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Turtle Woman's Auto Writings

Sunday, 11:01 p.m.   February 12, 2006

Nothing can be done in secrecy now.  Everything that has been hidden will come to Light.

As things gear up more and more, people become unhinged.  Many standoffs between people and the police or those in authoritative positions.  Riots. Change is happening so fast in such rapid succession that people go berserk in a moments notice.  Sudden.

Sudden. Everything is sudden.

Surprise!  Surprise!  Oh!  Oh!  Shock!  Change.  If you do not flow with it you will break.  Paradigms changing constantly.  Those stuck in dogmatic belief systems of any kind, whether spiritual, political, economical, educational, physical, ecological, or whatever, will all experience a rude awakening during this time.

All paradigms are changing as the vibrations move up rapidly into new territory and new consciousness. New information will shatter all that you have held as true and dear. What you thought was correct or right will be shaken to the core. Literally and figuratively.

Anything you thought was set in stone you will find is made of shifting sands including the Mother Earth.

If you still think you have the answer, you will discover that you don't.  Not yet, anyway.

Much has been torn asunder for quite some time, but the time of joining together again is rapidly approaching.  You may have been misjudged during this time of tearing down and tearing apart.

Without standing in Truth and checking in Truth, you may have yourself misjudged those the closest to you.  Some soul families have split apart during this time of rendering asunder. That which is truly yours cannot be lost. The time of coming back together for that which truly belongs together is near at hand. Only like kind will be able to stand each other.

That which does not belong to you on the soul level will now mutually repel from you with the force of a thunder clap.  No gentle mingling of oil and water any more.  The polarization between dark and Light is complete.  There is absolute repulsion between the two on both sides on every level.  There is simply no middle ground left.

Black and white. No gray areas.  No maybes.  Only yes or no.  Period.

This is a necessary process so that when the time of transition happens, everyone will truly be with their own, and will be in the exact vibratory world they have dreamed and manifested.

Do not concern yourself with this repulsion of those of lower vibratory levels. This is part of the process of you leaving behind that which does not belong to you. This is a part of what is

necessary in Mother Earth's move up into higher realms. And keep in mind that during this difficult time that mistakes and misjudgments have been made between individuals of the same soul family and splits have occurred.  This will be corrected soon Those that belong together will be reunited again. Recognition of these past mistakes will result in great joy, love, humility, and celebration.  Those who have misjudged you will humbly come to you.

There is no overture needed on your part. It all perfectly unfolds in exact timing and with balanced accord. The time of ripping asunder from that which does belongs to you is drawing to a close.

It is complete.  Reunion lies ahead with that which belongs together.

Recognition is a key word this year. It enables both the Truth and the lies to be brought into the Light. It allows healing to take place and deception to be overcome. Those who hold to false power will be removed as the Light shines on them. Much of this removal will be so fast it will be shocking, but it is definitely for the better.

This year the dark one's battle begins in earnest. Although the outcome is Known, the victory of Light can not happen unless you are actively involved on all levels. As it has been said over and over again, if your active participation in the physical was not required, you would not have needed to incarnate in the first place. If you have been just passively sitting by meditating and doing Lightwork, you are doing only half of your work. If you have only been doing active work in the 3D world and have not been attending to your meditation and Lightwork, you too are doing only half of your work.

You must be active on all levels to be effective. Much is going to take place this year. The heretofore unheard of will be heard of as the paradigms change.

There is no "safe" place except within your relationship and connection to the Creator, the Source of All Being. If you are in right relationship, then you have no concerns about the changes that are coming hard and fast now.

Flexibility from this point on is essential.  Many new agers have become as stuck in dogma and misinformation as those who are soundly asleep.  It is way past time to shake your tail feathers and see what falls by the way side.  If you do not question your own belief system continually as the vibrations move up, then you only bloat with the stagnation of the same dogma and are never able to grown into the revelations that come with each revving up of the energy levels.

There are those who think their will is going to overcome what the Mother wants to do.  They think their will of what they want to happen should override the Mother's Free Will of what needs to happen for her.  To be stuck in "my will not Thy Will" (i.e.. Free Will as given by the Creator) is a sure fine way of finding out who "welds" the true power.   It is always a shock to the tantrum throwing two year old when they discover that the parent is the one who actually has 'control'.

The Mother will determine on her own just how easy or hard the transition needs to be to cleanse herself from the lack of nourishment she has been subject to from her children.  As she moves up towards her Self, she will put us through the fire if she deems it necessary, and apparently it is going to be necessary to get the attention of her many naughty children. This is a â€fire€ť year.


Raw flour cannot become nourishing bread until it is mixed with water, kneaded, then subjected to fire and baked. Prepare to be baked. Think of what all is involved in this metaphor in terms of 3D changes, and protect yourself with the Golden Light at all times.

This year's energy is the best and the worst. That which is "good" will be really, really good and get even better; and that which is "bad" will be really, really bad and will get even worse.  Holy Moly.  There will be no middle ground of any kind on any thing.  Much is going to be very very hard. and continually shocking.  You say yes, we have heard this before, yet you have not experienced it at this level or intensity before.  As the vibrations move up, everything becomes "more" than what it was before.  So the intensity levels of high or low, good or bad, happy or sad, all become greater and stronger with each revving up.

The guideline to surviving this maze of revved up intensity is simple. That which comes easy or is rewarding in a higher way is exactly what you need to keep in your life. That which is hard or difficult is what you need to leave behind. Simply put, pay attention to the door that is open, not the door that is closed. It is amazing how many people do not get this obvious fact. If the door is closed to you, walk away. Turn your back on that which you are not suppose to have in your life. Turn your back to the closed door and you will be facing the Light. Turn a full 180 degrees to your right. Literally and figuratively.  If it's not working for you, its's not suppose to.  If nothing else, the timing is not right. Either way, pay attention, recognize it for what it is, and turn to a better direction. You can not push the river. You can not force into your life that which does not belong there any more. You can not keep doing the "same old same old". If you keep trying to force old closed doors open, instead of moving forward on your new path, you are going to be burned in this year's fire.

Shake your tail feathers (that which is behind you), release that which no longer belongs with you, and fly forward.

Many are suddenly being spoken to aloud by their helpers.

These speakings are not telepathic. They are not inner communications. They are 3D verbalized words that are heard with the physical ear. These spoken aloud messages are personal to the individual who hears them. They are personal warnings for them, and them alone. These messages are coming from one of their guardian angels, who have the right to speak to us directly aloud when we are in serious danger. It is difficult for our guardians to do this, but it is often necessary to get the attention of the "ward" who is in danger. It is very important if you are spoken to aloud, to follow exactly what your guardian says. Pay attention to the warning they give. The message is meant directly for you. Those who receive these spoken aloud messages are in some kind of personal danger, and need to pay strict attention to what is said for their own well being. These are truly life and death situations.

Many are also suddenly being spoken to telepathically, from within, by their helpers for the first time. Congratulations!

There is much joy when you can first hear your guardians and helpers actually speaking to you through the inner voice. For those who have previously had conscious relationships and inner communications with their friends in higher places, they have moved up a step too in these new energies. They have not only discovered a greater entourage working with them, but are coming in face to face contact with their helpers. These are very powerful encounters of the highest kind.

Yes, direct communications with our friends above are starting to pour in, according to each individual€™s level of spiritual development. There is so much laughing and celebrating going on in the higher realms with this breakthrough in communication between us. This last energy rev-up has created the facility to be able to do this enmas now. We are so very close to coming together in the One, and great joy is pouring forth from them to us over this. They are cheering us on with literal "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah€™s!". Listen.

They are talking to you loud and clear.  Listen.  You will suddenly radiate from their joy and excitement. Listen and a sense of incredible well being fills you. Listen... and you will hear them.  Listen. Oh, the veil is so very thin! Listen. The reunion is so near and close at hand!


Monday, 2:25 p.m.  February 20, 2006


2006 is a year of terrible consequences for those who have bought

into the agenda and script the dark ones have written.  As this dark

part of the play gears up to a greater intensity, those who have

walked in the Golden Light will remain protected and unscathed. 

Those of pure heart, free of the hatred and blackness, will walk

untouched in the midst of death.  Not "dead man walking" as the dark

ones want, but "Live Being walking" as the Creator desires.  God's

Being walking.  On the launch pad and ready to move up and on.  The

miracle of life in the throws of mass death.  Whole. Complete in

Self.  Walking out of ground zero, unscathed.  Walking through the

fire, unscathed.  Walking through the shaking, unscathed.  Walking

through the flood, unscathed.  Walking through the cold, unscathed.

Walking through the chaos and storm all around you, unscathed.  Know

who you are, and you shall walk through the valley of death

unscathed.  Stand in the Golden Light of the Creator's Christ power

and the fire of this year will not harm you; it will only bake you

to perfection. It will transform you from the gooey, malleable

dough you've been into the fully baked, nourishing bread of life.

Stand in the Golden Light and this year of fire will perfect you and

transform you into a full, whole, life giving form.  As the Masters

say, you will be "in the world, but not of it".  You will stand complete.

Those who still struggle, who have not reached the understanding of

disconnection, who keep trying to re-attach to that which they no longer belong to, will be burnt by the fire.  As long as they

keep attempting to attach to that which is of their past, they will be frustrated, angry, and come up empty handed.  They are beating their

heads against a wall that does not even exist anymore.  The more you try to hang on to the old, the more you will fail.  The sure fire

the message that you're not getting is that you are beating a dead horse. an ugly thing all the way around.  And a waste of precious

time and energy.


Stop trying to do that which has been left behind.  Does the sound

of duh uh have any meaning?  Stop. Literally, physically turn that 180 degrees to the right and step forward from what is behind.

Look at what lies before you instead of continually trying to drag along that which is so far behind you that it has completely

disappeared behind the steep hills you have just climbed.  We're moving at warp speed, and the past becomes the distant past very

quickly.  That which needs to leave you goes at warp speed.  It's like trying to hang on to your dirty diapers from when you were 6

months old.  There's no benefit or point to it.  Do you want to keep crawling?  Why then, would you want to hang on to anything else

which you have already surpassed?  Last week, and what was relevant for last week is over and gone.  Done.  Finished.  That door is closed to

you forever.  The past will not re-open itself to you ever again.  That is the meaning of this time.  The energies keep shifting up and

on. if you keeping reaching into the past to try to bring it forward, you will simply fail.   There is only one word for beating

your head on a non-existent wall and banging in frustration on a locked door of the past: stupidity. There is no more time to

get with the program.   That which does not move up with the energy, that does not move with the Now, will perish in mistaken resistance.

Deception is exposed now at every turn.   Those who have been able to fool others in the past will be caught while playing their false

cards.  The dark ones, in their frustrations from being exposed, will step up their misdeeds, but the spotlight will quickly expose them.

Many long dark secrets will be brought into the Light.   Truth is exploding onto the scene.  It will become a ridiculous circle of

stepped up misdeeds countered by exposure for awhile.  Those who are detached will find the humor in the absurdities of it all. 

Unfortunately many more lives will be lost in this not so merry-go-round.  In the end the devious abuse of power scripts the dark ones

keep writing will exhaust themselves. Darkness always loses in the end because of its very nature.  It collapses in upon itself like a

black hole until nothing is left.  It obliterates itself from its own energy of subtraction.

Shalom!  Israel is in grave and immanent danger!  She has become like those who have been her enemies.  An eye for an eye has brought her

to this critical mass.  Oh tears!  So many tears and unexpected bloodshed.  The entire Middle East will completely erupt.   The

violence will continue to spread and it can not be stayed now.  This bloody passage is past the point of no return.  The laws of inertia

are in full dark motion.  The Light will not prevent what is willed in mass by others who are so warped with hatred filled black


A massive scale of violence will explode.  All will suffer from this, weeping tears of horror.   Lord have Mercy on our souls!  Lord have

Mercy on our souls!  So many souls!  Such corrupting hatred coming from all quarters.  Lord have Mercy on our souls!  Bloodshed like

never before.  Implant the Golden Light and keep yourselves surrounded with it at all times.  Use the Violet Ray on top of it

you make you "invisible" to those who would do you harm.    

Detachment by the Vanguard.  Disconnection.  It seems you belong no where.   Like a Christ enlightened man who called out from his cruel

nailed view, "my God, My God! Why hast thou forsaken me", you feel forsaken.  There is no forsakening - for only those who are

awake and about to move on can experience the total disconnection from here before the complete reunion "there".  This disconnection

from this world is a completion, so that you can willingly and with joy move into the next.  As hard as it is, it needs to be welcomed.

It comes right before "graduation" on this spiritual journey.  It is the forerunner to arrival.


You must be able to disconnect from that which you do not belong to before you join with that which you do. You can't take the 3D into

the higher worlds, and heart connection will hold you and bind you to what ever it is you're attached to.

Attachment will hold you here.  To move up, your heart must be free to move on, to move up.  To move up, you must detach

from that below.  Although the state of being one goes through with disconnection is the hardest of all, it is a very necessary part of

the evolutionary process of moving up.  The I-Ching says: "the superior man stands alone, yet remains

undaunted".  It is the connection to the Knowing that replaces the connection to the physical, and when that connection is complete,

one disconnects from the physical realm.  This is not the same as apathy or coldness of heart, for the heart is very full of love in this

stage.  You just Know there is nothing here for you any more and an a profound "aloneness" engulfs you.


When you stand fully in this Knowing that this world no longer holds

anything for you, you stand ready, in the company of the Creator.

This is very hard and a critical time in your spiritual journey .

But this is very good, for it means your "graduation" is at hand. If

you have reached the point of feeling completely alone, when you feel

there is nothing on earth holding you here, you have finally

disconnected and are ready for your transition up. As hard as it is,

Know that this time is a transition, and that all of creation is

about to unfold for you.


Stand in your wholeness. Relish the completeness you find within.

You are no longer functioning out of self, but instead out of Self.

Whole. Complete. Needing nothing from without. Ready. Standing on

the launch pad of All That Is. Recognize it for what it is. Its's

the point of brinkmanship in your journey home. Congratulations!

Tuesday, 4:30 p.m.  February 21, 2006

The journey up is a process of continual revelation as it unfolds.

If you are not doing the inner work, the revelations will never

come, and you will be stuck in your personal dogma.  If you are only

sitting back and being fed information from others, you will never get it, because you are not taking active part in the

process, but only vampiring off the inner work of others.  And if you do not have your connection to your Self and the Source in contact,

you can not make the journey upwards, no matter how good your lip service or book knowledge is concerning it.  

It is not what is being fed to you by others that will make

your spiritual progression successful, book knowledge, that which is learned only from the outside, will not get you across the

vibratory threshold.   Your Mind can not take you where you need to go.  You may be able to talk the talk, but you must be able to

walk the walk.  That can not be faked.  You can only walk the walk if you actually taken the inner journeys.  You've got to travel

those inner paths yourself.  Nobody can walk them for you.

The stress has been so high that soul families have been splitting

apart from the pressure.  There are Lightworkers who have become so

fixed in belief systems that they cannot flow with the higher

vibrational information which is streaming in. They can not move up

the vibrational ladder.  They have created a lightworkers dogma

of their own.  To be stuck in any belief system at this time is to not move up with all that is flowing at warp speed.  If you have

developed a "belief system" from someone else's work, your spiritual journey is no longer your own.  Your belief in someone else's

world can be canceling out your very own "world" and the possibility of you going "home".  Believe only in your own

connection to Self and the Creator and what you personally experience from your own journeys within.


And there are those who still believe that their personal Free Will

is going to override everyone else's, including the Mother

Earth's.  They insist upon it.  They are stuck in a two year old's

spiritual development level.  MY will, MY will, MY will!  They

can not see the ego level that they work from, the big śI-ness of

their self importance.   That was Lucifer,  self importance.... insisting that he was equal to or greater than that

which created him.  Recognize you are a droplet of the Ocean, not the entire Ocean.  The Creator is the entire Ocean you are just

a part of it.   The genuine Master's do not shout I AM!, but humbly Know it's I am... if that much.

If you are trying to impose your will, you are working against the

Creator and Universal Law. If you are trying to impose your will on

others, no matter how good your intentions, you are actually in

league with the dark ones.  Remember the saying, 'the road to hell is

paved with good intentions'.  Only Free Will, that which allows all

to unfold as it is suppose to be with each individual, is in right

relationship with the Creator.


In the beginning, you did not create, you were created.

Through spiritual work, you have acquired powers of

creation and are great Beings of Light.  But these powers can very

well and just as easily be taken away from you if you abuse them by

violating Free Will and aligning yourself by such actions with those

of dark intent.

The Mother Earth has her own Free Will of what she wants to do in

her ascension and according to the totality of the whole mass

consciousness here. You are here to implant the Light and help her

do what she needs to do by raising the vibrations, not to dictate to

her how it's going to be done. You may want it easy, but mankind

has not been easy on her.  She's pretty ticked off about how she's

been abused.  The ease of this ascension or the amount of cleansing

will be equal to the exact level of consciousness of the whole.


Not everyone wants to move up.  Those who do not want to will simply

not be making the journey.  Those who want to remain in darkness

will.  It is Free Will.  You can not change the total consciousness.

You can only provide your own consciousness to the mix. You can not

change someone's else negative choices or over ride their Free

Will.  All you can do is keep raising your own vibrations and implanting

the Golden Light. It is the power of the Light that can transform

things for the better, not you trying to force your will.


Stop worrying about if "everyone's" going to make the ascension.

They're not. It's their choice. Plain and simple.  There's no

free lunch, although Grace will intervene to the degree that it is

requested. But understand, there are those who choose the dark.

Get over it.  They choose not to go where you are going. You will move

into the world you desire.  They will go to the world that is in

conjunction with and matches their energy.  Some of the worlds are

very very beautiful and wonderful, and whole lot more of them are

not.  It is Free Will.  Accept it, stop making issues of it, and

simply do what you came here to do... help raise the vibration.  The

time you spend in all these debates is time wasted from doing your

spiritual work... meditate, radiate.

Take the capital out of your "I" and leave your ego (Lucifer)

behind. Quietly do your spiritual work and you will become the

humble "i" of higher realms. Manifest the goodness you want in

your life.  Let others manifest want they want. Not everyone wants the

same thing, not everyone is going to the same places. What happens

in this ascension is all by Free Will.


Careful. Know that the higher you climb up the vibratory ladder,

the more responsible you are for your actions.  The higher you climb the

spiritual ladder, the further you have to fall if you make a mis-

step of abuse of power.  Watch out for ego.  Honor Free Will.  Create

your own beautiful space.  Know that it will be joined in by those of

like mind.  Do not worry about the rest.   All are making the bed of

their choice.  The Mother is making her journey as she see fit good,

bad, or ugly... according to the overall consciousness level.  You

can only raise yourself into your Self; you can not raise someone

else for them.  You can be a Live Being walking.  Take care of

you're inner business, and the rest will unfold as it needs  to in perfection for each and every One.

Stay in the Golden Light at all times in conjunction with the Violet

Ray to protect you from that which would harm you. Blessings! 

A Personal Note: As I started to type up these auto writings, a

song came on TV as part of an Olympic event promotion.  This song has

always given me good chills,  the sure sign that my guardian angels are touching me in recognition of messages from "home".   This

song is one of the mass media messages we have been given from our friends at "home" to help us with our journey here.

There are no winky dinkies that the musical score of this particular song suddenly played on TV just as I started typing up

the auto writings.   I leave you with this reminder and confirmation from our friends at "home:.

A time for us, someday there'll be,

A new world...

A world where we can both love freely.

musical score from the movie Romeo and Juliet, 1970

Blessings and Good Journey!

Staying in the Golden Light....

All My Relations in Love and Light,

Turtle Woman, Oma

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