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June 10 , 2006

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And now, on to the latest energy alert…

The eleventh day of any month is usually pivotal. Two pillars of energy that create an opening for higher realms energy to come through…and this will be no different on the 11 th of June. This is why November 11 th , or 11/11 is always a time of great vibrational leaps as there is then greater access and a literal opening to higher level energy.

With the “pushing” energy of the last week or so finally subsiding, we are now “arriving” in a New space. And this space is finally really IT . This is the higher realms space. This is the space where we can have all our needs met. This is the space where we can bask and be . And this is the space where we can really connect to Source and be in our creativity. This is the space of peace and fulfillment.

But before I tell you how to get there, know that this New space we are in will affect the stepping stone world as well. There will be much movement and change in this world in the months to come. The time will finally be here when things will actually happen in regard to change for the better. People will now begin saying what they feel and asking for what they want…and they will get it. The demands for change will be fierce, and rightly so. And through these relentless demands, changes will occur. The darker and denser energies have been moving out at a regular pace for quite some time now, but beginning in the months to come, they will finally have absolutely no power. There is a New energy at the helm of this New World , and now we can watch as it begins to come into form.

Know that any darker or denser energies are from the light as well. Any darkness always serves as the flame that ignites the light. So called “darkness” was very necessary in the past in order to awaken enough individuals so that they could summon something of a higher order and then create it. In this way, the beautiful and sacred darkness served a perfect purpose, was very much involved in the ascension process (as we are all in this together and going in the same direction), and now since reaching critical mass, is not needed much. So you can clearly see how all is in divine and perfect order as this very important energy begins to finally depart.

So take the fact that we are now done with the integrating phase of January to May, and with June arriving and representing the beginning of the move forward into the New, along with an even greater opening to the higher realms on the 11 th , and you will know that we have actually arrived. (Boy, that was a long sentence!)

If you have felt very tired the past few days, are having trouble staying awake, or even keeping your head up, this is an indication of arriving in another dimension. And in addition, we have recently (during the last several days) “dumped” another big chunk of lower dimensional reality that we were buying into and holding onto. In order to arrive in a higher realms reality, we have to let go and “jump.” You don't see a hearse driving down the road with suitcases strapped to the top.

So what does “jumping” mean? It means disconnecting. It means removing yourself from the old world and old ways of doing things. It means believing that all your needs can be met without you trying to figure out how. It means leaving the old world behind. And it involves trust and a strong belief, as well as a readiness.

We have now reached a point in our critical mass vibration where we can finally be and live in the higher realms. The opportunity is there and it is coming through the opening of the 11 doorway.

I was out in New Mexico yesterday in the middle of nowhere, with nothing around for miles. As I opened my car door to get out, I came face to face with a mother turkey and all her very young chicks. They just looked at me, carried on, and moseyed their way onward with absolutely no fear or concern. Then came the elk, the ravens, the hawks, the antelope, the giant anthills, and pretty much anything else of the nature realm. There was a perfect breeze, the sun was in the sky, and the white clouds were billowing above. It was just me and the earth.

I will be talking much more about this in future books, but the higher realms are within the earth. They are not “up there” or somewhere beyond the stars. They are accessible through the earth. In this way, I was most certainly in the higher realms. The message was clear (and the Star Beings were there as well to converse with)…we have everything we need from the earth. We can let all else go. The more we focus on and become involved in the arena of the old systems and ways of doing things, the more we will be trapped in the old world and the lower realms. And the higher vibrating energies are coming through the earth as well.

We can now let go all the way . It is time. The ascension process has been encouraging and supporting us in letting go for quite some time now in preparation for our arrival into the higher realms. “So how in the world do I just drop everything?” you may be wondering. Or perhaps “What in the world are you talking about, Karen?”

In the June 1st energy alert I mentioned an experience I had with alpacas. It involved not knowing how I would ever afford some at the going price of $5,000-$20,000 apiece and for some $750-$1,000.  I just began hanging out in their arena and sure enough, one arrived and through a series of situations, I will basically receive him as a gift.

Many have asked what I mean when I say not to worry about the “how” in regard to manifesting in the months to come…or really, always. So I will say again…just begin somewhere. Follow your heart and your passion and concentrate on what you love and what lights you up. Do not get caught up in the “how,” as it is not yours to do. It is for Source to worry about. Placing yourself in an energy flow of trying to make things happen by yourself, will place you in the lower realms. There will be much more about this in much greater detail in up-coming books, but for now, know that all you need do is to start . When you place yourself in the environment and the energy of your passion and desire, you are then becoming it yourself. And when we become something, we draw it to us.

I love watching the Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan on the Discovery Channel. Recently, I received so many “aha's,” that I watched him several times in one week. We are entering a time when we need to be very clear and very comfortable asking for what we want. Cesar Milan is a real genius about teaching dog owners how to do this, and making it OK. Well, sure enough, I suddenly had all kinds of dog activity around me. Stray dogs arriving in my yard, and neighbor dogs barking with out of control energy and being very disruptive. The minute I removed all this dog energy from my consciousness, the excessive dog reality around me subsided. What we become , manifests on the outside, as we well know.

“Jumping” involves absolutely knowing and trusting that you can let go of everything and simply be in the moment. It involves getting out of the way. It involves surrounding yourself with your passion and purpose and being in your creativity. The ascension process has groomed us through long stretches of exhaustion, to get out of the way. We can no longer do it all…we are not supposed to. Yes, we have gone through ascension and not ended up living homeless in the gutter. And if we can remember that we were taken care of, then perhaps we can remember that we will always be taken care of. We are the leaders here…showing the way through ascension, and we will not, therefore, fall by the wayside.

By following our hearts, we remain “on purpose.” Our hearts and following what makes us feel good are the best roads to be on. These roads are the most in alignment with Source and our higher selves. So I suggest to you, don't spend your time attached to trying to figure out in what form your supports will arrive in. Spend your time in the higher realms of your purpose, your contribution, you passion, and your creativity. If you can, trust that this is where you need to be and this is what the higher realms is all about. When we let go of something, it always arrives. So then, disconnecting is what will bring us all that we desire…and so will not desiring it anymore! Losing our attachments is one of the things that ascension is all about. Just remember what you have been through the past few years, and you will know that there was a purpose in it.

If you can do what you love, and not for reasons of productivity or in order to “receive” in an exchange, you will have all that you need. It is time to really let go…and let go of it all. It's up to you. The more sure and relaxed you are about it, the more successful you will be in living in a higher realms reality. Fears and hesitancy cause a blockage in energy flow and will also place you in the lower realms. This takes a good amount of trust. And if you are not quite ready yet, this is perfectly fine. We are not ready to let go until we are ready to let go. It's just like dying…being afraid to pass on makes it an unpleasant experience. Trusting that you are going to a much better place, makes it a peaceful one.


Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times. Until next time,


The What's Up On Planet Earth?

Building Energy & The Shoulder Pain
June 1, 2006


Yes, the energy is building. New energy is arriving still, and creating feelings of stress. Even if you aren't having any stress in your life, these energies can create that pushing and pressure feeling all on their own. They are designed to move things up and out. And these kinds of energies are also the precursors for natural disasters.

Physically, they can manifest as pressure headaches, pressure in the ears, neck and upper back stiffness, heart palpitations, a feeling of hyperventilating, sleeplessness even though you may be very tired, and even a need to eat often.

Emotionally, they can manifest as edginess, snappiness, shortness of temper and tolerance, inability to focus and sit still, and even bewilderment.

Just think of “pressure cooker” and you will understand the corresponding symptoms.

This energy is designed to stir things up and move things along. Several days ago I saw that we would be experiencing 9 hurricanes this year in the US . “NINE?!” I thought to myself. And sure enough, CNN reported yesterday that they were predicting 9 with 5 being fairly horrendous.

But here is the thing with natural disasters.  When this energy arrives that can most certainly create them, this is almost always not the case.  You may be feeling some kind of imminent disaster scenario getting itself ready.   But what you are really feeling is this newly arriving energy.   It usually manifests as what I refer to as an “internal tsunami” or and “internal earthquake.”

We feel all the emotions and traumas as if a natural disaster actually occurred, but it is simply the energy and ramifications of this “moving out” energy. We are feeling it at all levels. Yes, at times it can create an actual physical natural disaster, but almost always it does not. And yes, there will be much more purging and purifying at the physical geographical levels, but no one can really predict when and if these events will actually occur. Depending upon the vibrational levels that have been reached, many times in the past, these actual manifestations were averted.

And know too, that the areas that have experienced cleansing are the areas that are now purified and ready to be occupied in a New and higher way. This is why we will be called to do humanitarian work in regard to “rebuilding” in a higher way. If the rebuilding is a duplication of what was purified and cleansed, it will not take. Watch and see what happens in the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina here in the US .

So, some natural disasters will actually occur, and it is in these areas that lightworkers will be called to rebuild and do their humanitarian work through their special gifts, talents, and passions, in a much higher way. Even though it may appear that many natural disasters are coming, it is never possible to predict. Things can, and have , changed on a dime.

How is this newly arriving energy manifesting for us? You may feel as though you do not want to do anything. You may be thinking, even subconsciously, “What is the point?” You may not be able to settle down with anything and be feeling restless. You may feel deflated and powerless. You may wonder what you are even “supposed” to be doing now. You may feel insecure as you sense that things will soon be falling apart.

This energy is all about “breaking down,” so much in regard to this can apply. You may, then, feel as though you are having a breakdown. You may feel, then, that you are not desiring to build anything “up” as it may seem that things will always just fall apart anyway. With this energy really building now, you may feel that something HUGE is about to transpire.

These particular energies always serve to knock us out of our grooves as well. So, then, you may be feeling as though you have lost your place in the scheme of things. Things may seem scattered and unclear. And as always, the old 3D world really does not make sense. It may be hard to stay calm and to concentrate. Your life may feel disrupted. So you see, these are all symptoms of experiencing some dire natural disaster, and yet none has really occurred. It is simply the energy of moving out and shaking things up that is occurring now.

We feel what the earth feels, as we are all one. What transpires from these energies is always a toss up.

During the past several months, many have been experiencing shoulder pain. Rotator cuff problems, stiffness, and other shoulder maladies seem to be at epidemic proportions. We are being asked to balance our energies in regard to how we move our energy in the world. We are readying ourselves to be the New creators for the very New Planet Earth. We then need to be clear and ready in regard to healthy and higher level ways of creating and using our energies in regard to integrating them with Source.

Right shoulder pain and stiffness is an indicator that you are taking too much on yourself. You are taking too much of the responsibility, and therefore, do not have the full use of your right side as you need to give it a rest. If you are having this experience, it is best to begin receiving and taking care of yourself. Bask more, do more creative and fun projects, allow yourself to be pampered, and take a specially designated day just for you. It is about receiving. When we show the Universe that we need to take a break and want the Universe to take over, it will follow our lead. Sounds strange, and it is not what we are used to, but by taking a time out, much more will actually manifest and occur all on its own when we are out of the way.

If you are having left shoulder pain, you are being asked to balance your energy in regard to putting your energy out there and demanding what it is that you want. No more standing back and allowing everything and everyone else to dictate what will occur in your life. It is time for you to take up more energetic space and let your presence and desires be known. You deserve it. You have stood back long enough. You know what things should look like and you are needed now.

If both your shoulders are incapacitated, you are having what I refer to in The Ascension Primer as a letting go experience through a health crisis. You are probably not able to do much of anything as you are learning that your true power comes from Source, and not from your ego or analytical mind, or the “old you.” This is another scenario all on its own with a much bigger explanation that I won't go into here.

So then, will the New World ever arrive and will things ever get better? Will we ever be supported in creating what we came to create? It is always about alignments, integrating, evolving higher and higher, and becoming ready for all of the New. These things always take time. Evolution takes time and we are most certainly evolving as we are going through the death process while still in form. It is about being willing to let go of the old in order to place us in the New or higher vibrating realities with higher vibrating experiences.

The more we are willing to let go of, the easier it becomes. I know for me, that whenever I have to go into a reality of book publishing and new websites, etc. (get ready for a brand new face on the What's Up On Planet Earth? website!), it is like going to another planet and I always get crabby. And dealing with money exchange always seems strange as well…I'm not used to it. Can't wait for the money aspect to fall away!

In regard to being supported in creating the New, I have always found it best to begin by following your heart and passion, and try and let the rest leave your space. For example, I am getting into alpacas these days. They are quite expensive, I figured I could never afford one, and I really knew nothing about them when I began. I started by hanging out at a near-by alpaca ranch. These wonderful people are incredibly giving with their expertise and their time.

I have gotten to assist and be present for weighing, shots, shearing and breeding, and just being there in itself creates a learning through osmosis all on its own. Last week-end they had a party and I got to meet other breeders from near-by towns. Well, sure enough, a new baby came up for purchase (actually, he's 10 months old). I will not be going into the breeding aspect, as I am wanting alpacas as part of the family, so to speak, and just to hang out with. I am going into spinning, weaving and dying fiber. Just for fun and enjoyment, as all things should be!

Anyway, this new alpaca just fit me to a tee. I didn't think I was anywhere near ready to buy one, but being that he is only a fiber animal and blue eyed (which, in his case, created deafness), he is perfect for me. I will be boarding him at the ranch for now, as alpacas are herd animals and need lots of company, and can then visit often and continue with my learning experience.

But here is the best part. In the current alpaca owner world, this alpaca is not desirable as a breeding animal as he is blue-eyed and deaf. But he has great fiber (perfect for my New identity as a spinner and weaver!). Un usually, the wonderful folks at the near-by ranch that just purchased him and are now selling him to me, want to breed him. They are therefore going to pay me a stud fee so I will essentially be getting him for free. And in addition, being deaf is perfect for me as I communicate telepathically and my interest in the alpacas is in communing as a whole, communicating at higher levels, and just being .

So just starting somewhere, following your passion and interests without having a plan for the how , and trusting that your needs will be met is all that is required. Who knows where your supports will come from! They could come from anywhere. We do not always have to give in order to receive. We can simply be in an arena that brings us joy and fits us.

All that said, there is a little secret to tell. Beginning in June and into July and August, we will be manifesting and supported in bigger ways than we have experienced as yet. It is part of the higher plan for this time we are now due to arrive in. Are you ready?

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,



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