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The Brotherhood of Light
as channelled by
Lois Hartwick
October 27, 2007 

The future lies in the hands of people on earth. There is much to be contemplated and discussed, yes, but there is much that is being ignored and needs to be brought before the general public for perusal and consideration.  There no longer is time to be wasting about the changes which are forthcoming, for once in place, they are rarely stopped entirely.  You have, as a country, and as a world, begun to see the effects of weather and ‘nature’.  We say ‘nature’ in quotes, because we want you to understand that much of what you believe is coming your way is due to climate change.

We beg to differ.  We want you to recognize that much of the change is due to the manipulation of weather and use of earth herself in such a way that no holds are barred. With this increase in effect, there is great turmoil being felt.  If scientists are interested in making a difference, it is suggested that people take a look at what is being done in the name of science, technology, military expertise and advancement and simply stop it.  Stop the experiments, stop the pollution, stop the investment in space, stop the sonar and advanced systems which pervade the airwaves, and begin to regulate with some level of concern the outlay of productivity that is encompassing every inch of space in your world.

Rather than spend great sums of money finding newer techniques, it is important now to end those which started with inferior results.   Chemical warfare has not added any benefit to this world; nuclear testing creates only havoc; dropping bombs in the ocean merely disrupts the plates beneath the seas to create greater and greater quakes and tsunamis, while food is polluted daily through chemtrail activity and an endless array of toxins and inferior foodstuffs being genetically altered.  

So herein lies a clue:  Stop the race against the Joneses, the superior actions to be best and first and most inventive, famous or creative and begin to realize that the ongoing longevity of earth and her inhabitants will only come from consideration. Consideration that all things matter; not just self. That the interconnectedness of life is determined by God, by All That Is, by Higher Power or any name you choose to use. It is. There is no getting away from this fact, and the misinformation and disinformation placed around your world today making evidence of this fact disappear is shocking. You are able to view ever so clearly, how one thing counters another or supplements another in almost everything you do. When you deny such action, you deny your very existence.

The time is here to incorporate the realization that time is of the essence. At least earth time. To comfort each other and to say all is divine makes a great deal of sense; however, you may find the world you are living in has ignored such a message. The time is now to begin reaccessing and to make your voices and consciousness heard. To speak for the truth which has been adulterated and altered.

For all those who have attended to the greater light and worked toward change and harmony on your planet, there is gratefulness and expressions of light from us in so many ways. Yet, there is a cloud hanging over; a time of difficulty to change a world which refuses to acknowledge what’s ahead in favor of the image created. Were these images of a positive nature from the military or the government or the media then perhaps our focus would be different today. But it is not. It is given that you see alteration to almost everything without a stampede from the world to condemn certain actions.

What will be forthcoming will be a rising up, a claiming of one’s inner world as righteous and honoring of what is deeply known and real. There will be a rebellion forthcoming about the blasphemous aberration of truth. In the finite world there are many who would come to the altar to suggest the out pouring of God’s wrath. No such thing occurs. What does occur are the results of miscalculation, deception, pain and suffering creating a world impossible to move forward on and with. A world in which one is unable to complete the agenda he or she chose for a lifetime because the odds stand too high to counter success.

This is the forecast for the next year ahead. Turmoil and rebellion. Long overdue in many respects. Not all will alter the difficulties presented daily, but some will. Containment of feelings and facts will not long remain behind closed doors. Anger creeps out, sifting into the environment like blowing sand. And as it does, recognize that this anger will cut through much that has been created -- created to disguise and hide miscreants and actions we abhor.

The world is coming to a new pinnacle in the year ahead. This will enliven the airwaves, perhaps, and create a more united effort to restrain plans afoot, but damage is done to source such compounding together. The damage is the uniting force, but the wind will blow and create new holes and fissures if one is not careful. Attend to the light. See what you are creating and where you are residing in the light.

Anger shares a place in the world ahead. Anger that one’s planet has been given short shrift and the meaning of so many lives torn asunder. At the same time, there will be a whiplash in effect, that will turn on itself and given the right perspective, provides a change so deeply needed. Within the turmoil, as in the eye of the storm, resides calm, resides the peace you seek. Find it within and bring it to the world in your actions and deeds and words. It will be needed ahead, for when the angers flare, few will be thinking of harmony then. You will need to remember and find within yourself the wherewithal to stand for truth, but remain in the eye, not the outer storm.

We are given to speak these words today for the times are forthcoming in 2008 and you need to hear that even with such prediction, all is given with love for the choice that life remains on earth. We are attendant to such a message, for there are those who will hear between the lines as well as those written; those who tend the fires of hope and diminish the negatives so placed in your world daily; and those who connect to the higher vibrations and frequencies which are to be placed into this world despite other actions. It is to you we now speak, for the time is ahead for your love to pour forth and to remain the lasting footprint on earth. We join you daily.


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