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Finding Your Soul Family
The Arcturians : Soul Families
received by Sal Rachele

September 29, 2004

Dearly beloveds,

We greet you once again, in the Light of our Most
Radiant One! We are the Arcturians, speaking through
one of our many channels at this time.

This channel has had the good fortune (actually,
synchronicity) to connect with other Arcturian
channels. In fact, just recently he reconnected with
two people from his past that just happen to be among
our newest channels. Coincidence, you say? Nah! What’s
happening here is worth discussing with a larger
audience because it involves something that is taking
place in a big way at this time. You, beloved
lightworkers of Earth, are beginning to reconnect with
your soul families.

To review, a soul family consists of your original 12
pieces of oversoul
(pieces is not a very good word,
but we are limited by this Earth language, so for now
we’ll use it), PLUS a variety of souls who have
affinity with the original 12, commonly called “soul
mates” although that term is also misused. What we
mean by this is a collection of souls that have
similar characteristics, similar karma, similar past
lives, and similar lessons to learn on Earth. Often,
“soul mates” come from the same or similar Soul Rays.

It used to be, way back in the early days of this New
Age, that you would search for your soul mate. “I’ll
meet him/her, and then live happily ever after.” Then
along came teachers who said, “Wait a minute. You can
have more than one soul mate.” Suddenly, you are
collecting soul mates all over the place, both
intimate partnerships and otherwise.

There are hundreds of “kindred spirits” or “soul
mates” that match up nicely with each one of you. For
the most part, you’ve done your separate thing in your
separate part of the world, perhaps meeting some of
our cosmic buddies now and then, but not always
recognizing your connection. All this has changed as
we accelerate into the ascension. Now it seems like
your soul family is coming out of the woodwork, so to
speak. People you haven’t talked with for years are
suddenly reappearing. Or you meet someone new who just
happens to be following an amazingly similar path to

In these “last days” of the 3D drama, similar souls
are being drawn together to create a plan for the New
When your visions and dreams are similar, and
your karmic issues are mostly finished, you wield
great power when you come together, either in
one-to-one relationships or in small groups. This,
along with the birth of the Indigo and Crystal
children, is one of the main ways the Creator prompts
souls to lift humanity in the highest and best way.

We of the loving higher realms are helping set up
these “chance” encounters.
We are working with your
own God Presences to plant ideas and suggestions in
your minds and hearts. Whenever possible, and with
total respect of free will, we arrange meetings of
kindred souls to gently encourage you to come together
and collaborate. We have met with much success,
especially since the invention of the Internet and
other media. Many souls are meeting over the airwaves
at first, and in person later. In reality, the media
is simply an outpicturing of the movement toward
greater Oneness. Now it does not matter if you are
thousands of miles apart. Within seconds, you are
sharing thoughts and feelings. And in the years to
come, even the current advances in media will become
obsolete, because, dear ones, you will all become
telepathic. We use telepathy as our main means of
communication. To us it is natural and normal. One day
soon, it will be natural and normal in your world
. And
then there will come the delightful experience of
energy merging and blending. We hate to say it so
bluntly, but energy merging has the potential to
replace sex. In our realms, we blend and merge our
energy in a way that makes Earthly orgasms pale by
. This is not to judge physical sex or to
say that our merging is superior, but in a way it is,
because we merge not only our sexuality, but our whole
beings as well, while at the same time preserving our
individuality and uniqueness.

This is a bit hard to fathom for Earthly minds,
because we have often said that as we ascend into
higher planes of awareness, our individuality becomes
less important than our Oneness. Herein lies a paradox
of Earthly thought. For although we become aware of
our Oneness, we still retain our individualized soul
patterns. The channel’s favorite analogy is the
parent-child relationship. We are intimately connected
to our parents, and yet we go on to become
individuals, no longer dependent on them for our
needs. In a sense, as children of God, the picture is
similar, except that we DO depend on Spirit as the
intelligent energy of the Universe. And yet, as we
evolve, we become gods in our own right, capable of
creating entire universes of our own. At the same
time, we have an intimate, loving connection with our
Creator, our Mother/Father God.

At this time, much of this seems abstract to you, but
in time, you will understand this more deeply. In the
meantime, continue to strengthen your awareness of
your Oneness with the Creator, while at the same time,
honoring your individuality and uniqueness. The soul
family is an extension of both the Creator and
individual souls. In this sense, it is unique in that
it takes on a life of its own, but without diminishing
the Creator or the individual souls of which it is

Dearly beloveds, you can expect to continue to
reconnect and reunite with other members of your soul
Rejoice in this, for it is indeed a happy
occasion. We, your elder brothers and sisters from on
high, will always assist you whenever you ask. In the
ultimate sense, we are one big Soul Family and we look
forward to the day when you all awaken to this joyous
fact. Peace and blessings to all of you. We are the


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving
credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 815,
Snowflake, AZ 85937 (http://www.salrachele.com) (928)

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