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Message from Sananda # l6

July 2006

channelled by
Lois Hartwick

Beloved Gatherers and Friends:

It is a time of significance and I am called to speak to you to enlighten, to some degree, that which is forthcoming, and perhaps, to expand your horizons so that you are incorporating some newer or larger ideas than you may presently contain.

We have come to the Earth through people such as Lois and many others because there are those of us who are intent upon the healing of your plane and it is our work in conjunction with yours, to move through those levels of difficulty that seem tantamount before you.  But before this can be done, there must be levels of Awareness in which people are able to consider potentials ahead.

Without such Awareness, there is little concern or care for what these outcomes might be.  Perhaps little is believed by those on this plane, to some extent, as to the opportunities that are presently inherent in this time.  I am here to share some thoughts today and to offer a great deal more than what many are presently thinking.

Your world has become polarized and almost as if one took a great deal of honey or tar and put it in a vat, and then divided the two so they would not mix. You are seeing levels of stuckness and the two are not combining well nor is there an integration that is happening on higher levels from a Soul perspective either.

This is of concern to me, because where you are in your inner level of being is the reflection that comes to the outer world.  When you are shut off from greater understandings, when you are presently, letís say, so resolved or affirmed in your personality,  you do not come into this particular plane with the greatest of intention and focus.   Now of course, you recognize many are incorporating higher ideas and concepts whether it be from someone such as Lois before you or you in group or with others who are paying attention around the world.   It can also come from the way one chooses to live oneís life and life experiences that are suddenly halted and a new beginning must occur.   But in these times are also those who are becoming very affixed in the presentation they have on this plane and it is moving into the Soulís being that starts to crystallize in such a manner that moveability and interaction becomes far more difficult.

You may not have recognized there is a specific energy field to the Soul, but I can assure you there is.  And when one is fluid and adaptable, and perhaps, listening, there is an opportunity to create greatness.   But when this becomes so punctuated with opinions and beliefs that are inflexible and unhearing, that Soul begins to relate in a striated form that has inherently at its, letís say, source point, an opportunity to crystallize and perhaps, crack.

You have not heard much about of this type of thing and I donít know that too many of you have read much about it, but itís important for you to understand.
  Because even though you hold to certain beliefs yourself, there is room to go beyond this to understand in a greater manner that which you need to know.   And you have been finding through the work you have been doing during the past months, and to some extent, years, that you then can alter the belief system and perspective you have by Expanding it.   Too few embrace this overall Awareness and concept at this point in time.

Yes, I know.  Much is changing and many people are embracing new ideas.  But is it enough to make the changes that are necessary?   And this truly is the question, not only for your plane but for those of us who work with you, and who are directing specific amounts of light to your planet.   Because of this you are starting to see reflections that are occurring as a result.

Some of you might call this chaos. Some might call it confusion or interruption of a life,  but I would suggest that in many areas of the world it is important this disruption occur.   At least for the very moment so there is a shakeup within the Soulís formation that does not move to a point of crystallization.   Obviously this can happen in either direction.   If one is so believing that a war is unjust and decides to go out and kill everyone who has perpetrated this war, he or she starts to crystallize a belief so strongly and inherently in oneís being that it is carried through lifetime after lifetime until at some point, it shatters because it is no longer a viable and working form from which one can create.  This is not a healthy situation, and we would say that there are those who will respond in such a manner to the confusion that is present here.   Shattered Souls.

Letís take it a step further and examine how many start to question why a particular situation has occurred on your planet.   Why is this coming forth now?
  How many people are being shaken out of their boots, essentially, to be able to come to a point in which they start to realize or look at more deeply specific aspects in their lives?   These people will not embrace further crystallization, but may be freed from something that has long been occurring within their own given Soul.   So weíre seeing both sides of the coin in the potentials of situations happening now.

Iím bringing this forth today because I want you -- each one of you, not only in this room but who will be reading this at a later date -- to think about whether or not your life is becoming crystallized in some manner.   Whether or not you are moving into a greater expansion of yourself as a result of this time or you are becoming so fixed with beliefs and ideas that you cannot get out of yourself, essentially.

So it is a time in which your levels of growth become tantamount.  It is not only about the Earth; it is about you as well, for you have come here to bring that level of Awareness and that Potential and Possibility of Expansion to the planet at this time.   And it might be, indeed, like the 11th monkey syndrome that whoever is making that expansion then affects 10 others, or 20 others or a whole generation of thinking.   In the same way, that for a long period of time, a certain thought has been very affixed.

To use the most simple example you are given in your history books is whether or not the world was flat or round, and how people believed and created a reality, and it stopped many from exploring further.   Yet the one who dared to think beyond the concept transferred a whole level of new thinking to the world.   So within each one of you is that potential.

It does not mean you go out and create all these changes consciously, but rather you are committed to the development and expansion of your own inner being.  Who and what you are is then affecting that which is on your plane.  I would also say on other levels as well.  Very often that which Iíve spoken about has dealt with your world from another perspective -- a perspective of what is happening here and where to be within it.  An aspect of holding light.   Let us now move into the realization and the concept that you are already are this light.  You have agreed to hold more.   And what occurs as a result of that is greater expansion.

This is your potential, this is your worth, this is your service,  and this is your gift,  ultimately, to yourself,  because as you embrace this level of reality within your being, you become that which you have long sought to be.   Not only is it empowered, but it is a level of mastery.   Even when that which you do not presently know is sought and expanded into, you self- realize that which you are seeking to attain.  This, then, becomes the blessing of your life.

Through this level of confusion and difficulty, for those of you who See,  for those of you who choose a greater level of understanding within yourselves,  you break through the barriers of what this dimensional reality has been about and you live on another level.  You bring forth that level to this plane.   Many may not understand it, but it still is a vibratory frequency that you carry which pervades what is around.

So in the same way you think about putting together etheric pyramids to generate an energy that is supportive for life -- and I truly mean supportive because it carries a frequency that is very easily getting lost on your planet at this time -- in carrying this energy you then find it starts to seep into given areas, either to neutralize, to mitigate or perhaps lessen to some degree what is occurring, such as an area of genocide or a war zone, etc.   In this overall concept you start to recognize the significance of this particular pyramid and why you have placed it in one area as opposed to another. *

*Note: Our group has long been working with infusing etheric pyramids with love and gratitude to dispense energy in specific areas around the world per guidance as to locale.  A whole new series has been given now for America.  See end page for info if you would like to participate.

Now think about yourselves and recognize you are carrying the same energy within you.  Only what has happened, because you have been so present on this earth plane, you have not been able to reject some of those lesser energies from your physical being.   You still carry them and struggle with them.   But if you were to view yourselves as one of the pyramids carrying only the energy of Love and Gratitude, you would function the same way in this society.    And that is the level of expansion to move into.   It may seem that this is not an expanded idea, but it is, because what happens is, as you expand, you allow the light to come forth within your being.   You dispense with any inner doubt about who you are and how you are connected into the overall omniuniverse.   This becomes your gift to the world and yourself as I said.

Now I would like to go back for a moment because there are some pieces here that are coming into play and I prefaced this with this information because I want you to consider where you are and what your potentials will be in that which is forthcoming.

There are levels of change which occur.  And we have spoken about change before and very often it will be stated in a Ďblanketí sense such as the world will look somewhat different, etc.   You recognize you are going down a path that is so different than what you thought perhaps l5 or 20 years ago.   Your world looks much different than what you anticipated it was going to be and now, you are faced with where to be within these changes.    Every time you find a place to rest or sense that you are understanding or moving in the right direction, more change occurs.   You are wondering how will I keep up with this pace or how am I going to handle given situations?   I wish to express that some of the change that is forthcoming happens on a number of levels.   It is not only what you see from a 3-D perspective around you.

It is important to understand that some of the changes are being triggered on other levels, either through conscious effort and intention by those of us who work with you,
or by those of us who, perhaps are not necessarily adhering to the same patterns and lines and forms, but have different agendas and reasons for specific outcomes.

Now as this is occurring there are other things which happen as well, because there is a lineage, essentially, to the light sent toward you.  It passes through a number of dimensional frequencies and creates change on some of these unseen levels as well before it gets to you.   If I were to give you an example, imagine for a moment the Sun in another solar system than yours, not the sun that you presently see, but another solar system.   This Sun is illuminating a number of universes as well as coming to yours.   You may not understand what all the changes are between that Source by the time it reaches you sitting there in your bathing suit, but there can be Enormous change and effect through all these dimensional realities.   Now as this is happening, it can create change on other levels, which also have a vibration and a dynamic to it that will, at some point, be incorporated into your level of reality.

It is not always possible, from our perspective, to alter all of the Repercussions which occur as a result of what is being sent.   It is one thing if an energy has a very positive vibration to it, in other words that which would create levels of harmony and further light and love, or whether an energy is used to create greater disruption.   Both can happen on a number of different levels and speeds into your plane.   You, then, are trying to figure out,  " Where am I within the midst of all of this?"  and  "Who am I?"  and  "How do I keep up with all of this change?"

It is one of the reasons, that you as a group, have been given the very task of unfolding and developing within yourselves a greater connection to Divine Mind.   And as a result, you are able to support yourselves from a much greater and expanded perspective than what you would incorporate even as working with your own given Soul.   It does not mean your Soul has no perception of about how you should be or even your I Am presence,  but I am suggesting you are linked into this much grander picture and from this particular aspect of being you now can access in a different way where to Be.

Having said that, it is inherent upon your being to pay attention to that which is coming forth.   There will be certain disruptions occurring in the next several months unleashing a torrent of words, emotion and destruction upon your plane.  This may happen primarily in the area of your country,  but other areas will also feel that particular sting, or letís say, occurrence.   It is important to pay attention where you are within this, not necessarily because you are fixed to this outcome or that outcome, or you are joining some group because of whatís being said here or there,  but rather, to have an expanded level of awareness to recognize that some of these crystallizationís are being shaken within given Soulís choices, within the way things have been playing out for so long that are becoming more and more polarized.   You will see greater polarization but you will also see some of this is going to break and not be followed in the same manner it has been all along.

This is the point of change you are coming into within the next two to three months.   It is highly significant in terms of the course and direction and outcome of your plane at this time.
   At least in terms of the choices that people will be making, not only for here but for their Souls.   So I share this with you, because as you hear a TV commentator speaking about how Ďwrongí such and such is, or legislators saying,  "No we are going in this direction" and  "this is terribly wrong and the media has brought this about",  etc. all these things will come into play creating a great deal more confusion and chaos.

Stand back.  Stand back and remain free from that which is happening.  You can observe it, you can be part of it to some extent, but it is not for you to be shaken.   It is for those not paying attention.   This is a time forthcoming.

Also, you will begin to witness there are greater and greater Weather considerations within this particular environment you are in presently around your country and other parts of the World.   It has been given to you in the past some specific exercises you can do to assist those areas in dire need.   I would suggest you pull forth some of that information and utilize it when  Ďa life of meaningí  is interfered with.   That may be a strange expression for me to use, but you recognize in some cases, not all of you would need to be affected in the same manner someone else might.   There are given lessons in everything, but those lessons can be very minimal or major.   Depending on what your nature of service is and the higher commitments you have made,  and the karma you have cleared,  the work you have come here to do,  many of these circumstances are easily mitigated.    It is important to recognize restructuring occurring on your plane must always be in accord with, not only Nature,  but the Higher Plan.   Please check in with this first before you make some choices to alter and/or assist those given areas.

It is also time to recognize we have come into a much greater level of Presence for your plane whether you have known or observed this or not.   In the ensuing time there is an overall pervading atmosphere whereby assistance is being supplied and incorporated to those of you clearly outlining and delineating the pathways and courses you need to take.   This is in an alignment with your Soul.   If you are choosing something that is vastly different from that which you came in here to incorporate, learn, do, etc.,  you will not find we are supportive of such measure for there must be an alignment between your conscious awareness and your Soulís journey.   If you are not putting the two together, the level of support is not the same.   If, however, you are finding it difficult to meld the two, you can ask for support to do so, so you follow the pathway best for you now.

Some of you will find in these times of change the overall intention and purpose of your life takes on a new light.   You have been told earlier many will be awakened to a different purpose or a different expression of what they do.  In other words, letís say a much clearer or more important level of unfoldment of oneís gifts and connections for the times ahead appears.   This is inherently true and there will be much opportunity coming in to change and alter those who have long struggled to come to the surface, to be revealed, letís say, in what their intention and meaning is here.   I know, and particularly as I speak to a larger audience, that there are those who have, for a long period of time, attempted to create greater levels of reality for themselves which has not been fulfilled.   There are a number of reasons for this, and I do not mean to express or go into them here, because it can be extremely complicated, but what is important to recognize is there are direct links now being set up with individuals themselves who are seeking to support the overall expansion of themselves while including the Earth at the same time.

These are the areas which will be most highlighted, and in this incorporation you will find greater levels of assistance will come to you, while equally benefitting many who are around.   You will be given a level and an intention that is highly projected and well-developed within your being which starts to filter through, allowing you to dismiss some of the things you may long have been doing, or have, as part of your life no longer seem to have in the right place.   In other words, may feel like clutter.   You will start to refocus or re-energize specific areas which will be ignited from your own being but are also in conjunction with myself and others.

The World outcome is significantly impaired if people do not Wake Up.  I am not here to suggest that everything is lost and impossible.   That is not remotely true.   But what I am suggesting is that you may find the path can be as easy or as difficult depending on those who are also willing to listen.   If many people decided it was an impossible notion to contaminate water,  you would find an enormous change happening  everywhere.   Instead, there may be a few million people saying we cannot contaminate the water and others who could care less.   So it is, then, in the process of receiving this greater intention within our being -- this greater light -- that you will start to carry this energy to many others.

Iíve spoken of this before but you have not realized the energy you are going to be carrying.   It is important that many Awaken.   It is the time in which we are calling for all Masters on Earth and all others who are caring about the future dynamic to pay attention and to work within their being to the highest level potentially possible at this time.

Disruptions are going to occur.   Interferences, levels of chaos and many who are not seeking to create Peace and Harmony on your plane.   Yet when you carry that Intention and that Light, there is no shaking it.   It is as if you had taken pilings and put them deep into the ground and from that building a dock or a house that will not be easily shaken.   You are these pilings and you are the future of this plane.   I connect to each of you who has in her or her heart, a desire to make this level of reality, this light, a potential on your plane.

Your earth has withstood eons of time. Your earth will withstand this one. The question is where you will be upon it.

I come forth from higher realms to speak because it is needed that greater levels of faith are kept intact.   Iím not so distorted by the beliefs and concepts that have been generated differently throughout eons of time.   And aside from the changes that may have occurred to what has been said or brought to your plane,  times have changed as well.   People are needing to hear somewhat differently than they might have before.   If, indeed, when I walked the Earth,  I spoke to people,  little was it directed to a corporation that was polluting,  little were certain guidelines set up that one would think would be self-explanatory in this time,  yet seem to have dissipated in terms of intent and caring.   So I, and others, come to you now because there is not always the clarity one would like to have and we offer our thoughts and hearts to remind you,  again, and again and again  about the intention of  truth, purity, love, compassion and all that you truly are for it has,  indeed, in certain places, been lost.

The awakening comes when one begins to find this again.   When one understands the divine aspect of their being, and when that occurs, there is no disruption to any other divine aspect either.

I think I shall disband my thoughts at this point, although there are many.   It is for you, my dear friends, to embrace those levels of peace that we would extend to you and share with the World and it is my Heartís desire, you will do so.


Messages from Sananda are channeled 3 or 4 times a year before our group which meets weekly for channelled teachings primarily through Thoth, although many masters have shared time and wisdom with us over the years. Sananda requested his messages be sent to a larger audience, which I have done to those of you who requested placement on the email list. You may do so by writing me at: hilo88@msn.com or info@expressionsoflight.com.


Earlier in Sanandaís Message there was reference to etheric pyramids. If you wish to join the work we are doing, here is a new list of pyramids awaiting our intention and breath focusing the energy of love and/or gratitude into them. Visualize a pyramid with lines of light creating the shape. Link into the point of the capstone, while using your breath to send the higher vibration of love/gratitude into it during your meditations. When these pyramids have been filled, they are then activated from the higher realm which continually dispense frequencies to dispel or mitigate those present of a denser nature.

Each week our Anchoring Light meditation group focuses on one or more specific pyramids, and to date, have filled 11 around the world. It takes time! Recently, Thoth gave us multiple pyramids specifically for the U.S. and asked for any readers of this material who wish to join us, to please do so. The list of new pyramids is a tall order for our small group. Perhaps other groups can join in, or those of you who meditate regularly.

Here is the list where the Ďemptyí pyramids are now located: Seattle, San Francisco and San Diego on the West Coast of California. Bangor (Me), Boston, Ma., Baltimore, Md., Charleston, S.C. and Miami, Fla. on the East. Three completed ones are strategically placed in the U.S. at this time. Your participation is greatly appreciated!


A new series will be offered by Thoth soon. This year Thoth has prompted me to offer the series to those of you who wish to join in. Here is his message:

Dear Friends of the Earth:

This year I would like to offer a new Series for those of you who are finding the challenges within your being to remain calm, at ease, and comfortable within the changes occurring daily of interest.  Such changes will be increasing in nature this Fall, along with heightened pressures from the Earth with respect to global warming and disruption to the plates.  At the same time, portal openings will bring forth more potent energy to transcend much occurring here. Yet, you will feel both.

I believe it is time to discuss some of the changes and the effects upon your lives. In order to do this, in some cases, mobilizing your minds for greater understanding will assist your adaptation.  This year will be one of heightened security once again, of thoughtforms producing further fear, and ideas one may grapple with that are not part of lighted measures.  Let those of you interested in hearing what will be presented to our weekly group be disseminated to a larger audience, for your consideration and leveling as well.

Starting September 10, 2006, seven specific messages will be tendered each week through Lois Hartwick for her ongoing group. Together, this series will be transcribed and sent to those who are interested and sign up, with a suggested donation of $35 for all seven sessions.  These channellings will not be posted on the website nor available elsewhere, and represent a portion of our continuing work toward inner balance and harmony.  Special attention will be given to those of you who are seeking to restore some level of balance to yourself,  and I shall align with any requesting additional assistance in this regard who participate, as I do with the regular group.

It is with appreciation I offer this connection to you.

I Am, Thoth, The Atlantean


If you wish to contact me to be added to the mailing list, to join the new series, or for a private reading, email: hilo88@msn.com. Website is:


Donations toward the upkeep of a website, transcriptions, and ongoing work are, and will always be, greatly appreciated.

Many thanks and blessings,



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