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Self-Sustainability On Our New Earth
January 29 2006
Written by Rebecca Michaels
These words do not sound very supportive for Self-Sustainability, do they?  True, because they are not.   Powerful statements are made by each of these words, though not in a Life-Affirming way.  However, they are very supportive and indicative of the way the people in our world live today, of what countless have accepted as a daily way of life, and points directly away from the very thing the majority of us need to do now to be able to continue existence with Earth;   Self-Sustainability.
People in every niche of life, whether a Natural setting or in a city, suffer the affects of flamboyant-ignorance, hatred, greed, poisoning and genocide.  The ‘modern’ world has seeped & oozed into all Natural habitats in every niche of our Earth; both quietly and with bull dozers.   It is the ‘modern’ world which as hypnotized its subjects through means of obvious propaganda for a cleaner, bacteria free, shining, fast-paced, saves time, techno addicted, convenient, me first & often ONLY, flamboyantly-ignorant, hatred driven, greedy, poison everything for convenience, who cares not for who/what is killed as long as it “does not disturb my life” mentality.   We are clearly out of balance, no longer in harmony with the Natural Earth and Natural Cycles of our days and nights.   Quietly and by ‘bull-dozer’ methods have we now transported ourselves into this fragile condition which hangs by a thread in existence.   Of course many cannot feel any of this because they are too busy, too harried, too involved with their personal agendas, too obsessed with the newest this or that to even hear the ‘bulldozers’.
Quietly, from vaccinations (all vaccinations are tainted and direct poison; there are no ‘good vaccinations to help people and countries’, poisoned GMO faux-food which disrupt cellular integrity and inhibits cells’ ability to communicate in a health-filled biological organism such as a human, and any/all actions taken against Another Ourselves which no one outside the direct activity is made aware of, nor who can compensate the wrong inflicted.
By the bull-dozer methods (both in metaphor and in physical) because we all are aware of the devastation which continues to happen in our Rain Forests, Ancient Redwood Forests, to our Earth’s Animals, and to our oceans worldwide in the most obscene and obvious ways.
I am only offering examples and by no means are these the only ones on the near-endless list if one takes the list from the obvious macrocosm and continues to view it into the quantum of the microcosm of what we cannot see with the naked eye, yet is alive and part of us all….Another Ourselves.
Ok, we have simplistically covered hatred, greed, poisoning and genocide, now what of flamboyant-ignorance?  Why is that so much more non-supportive to Self-Sustainability than just stated ‘ignorance’?    Flamboyant-ignorance is expressed when anyone of us on Earth chooses to deny, ignore, and walk-away from any stomach-turning, hide-my-eyes-not-to-see-the abuse & pain of Another Ourselves---no matter how small or how blatant and obscene.   We also are flamboyantly-ignorant when we choose to use a chorine based product (though this is by no means the only chemical!    I am just using one ‘small’ example). No matter the excuse, the reason or the consideration.   Whether it is to disinfect, to use white/bleached papers for correspondence, to use ‘white’ flour (strictly a propaganda from the 1920’s in the ‘modern’ world.   Why do even our edibles have to be WHITE and bleached?!), or in products which go onto our bodies.    These products are poisons used against us, and produce additional poisons as they are manufactured AND when they are in our drains which ultimately go into the water we use on our bodies…. even organic farms use this water on our food which in turn comes into our bodies.   I emphasize the flamboyant aspect of flamboyant-ignorance because it is flamboyant AND un-responsible to not Pay Attention to the items and chemicals we use, as well as how often we use them. ‘Modern’ people are addicted to items and ways which produce greed, poison and genocide….certainly by-products of flamboyant-ignorance and hatred.    It is flamboyant & non-responsible because we now live in a world completely consumed by and for chemicals.   It is overwhelming as one begins the conscious dis-connect from the matrix process to return to the Natural Earth because one is made aware of how addictive all products have become, and one wonders how they will live without electronic gadgets, electro-magnetic & microwave gadgets, without chemicals, without GMO faux-food, without fast food, without ____ and _____.
Well, one lives very well… AFTER their input and output is more in balance with their authentic requirements in life. Value for Life returns….all Life.  Road rage dissolves, we find creative solutions and we laugh more. We also discover that we Love more, and in return can open to feel the Love others have for us.
Self-Sustainability is a Wholistic process which involves our bodies, our minds, our emotions, our spirituality and consciousness thereof. We each will take steps which are comfortable for us, and which have Value or add Value to our daily lives. We make these steps in small ways, and if we choose one step each week or every 2 weeks, our world will be completely transformed into our New Earth within a few short years.  Will this happen?  I hope so. It takes focus and constant action. It takes speaking up & out that each of us have in our world have reached the “ENOUGH!” stage. Enough flamboyant-ignorance, enough hatred, enough greed, enough poison, enough genocide, enough war, enough of ALL non-Life-Affirming thoughts, words, and actions.  Enough.
For me, this is my 5th ‘re-visit’ to the subject of Self-Sustainability since 1974. This time I chose to begin with food. A few years ago I ate only sprouted beans & grains, brown rice, and bee pollen for almost 2 years and loved it. Each of our bodies have very different requirements and we each have to decide what is best for us. For me, I feel in Harmonic Wellness when I am enjoying sprouts, bee pollen, juicing vegetables/fruits and bringing super-greens into my body.
Support for Life-Affirmation and Self-Sustainability
Let us look at some other powerful and potent wordings.
Generosity in sharing information.
Acceptance that each living entity is Another Ourselves and We are God-Source incarnate.
Redistribution of our resources, and actions which replenish all Life.
Self-Sustainability, micro-eco-farming, Community Gardens, Seedballs.
We are each an aspect of God-Source and each necessary for the Whole of humanity upon Earth.
These words are Life-Affirming, are the compliment as well as some of the solutions to the non-life-affirming words which are at the opening of this article which exist on Earth at this time.
Will  We Survive As A Species?
Good question. A question which is on our minds, our tongues and racing across our keyboards.
Self-Sustainability is a passion of mine, though like many other people, I have just danced around the fringes of the topic/solutions/ways of life.  Now it is Time to stop dancing, stop crusading, and get our finger and toe nails into the good rich soil/Body of our Earth.  Even for those in Africa and forced desert lands, there can be joy with getting involved with the soil again!
OK. So you are still reading and nodding with me as you read!
The next question that all most everyone asks is,”What can I do?” (I live in an apartment, in the city, don’t know a thing about gardening OR self-sustainability, don’t have the time or resources or_____).
There are many varied and exciting levels to a Self-Sustainable Life. My passion is gardens, herbs and utilizing them in daily life, so my focus in this article is about supporting people to begin to choose small steps each day to become more detached from the addictive matrix and to discover places where they can manifest change toward creating their lives more Self-Sustainable.
To use myself as an example, my steps are to make our own bread (by hand, not machine) so I know exactly what goes into it & I use a variety of flours which is fun, make my dog’s food again & re-establish a small garden, and next I want to create our body bath products.  Another goal is to create Seedballs, which I will discuss further along in this article and will have information about on my website: www.HarmonicWellness.com .  I will also have listed, alternatives for those who have wheat intolerances or just choose to be free from the forced wheat in american food products. There of course is an infinite number of recipes and files of information on alternative sources for one’s dietary consumption, so I will only offer very simple ideas or recipes and encourage the reader to adapt and research what works best for them and their bodies.
We all know the non-life-affirming activities which are happening in the world. We all are aware of the multitudes of cultural and spiritual prophecies as well. Within all prophecies it is stated there is a time which is void, whereby the next course is not Known, and that it is up to each person to define their personal reality which in turn gives shape to the larger reality of consciousness, which in its turn defines, creates and manifests our physical existence……hence our world.  I Know that as we each ‘close the door’ emotionally and stop giving our Attention and Energy to the non-life-affirming people, situations, causes, laws, etc,  is when our personal reality becomes more simple, contains more value, has more Love in it and the non-life-affirming activities & existence literally fades away. At first it fades like a memory. This is how it is for me now. Next is that since none of us provide ‘it’ with energy, it has no course in this world of agreed-to duality, than to vanish.
How do we ignore the destruction and abuse of Another Ourselves? After all, I even stated we cannot ignore another’s abuse, so is this contradictory?  And what does this have to do with Self-Sustainability?!  The Key is to View a person or situation as duality and as a paradox. Observe them or it from a quantum perspective, whereby 2 compositions with energetic components can and do share the same ‘space’---the dimensional realities are different, yet both viewable at the same time and one can experience them both simultaneously. It is what some refer to as viewing with detachment. When we remove our emotion from the experience or the observation, we can be in balance, and experience a conscious level of multi-dimensionality. It is the act of being conscious of activities which are expressing as non-life-affirming whilst feeling states of consciousness such as Love, Compassion and ultimately Appreciation which allow the physical situation to shift and then fade into a memory. Energy follows Attention. When we acknowledge devastation is occurring, yet have no emotional response to it, we do not battle it, try to make it different or change the course, the Energy of our Attention does not go to the person, place or situation, which heightens the intensity of duality. At this moment of balance, as we shift our focus from balance into the passion within our Heart Centers/our inner most God-Source space, have the intent of “enough. I see and live on Earth in Beauty within me” and keep our Attention within ourselves and our own energy field---this is when the miracle happens. This also leads us to the next step in re-creating, re-establishing Heaven on Earth, re-structuring everything around us…..Self-Sustainability.  As we each turn our focus from outward to inward, address our own wars within ourselves, create a self-sustaining Attitude of peace-fullness, acceptance and Appreciation, then so too will our outer expressions of war, abuse and Earth’s seeming destruction cease.
Each of us has a very specific Design for our life.  It may be that a person, I will use Cindy Sheehan as an excellent example here (the American mother whose 24 yr.old son was killed in Iraq, who has been very vocal in protesting the administration of America and who has great numbers of supporters in America as well as around the world.). A person, such as Ms.Sheehan, has the Design to shift situations from non-life-affirming to life-affirming as an activation, as an example for others and as a template for the New. In these cases, the person has an authentic passion, such as Ms. Sheehan has with her cause. In these situations, the person would not do well to strive for balance, detachment and Appreciation for the Whole, because it is her/his ‘job’ to do something very, very different. Martin Luther King, Jr, Mahatma Gandhi and John Lennon are other such examples. We each must determine with our Soul’s assistance, what is authentic passion and what is emotional, from our own wounded experiences and archetype behavior.
You might be asking what does all this have to do with Self-Sustainability?
To me….. everything. One can go ‘off grid’ with their house, and without the pro per Attitude in their Heart, it does little good except save them money and not use as much grid electricity. Of course, making that stand does send a message to the ‘powers that be’, though unfortunately they do not care right now. It definitely helps, I am not saying otherwise! For me, though, I go after the ‘whole hog’, and have a passion to support people who are making vast shifts within themselves, within their living conditions and for our Earth. We each have a Design. Some are to Understand how to Love themselves, others to reach out and assist another person or animal, others to work in the community to make living conditions better, some are due to assist in The Shift of Consciousness thru the political arena, others in the building materials industry, others with our oceans, others will be assisting in re-structuring all that we experience and know now so we may live in our New Earth.  There is sacredness within each of us, and there is no single ‘right’ path to take. It is not for any of us to say that we all must pray, or that we all must take up arms, or that we all must demonstrate/battle or that we all must sit in meditation and hold a single vision of New Earth! We each have a ‘job’ to do here on Earth at This Time. We can choose to manifest New Earth or remain in the dissolving memory of the old ways in non-life-affirming actions. There is sacredness within each of us. A holiness within all human, animal, plant, and mineral structures. It is this sacredness, this holiness which is the foundation as well as the focus of Natural Farming and all forms of Self-Sustainability.
I recently received an article describing how the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) in America was blatantly and irresponsibly proposing a program to apply massive amounts of herbicides to forests, rangelands, conservation areas and aquatic areas over approximately 932,000 acres in 17 western states  in order (supposedly) to reduce the risk of fire.    Once I settled down and was able to move into a neutral state of being around this, what came to mind was an article by Jim Bones from 1995, recently re-issued across the net regarding Masanobu Fukuoka who is considered the Sensei of Natural Farming.    Mr. Fukuoka has said, ”The world is digging itself into a bottomless pit with modern agriculture. The simple hearth of the small farm is the true center of our universe. Scientific thought is leading you away from a healthy life. Even the practice of conventional organic agriculture is a dangerous digression. It cannot be sustained if you have to rob one part of the earth to feed another”. One of his quotes is, “The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.” He continues, “Ignorance, hatred and greed are killing Nature. Down, down everything goes. As we kill Nature, we are killing ourselves, and God incarnate as the world as well.”  It is mainly his philosophy and over 60 years in Natural Farming which is now my foundation to much of my reality. I have always felt the modernized world is full of greed and clearly full of genocide. Genocide to me involves people, cultures, countries, civilizations, spiritual practices (NOT religion, for that is a special genocidal  machine unto itself. A large difference between spiritual and religious), animals, life in the oceans, plants, as well as all genes which produce any form of life.
With these wise words, it is quite easy to understand Now is the Time to begin to be Self-Sustainable. Now is the Time to become proficient in our Self-Sustainability, we can wait no longer. Now is the Time to find alternative water sources, simple ways of water purification (such as GSE; grapefruit seed extract), to bake our own bread so we do not ingest more poisons, to make our own yogurt so we are free from bgHT & various pathogens & toxins, etc----AND, most importantly, to join together with those who do the things we do not, and have the items which we use. Community gardens and Seedballs are only aspects of the Whole which are required right Now. We also must offer our services, barter, exchange and re-distribute resources/our Abilities with others in exchange for the things we need and the things others require.
Small groups all over the world have begun, and the momentum is here.  We certainly have attained the “100th Monkey” process within The Shift of Consciousness, and most certainly the control structures around the world which represent non-life-affirming traits are collapsing in rapid sequence, and Now is the Time to re-build our lives, our world and do it from a life-affirming, inclusive, utilizing ‘all-the-parts-for-the-greater-Life-of-the-Whole’ perspective for our New Earth. We in cities need to become sustainable and have alternatives to the standard heating/cooling/electricity needs, as well as to the now accepted methods of how we get our food and water. What is required is that we think “New”, that we think “out of all the boxes”, that we join with others in diversity to discover what creative solutions are presented and can be easily applied.  I absolutely Know that we are at a Time where many will step forward and offer their knowledge about zero point energy, about free-energy modalities/devices, about how to remove the saline from sea water—easily & inexpensively… without the patents that many believe they need and will bring them millions of dollars/euros or whatever the current accepted tool happens to be that day. Some will step forward and offer their ‘free energy’ devices to homes and businesses, JUST to inundate the ‘market’, and produce a New arena whereby people can be more easily and inexpensively Self-Sustaining off grid, out of the box, detached from the control matrix.
Originally, Earth, Source and OurSelves gave us the Ability and Knowledge to sustain ourselves. We have complicated this organic Wisdom and our existence/survival with the introduction and now emotional/mental dependence upon technology, which has produced pollution and in turn keeps the cycle of greed and addiction in motion. We still have available to us Nature’s medicine cabinet of herbs to assist us to assimilate some form of balance which will support our passion for Self-Sustainability. When a people are not healthy, it has been proved that they lack passion and the will to control themselves. We do not have to be addicted to dependence upon pharmaceutical poisons. Such devices were first composed from the botanical compositions which Nature provides. With our diversions over the years and our hypnosis in believing that allopathic medicine has answers and remedies, we have forgotten the basics. There are a few basic herbs which when concocted in various ways serve to clear pulmonary challenges, heal abrasions, reduce inflammation and knit bones. We do not have to go to expensive, overwhelming or ridiculous measures to be Self-Sustaining----with our food, with our medicinal remedies, with our lives.
How can I possibly do all this Self-Sustainability stuff and still have time to go to my 40+ hour job, tend to my family, my pets and have personal time?  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, utilize others’ offerings in exchange, simplify your daily output of energy for tasks, do only what has value to you and your family, let many activities go, and….AND……do what brings you Joy and makes your Heart Sing, and you will have the resources you require.  Yes, that’s right, unplug from that job you hate and allow (and encourage) it to dissolve into a memory. What do you do well?  Offer it to others. This subject is an entire article on its very own!!!  When we do what we love, all else follows. We are out of balance, out of cycle with Nature, and not respecting the great gift and responsibility of being God-Source incarnate.  As Metatron says, “That which is not of the Heart vibration, shall not stand”.
Once we each have simplified, how we express what versions of Self-Sustainability is really going to come from what we each value, what we each deem as most important. For some it may be personal gardens, for other community gardens, for others, micro-eco-farming (the book: “Trends 2010”, “Micro Eco-Farming: Prospering From Backyard to Small Acreage in Partnership With The Earth”. And view www.MicroEcoFarming.com). For some it may be a focus on medicinal herbs to share with others, or organic production of dairy products. For others still, Self-Sustainability will translate to taking action to dis-connect from the electricity grid. All actions are important. It is not necessary that one take ALL Self-Sustainability actions….just that they take some. What is vital in all this however, is to connect with others to share and exchange items, goods, food, medicinals, talents & abilities—both physical and metaphysical methods. For us all to work as a global community which forms a symbiotic Whole relationship.  After we take action and begin to connect with others in this theme, we will organically shift from focus upon ‘the individual’ to responding as a group consciousness. There is a huge difference between “Light-polarized, hive mentality” and a “Wholistic, holistic, self-sustainability consciousness” whose intent and actions are about potent, inclusive individual participation which strengthens the whole---AS the Whole and as individuals. In the latter group, we each sense, has the organic knowing/intuition/telepathy/connection to the Web of Life  type of Knowing of the other people involved and what is needed for the Whole to remain strong and harmonic.
For many of us, we will make the large shift to Self-Sustainability in small steps. Maybe sprouting our food, making our bread, and creating combinations of foods which support our current shifting, mutating biology. Most people can no longer tolerate GMO flour, wheat, corn and even those substances that claim “no GMO”, cannot be completely positive of this because the vast majority of public seeds were tainted decades ago!
Grains such as barley, rye, quinoa, and amaranth can easily replace the common wheat flour. These can be mixed into delicious breads and goodies. Unyeasted breads with sprouted beans or grains provide what our mutating bodies require now in the ingestion of ‘Light, living organisms’.
Container gardens are easy and a good option for some people. Community gardens have vast advantages in a community.  Mr. Fukuoka’s Seedballs is an exquisite method for most of us around the world. These can be tossed anywhere, anytime and have no restraints as do common farming methods. They will work well in Africa or the rainforests…or in our cities. Anywhere there is bare soil. This is the perfect way to reverse global desertification by this Natural Farming method.
As Mr.Fukuoka states, “If you just sow clay seedballs with 100 kinds of seeds, do not worry about water. Where there is green, water comes. Do not think I do this, for only God has created perfect things”.
To read of Mr. Fukuoka’s work, please see the books:
“One Straw Revolution”
“The Natural Way of Farming, a manual”
“The Road Back to Nature, a history”
“The Ultimatum of God Nature The One-Straw Revolution A Recapitulation” (an English revision of the original)
“Close To Nature Garden”, a video tape.
For further information regarding Natural Farming and Seedballs, please see:
Light Writings   http://www.seedballs.com
“The Seedball Story” video tape
Or review Jim Bones’ articles.
I invite you to:
Define, clarify and discern where you can simplify.
To declare you choose to keep in your life because it has value to you and makes your Heart Sing.
To begin to express what you love to do, what your Heart’s Desire is at this moment, to express your Passions in life.
And as The Magdalen states:
“The truth unveiled.  For those who have eyes to see, let them see.
For those who have ears to hear, let them listen. 
For those who have neither, let them pass on.”

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