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Pt 2: Planetary Evolution and an Aquarian Inter-Planetary Mission here observing and  assisting Her!   Stardoves []

Photos of and by Keth
at the Great Pyramid in Egypt 





The Egyptian Connection

Welcome to what StarGate research looks like at its CRUDE, initial level ~ however, though everything shared is now outdated ~ I believe the collection of samples offered here will show that we are on the road to some VERY interesting discoveries ... maybe you want to join in the research.

Ancient Egyptian records translate the Pleiades as "Krittikas" , "female judges of mankind" - they primarily equated them as the Seven Hathors, whom the dead had to remember and speak the names of those Goddesses to pass their examination to enter the ancient Egyptian perception of paradise, which was in the distant stars ... Modern Egyptians relate to the Pleiades as the Seven Midwives (Sisters).

In archaic seven-gated Thebes, the Pleiades were represented by Seven Sisters (Mantic Priestesses), who were linked to the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, an era when the Seven Hathors ruled over a rather grim calendar cycle which had the Sacred King slain every seventh year.

In ancient Europe, the Pleiadian May to November cycle was represented by the Maytime feast of life and the November feast of death ... Though quite obviously frowned upon by the early church in that era, upon All Souls Day (November first), prayers for the dead were recited in the direction of the Pleiades3 (a somewhat obvious archaic hold-over/link to the Egyptian ritual of the dead, which included, speaking the names of the Seven Hathors to enter the paradise in the distant stars)

And yes, there is even a link to the Bible. The Lord challenged Job : "Canst thou bind the sweet influence of the Pleiades ?", Job 3:31. Also, there is a vein of historical research that speculates that, in pre-patriarchal Jerusalem, the Menorah (the 7 branched candlestick) originally symbolized the Pleiades in their aspect of the sevenfold "Men-horac"/"Moon Priestesses, with links once again to the Goddess Hathor" which returns us once again to 7 ladies and the Pleiades.

The Eye is a well known symbol of ancient Egypt - however, surface material credit the eye to Horus or Ra. Yet, even in that patriarchal period, that specific eye , so important a part of Egyptian symbolism was specifically described as a female judge, the Goddess Sekhmet, "I am the all-seeing Eye of Horus, whose appearance strikes terror, Lady of Slaughter, Mighty One". If there seems to be an incongruity, in that the eye symbol of this Lioness of Slaughter is also the symbol for Egyptian medicine , the answer lies in the fact that the Egyptian symbol for the Priesthood of Sekhmet and the Egyptian symbol for doctor were interchangeable. Then I moved back to the root source. In ancient Egypt, the Mother-syllable "Maa" meant "to see", its hieroglyph was the eye - a matter which overlapped with the fact that the Egyptian All- Seeing-Eye originally belonged to Maat, the Goddess of Judgment . Remember Maat well, she is one of the connecting keys to StarGate - and the other is Sekhmet. ...

These things happen during the Lion's StarGate period because this is the cycle of spiritual evolution for the Universe. Sun aligns with Sirius - the ancient Egyptians knew as the “helical rising" of the star Sirius. The Earth’s “two suns” align in the sky, signifying the opening of the Sirius stargate, as powerful evolutionary energies and codes are transmitted to the Blue Star Earth from the Blue Star Sun or Sirius.

The Egyptians focused on the star Sirius. The Dogon tradition was involved with the Sirius star system - Sirius, and Sirius B and Sirius C (B & C, are definitions used by later researchers, used now, for the sake of Brevity). The Dogon tradition involves an extended series of rituals to honor Sirius B's 50 year orbit cycle about Sirius (A), thus making Sirius B visible (WITH an exceptional telescope, controlled by someone knowing precisely when & where to look) once every 50 years. And Sirius C is on an outer orbit, permanently on the far side of both A & B. The Dogon traditions only tell of one planet, but with a study of their legends, one can assume there is more and that the Dogons knew that the three Sirius stars are suns like ours. The three Sirius suns collectively make up a solar system unique in the universe . The Dogons look up at the sky and see one star - but have a symbol of three circles in their tradition, for a solar system of three suns with overlapping orbits. Remember this symbol, it will return.

The full Sirius system is important to the Dogon. Ironically it is the unseen portion of the system that is linked to the essence of their religion. Sirius C , translated from the Dogon language (and then into English) is called the "Sun of Women". A rather unique factor about the Dogon belief system are the legends elated to Sirius C and the planet that orbits about that sun. The Dogon have a symbolic drawing of this planet as it orbits Sirius C. It should be noted that the Dogon tradition 54 includes a full awareness that planets orbit suns , a knowledge that contains a rough awareness of our solar system. The Dogon legends even includes information about our moon, which they describe as "dry and dead" - information shared in the 1940s. Not bad for a "primitive" people. ... The planet that orbits the Sun of Women has a unique name, the "Star of Women". I do not believe "star" is so much a translation error as it is the Dogon way of designating the importance of the planet. There are two symbols for the Star of Women , and these will also return again. For more of this go here:

Sirius C ( the Sun of Women ) is described by the Dogon as "the seat of the female souls of living or future beings" . Its symbol contains two pair of lines that are relevant features of a Dogon legend. They believe that Sirius C "sends out two pairs of beams" - and that the beams represent "a feminine figure". The legend has an addenda that seems to underline the fact that the subject at hand is not astronomy - "It is the only star which emits these beams" ... I must step out of context to share some most relevant examples. A great many of the most ancient of Egyptian temples , such as the temple of Isis at Denerah, were created so that the light of the helical rising of Sirius would travel down the main corridor to place its red glow upon the altar in the inner sanctum of the temple - when that light reached the altar, the beam of light from Sirius was transformed into Sothis , the Star Goddess. In a manner of speaking, the same belief system was involved in the Greek Temples, such as the Parthenon, which were oriented to receive the beams of light from the Pleiades into their inner sanctums, where the beams were then transformed into seven women ... Research is currently in progress , to validate a similar transformation. As the beams from the Pleiades entered Egyptian temples of Hathor , and became the 7 Hathors/Kittikas, female judges of mankind. All of this was researched and recorded (from Mali, to Egypt, to Greece) decades, even centuries, prior to the first utterance of that classic phrase, "Beam me up Scotty".

Within the Dogon tradition, those pairs of feminine figures beamed down from the star/sun/planet of Women to their original home near the Hoggar mountains , bringing many aspects of civilization to the ancestors of their tribes.There is one last Dogon symbol, collected by the French researchers, that is most relevant. The equilateral cross within a circle represents the whole system of the Sun of Women and Star (planet) of Women.



Sekhmet, Lion Goddess from the Temple of Mut, Karnak, Egypt.
(photo from the book Goddesses in Art by Lanier Graham, copyright 1997 Abbeville Press)


Sekhmet, Lion Goddess
Egypt, c. 930 B.C.E.
Musee du Louvre, Paris


In the Egyptian Mystery School, Sekhmet, whose name means mighty, powerful one, is the fire goddess whose flames consume the enemies of Ra. She has been feared for her destructive power, yet she is also associated with healing. When we awaken to the power of Sekhmet within us, we become self-confident and aware. She awakens in us the will and energy we need to meet the challenges and changes of this extraordinary time.







Thus you can see that ... Sekhmet was protecting us against our enemies by taking us off the highway and placing us in the loving care of StarBird from our past, who served as our Sekhmet for us.

Pt 2: Planetary Evolution & An Aquarian Inter-Planetary Mission here observing & assisting Her!stardoves []






Bryan James (who channeled Prime Source) recently wrote in StarDoves LightWaves: Prime Source says “Your Hearts Will Be Tested” - We are making progress as we move toward ascension.  It won’t be long and soon we will all be together.  You will each see each other for who you really are. As that time approaches, you will face significant difficulties before we achieve our objectives. These will test your hearts for all to see.  But in the end all of my creation ascends to the next level.  Bryan wrote StarDoves with great concern explaining he was given information from hell zone... Within the next few weeks we hope to offer you a report on the information he was given and the events occurring to the Mission and the Earth at this time. Bryan serves in the vein of Thoth for life on this planet.  Just as I was recording this and editing it to send out to you on 8/22/07 we had computer mother board melt down and was down for 8 days! 

- - - - - -

What Happens When The Lion's Gate Opens -
Mythologically and Metaphysically

Lions have always been linked to humans in a magical way. We seem to share a mystical bond with them in consciousness throughout time, even into the present. This bond is reflected in all of the major civilizations throughout time and back beyond the mists of living memory. What is this mystery that ties lions and humanity together? It is certainly immortalized in the Sphinx. Lets look at clues to why they call it, The Lion's Gate!
Lions in the Judeo/Christian Traditions

Each of the major cultures that have influenced our current civilization have had rich lion mythologies. In fact as we were scouring the Bible for references to lions, we discovered they are too numerous to mention.  

Yet we will mention them in a moment, as of now, I'd like to add a few other thoughts as far as the Bible goes! 

Another reason that indicates why we were brought to St. Augustine is getting to know an author, whose book I believe should be in the home of every person who intends to be an effective light-worker. The book is called How the Bible became the Bible, by Donald L. O'Dell.  I thought it was fascinating.

Lee Carroll has also reviewed it, now uses it in his presentations when he channels Kryon, and has recommended O'Dell's book in Kryon – Book 11 (Lee's latest publication). Lee refers to it as "…pure spiritual history…," and I agree with him.

Incidentally, the book won the Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary Award for Non-Fiction.

Wisdom dictates we are to be clear and balanced in our thinking. This kind of thinking allows Spirit to speak to us and allows us to discern the messages when they come. Without clarity that is very difficult! By keeping our minds jumbled with incorrect "reality," we can end up dismissing Spirit's voice because it hasn't "fit" our perception of truth. 

This kind of unclear thinking occurs when, on the one hand, we are all trying to be open to our spirit guides and the Masters – all of whom are telling us about the power of truth, forgiveness, and love – and on the other hand we relish believing incorrect biblical information – about the Old Testament, the prophets, the New Testament, and Master Jesus – that is full of distrust, suspicion, and other negative thoughts.

I know the Bible is associated with religion and many of us have had horrible experiences with religion. But that was then and this is now. We learned some Bible untruths and much misbegotten theology as kids. We're not kids anymore! We need to understand what really happened.  Same as today, as far as meeting spiritual people and treating them as if they were bad people from our past, who only wish to harm us, when we think this, even those the Masters send in our path we will begin to think are really here to hurt us, as were the religion types of the past!

I think too many of us – metaphysicians, humanists, light-workers, or whatever – have simply relegated the Bible to the role of a heavy bookend for all the really important other stuff on our bookshelves.  I agree with O'Dell when he says: " It is just as unbalanced to believe the Bible is only myth, metaphor, or distorted history – as it is to believe it must be interpreted literally."

I believe most people do not understand how counterproductive it can be to train their minds to be attuned to their spirit guides and Masters, while dismissing over 1400 years of history based on incorrect information. For example, believing scripture is merely the product of a coordinated conspiratorial effort to alter the message of the Bible.

So, how do you decide what to believe about the Bible?

Understand historically how the Bible came to be – Understand the original messages of the prophets and Jesus – Decide what makes sense for you – Become clear and balanced.

I owe it to myself to be as informed, correct, and clear as I can be in my thinking – and that includes what I think about the Bible. I'm glad I read the book, and I urge you to check out O'Dell's website ( ).  His book is available through his website, as well as through Amazon, AirLeaf, Ingram, and Infinity Publishing. 

Book Specifics:  How the Bible became the Bible, by Donald L. O'Dell, Infinity Publishing, ISBN  0-7414-2993-4; Trade Paperback; 305 pages; $19.95 retail; standard wholesale pricing available to resellers.

The Bible tells us that the Lion Lies down with the lamb. Lion is strength and wisdom and the lamb is calmness and peaceThis is also seen in the Aquarian Mission with Raja as the Lion and Moira quite the lamb! We invite you to explore the lions and lion hearted in your life now. Just as Christ and Selassie are the Lions of Judah and Ethiopia, these Kings of Kings were given the titles of Lion of thier tribe. By exploring your relationship with lions now, you will unlock some of the ancient wisdom that you and the lions share.

There are seven Hebrew words for lion, one of which is Aryeh, pronounced ar-ee-ay. In the Torah/Bible there are many, many references to lions, which indicates that lions were common in the Middle East at that time. Here are just a few of the examples.

The prophet Ezekiel wrote about the merkabah. In the first chapter he describes four beings surrounding the chariot. The faces have four sides: bull, lion, eagle, and person. The four sides are seen kabbalistically as representing the four worlds of existence. The lion represents the world of y'zirah, the world of formation, which corresponds to the realm of feeling and the element of water.

One of the more well-know references to lions in the Torah/Bible is the Lion of Judah (Genesis 49:9, Isaiah, Revelations 5:5), which refers to the prophecy that the messiah, or lion, will come through the lineage of Jacob's son, Judah. Some of Judah's descendants were King David, King Solomon and Jesus.

Another reference to lions appears in Isaiah 11: 6-9, which we understand to be about the unification of opposites:

Lions appear frequently in art throughout Biblical times, especially in Palestinian, Assyrian and Sumerian art. Gods and Goddesses stand on lions in Syrian art. Lions appear frequently on thrones (e.g., on Solomon's throne in 1Kings 10:19), on temple furniture (1 Kings 7:29, 36) and were used as guardians of temples. Lions have been extinct in the Middle East since the 12th Century A.D.
 A book called Secret Places of the Lion by George Hunt Williamson gives a wonderful summary of lion symbology throughout the ages. Williamson explains how lions as sphinxes were used to guard the hiding places and secret repository’s of the ancient wisdom waiting for man to be ready to receive the higher truth:







Painting by Lloyd K. Townsend, from the Time-Life book 'Mystic Places.'
 Secret Places of the Lion

Alien Influences on Earth's Destiny
Early traditions speak of the arrival of "radiant beings from heaven," self-sacrificing guardians of the human race who have reincarnated as pivotal figures in the panorama of human history to assist in the work of evolution. Secret Places of the Lion shows how these "great ones" have helped mankind for thousands of years, hiding their secrets in tombs, caverns, temple ruins, and catacombs. Posing as wanderers, they would declare universal wisdom and truth at certain periods of history when people were prepared to receive it; then they would withdraw for a time to see what was done with the new-found knowledge. Thus, the rises and plateaus of our cultural history emerged.  Classic in the UFO field.

Many years after his death, the author still has a devoted following. George Hunt Williamson, UFO contactee and author, is the pen name of Dr. Michel D.M. d'Obrenovic (1926-1986), a prominent Christian scholar, Eastern Orthodox bishop, and Grand Prior of the Knights of Malta. Anthropologist, archaeologist, explorer, and lecturer, he was a recognized authority on Mayan culture and history, and author of Secret of the Andes.


Now Beloved Ones, let us continue our meditations from part 1. WAY SHOWERS are waiting so please make yourself comfortable in your seats. Close your eyes, take a deep breath in through your nose and as you exhale allow all the chakras of your body to become balanced and perfectly aligned with your cosmic light.

Pause . . . 

Then enjoy this: Pleiadean Way showers 2012 GoldRing:

On your next in-breath visualize the 3-dimensional Star of David manifesting around you acknowledging that this is your star tetrahedron Merkabah vehicle, your body of light, in which you travel through dimensions, through solar systems, galaxies and universes. (pause) ... MerKaBah's are etheric crystalline star tetrahedronic fields of light. Enjoy this:

On the next in-breath draw in a powerful tube of white light in through your crown chakra, move it all the way down through all your chakras and as you breathe out, draw in a ruby red light from Mother Earth, filling, aligning and energizing your body. (pause) Each one of you has a pranic tube. This pranic tube’s size in diameter is the same size as your pointing finger and your thumb held together in a circular formation. Now visualize a tube in this diameter extending along your spine up just beyond your crown and just below your feet. (pause) It is filled with a beautiful blue crystal light. This pranic tube is filled with light for it was an energy that you breathed before you learned to breathe through your nose and mouth. Now on the next in-breath breathe in from the centre of the universe through your pranic tube, draw in the energy all the way down your spine, and as you breathe out, breathe in energy from Mother Earth up your pranic tube and up your spine, extending out beyond your crown chakra. (pause) Do this a few times and set the intention that with every breath that you take in each day you learn how to breathe through your pranic tube as well. We suggest that you practice this daily. Breathing life force in, expanding your energy field as you breathe out. (pause)




Now Visulaize the Earth bathed in Peace


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