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Uriel Heals Newsletter   Jennifer Hoffman [healing@urielheals.com]

Uriel's Message -  Your Fullest Potential

The reality that you experience can be one that expresses your fullest potential, where your every need is met, your every dream is fulfilled and everything comes to you effortlessly. That is what you can create for yourself when you follow spiritual law and principles in creating your reality. The only thing that limits you from this is your ability to understand, connect to and believe in your own potential and then allow it to unfold in the most perfect way.

You are often limited by what others think that you should do with your talents and even what they are. When you allow others to guide you or to accept their opinions and beliefs as your truth your potential suffers. Each of you believes that there are standards for success that are measured in terms of fame or money. Others achieve those standards by doing certain things and you may believe that if they can do it, you should be able to as well. But when what you attempt does not resonate with your own gifts and talents, you will find that the path you have chosen is difficult and success is limited, if not elusive.

Your fullest potential is realized when you honor your gifts by acknowledging them, whatever they are. Some of you are healers, teachers, and writers. Others work with the elderly, young and sick. Some work in prisons, offices and in construction. Any area of work will allow you to express your full potential as long as it is what you truly want to do. In what area does your gift lie? You can find it in anything that gives you joy, that you feel passionate about, that you can put your heart energy into. Do not judge what it is, only that it is what appeals to you. When you believe that it is not the right thing to do based on what others think, you limit your ability to find joy through the work that you do.

Through the expression of your own gifts and talents you will be guided to the success and prosperity that you desire. When prosperity does not come to you it is because you are not allowing your full potential to unfold. If you are not sure what that is, pay attention to what brings you joy or what you wish you could do with your life. Then open yourself to the full, unlimited expression of that energy and you will be provided with opportunities to develop your full potential. This week, if you are not happy with what you are doing, explore your potential by focusing on what brings you joy and a sense of fulfillment. That is where your potential lies. Be prepared to walk that path and the Universe will open the doors to its fulfillment. At this time, it is important that each of you utilize your gifts for they are what will help you do the work you came here to do. Be prepared to live your fullest potential and watch your dreams come true.



Today's Children -- Letting Indigos Grow Up

There is a new generation of children in the world and they are known by many names, including Indigo and Crystal Children, Star Children, Light Children. Whatever name they are known by, they are a generation that we have never seen before and they have special needs, gifts and talents. The Crystal and Indigo children represent the new, higher energetic patterns that are arriving to change the Earth's vibrational frequency.This new series provides information on these children and the wonderful gifts they bring to the world. Along with their special gifts and talents, they also have certain needs and the purpose of this series is to help them and their parents find solutions to these needs so that Indigos and Crystals can do the work that they came here to do.

Many Indigo children, particularly the ones who are now in the late teens, have had difficult life experiences. It is this generation, for example, that exposed the horrible problems of child physical and sexual abuse, pornography and other crimes against children. Most of this generation has first-hand experience with divorce and living in single parent homes. Most of them have had problems with some form of addiction and been diagnosed with learning and/or behavior problems. Many have spent time in jail or juvenile detention facilities or been in mental institutions. And many have attempted or committed suicide. This all seems like a very bad way for them to have begun their lives. But this is what they came to experience and to do and their work doesn't start when they reach adulthood, it started when they are born.

Indigos have a problem with growing up and accepting responsibility for their lives. This is partly because they have, in many cases, been traumatized as children and partly because they are generally emotionally immature. But it is also because their parents, in a well-meaning way, try to make up for their earlier experiences by allowing them to extend their childhood a little longer and delay the moment when they will have to take responsibility for their lives. We do it because we mean well but are we truly helping or just making their problems worse? When do we stop protecting them from life and allow them to grow up?

I speak from experience here, as I have also allowed my Indigo children to delay accepting their adult responsibilities gave them more leeway than my own parents did for me, although I could have used some extra time. I'm not saying whether it is right or wrong or good or bad. I believe that it depends on the child. But, at some point we must let go and allow our Indigo children to accept responsibility for themselves and for their actions. I have been criticized for treating one of my adult children like a child but I know that he needed the extra time to take control of his own life. He has learned some difficult lessons and while it was hard to stand aside and not get involved, I knew that it was time to let go and let him handle the consequences of his actions. You will know when the time is right for your child and will be able to stand aside and allow them to grow up. Many Indigos in their late teens and early twenties are still reluctant to step into their lives and need our support. We need to decide what is right for them and for us. When it's OK to let them use their wings, you will know. They may fall a few times but they will figure it out and learn to fly on their own.


The Price We Pay

 Jennifer Hoffman

When I was younger, the price I paid for not behaving as was expected of me was some form of punishment. As I grew older, the price that I paid for doing what I wanted took on different forms, but it always seemed that I had to pay, in one way or another, for whatever I did.  Sometimes this price involved actual money; at other times it involved a consequence or something that I had to give up in order to get something else. Believing that there was a ‘price’ to pay sometimes made it difficult to choose or make decisions, as I would weigh the effects of my choices on the price I had to pay or what I might lose instead of how they would benefit me.


Those who are familiar with my life story know that I spent a large part of my childhood paralyzed, unable to walk for many years. I gradually progressed from being completely bedridden to a wheelchair, to walking with leg braces and crutches, to finally being able to walk without assistance.  A few days before I contracted the paralysis I had fallen while running after my sister’s tricycle, which I wanted to ride. From the fall I had a large gash in my knee which required stitches. Eight days later, I was in the hospital in a coma and when I awakened, I could not move. For many years my parents told me that I nearly died during that time.  What I learned from that experience was that the price I paid for going after what I wanted—and I really wanted to ride that tricycle—was that I could die.  As an adult, I carefully weighed my choices, wondering whether were it was worth the risk of possible death or worse, to go after what I wanted.


Everything has a price and it does not always involve money. The price can be emotional, spiritual, or physical.  Often, we must decide whether the price of a decision is worth the possible consequence. If, for example, we choose to end a relationship, the price that we pay is being alone. If we choose to move away from where we live, the price we pay is having to find new friends and developing a new life. If we choose to leave a job or career, the price we pay is having to find something else, learn new skills or change the way we earn money.


Of course we can look at the concept of price in different ways. If we look at it through fear, then assessing the price can be a very painful process as the price of any option is can be more than we are willing to pay. In this case, we will stay where we are, no matter how uncomfortable or unhappy the situation, because the price is too high. If our past experience has shown us that moving out of our comfort zone results in chaos, we will look at any attempt at change as have a high price attached to it.


We form our opinion of the price of our choices from our past experiences. But what if that was changing? What if we could move into a perspective where every decision had no price attached to it and was simply an option that we chose to explore? What if we looked at each choice or decision as another step in our spiritual evolution, one that we could choose to experience or not, based on what we chose to create in our lives? That would mean that instead of looking at life as a series of limited and exclusive options, where choosing one thing meant that we could not choose something else, we could choose anything and then change our minds at will?


This would not mean that we would spend our time hopping from one thing to another because we would make each choice fully mindful of what we wanted to create in our lives. Any option that did not resonate with that purpose simply would not attract us. So we could confidently end one relationship that did not serve our Highest Good knowing that in doing so, we would attract one that did. And since the new one would come with divine timing and perfection, we would not worry about when it would arrive and would live in the moment and enjoy our time alone. There would be no worry about the cost or price, since choices would not have negative consequences.


Does this sound like a fairy tale? It should not because this is the reality that the Shift in Consciousness is opening us to. Once we remove ourselves out of the belief in consequences, price and limited choices, we move into the reality of unlimited potential, where everything is possible and each choice is made because it is right for us and there are no negative outcomes. Each decision becomes an opportunity for us to explore a new reality and to move forward on our spiritual path. Each choice is made with the intention of joy, peace, unconditional love and abundance so that we create exactly what we want in our reality. There is no fear regarding timing or the non-fulfillment of our desires because we live in the present moment, knowing that it is the only time in which we exist. Once we free ourselves of the belief that there is a price that we pay for living and for living the life that we want, the Universe is ready to open the doors to heaven on earth.




About the author

Jennifer Hoffman is an intuitive, spiritual healer, mentor, teacher and author. She also channels the energy of the Archangel Uriel.  Jennifer has helped many people through the Shift through her unique insights and counsel, facilitating their healing journey. Jennifer is the founder of www.urielheals.com, an on-line spiritual healing and growth center and dedicated to the messages and teachings of Archangel Uriel.  Information about Jennifer's books, on-line seminars and services is available at her websites, or email healing@urielheals.com for information.

Article Copyright © 2006  by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.


Copyright (c) 2004-6 by Jennifer Hoffman..All rights reserved



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