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Djwhal Khul Weekly Spirituality Article

April 19, 2007

 This is Terri Newlon from Sedona, Arizona, USA.  www.TerriNewlon.com

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 And here is Djwhal Khul's latest channelled message: 


Djwhal Khul here Tashi Delek

 We are going to begin with the violet blue colour coming down through the crown chakra please, a pillar of violet blue, let it flow down through the crown chakra, straight down the crown chakra column literally like a tube of light running straight down the body and into the Earth please.

 We are working with the anchoring of New Age Awareness and the Age of Aquarius literally activating in the minds of humanity.  So this is a very important component within the great invocation, a very important component within this time frame as we are closing toward the end of the Mayan calendar and a very important 2007 coming up upon the Wesak full moon which is a very powerful spiritual renewal time. 

 So in this particular spirituality article, I am focussing upon, as always, giving you some lessons for your spiritual growth, some psychic awareness and awakening, that is quite natural to all sentient beings and something of timely importance. 

You have a pivotal point coming with spiritual activation.  The precise date, let me take a look here, consult with....  We go by the moon calendars, Tibetan astrology moon calendars. a little more so than the regular ones, however, where the sun is placed and where other key factors are occurring are very important.

Tomorrow April 20th, Sun entering Taurus is a very potent day: a lot of aspects and it's a pivotal point.  Primarily because of the placement of the Moon in Gemini so it gives you an either/or.  For example, choose the path of ease or choose the path of struggle.  Choose the path of light or choose the path that is void of light.  It gives you a very interesting pivotal point so be very, very clear about choices, particularly on that day.

Then as we move into, I would say, April , let's take another look here, April 27th,  also another Friday, we have a very potent now that's why I'll be doing the Wesak in Sedona starting that evening April 27th, 28th 29th,; closed group only the seasoned DK students or those who feel resonance with these teachings through this particular channel, then another public appearance, a rare public appearance, on May1st in the evening in Sedona, which is a donation meditation.  So we are going to have quite a lot occurring that is very powerful. 

Humanity at large is coming upon a time where it's "wake up and smell the roses", or "wake up and smell the garbage". Literally!  It's going to be a scene in black and white divided, like "this is a disaster" or "everything is fine". 

What we are wanting from the Spiritual Hierarchy perspective is "Truth Revealed". Take a good look at reality.  Take a good look at the environment.  Take a good look, not the glossed over cover-it-up, take a good look at the economy.  Take a good look in general and see it for the way it really is.  Not for any fašade or covering up of the truth and not from any personal desire to perhaps put on the rose colored glasses and see things only a certain way. 

So that is the calling now and this has been your weekly spirituality article.   I thank you very much for your participation as a lightworker and as a world server.  You're bonding together in some common cause even if it's to say a very short prayer daily for world peace.  It does make a huge difference.  Remember the minds of humanity is really one mind, it's really one thought consciousness.  Each time you modify your own thought consciousness towards mastery, ascension, positive thinking, spirituality, whatever you call it, you are modifying the group mind.  So please keep moving forward and hold that torch of light.

Thank you and my love to you 


Djwhal Khul


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