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Angel ASTRA -   Concerns for Our World

Channeling by Anna Harlas

  ASTRA:  There are many angelic energies that are with you and your a high vibration, meaning that your consciousness is of the One.  You are in perfect order, meaning that your energy is flowing through your physical structure in an effortless way.  What is blocking you is the emotion.  The emotion is concerned and is saddened and therefore that is blocking the flow of your energy.  It is important
 that you address the emotion in order to assist in clearing out that which is in the mind creating obstacles
 to your joy and your wisdom.  You may speak.

 QUESTION:  How -- what can I do to help myself to achieve that?
 ASTRA:  Well, in order to achieve that, you need to first look very closely at what it is that you are feeling emotional over.  What is your emotion?  What is this focused into.  And when you are able to see what
 it is that you are looking at that creates emotional disturbance, you must then examine the perception that
 you are holding in the situation.  So we are going to ask you to speak of where your emotions are focused at this time.
 QUESTION:  I don't know.  I think in the future and what is happening on the earth with humanity in general.

 ASTRA:  Yes, that is where your energy is focused.  It is focused on humanity, it is focused into the sorrow and the confusion about how humanity has fallen so greatly from grace and how your humanity has disturbed the balance in the physical plane, and these are very deep concerns that you hold.  We are here to help you to see the truth behind all that is manifesting.  For all that is manifesting in the earth plane is part of the earth's transformation and elevation to the next level of creation, meaning the earth is rising to the fifth level of the God plane.  The earth is moving and so therefore it needs now to release all that is holding it in place-in old patterns.  In this position is the place where the earth has taken on all of the negativity that man has put into the planet.   For man's consciousness, man's thoughts, man's beliefs, man's actions and words have all been absorbed by the earth.  That is why man has lasted on the plane as long as he has.  For if the earth did not take in and absorb this energy, you would not be -- the end of the earth would have happened many, many,  hundreds of years ago. 
For man is a being of infancy and ignorance and therefore he is new in the universe.
The earth's plane is holding the infant energy of creation and so in this infantile perception that man holds,he creates much of the imbalances that man is experiencing.  And the earth now is moving to the God consciousness, what is called the Christ consciousness.  This consciousness is a level of love, pure unconditional love, and  the earth now is spewing off all of the energy that it has been holding without releasing, and now it is time to release.  
The earth will even release man himself if man does not come into his God consciousness and join the earth in this transformation.  For man sees himself separate from the physical when he is one with the physical.  Man sees himself above the animal, above the earth itself, and this is the childish conception of man that blocks man from moving forward with the whole of creation.  So, it is extremely important that the raising of consciousness come about in this earth's plane.

There are multitudes of beings that have received this message, and they are working to raise consciousness.  They are working all of them through the gifts that they have come into the planet with so they can work and create a positive effect in raising the consciousness of man in the earth plane.  But, at the same instance as they are working, there are energies of ignorance and darkness at work in the opposite direction that work for greed, that work for possession, that work to plant the idea of the illusion holding the only safety valve for mankind.  This conflict is very strong in your planet now, and it is greed and it is materialism and it is the desire for power that man is holding in his illusion of being above all, even above the Creator God that is creating all that you are seeing here on your planet.  
This comes from ignorance.  It does not come because man is bad.  It does not come because man is imperfect to the degree where man knows what he is doing and he is doing it in a deliberate way, NO.  Man is doing this out of pure ignorance and man is not here to be forever trapped
 by his ignorance within this illusion.  Man is here to conquer the illusion, the illusion of the physical plane. 
When man conquers the illusion, then he can lift his energy to be in unconditional love, and the earth will become a paradise within this perception.                
 Now, you may ask any questions that are with you in this moment.

QUESTION:  How can I connect more deeply?  I have a great affinity to the natural world and the power
 of the natural world, but I feel like I need some HELP.

 Your goodness, your wisdom, your prayers, they are powerful.  What you are needing to continue to do is to put positive thought out into the world.  In other words, when you feel you are in fear FOR THE WORLD, turn that energy around and go into meditation and see the world healed, see the Light move into the world, see it illuminate all the consciousness of every being, see every being's consciousness enlightened, and see man turn from the course of destruction and begin to help his fellow creatures and fellow man.  See the consciousness moving rapidly and lifting the energy and protecting all those who are in need of protection.  See beings reaching out with the intention of helping and healing one another. 
This is your power as a spiritual being  and it is so great that when you envision this healing, you are assisting in healing the planet.  You are assisting in raising consciousness you are raising consciousness.  Your Being is all about raising the consciousness.  Yes, you can sit with people and you can meditate on healing war and saying, "we are going to heal this conflict over there and there isn't going to be anymore war" and that's good.  But what's more important is to heal the consciousness of the beings that create the war, to heal their consciousness, to raise their consciousness to understand the truth, to see the balance, to see how to create the balance, to be willing to share, to be willing to let go of  holding power and allow that power to be shared by all human beings all over the globe, that one side of the globe to the other is not one superior, one inferior, rather all is equal.  All is superior, all is one with God.   All is of necessity or it wouldn't  have been created. This is the simple Truth.
So therefore, all these different minds that exist here, they are all the one mind divided in the physical illusion to express the One in an individual manner.  That is why you have all these different religions and beliefs about God because it is the One God but, at the same time, all the extensions of the One God are using the uniqueness of their being which (God gave each man to express the God force through). 
Man in his ignorance and child perception became agitated with one another and wanted to rule through their own perception.  They want their own perception of the Creator to rule.  This action created most of your wars and pain and suffering on the earth's plane. 
There are man who will say "I do not believe in a Divine energy" or he will say that "I am the only one who knows the Divine Energy and no one else has any connection to the Divine".
 In truth everything is based on the unknown, the unseen, the un-lived, that is why man needs to let go of his rigid and childish obsession with control, in order to embrace the multi manifestations of the One God and make the unknown known. 
This is why there is so much that in your earth you can do through meditation, so much you can do through prayer and concentration and visualization.  For the power of the one lives in the Light, and when you direct  the Light into a perception of love, you are healing that which you are focusing upon.
Focus from your heart and you will always be in the Light. Go in peace with your heart open to receive Truth.
Channeling by Anna Harlas
web site- http://www.astraanna.com


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