigns supreme, and everyone may exercise that Creator-endowed right, whether it is a turn to the light or to the darkness—but an overall picture can be assessed from the collective consciousness, and more numbers than you may expect will not choose to live throughout the short span between today and the greeting of the Golden Age.  And that is all right!  There is no penalty or punishment for those choices!  On the contrary, souls will be given as many opportunities as they need to master the experiencing they chose to accomplish this time around, whether in some other third density world or, in extreme cases, in a lower density placement with only a glimmer of primitive intelligence, a clean slate, so to say, with no cellular memory to overcome.    


I am only one of the message-givers who have been offering guidance for spiritual preparedness.  It is reassuring to hear the same things from more than one source, so I hope you know of others who also have been urging you to send love to all of Earth because love is the key to all healing; to stay out of fear, regardless of what you may hear or read; to develop discernment in all information, perhaps most especially channeled in these days at hand; and to stop relying on external sources for answers to your deepest soul-searching questions and instead, go within and trust the answers that come from your soul as intuition. We have told you that the light forces have defeated the darkness and it is up to each soul to win the personal battle.  We have advised you not to “preach” as that will alienate fence-straddlers as well as those who are completely unaware of their god/goddess selves— you need only radiate your light and by example, inspire others to find the peace of heart and mind that comes with love as the only and highest motivation for all interactions.  All messages from sources in high stations have been relating these same truths in different words, different styles of speaking, as we tell you also that we honor you for your steadfastness in the light and are with you every moment as your world transitions from the old ways into the new.  


Mother, with that, I believe I have answered a goodly number of questions on your list.


S:  A lot, dear, but definitely not all. Remember, there’s a bunch of questions about the politicians who announced their candidacy for US president; a few leaders in other countries and some well known non-political folks; and which channels’ information people can trust—I’m sure they mean besides yours!  I’m wondering if you’re going to tell them what you always tell me, “Trust your intuition.”


MATTHEW:  Yes, Mother dear soul, I am, because trusting one’s intuition, which always is important, now is imperative as events unfold.


S:  That’s it, that’s your answer? 


MATTHEW:  It’s really all that needs to be said, but I can expound a bit by rephrasing what I have stated in prior messages.  In the case of any person, evaluate the “body language” and demeanor, especially the eyes, and the tone of voice much more so than the words—do not be swayed by oratory alone—and for political figures, also examine their voting records, past and current. 


I have not specifically stated this, but it is apparent by omission of names that I do not speak ill of any channel—more accurately, receiver—but only correct the false information given by their sources that is passed on as truth.   You can discern what is truth and what isn’t by asking within and paying attention to what you feel.  If you feel resistant to the information, very likely it is wrong, not reliable; and if it flows easily, or even better, if you feel that you are flowing with it, it is truthful.  This applies equally to Internet reports, mainstream media, books, documentary films, lectures, even what acquaintances say they know for certain—information from all sources.  


I am not being harsh by not providing all the answers you are seeking!  You have them— the answers are your intuitive responses, your first reactions to information or any situation.  I want to motivate you to trust what comes because this is an essential part of gaining spiritual clarity, soul growth, your evolution out of third density, and I must not continue enabling you to procrastinate on this. 


S:  Thank you, Mash.  Some people want to know if they have to pay federal taxes since the IRS isn’t part of the government.


MATTHEW:  While it is true that IRS is an agency of the privately owned Federal Reserve System and therefore is not part of the US government, until financial reforms are in place in that country, it would be advisable to comply with all current policies and laws to avoid the complications that some have encountered.  However, please understand that in no way am I suggesting that you not follow recommendations from a trusted financial or legal adviser—I am neither! 


S:  I know!  Let’s go to the many questions about health and therapies. The first is, Why is monatomic gold good for us?


MATTHEW:  Mother, since I am familiar with your list and your conscientiousness about space limitations, I’ll reply to the questions without your typing them.  I did speak about gold in my last message, but I am happy to add a bit because I didn’t completely explain the reasons it is “good for you.”  Gold is not only valuable in fortifying immune systems, but along with light, it is a vital element in raising bodies’ frequencies, which accelerates cellular transformation from carbon-based to crystalline.  That restructuring enhances brain functioning and enables the increase in DNA strands, and that growth leads to expanded consciousness, spiritual clarity and overall balance.   Most of you don’t remember your lifetimes at that evolutionary level, but as a comparison example that you can relate to, even carbon-based cells have a high degree of innate intelligence, such as that which aids the body’s self-healing and regenerative abilities.   Understandably, those abilities are seriously compromised by chemicals, toxins and viral strains spread through means such as vaccines, prescription and illegal drugs, chemtrails, and other pollutants in your atmosphere, water and ground; and returning to the benefits of gold, while it can help offset the effects of those, it cannot completely prevent them.    


This is a good place to reply to the reader who objects to my recommending the avoidance of inoculations and those who cite the value to them of prescription medications.  Yes, it is so that in some instances their use has been or is being beneficial, but for many years the intention of vaccines and the proliferation of pharmaceutical drugs is rooted in darkness—population reduction via disease introduction, greed, and a form of insidious mind control—You are sick, you need this brand new pill—and vicious legal requirements: Babies must be vaccinated. Yet, witness the inexplicable increase in the numbers of children with symptoms of autism, but it is not that condition, which is a soul-level experiencing choice, and the similar effects are due to the vaccines in mandatory inoculations of infants.   Witness the increase in Alzheimers and other forms of dementia.  Witness the millions of children diagnosed with ADD and ADHD who have been drugged into calmness, when all they were doing was reacting to the chemicals in food and drinks, the shifting of energy into higher frequencies, and lack of exercise.  Some of these children—those called Indigo or Crystal—came in knowing their soul-selves and their extraordinary abilities, and instead of being able to express themselves freely, they were drugged into societal compliance.   Witness the serious harm and deaths from adverse reactions to drugs in the midst of the ever-growing numbers of advertisements for treating everything from diarrhea to depression— well, first the various types of toxins and other harmful elements I mentioned above were showered upon you by the same dark ones who convince you to buy more and more medications.   Now a pharmaceutical company is lobbying to require mandatory inoculations of young girls, touting it as a preventive of cervical cancer.  Go within and get your own answers about these lamentable situations!  


Please excuse my fervor.  I realize that my service is to give you information, and it never is my intention to become emotional about it, but it is very difficult to see situations such as those and not wish they didn’t exist.  I shall strike a grand high note here—NO disease of any kind exists in the energy planes Earth is quickly progressing toward!


Now then, to reply to the chemical engineer who wrote “…crystallinity implies a rigidity of structure, a fixed geometric structure, not the organic amorphous fluidity that I tend to associate with living forms.”  Bodies appear to be of solid structure, just as everything else visible in your world, but nothing is—everything is energy fluctuating at one frequency or another.  The “geometric structure” is correct, as everything in the universe is geometrically designed in accordance with the frequency in which the energy is in motion, which is in accordance with the thought forms that created the “object.”   When Earth enters the vibrational planes where the level of intelligence is considerably greater than in the prevailing density on the planet, it will be understood that science and soul are inseparable and what is incomprehensible in this moment no longer will be mystifying.


Are there any benefits to tonal, color or aromatherapy?  These natural energy balancers, which are of universal scope, can have varying degrees of effectiveness, sometimes in conjunction with other types of energy healing, as long as the conditions they are meant to ease or heal are not called for in the soul contract.  If the conditions are provisions in the contract, still those therapies can offer a measure of temporary comfort and pleasure.


Is one kind of Reiki more effective than others?  All types of energy healing, regardless of the procedures or whether hands-on or remote, have the same basis. The patient’s request for healing and the healer’s intent to be the vehicle through which high vibrations flow to the patient provide a reciprocal code that enables the energy to activate the body’s self-healing mechanisms.    However, what I mentioned above about soul contracts always applies, and if healing is not part of that, then the body’s energy system will block any incoming energy.  A related question is, Does healing energy ever come from ETs rather than angels or spirit guides?  Energy simply IS!  While angels, most especially one’s guardian angel, and spirit guides have greatly significant roles in an individual’s life, they are soul creations, thus inseparable parts of the energy in the universe, and it is directly from that inexhaustible, unlimited source that energy for any use whatsoever comes.       


To the reader who asked me to comment on shamans’ use of hallucinogens for healing purposes, while individuals not of native tribes also may be shamans, I am interpreting the request to mean tribal shamans.  There are very strict guidelines regarding the quantity of natural hallucinogens for healing purposes as well as for ceremonial rituals, and there are severe penalties for anyone who does not observe these.  The natives who survived dark attempts to eradicate them have had a far closer relationship with Nature and their Maker than almost all others in today’s civilization, which gives them the ancient wisdom that has been lost to most. 


Mother, I believe that covers that category of questions.


S:  I think this one fits here. It’s from someone who read your comments about the light preventing mass euthanasia, and she wants to know if this applies to the animal community, and “do they want us to ‘assist’ them’ end their suffering?” 


MATTHEW:  There is a world of difference between forcing the end of life on unwilling people and mercifully ending the life of an incurably sick or lethally injured animal.  Mother, very few who are reading this message know that you communicate telepathically with animals, and fewer still know that three weeks ago you honored your dear Sparkle’s request to take her to her doctor for help in leaving, and in her last moment, she thanked you and told you to thank her doctor.  Telepathic connection with animals is still rare, but it isn’t necessary—animals clearly show this same request in pain-filled eyes and can only hope that you will give them the assistance they are pleading for.  As a fitting reminder here, in a previous message I spoke about animals’ emotional spectrum and that the love bonds you share reunite you in spirit, just as they do animals who were friends on Earth.


S: Thank you, dear. I’ve answered similar questions many times in emails and public presentations, and when this one came, I felt that your answer will help many more people.  As a diversion from the mixed emotions in doing the last loving thing we can for our dear animal friends, someone who read that clothing made of artificial materials will disintegrate in higher vibrations wants to know if that will be true of current building materials too.


MATTHEW:  Mother, you didn’t include her other question: “Should we look for shelter in caves?”  I mention this because both queries prompt me to suggest careful discernment of the source material in its entirety.  Some excellent new fabrics and construction materials are not yet widely known and others will be developed, but rather than current wardrobes of synthetic materials disintegrating, they will simply be replaced with what is new when they are worn out, just as clothing is now; and new buildings of greatly improved materials will replace those that are dilapidated, as happens now.  


S:  It’s good to know that Bob’s nylon outfits won’t suddenly disintegrate while he’s at the fitness center.  How can differences between men and women be honored and respected before we achieve the ideal balanced state of androgyny?


MATTHEW: Since the recent massive infusion of feminine, or goddess energy, that came in to balance the long-time dominant masculine energy, this is happening automatically.  I don’t mean it is without the awareness of subtle, then more remarkable, noticeable changes from former “sexist” attitudes, but rather that no prescribed or strenuous efforts are required.  The higher frequencies prevailing are accentuating all attitudes and behavior.  This is welcomed by those who are receptive to the light as they feel beneficial changes in themselves and see the same in others who are absorbing the light.  Or it can be the opposite—this magnification applies equally to traits like anger, impatience, dishonesty and brutality.    


It is much in this same way that the wheat is separating from the chaff, in a manner of speaking, as light-filled souls are rising in consciousness and renewed spirit and are eager to journey with Earth, and souls who refuse the light are lagging farther and farther behind.  Time is running short for the latter group to waken and catch up.  As much as we want this for them, all we can do is hold them in loving embrace and beam our light ever more brightly, and we ask that you please do the same.  On behalf of all souls at this station, I end my message with what we wish to be foremost in your thoughts: Our love for all of you is without limit or qualification and we are with you, side by side, every moment of this joyous ascension journey.




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