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March 22, 2007 - Part 1
070325 -

Slumbering Souls; first part of "God: More of Who I Am" chapter in ILLUMINATIONS FOR A NEW ERA

S:  Matthew, hello!  I’m surprised–you really want to start a new message already? 


MATTHEW:  Mother, dear soul, greetings!  This will be a different kind of message, and I ask that you please type what you just added to the question list. 


S:  OK, dear! Well, a reader copied some message excerpts that I’ll summarize: You stated that all of us chose to be here and not all who wanted to come were chosen; and when the truth that’s been hidden emerges, rather than accept its light and ascend with Earth, many will choose not to go. Her questions about that material are: Is God disappointed in those souls, was selecting them a mistake, and will they adversely affect Earth’s ascension progress?


MATTHEW:  First I shall address the reader’s second and third questions.  No, selecting those souls cannot be considered a “mistake.”  They came in with strong intent to fulfill their missions, to remember why they were selected and others were not; however, in expressing their free will, some of their major decisions were not aligned with their soul contracts and their diverted courses have seriously delayed, or perhaps completely railroaded, their igniting into enlightenment.   If many or even all who are still slumbering consciously do not waken into the awareness of their chosen missions, they will have other opportunities to do this and to help other third density worlds evolve.  Souls who knowingly and willingly cling to their dark ways also will have opportunities to embrace the light, but starting from low levels of awareness, as I have explained in other messages.  Earth’s ascension progress—her steady course and pace—is on target and her “Golden Age” is assured regardless of how many souls accompany her. 


And now, Mother, you will see why this is a “different kind of message.”  The reader’s first question, “Is God disappointed in those souls,” is best answered by God himself—and I say “himself” because of the common use of that masculine reference, but God is without gender and his essence encompasses All That Is in this universe.  Please find the part of a book wherein he describes the inseparability of all souls with each other and with him and copy that here.


S: …. Mash, that’s a long chapter in Illuminations for a New Era—I copied it and it’s four times the space limit.  God picked specific parts of several of our conversations to explain still more about himself than is in the other chapters in that section.  I read it all again and can’t see any logical start and stop places.


MATTHEW:  Mother, it is vitally important for people to know God through his own words so they know who THEY themselves are!  In large measure, Earth souls are deep in slumber, unaware of their god and goddess selves, because they feel isolated, disconnected, apart rather than A Part of the Universal Totality; and in their perceived separation, they span the emotional spectrum of negativity from fear, confusion, loneliness, and despair through apathy, self-absorption, consumerism, and bigotry.  We continuously beam intense light to stir hearts and raise awareness, but many still are ignoring or misinterpreting sensations and messages from their souls.  How I wish the books were available to all soul-searchers, or at least these messages could reach them!  Perhaps I should have thought to send out that chapter sooner, but I didn’t, so please send it now in separate emails indicated messages 1, 2, 3 and 4.   Thank you, Mother, and thank you, beloved readers, for sharing this information with all who are receptive.     





                          God: More of Who I Am



January 13, 1997


S:  Is God encouraged by progress here that we can’t see but that can be seen from your vantage point?


MATTHEW:  I believe so, but I’d think that you would prefer His direct reply.  


S:  Do I just ask Him, like saying “God, can we talk”?


MATTHEW:  I'd say so!


S:  Well, then, God, do you know my question and feelings about what Matthew and I have been discussing?  How will I know if you are the one responding, if you do?


GOD:  My child, I'm glad you felt assurance enough to type in there “GOD:” and not “?:”.  You always can have assurance if you will just allow its sensation to pervade your uncertainty.


As for “progress” on Earth, I weep with each soul who is suffering in any way and I rejoice with each soul who is feeling joy.  I am the soul of all of the worst and all of the best, so I cannot be inseparable from the best and not inseparable from the worst.  Am I happy about what I see happening on Earth?  For those who are happy, yes, I am, too.  For those who are worrying that their tyrannical power is diminishing, I feel that, too.  Do you see? 


S:  I think so, but I meant as the total God, the entirety of souls in this universe, how do you feel?


GOD:  There is no “entirety” of separate pieces, there is amalgamation.  The souls are inviolate during their physical lifetimes and remain inviolate in spirit, so they influence within the body of God just as they influence the play unfolding on Earth.  It is simple, not complex, but I see that you are not grasping my words.


As a child of mine, you have equal importance with the life of Jesus that Christian religions exalt as perfect in my eyes, and you have equal importance with the soul who is causing misery and death.  There are equal amounts of my powers and love within every soul who is born into a body you recognize or a body you do not recognize or a body you cannot even conceive of in appearance.  Yet, you wish me to see something that doesn't exist beyond the view of me on Earth, that I am only a loving and merciful God. 


With equal aspects of what you think of as good and what you decry as evil, how can I be except what I am?  In one stage of my Totality, I was purely light and love.  Then parts of my creations descended into the darkness Matthew refers to, but they were nonetheless inseparable parts of my whole.  And thus they remain.


That is why I cannot give you the answer that you wish in your heart, dear child, that I am saddened and appalled by the injustice and brutality.  Nor can I say that I am gladdened only by what I see of the light being spread on Earth.  I can reply only as the amalgamation of the two sides of each soul.  Each soul has its potential for goodness and darkness, or godliness as it was in the Beginning and the evil, as you see it, in motion.  My child, can you relate to what I am in all truth telling you?


S:  I’m sorry, but I just don't know.  Please let me read what you said.  …..  Thank you.  I’m not sure I understand everything, but what you said doesn’t seem consistent with what Matthew has said about a "totally loving God."


GOD:  Then let me correct Matthew.  There is resistance to who I am in "entirety" anywhere religions prevail.  First, I AM that I AM.   And what I AM is what you and countless – well, I could have an actual count if I wished to investigate and pass on to you, but I don't want to do that right now – so I shall say that I am the countless beings who have lived in any form in any place within this universe in any speck of time since its Beginning.   


I am not a separate oversoul – or parent, if you will – who can see my likeness in a child of myself but am disappointed when the child doesn’t grow into my measurements of good or bad.  I have no such measurements for my children!  There is that energy balancing of the polar opposites that Matthew calls light and darkness, and that’s as good as any differentiation for the two opposing forces. 


Those opposing forces keep the universe spinning, so they are not soon to be changed from their oppositeness or everything would go haywire.  As for souls, like everything else in the universe, they are energy, my original light energy as I was co-created by Creator and the highest angelic realm.  However, when free will became “abused unmercifully” – I am acceding to using your words because it’s your sentiment, but it is not correct in my eyes, dear one…. 


Let me start again.  I am each person who is judged in such poor light by others who cannot know the heart and soul of that single one.  None of you on Earth is connected in awareness at soul level, so your judgments can be quite off kilter insofar as a particular soul's purpose in this lifetime.  Each agreed to play his or her part in the balancing act, and I know how often Matthew has told you about the need for balance in each soul so that can extend to all of Earth.  To all of the universe, for that matter.


Suzanne, I see that I am straying from what you originally asked: How do I feel about what you and Matthew were discussing?  But I did reply to that, just not what you wanted to hear.  Shall we go on?


S:  Then "personal God" means that you respect each person's life as much as any other?


GOD:  Yes, but I know your question about motive and intent counting for more than the evidence.  There is the difference, perhaps, that you want so much for me to bring into this commentary.  Do I WISH that all of my parts were within the light in which I was created?  Yes! Who would not wish that perfection of Creator to be returned! 


But I do not hold forth condemnation or punishment to any faltering part of me.  I am here to respond to what you call prayers of the "godly" just as I am bound by the laws of Creator that are set up within the parameters of my operating powers if the choice made is not within the light.  Do you see?


S:  I'm not sure I heard your last statement correctly.  If I did, your meaning still isn't clear to me.


GOD:  I know that, of course, but I intend to give you frequent opportunities to question rather than my rambling without your understanding any of it. So then, to clarify: I am whoever is living at any time, all the time, anywhere in this universe.  I cannot be a separate entity or a power beyond that given to me. 


Nor can I make new laws of science or nature that you also call my laws.  They are NOT my laws, they are Creator’s laws!  Within those I was created and am bound to honor.  I don’t object to those laws, but I do object to having them ascribed to me only because it is part of the non-understanding about me that prevails in your minds. 


S:  If you are the total of darkness and light and you really want the light to prevail, isn’t that denying the darkness what it wants?


GOD:  It is gratifying to see you thinking, my dear child.  Hatonn would be pleased.  Why?  Because he is one of my major aspects when it comes to communications and records, and he adores deeper thinking beyond the superficiality of most thoughts emanating from Earth.  He’s been given a bum rap there because for ages one of my children has been claiming that what she’s putting out is from him, and that’s not so, but that’s another story.


You are worried that I’m taking sides, or better said, can’t take sides.  Then who better to set you straight, my child?  I am as much the gentleness and searching and on the lighted pathway as you wish to be, yet there is the part of me that equally is, and cannot deny, that soul whose interests and actions and motives are what you call evil.  I am not separate from that soul, and whatever that soul does and all of its effects, however "ungodly," as you think, become within my composite and are an inseparable part of me.  So, to say that I could “take sides” of myself is just plain unscientific, isn't it?


S:  Then it seems that we’re really just on our own, stumbling along thinking that prayers for anyone's safety or health are reaching you, but actually, all you're doing is being aware.  Is it, then, that any actual beneficial intervention is coming from other sources, like the angels, spirit guides, souls in Nirvana or highly evolved extraterrestrial civilizations?


GOD:  Is that arrangement so bad, my child?  …. You’re waiting for me to continue, as if I didn't say it all right there.


S:  Those other sources are you, too, aren't they?


GOD:  You see!  I didn't intend for this to become like your analysts of the mind who desire you to see for yourselves rather than be told.  But it was immensely heartening to me that you came to that realization, just as it was for you, dear Suzanne. 


My beloved child, you can see that I am not the God that for all those years you believed me to be.  You still cling to the idea that what you were taught is correct – OK, that at least most of it is.  But most of it is not!  Religion and spirit, or spirituality, are not the same.  Well, maybe for a moment now and then in Earth time they were, when some of the people received the truth I sent by various messengers as I intended, and those who did thought of it as “religion.”  But actually it was spirit – seeing, feeling, LIVING the light and love in the ministry of my children who carried my Word. 


Especially in the case of my child Emmanuel, whom you call Jesus, were the messages quickly subverted into what the self-serving leaders of that day needed to keep their positions of authority and control.  Greed and power got in the way of the truth every time.  So your religions of today teach the lies inherited from those early leaders who turned them into religious teachings, and woe to those who disagreed! 


Matthew has explained this and still you haven’t released all of the hold that your Christian indoctrination gained over your own reasoning powers.  Oh, yes, you are opening to the truth because you don’t want your son to be giving forth incorrect information.  Of course you don’t!  But it’s difficult for you to accept the damage that has been done by the suppression of the truth that time and again I have sent to Earth.  


And where has this gotten me?  More and more fighting – even killing each other in my name! – between the various religions that have been formed by deliberate distortions of my messengers’ words, that’s where.  Each religion thinks it’s absolutely right and is the only right one.  Oh, my!  And because every one of those souls who believes whatever he or she has been taught is a part of me, and I am all of them, I love all without reservation, you see.


S:  God, thank you for talking with me.  I guess you know that I'm not really comfortable with what you've said, but maybe with more time to think about it, I will be.


GOD:  Child, with humility and respect and divine love I hold you, enfold you, and allow you to experience in accordance with your own needs and wishes.  In no moment shall I be separate from you, in no moment shall I be disappointed in you, in no moment will I fault you or judge you, and never shall we be more or less than who we are.  And it is the same with all of my children.  Amen.


S:  Matthew?  Do you know what God and I talked about?


MATTHEW:  Yes, Mother, and I know your dismay that God seems so different from the Almighty and All Merciful God of your religious orientation that still is holding your beliefs very strongly.  God would not speak ill of Himself, and He would not be dishonest with you, even if parts of Him are those souls in whom dishonesty reigns.  You demand only light, and therefore you receive what you demand.


S:  Well, I need to read this again to really digest it all, but Matthew, I do have the gist of it and what you’ve told me and what God has just said aren’t the same.  So what do you say about that?


MATTHEW:  Mother, no, I haven’t explained God as completely as He did Himself, and sometimes in my fervor to make a point about love and light being so desperately needed on Earth, I have ascribed only that to Him.  But please remember that I have told you that each soul is an inseparable part of God, and think of the many instances when I have mentioned the necessity of balance.  Think how often I have explained the playing out of karmic lessons and why judgment of others’ actions is not the way to go because you cannot know what roles to achieve balance are at work.  But I acknowledge my omission in not pulling all of that together in one fell swoop so you understood that God is all of the light and dark playing out the karmic balancing.


May 26, 1997


S:  So I'm speaking with God now?


GOD:  Yes, dear one, you are.  You and I have discussed already that you are in communion with me more so than if you were in some building erected by a religion ascribing “God’s word” to its formation. 


Now then, you just asked Matthew how I can be “perfect” if I’m every soul on Earth and he was thinking about asking me how to respond.  I told him I’ll do this myself.  So, my child, shall we now talk about whether I am “perfect”?


S:  I don't mean any offense, you know that, don’t you?  But since you are a synthesis of all souls everywhere and none of us is perfect, how could you be perfect with all of our flawed parts?


GOD: Suzy, my dear child, as to my “perfection,” you said it as well as anything I could come up with – the “flawed parts.”  No, of course I am not perfect!  I’m not at the level of perfection. 


In Creator ALL IS PERFECT.  Then there is that level nearest to Creator, the Christed realm, where co-creating began and where all co-creating still is of that original material, only love and light.  This is the level of soul energy from whence Jesus and my other messengers embodied in this universe.  To clarify, their souls embody or are only in energy essence wherever that intensity of love and light is needed in the cosmos, not only in this universe.  That realm also is where Creator bestowed to all souls Its gift of free will with its inherent ability of manifestation, or co-creating with Itself.


It was in the co-creating of Creator and those Christed realm souls where I – and the gods of the other universes – came into being. So you can see that within my range of knowing and powers and the other gods, too, there is less ability to co-create.  With Creator, each of us gods co-created the universe over which we reign.


While perfection does still reign in that Christed realm above me, once away from it, the souls had free will to co-create as they could envision or imagine.  That’s when the imperfections began.  At first this was in all innocence, because the process was new.  And once established as to what joinings and what powers were allocated to each co-creation, perfection could have been restored and maintained, but the free will element descended in desire and intent.  From that point on, imperfection was co-created because the elements, while the same, were not joined in the perfection of their origination. 


Now then, if you would like to question me further, I'm at your service.  However, if you’d rather talk with Matthew, then he and I both are at your service. 


S:  God, are you saying that there is no perfection in you or any souls in your universe?


GOD:  Yes.  My child, please read what I have just told you and you’ll see why there is not.


S:  OK, I will, and thank you, God, for talking with me.  Now may I talk with Matthew again, please, with total protection of the light?


GOD:  As you've often been told, but I’m happy to repeat it, you are within the light and thus protected in every moment because you have asked for this.  ALL who ask for light in their lives receive it just for the asking!  And now, my child, greet your Earth son Matthew.


October 30, 1997


S: Do you have constant communication with Creator?


GOD:  No, but only because it isn't necessary.  The means is open always.  We are aware of everything, you could say, without chattering about it.  There is nothing of me that Creator is oblivious to, just as there is nothing you are doing or feeling that I am oblivious to.  And there is total noninterference both ways – that is, between Creator and me and me and you.  The same functioning and reason directs both of these noninterference bases. 


Let’s go back to our conversation that was interrupted the other day, about free will.  You understand free will, Suzy, you just don’t like it, so let’s talk about this. Free will seems to you a curse, and believe me, as the frequent recipient of it—you must understand the understated humor here—I do agree!  However, there are lessons that can be learned, chosen lifetimes that can be experienced, only because there is the pain that to you seems intolerable. There must be balance in every soul's overall experiencing, and I’ll tell you why it isn’t automatically there and how it has to be regained. 


When the original "fall from grace"—let's call it that—happened with the original darkness entering the light, then the balance that is only within the light was knocked askew.  It's not an arbitrary decision of Creator that every one of Its parts cosmos-wide has to come back into It for the reintegration to occur and all lightness to prevail.  That is, it's not just an idea of what would be nice.  It's essential within the laws of physics, in your word, that govern not only Earth energy usage and cause and effect, but cosmos-wide this principle is so.  And until all of the original light energy is "back home," there will be this askew condition prevailing. 


Therefore, each soul is endowed with knowledge of the pathway back to Creator, and each physical lifetime of any soul is given the direction to fill some gap in the learning.  The problem was created when too much enjoyment became focused on what you call "evil," and the free will principle of physics became blocked at the top where the "evil" resided in a sense of peak control and authority.  So, the decree had to be made—and Creator did this—to dislodge that control so the power of decision-making, free will choosing, once again became the independent province of every experiencing aspect of every soul. (NOTE:  “Creator’s Decree” in Revelations For A New Era comprehensively covers this.)


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