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Ashtar, Sananda and Quan Yin
Predict major earth shift in December

Through Mark Stearn.
26th October, 2007.
From Mark: It is with much joy that I resume messages from our friends.
I have been through much on a personal level preferring working from the
silence of the inner levels where the real deal is at always. I had this
reinforced for me by a powerful friend just today for me. Now without
further adieu: our friends.
Greetings my esteemed graduates,
I refer to you collectively as graduates for this is what you have
always been throughout Earth's history.
 Surface appearances on Earth at
this time appear chaotic but this is because a reordering of the day is
at hand for the entire vehicle of Earth who recently moved into a new
mode as a multidimensional Sun.  Your Earth now houses many new species
that mainly abound in the energy realms and as the veils grow thinner
towards December you will begin to witness many new winged beings who
have requested to be a part of Earth's ascension at this time.
Earth is continuing to fragment in her form as she casts off old layers
of spirit to don her new garment which is New Earth so that all can
partake of this reality.
  Nothing appears to be changing from a physical
perspective and we wish to draw your attention to the fact that what is
underway is that Earth is transmuting in her form at light speed into
the most beautiful orb of all divine colors conceivable.  Most of these
colors appear just beyond your physical eyes.   They exist in your
peripheral vision and contain an incomprehensible intelligence for they
are the very building blocks of the new world on a conscious level for
one and all on Earth.
My advice to you all is to remain in the reality of what is transpiring
in your own heart and pay little attention to the surface world which is
still transpiring to continually throw you off track.
  There is much at
stake on this world. The mass consciousness are experiencing a growing
unrest. They are at last beginning to settle into the vast sea of the
ocean that knows no end and all surface differences are currently being
played out to their full. I will leave you for now but Mark has agreed
to some alignment work over the weekend and I have asked him to keep you
posted as to the developments that transpire at an electromagnetic level
on your physical world.
I will tell you now that an enormous gateway is being prepared for
December 31st of this year to catapult you into an entirely new arena of
consciousness come the beginning of 2008. 
 2008 is the year that sees the
completion of all cycles that have gone before. It is the dawning of
conscious experience of all dimensions and realities that comprise
creation. Miracles abound my friends.
Until we speak again,
I am your humble servant,
My beloved friends and dearest family,
The Christmas season approaches as you well know.
  This year sees the
dawning of a new wave of Christ consciousness that will heighten all
hype around commercial Christmas.   Crystal Christ consciousness is
currently remaking your consciousness and you will feel and experience
this in yourselves as a deepening of your heart's awareness along with a
direct and strong heightening of all senses.   The end of this year sees
the end of all that has gone before.   As my beloved brother has already
shared a new gateway is carefully being prepared with supportive grids
from the centre of your planet on all levels that will lay the ground
work for a shift in consciousness that will forever remake the order of
the day on planet Earth.
Much has been long in the making these past Earth weeks.   Events have
come and gone and your consciousness is now shifting more rapidly than
in any previous time of Earth's history.
   It is an exciting time. You are
discovering more of who you truly are and as you do so you remake the
entire planetary experience now and forever.   Mark will keep you posted
as to the ongoing planetary fluctuations that are due to transpire over
the next two Earth days.   They are really paving the way for the gateway
that is set to kick in on the changeover to 2008.   I will now allow Quan
Yin wrap up this missive.
I am your dearest friend and servant,
Quan Yin:
My sweetest ones,
It is time to trust your hearts and your universe like never before. 

Planet Earth is in dimensional transition and her destination is not
cast in stone.   I do not for one minute mean this in a way that would
promote any fear.   On the other hand, her final destination is up to each
one of you the more each of you awaken to all that you truly are.   You
are heaven's way showers beloved ones.   You are the ones who are now
showing us the way.   It is has always been a team effort my dear ones.   We
have never been higher than you and none of you have ever been higher
than another.
You will see much in the days ahead.  Dimensional planetary displacement
is at an all time high at this time
and especially with the time of year
as we move nearer to the gate way of 2008.   You may find this a surprise
but what we are speaking of here is a collective effort that has been
transpiring on the inner levels for the past two Earth years now.   Mark
has been playing his part through laying down the crystal framework that
would complete shift the entire ascension process into an entirely new
upward vein.   You are now moving much higher than was originally
conceived.   We are so very proud of you.   We are awed at the courage it
takes to live each moment in these times.   We are forever at your side.
We will all speak again very soon.
I am your humble servant,
Quan Yin.
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