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Blessings from GAIA  
This message of assistance is for those of you that wake up without a full zest for life, those of you who may wake up with sluggish energy levels.  My prayer is that you are supported powerfully by this and share it with as many as possible to help them also with this. You have permission to share this freely without altering or editing the content,
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A Divine Form of Assistance from Qala Sri’ama
Blessings beloveds,

As we all know all that we place our focus upon ...  manifests in our life through our intentions, visions, thoughts and feelings. With our very full and sometimes busy lives, this very truth determines our quality of life and more specifically determines the amount of energy we have to create and fulfil all we wish to fulfil throughout our life. Our energy levels (the amount of energy we hold) are one of the most important elements in relation to our quality of life, as everything we wish to experience, create and manifest is directly effected by how much energy we actually have.

When I speak of energy, I speak of the energy levels of your energy body and the flow of your essence within your energy system. The following tip I offer you is related to supporting you to create your original essence “ the energy of your soul” to flow through your energybody or electromagnetic field more powerfully to create a deeper level of presence, of truly being “present”. Often what occurs is that through the internal pressure we place upon ourselves to fulfil our path of success or other expectations we have of ourselves, such as being a successful mum or dad with happy kids, having a successful career, having success with our aspirations in life, our relationship, our bank accounts etc... we form “ideas of who we are” and identify ourself and our soul in accordance to the roles we have in life. Sometimes this creates us to disconnect from our original essence and create energy blockages to the flow of this essence begin to form in our lives, creating heaviness, tiredness, etc and a direct lowering of our energy levels.

To alleviate this, we are needing to connect again to our essence again simply by becoming conscious and making a simple daily five minute connection. The following teaching and practise I share is a very simple way for each of us to do this.

How to simply in 5 minutes return to your Essence and create your “Natural Rhythm of Energy” to flow through your Life.

As we each open our eyes in the morning after our sleep, we hold a “vision of ourselves and our placement within the world” and this vision determines how we will feel, think and experience the rest of our day. The Ancient shamans call this, our soul’s first awakening vision, “our attention”. Whether we are conscious of the vision our soul (inner self) holds of ourselves in the physical world when we awaken or we are not conscious of the vision... we all feel the effects of it, upon our first conscious awareness of our physical bodies each morning and all of our minds begin to think from this place of vision when we each open our eyes in the morning.

At night, as we each close our eyes and our soul lets go its attention of the physical world, our souls travel internally consciously through dreamstate, towards a passageway to the world of light (the spiritual planes). This is the same passageway we meet when we do leave the physical body through our physical body's death on completion of an incarnation. When the vision we hold of ourself “in our awakened state” is a vision of light (positive influence), in our sleep we travel directly through the inner worlds to the world of light and what we experience in dreaming is very light, beautiful and filled with love and even our body receives this light and regeneration as we sleep.

If the vision we hold of ourselves is created by unresolved feelings and thoughts (negative influences)... when we sleep we travel to inner worlds that reflect these unresolved thoughts and feelings, and it is not until these are resolved that we continue the journey and travel (as pure consciousness) to the world of light and receive our regeneration. Our dream space, when we sleep, is our passageway for regeneration, and rejuvenation and if we are resolved in our view of ourselves, we sleep and receive light through our mind, soul, spirit and body. This takes place through our soul journey into the world of light (the spiritual planes) and is activated in our dream state. Our dream state is effected by our view of ourselves as a soul.

Sometimes we awaken, bright and alert, a sign of being rejuvenated and refreshed and sometimes we awaken, sleepy and feeling cloudy..a sign of our vision of self, “our attention” holding density. What truly is beautiful is that as souls we are able to have the freedom to place “our attention” wherever we wish and with our free will as souls, we are able to switch “our attention” and change our lives. We have the power to simply place “our attention” on our essence and bring ourselves back into the natural rhythm with life. In our physical world of “the busy busy”, sometimes we find ourselves out of rhythm with our “true self”.  This message is to support all of us to know that we have the power to switch “our attention” to create the full flow.

To return to or strengthen your natural rhythm in life, here is a simple five minute practise. No matter what is occurring in your life, this method can work and bring you into a lighter state of being if you do the practise. This  practise will alter the way you think, and feel for the rest of your day and create your sleeping patterns to return you to your natural rhythm and journey into the spirit world of pure light as you dream in the night. Practise this for 7 days every morning upon first  awakening and you will activate your soul’s inner wellspring for life and return to your natural rhythm with the flow of your essence through your life.

When you open your eyes, each morning.....

Call on your Divine Presence and ask for a clearing of your dreaming energy,  to free “your attention” - to create a freeing of  the “true vision” of yourself as a divine being– creating a connection to your true self. Sit in bed and simply imagine yourself as a child of pure love and light and that your place in the world is simply to be this love and light. Affirm you are this child of love and light, and that your place in the world is to simply radiate this love and light, three times and then let it simply be. Then simply accept this as your true identity, no matter what is occurring in your life and what you feel presently.  If other things come up in your mind around life or your identity in life, simply gently lovingly ask these ideas or feelings to return to the light and return your focus to the simple vision and acceptance  ”that you are a child of love and light, here to simply emanate love and light”.... Spend five minutes doing this before getting out of bed, and practise this for 7 consecutive days and you will free your “attention” in life and begin to feel, think and experience the flow of your essence again, creating your natural rhythm again with life, through connecting to your true self and essence through this simple focus of vision, creating yourself to be filled with a positive image of yourself and light to flow through your soul, mind, spirit and body.

Simply through connecting clearly to a vision of yourself that serves your heart and whole being to radiate, you will feel and think from this place over the day... and then dream clearly in your sleep and truly feel the power of light regenerate and rejuvenate you as you sleep. Each day you do this, you will awaken the next day more refreshed, which will allow you to hold a deeper visioning of yourself as this child of love and light. As the simple visioning forms each morning, I recommend you let go of any other concept that may wish to form in this vision, except the very essence of who you are.. and if some other concept or identity of yourself does arise....simply ask it to return to the light. Often we see ourselves as what we do, what we have, what we wear, or relate to ourselves through who shares life with us-- through our career, our role in your family, yourself in relationship etc....to return to our essence each morning is the purpose of our dreaming journeys in our sleep and our natural state is to awakened refreshed and enlivened through the contact we make with spirit in our sleep.

Our natural rhythm of entry into the spirit world is filtered by our perceptions of ourselves.  To bring yourself back into this natural rhythm of being fed by the light as you sleep, simply....

on the moment of first awakening,  vision yourself as a child of love and light, reminding yourself you are not truly these other identities, reminding yourself of the essence you are and simply setting your energy field for the day to flow with your essential energy, your true essence, creating a beautiful day.

All my love to you all,
Qala Sri’ama


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