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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
8 Oc, 8 Yax, 2 Ik          1/30/07

Selamat Jarin! We welcome you, dear Hearts, to another message about the shifting reality that surrounds you. At present, our Earth allies are finishing the necessary final security checks before their long-awaited fiscal, governmental, and political changes can be formally unveiled. These programs will transform the myriad regulations that daily affect your quality of life. The foremost of these are the monetary and fiscal alterations to the American dollar. Currently, as you know, the value of the dollar is falling rapidly. The actions of the present US regime are adversely affecting the concept and creation of a new global monetary system, and this makes it imperative to put this administration out of its misery as soon as possible. For example, the present policies of both the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury are swiftly eroding what little confidence is left in the dollar as a leading global currency. The quickly dwindling respect for the dollar is likely to entail a variety of possible events that could precipitate a disastrous free-fall situation.

      The decline of the dollar in the past few years reflects the US regime's foreign policies which are responsible for making America one of the most hated governments on the planet. This massive loss of respect for America and what she stands for is something the next US regime needs to address. But first, this next regime will need to recognize the amount of damage done and adopt policies that focus on repairing America's tarnished image. Our Earth allies see America as a shining beacon of freedom and democracy that was sold down the river by the foreign policy goals of this administration. Reversing this imperialism and restoring America to her more traditional role is paramount. Then America and her global partners can bring into being the new world envisioned by our Earth allies, a world with a flourishing and abundant economy that swiftly puts into effect multiple programs to transform the poverty, hatred, and ignorance that held your global populace in the thrall of this limited reality for the past 13 millennia. In a setting of freedom and prosperity, first contact can take place quite smoothly and quickly.

      The programs to go into immediate effect not only end global privation by means of comprehensive national and personal debt annulment, but also set the stage for an unprecedented degree of support for all formally indebted nations in the areas of education, pollution abatement, and job creation. All the peoples of the world must feel prosperous, supported, and validated as nations and individuals. The increasingly competitive and divisive social engineering of the last decades has wreaked havoc on communities in general, and this is just now being seriously challenged by a conscious need for connectedness, a by-product of the electronic communication age you live in. Everybody needs to feel appreciated and to know that they contribute meaningfully to their world. A sense of belonging also lies at the root of healthy local community, and this in turn provides the cornerstone of a healthy global community. It is your society's all-pervasive alienation that our Earth allies next intend to address once the regime changes and prosperity programs are accomplished.

      The first gains from this reversal of direction in human affairs are to be a burgeoning of mutual acceptance and appreciation for one another. Social alienation and its attendant fear and distrust of "enemies" or "oppressors" will be put to flight. Local communities are to become self-sufficient and self-regulating, and able to solve any internal problems. Only then can these capabilities truly function at national and global levels. The result will be a cohesive foundation upon which the distance-bridging effects of the World Wide Web can really go to work. This escalation of coming together globally is to receive a further boost with the technology we will bring which is to take things to the next level; namely, telepathic communication. This enables you to commune with each other without verbal barriers and feel his or her emotional, mental, and spiritual essence. Think of how this redefines your knowing of your self, your fellows, and your world! This explosion of connectedness is merely a foretaste of the joys of full consciousness.

      Your present "un-civilization" is to be morphed into one that radiates harmony and joy, and sees a mushrooming of opportunity and exploration in all areas. Human civilization is being returned to the heights seen in Lemuria, and this is where first contact comes in, as this is to be our first goal. At present, only the peoples of inner Earth enjoy this state of Being. The preparatory steps are well underway (albeit covertly) by the spiritual forces of Mother Earth. She is being assisted in this by the heartfelt desires of the inner-Earth peoples and the magnificent projects of our Earth allies. Your contribution is to be aware of these divine momentums and to use your own energies to promote this growing awareness in your lives. Once again, we would like to express our appreciation for what you are doing. It is quite a challenge to act on faith for such a duration as this has turned out to be. Your only confirmation of this process has been these messages and the things you glean from the confusion of the Internet and a few trusted sources. But be assured that wonderful events are ready to happen and that this night is about to end.

      In this lifetime, you are to reap the rewards of your labors in the fields of consciousness. However, your world has reached a point where it can no longer stave off the vast systemic collapse that has been brewing for the past 250 years. Your social and economic systems and the environment have arrived at a breaking point. Either widespread populous uprisings or a massive intervention by your spiritual and space family is now unavoidable in order to avert disaster. The divine plan for this branch of humanity is to fully reopen your connection to your True Self (your I Am Presence), not to be obliterated in a cataclysm. This is the goal behind Heaven's and our present undertakings on this planet, and this operation is in its last stages. You are to be restored to your true status and to learn conclusively that you are not alone!

      A by-the-book first contact mission was never an option in your case. Your circumstances are unique and continue to set precedents each day. This means that how first contact finally goes down remains fluid. Meanwhile, the amount of energy expended by the last cabal to keep our presence under wraps astounds us! It is clear to anyone beginning to delve into the subject of contact that we are real, and that visitations to your lower atmosphere are a common occurrence. And yet, no subject is treated with such derision and ambiguity by your officialdom as our obviously benign presence. Silly explanations are put forth for sightings that are too widespread to be ignored and the result is that our presence is shrouded in mystery and improbability.

      The transformation of your reality is unstoppable and is proclaimed by the Divine to manifest overtly in your very near future.   Remember that all is connected: In this instance, the mounting chaos being stoked around your planet is a direct response on the part of the dark cabal to the many covert operations that are to set you free, once and for all, and return you to your former selves. The moment of full public disclosure of many things approaches swiftly, and among them is reunion with your spiritual and space families, an indispensable step toward your return to full consciousness. In short, your lives are about to take flight!

      Today, we expanded further upon the events and objectives behind what our Earth allies and we are involved in. A new reality and first contact are fast approaching. We are very happy that this long earthly nightmare is at last coming to an abrupt end. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious! Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
1 Akbal, 1 Yax, 2 Ik           1/23/07

Greetings! We arrive, dear Hearts, with more to say about what is happening in your reality! Relentlessly, our Earth allies are forging ahead, overcoming the obstacles thrown up by Earth's last dark cabal. Across the planet, drastic transformation is taking place and change is everywhere in the air. Yet, somehow, these changes seem to you to be elusive. But if you dig beneath surface appearances, you would quickly discover evidence of just how close this divinely prescribed change is to happening. All of this is under the aegis of the Divine, and hence, certain things must be met to guarantee all goes according to plan. Two central requirements are the release of America from its present bondage and the disbursement of the abundance programs, the latter to be accomplished without noticeable hitches. Meticulous attention to the details of the plan is paramount and must be taken seriously. We fully understand your ongoing anxiety and want to inform you that these uncertain and seemingly interminable times are indeed to pass!

      Each day, our fleet receives notices that confirm that your prosperity is truly close. A vast dark conspiracy is working hard and long to foil these programs, and yet all its Machiavellian stratagems are coming to naught. Our Earth allies are equipped with a series of their own strategies that they implement according to fluctuating requirements. The effectiveness of this game plan is creating a gnashing of teeth in the inner councils of the dark. We intend, for the time being, to keep up our backroom support of our Earth allies and to slide into a more dynamic role in the very near future. Our purpose remains first contact. First contact can only happen once the dark's stranglehold over your world's mainstream media and associated governments is largely dismantled. To ascertain the degree of control we need to overcome, we recently carried out a few experiments: In the past months, we placed our craft for brief periods out in plain sight in various places around the planet such as China, America, and Brazil. These tests confirmed our suspicions: A means to unravel the UFO cover-up is still essential.

      Our many diplomatic and liaison teams are moving our Earth allies closer to victory. We are still convinced their overthrow of the current American regime and its many global allies is a necessary first step to preparing you for first contact. To most of you, the prospect of actual contact with us is somewhat shocking. A lot of education on our part is needed to clear up the foolish stereotypes deeply imprinted upon you. On the bright side, deep within you lie positive memories of your space family. These need to be brought to the fore. Before this can happen, the negative impressions left by your xenophobic religions and the confusion created by myopic sciences are to be publicly challenged by us. We intend to set the story straight regarding your true origins and the philosophies guiding us. Many of you will at first be skeptical, even doubtful about our motives; nonetheless, we believe your common sense will sort out the wheat from the chaff and see you through the deluge of denunciations the dark's many champions are to throw at you! Moreover, the Light has a truly divine trump card up its sleeve: the Earth's many and renowned Ascended Masters.

     The prime goal of this mission is, first, your growth in consciousness and, second, your acceptance of the fact you are one of many sentient human societies in this vast galaxy. Moreover, you are merely one of many types of sentient being that inhabit a very well populated and most stunningly beautiful galaxy. As you begin your travels among the stars, you will soon realize how wondrous is the Divine's physical creation. The swift expansion of your mind will demand a corresponding connection on all levels with your fellow galactic citizens. Rejoining your space family is a desire that lies deep in your soul and is a natural part of exploring this galaxy. While you moved through your recent divine experiences in limited consciousness, Mother Earth's role was to protect and nourish you. Now the time arrives for you to reward her and to prepare for the next phase of your collective journey. Now you are to leave this earthly womb and link up with us, your space family, and this includes the reunion with the peoples of inner Earth.

      Your reunion with inner Earth is important to your next stage of development. As you shrug off the orthodoxy shaping you, you need an intermediary, which can assist you to accept the new. This is where your fellows in inner Earth come in. They can provide the open and loving "space" you need during the next step of your move into higher consciousness. The heart energy from inner Earth permits a recognition, a memory, from deep within you of the new Truths and their implications. You can begin to explore the worlds of consciousness and learn how the Divine functions in this realm called physicality. To perceive the awe and beauty of Creation often requires a special mindset, and your next step will move you rapidly toward things you presently can barely imagine. What is happening now is a means to get you there. First contact is, above all, a marvelous device used by the Divine to "supply the provisions" for the next part of your journey.

      We realize that our presence here may confuse some of you. Some 13 millennia ago, you were abruptly plunged into a savage environment that propelled you to come up with a new frame of reference in order to survive. Thus was born your present bleak and fearful mentality that seems to suit the daily survival requirements for life here on Mother Earth. This dire survival mode has prevailed here since the fall of Atlantis. Since then, many scenarios were set in motion by Heaven and these began the great consciousness shift that you are now going through. One of these scenarios is our arrival here. However, the amount of expansion that this mission has undergone since its inception over a decade ago is astounding. This ongoing elaboration of our mission is due in part to our interaction with you, and in part to our own discoveries.

      The Universe can be unpredictable, and your first contact is a good case in point. As a people, you are important to your planet and to this galaxy, and our part is to watch over you and prepare for our divine intervention in your affairs. As noted earlier, this moment is not far off. Your global society is reaching a point of decision whether to continue as before, or to break away onto a wholly new path. Our surveys of your inner thoughts and desires show us that you truly wish for a departure from what is tried and known. This also implies that you are getting ready for what we have to offer. Even so, the present circumstances contain a very small window of opportunity for you to execute this new path. Hence, our arrival is critical to your success.

      Knowing this, we stepped up all contingency plans and informed our fleet that our main job is to ensure that you succeed in what you truly wish to do. This means there are many alternative ways to use our technology to nudge your world into acceptance of first contact. We dearly wish to follow the path of least resistance, but if this is not possible, we are prepared to intervene in a much more dramatic fashion. We say this to let you know that we are determined to complete this mission as soon as possible. We have often had to make adjustments to carry out this operation in the simplest manner possible. This is how we got to this present game plan, and we continue to reserve the right to further modify or abandon the current scenario. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

      Today, we reviewed what is playing out on your world. We intend that all that is now ready to happen can happen and happen now! Yet we have also advised you that it continues to be a work in flux. Thus it is vital that you remain focused and ready to act on our behalf when this magic moment suddenly materializes before you! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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