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Matthew's Messages

March 22, 2007 - Part 2
070325 -

Continuation of October 30, 1997 conversation with God, from "God: More of Who I Am" chapter in Illuminations for a New Era 



S: How does Creator's decree affect you?


GOD: Well, I am overjoyed in my synergistic self, of course, but in the individual selves that are my essence, I’m basically unaware.  You are one of the very, very few souls who know this, you see, and the billions of souls who do not know this are quite a majority. So, even though an energetic level of truth and the universal application of this decree are in effect, the results will be slow to be registered in the actions and motives of humankind on your planet.  Or anywhere else.  It’s not an instantaneous en masse result.


S: Why can’t the intensity and enormity of the suffering of people on Earth, or anywhere, be ended by Creator’s “divine grace”?


GOD:  Now then, how would you feel if you needed to fill in a gap in your experiencing so you could move forward and suddenly, that course wasn't available any longer.  Ohhhhh, wellllll?  No, dear one, there have to be all the choices so that all the souls have the opportunity to experience and grow. 


Why is the child so battered and tortured and eventually is allowed the peace of dying?  Such innocence, you say, and such pain and helplessness—who ever would choose that?  And how could adults, or anyone larger than the infant or toddler or young child, how could anyone be so filled with evil as to want to live that kind of abusive life?  Yes, it does take an understanding that goes outside the sentimental curve of your experiencing to accept that their respective souls chose these roles for progress in the pathway toward the light.  


You can’t imagine either causing or feeling such crucial pain, and I can’t explain something to you that you have no emotional basis for comprehending.  Well, dear little soul, that is because your nature is beyond those levels of experiencing.  You could say, “been there, done that.” You have been a sufferer in many lifetimes and you also have caused suffering to others, and in this lifetime there was no need for your being at one end or the other of this spectrum.  Your life has not been free of grief and other sorts of mental and emotional anguish, but overall, this is not within the seesaw effect of the karmic lessons, in your terms, that are still required for evolution of the majority of Earth's souls.


I see that you are holding your belief in abeyance, as if the words make sense but you are resisting feeling the truth of them. 


S: I don’t know how to feel about that—it’s not all that simple. God, would you like to talk about El Nino, volcanic and earthquake activity and other effects of the global cleansing?  Do you consider them that, part of the cleansing?


GOD: Yes, let’s talk about something more acceptable to you, my child.  Well, any one of you on Earth who considers these "natural phenomena" to be part of the cleansing of the planet obviously are of me just as much as you are of me, so I do in those cases consider these increasingly serious “acts of God!” to be cleansing in nature.  They’re all in the overall effort to release negativity from Earth and allow the damage of eons of neglect or outright abuse to be relieved so that a desperately required healing of the soul of Earth can happen.  What would you like to know specifically, as I can't deem anything beyond your wish for that confirmation.


S:  Give me a minute, please. …. Thank you.  Is all animal and plant life being affected by whatever is causing deformities in frogs?  What will be the logical progression of this strange situation?


GOD:  First, Suzy, it isn't strange—it’s the natural progression of the effects of powerful chemicals on delicate reproductive systems.  It’s that same basis in all maladies being ascribed to one cause or another, but essentially, it’s a superabundance of the chemicals toxic to all animal and plant life that are proliferating Earth.  That is why Earth is reacting so increasingly violently, to lift the negativity that is jeopardizing her very life and breath. 


You don't see the damage that is being done to the lungs, the heart and the other internal organs of Earth.  But she—your Earth, your Gaia—is different from you only in shape—literally in shape only!—and NOT in different condition from you.  Earth is in the form of a sphere.  None of her life forms is.  But whatever is affecting Earth is affecting each of you, the creatures who live upon her.  There is no more separation of you from Earth than there is of you from me. 


Let us give this a simplified explanation with a beginning.  In the beginning, there was perfection.  Only light and light-filled intent reigned in a place that was truly called by the name Eden.  Then negativity filtered its way through other parts of the universe and arrived on Eden in the form of what you would call "dreadful" personal treatment of beings by other, stronger beings.  That was the beginning of negativity vs. positivity on your planet, now no longer the Eden in the perfection of balance.  The original balance left, you see, with the first pinpoint of negativity.


Once that polarity was present on the planet, her life forms had the ability to reject the negativity by replacing it with light or to allow its proliferation to eat away at the very life of Earth. The latter is what happened. 


The beginning of the loss of balance was Creator's endowment of life as thinking, feeling forms with free will.  But by the time Earth was ready for inhabiting—whether she thought herself ready or not—there was such proliferation among the original beings who started the planet's colonization of the less-than-fully-developed human beings, that already the division of dark and light was formed so tenaciously that only an infusion of light could bring the rapidly deteriorating planet back into balance.   


There is a confusion between negativity and the "darkness," in your mind, dear one.  Let us depart from the other explanation and address this so that it can be clarified for all time.  Negativity is neither "good" nor "bad."  Negativity is not the embodiment of "evil" or "darkness" and it is not the opposite of "goodness" or "light," it is simply the opposite of positivity. 


Yet, we say that negativity is "bad" only because it is usually connected with behavior or situations that are distasteful to "good" people.  Or, "evil" is the name given to negativity because evil is so closely allied to "darkness" in your terminology, yet what is labeled "evil" is only negativity in action.  It is an aspect of energy being directed, but the energy itself is impartial, neutral, without a label. 


There is the sense of division, but there is NO division.  It is the "two sides of the coin."  It's that simple.  There always have been the two sides, but the choice of which side to exercise—"to smile upon you," shall we say—is what determines which side is prevailing in any area at any time.


Now then, back to what has brought Earth to her precarious health today.  Negativity, when exercised, brings a most terrible lopsidedness to anything requiring balance, and hardly any life form is not seeking balance.  For planets to survive, just as any other life form, achieving balance is absolutely necessary!  Souls have a way of circumventing the absolute need for balance in every moment only because my life force is sustaining every one of you on Earth and many "you's" you can't even imagine in your graphic imagination. 


But a planet, a sphere, requires balance constantly so that its orbiting path may be steady.  When the orbiting path becomes erratic, that signals the first of the potential "death throes" of the planet.  All the forces of universal nature then are not allied, but are allowing the negativity to be "attacking" due to the positivity being out of alignment. None of this is meant to be good or bad, but just the natural forces in operation. You see?


Earth could have chosen to be so out of orbit that the natural result would occur—she would shatter and be absorbed by gravitational pull of the nearest orbiting bodies or forces, and that would be the end of Earth as a planet.  However, with reinforcement of light forces, or positivity conductors, Earth could right her motion and stabilize movement of orbiting.  This is what she chose, and to do this requires a return to "health."  That is what the alleviation of the negativity is all about. 


To be sure, there will be what you call “disasters” in numbers of injuries and deaths, too, as you consider them, and geographic changes are coming.  This is not news to you, Suzy, as you first heard of this long ago in your timing, and you wonder if anyplace on your globe is going to be safe for human life, and you are concerned about the animals as well. 


Dear little soul, safety is something peculiarly obscured from truth within Earth humans.  Security is the soul knowing itself, its direction, its course of learning.  This is security!  You’re thinking in terms of a few years of living in a specific form, that body, and the safety of that body, of many, many bodies, the safety of your children and their families, and the areas of seacoast or islands being safe.  There is nothing I can guarantee you about this, nor is that meant to be.  All is in accordance with what Earth programmed for its continuation of life as a sphere, as a habitable planet. 


All life forms now existing on Earth at soul level are aware of the changes forthcoming, and each human soul and animal as well, chose to experience at this vital time in the history of your planet.  You helped create the conditions in "previous" lifetimes.  You are enduring and helping in the course chosen by Earth in this lifetime.  That is what all of you need to know!  OK?


S: I guess so. It’s out of my hands anyway.  So, what are we supposed to learn from the deformed frogs appearing in several places?  Is the cause of their situation the same cause of AIDS, cancer—all diseases— and birth defects in humans? 


GOD:  First, Suzy, YOUR life is in your hands and you know this!  Think about everything we’ve talked about, everything you’ve heard from Matthew, from all of us who talk with you! 


As for the frogs, they’re symptoms of what is happening to every form of life on Earth.  They’re such vulnerable little creatures to lower degrees of toxicity, more so than many other forms of life, that the abundance with which they have been assailed with malformations is particularly noticeable.  They volunteered to be used for the purpose of alerting your scientists to the plight of ALL life on Earth.  More studies and research will happen before the connection with all life forms will be accepted by science. 


It’s ironic, isn't it, that when the truth of these scientific "discoveries" is manifested on Earth, those privileged to absorb this information choose later on to curtail the fullness of it?  There is a sense of fear of ridicule or rejection among the less powerful or less notable scientists.  But most assuredly, when the filtration process is in effect, the fullness of the truth is infused into the minds of those being dealt with most admirably by our panel of universal scientists.  It's just that once the information is on Earth, it's treated the way so much of the information from realms beyond your own is treated, as "That's bunk." 


Your governments should be ashamed of themselves, truly, because they are lagging well behind the timed phasing in of universal truths and are holding back the other life forms there from opening into the fullness of spiritual blossoming during this embodiment.  In short, you are being short-changed in your learning choices because your governments are withholding many truths.  So are your church leaders.  Earth as her whole self is saddened by the individual slowness of her peoples.  Particularly in regards to treatment of each other and the animals, there is a severe lagging over the timeframe of spiritual enlightenment chosen by the souls now embodied there. 


S: So even YOU are saying that literally billions of souls are being victimized by the free will decisions of a few powerful people!   


GOD: Oh, no, that’s not what I’m saying! And it’s not what I meant, but I was stopped short of the full story when you started typing your impression.  Souls, not bodies, is the issue here, Suzy.  Yes, a lot of what’s transpiring isn’t what was originally agreed upon, but adjustments are being made at soul level. Those who truly are “victimizing” others, as you say—but “not living according to their original agreements” is what I’d say—actually are victimizing ONLY their own soul evolution!  The ones you see as their “victims,” those who aren’t proceeding with their original chosen lessons due to the free will of the few “victimizers,” are leaping ahead in soul growth, whether it’s on the planet or beyond, after leaving their embodiment life there.  But of course they don’t consciously realize this!


Dear one, you are in no frame of mind to accept this because you can’t get beyond the consciousness of it all, so I as you—how could it be different!—want no more talk of this now.  With total love and adoration of self, for you and me and all life within the universe and the interconnectedness of ALL, this is God, your servant and your self.


April 2, 2000


S:  You have said that you experience exactly the same joy or pain as every one of your children anywhere because of your inseparability with all of us.


GOD:  Many times I have told you that, Suzy.


S:  Yes, but when all of those countless lives in the universe merge at the top, your combined awareness is a product of synergy more than the sum of the whole, right? 


GOD:  Yes.


S:  Then with all the knowledge and energy generated by those billions of souls, you know everything—the omniscient God—and have all of their combined energy to use—the omnipotent God.  What do you do in THAT status?  


GOD:  Ah! Well, first, those attributes are given to me in name but to Creator in meaning.  You know I'm NOT the "be all and end all" that Creator is!  It's more realistic to know me or try to picture me—feel me!—as a sibling in good grace with you.  That's more what I am in truth and essence anyway.


But I can tell you what I do in my highest powers.  I move mountains, I part seas, I rotate the planets, I open doors to knowledge that as yet is unknown within this universe.  I talk with Creator, I talk with my counterparts in other universes.  I weep for the lost child, the frightened puppy, the wounded deer, the smallest plant that has been trampled needlessly.  That is the essence of my Totality, as there is no separating the energies of each component from any other.  Do you understand?


S:  Well, yes, but if the part of you that is me hurts someone, who also is a part of you, is your entirety allowing that to happen?


GOD:  Oh my!  Above all else, there is Creator’s free will law, and if someone uses that to harm another, I can’t interfere. Therefore, I not only experience exactly the hurtful action of the first, but also exactly the hurting sensation of the second.  I can’t escape any of the suffering of humans or any other life form anywhere in the universe, just as I can’t not experience the exact rejoicing of any.  So it’s not a matter of my “allowing” this free will exercise, you see. 


S:  Well, do YOU like what some people are doing with their free will? 


GOD:  You’re asking me to pass judgment on those whose free will choices you don’t like, aren’t you?  Please excuse me, my child, as my question had a twinge of judgment sound itself, didn’t it?  At least now you have good reason to stop honoring me at a height I don’t deserve!


S:  I don’t know about that. Since you feel the combined physical, mental and emotional pain of everyone simultaneously, has that weakened your powers so that the dark forces gained such a foothold on Earth and anywhere else in the universe?


GOD:  This is not so easy to answer.  I am not weak, that's for sure.  It isn’t that the intensity of pain is not overwhelming for each individual bearing it, but even in combination of all that – which is unfathomable to you, of course – weakness is not a part of my Totality.  There is pain, yes, but not weakness.  And an alternative to this arrangement is not even offered.  That is, there’s no option for me but to endure as each of my beloved children endures, each of my beloved creatures in the fields and in the seas endures. 


There is no separation of energy.  It can be harnessed or directed by specific means, by thoughts and feelings and intentions and actions that can be called its “attachments,” but energy never is compromised in its neutrality. Therefore the energy which is my composite essence and shared by every life form in this universe is never weakened because it is not diminished, not lost, not transmuted into other universes.  I believe we're getting into physics, and who knows better than I how little you know of this field?


S:  That’s true enough!  How do you heal yourself from all that pain?


GOD:  I can’t be released from any pain that is still being felt by any souls.  As they are healed, so am I in that aspect of my “entirety,” as you still think of it. 


S:  But you also experience the evil of those who cause such suffering to others.  How do you feel about that?


GOD:  My child, think how a baby bird feels when it is pushed from its nest by a different bird. Think of its shock and fear at falling, its pain from physical injury, and a fright it cannot even understand as to what happened and what is coming next. I feel the same frightened, helpless way about those parts of me who have so fallen from light that they delight in what you call evil.  What will become of them? 


Do I abhor the suffering they cause others?  YES, and I send light to reach the souls of those beings who cause the suffering.  But it is up to each individual, as inviolate parts of me functioning independently, to respond to the light or not. I am saddened beyond your imagining when darkness flares, especially when such innocence is suffering, often killed, because as you know, not all chose what they’re physically  enduring. 


With the increase of light being willingly received by my Earth children, the major source of what you call evil that has constricted the energy of Earth for eons is changing.  But notice that it is Creator's decree, not mine, that was required to untangle the stranglehold of free will from the peak of darkness!


October 26, 2000


S:  Matthew, is God satisfied about the response here to the incoming light?


MATTHEW:  Mother, you know I don't speak for God unless He requests it and he hasn’t here, so would you like to speak with him about this?


S:  Yes.  God, would you like to speak with me about this?


GOD:  Suzy, my child, indeed I would!  I always welcome the opportunity to communicate with you at the keyboard, where you have much more repose in our chats than without your attachment to that electronic marvel.  


So, you want to know if I’m satisfied with the response of all my children to the increasing light that is being sent continuously.  How can I say "satisfied" when parts of me are in such pain and terror and other parts of me are causing that pain and terror?  You mean overall satisfaction when you ask me to offer up a "yes" or "no," don’t you?


There are many “yes-es” and many “no’s,” but do those cancel out each other?  No, but there is less of the light being registered within hearts and minds than I would wish, so I can speak to you with that much of a reply that isn’t the “hedging” in your mind. 


You’re wondering how I would change things if I had free rein without that free will law.  I could not change anything, dear child!  I cannot bring the connectedness down upon what are the parts, you see.  It is not that free will is preventing my sense of wholeness, but rather that the independent, inviolate parts of me that always have been operating in their own directions are exactly what myself and my selflessness are about! 


That is puzzling you, so perhaps I can state it more clearly by telling you to look at yourself and your children.  Aha! 


S:  I see – thank you, God.  Is your proper name Yahweh?


GOD:  No, nor is my name recognizable in the sounds within your auditory range.  I'm afraid I can't give you an approximation that would be pleasing to my ears!


S:  OK!  Do the synthesized feelings of every one of the life forms in this universe fall into the emotional spectrum of Earth humans?


GOD:  It’s difficult to describe sensations for which you have no common reference.  Earth humans' feelings are in quite a dense, harsh range in comparison with those beings in lighter evolutionary stages.  But yours are higher in frequency than other life forms that are just emerging from human rootstock in many places in this universe. 


I believe it will be easier for you to know that yes, I do feel exactly the same feelings you do in our bonded connection and the same with all other life forms on your planet, and best you not try to understand the synthesized sensations of the universe.


S:  Very well!  You said beautiful things about Matthew and gave good reports on my other children.  Thank you for those.


GOD:  I don't believe that I deserve thanks for what those souls are doing themselves, but I understand that you mean the thanks to be for the words I spoke about them.


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